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Poll: To Be a Student of These Teachers

These inspirational teachers have all gone above and beyond for their students. Whose classroom would you like to be a student in so you can be the best you can be - whether in life in general, or English, history or calculus?

This list is limited to actual teachers (sorry "School of Rock" fans) in traditional classrooms (sorry "The Miracle Worker" fans) in the real world (sorry "Harry Potter" fans) - so we can imagine ourselves under the tutelage of some very dedicated teachers.

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    John Keating

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    Clément Mathieu

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    Charles Edward 'Mr. Chips' Chipping

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    Miss Riley

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    Jean Brodie

    As played by Maggie Smith, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
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    Henry Barthes

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    Mark Thackeray

    As played by Sidney Poitier, To Sir, with Love
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    Ron Clark

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    Erin Gruwell

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    William Franklin

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    Melvin B. Tolson

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    Ms. Rain

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    Richard Dadier

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    Dan Dunne

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    Jaime Escalante

    As played by Edward James Olmos, Stand and Deliver
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    Professor Charles W. Kingsfield Jr.

    As played by John Houseman, The Paper Chase
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    Sylvia Barrett

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    Glenn Holland

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    Mr. Arnold Hand

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    Dr. Frank Bryant

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    William Hundert

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    Roberta Guaspari

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    Eugene Simonet

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    Katherine Ann Watson

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    Louanne Johnson

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    Brad Cohen

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    Miss Dove

    As played by Jennifer Jones, Good Morning, Miss Dove
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    Ella Bishop

    As played by Martha Scott, Cheers for Miss Bishop
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    John Nash