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Poll: Favorite Pig

Who is your favorite pig (We ain't talking bacon, ham, or pork chops for this question!) from this list of movie and television important character swine?

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    Arnold Ziffel

    The class valedictorian from Hooterville in "Green Acres"
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    From "Charlotte's Web"
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    From "Babe" and the sequel
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    From "The Lion King" and sequels
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    From the Winnie the Pooh series
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    From the Toy Story series
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    The Three Little Pigs

    They're not afraid of the big, bad wolf!
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    Miss Piggy

    "Moi would like to thank all of my supporters for voting for Moi!"
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    John Blutarsky

    After the mashed potato scene, Babs called him a "P-I-G Pig!"
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    Porky Pig

    "The-The-The-The-That's all, folks!"