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Poll: I know nothing about ...

I confess my ignorance, forgive me, almighty fanboy ... but I know nothing (or the least) about ...

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    Darth Vader

    Star Wars
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    Harry Potter

    Harry Potter
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    James Bond

    James Bond
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    Star Trek
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    Bella Swan

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    Homer Simpson

    The Simpsons
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    Second Theater Doorman

    Dr Who
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    The Joker

    Batman (or any of the DC superheroes)
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    Mickey Mouse

    Old-school cartoons : Walt Disney, Looney Tunes, MGM, Hanna-Barbera cartoons from "Tom and Jerry" to the "Flintstones"
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    Jack Bauer

    Any phenomenal 2000's TV series : 24, Dr. House, Games of Thrones, Lost, House of Cards, Big Bang Theory, How I Met your Mother ...
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    The Hulk

    Any Marvel-related comic book universe ...
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    Dr. Ross Geller

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    Captain Jack Sparrow

    Pirates of the Caribbean
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    Tolkien's fantasy world
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    Rick Blaine

    Old black-and-white movies
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    Foreign non-English speaking movies