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Poll: Alliterative TV Characters

All of these alliteratively named characters have been taken from the highest rated, highest voted on TV shows on the IMDb website, all of them important characters within their works, which is your favourite? Take the movie poll here

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    Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri

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    Bobby Briggs

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    Bud Bundy

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    Buster Bluth

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    Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles

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    Nurse Christine Chapel

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    Cora Crawley

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    Dan Dority

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    Daniel Desario

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    Daryl Dixon

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    Don Draper

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    Greta Grimly

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    Gus Grimly

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    Hannah Horvath

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    Jennifer Jareau

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    Kelly Kapoor

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    Lana Lang

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    Laurel Lance

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    Liz Lemon

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    Louis Litt

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    Charlie 'Lucky' Luciano

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    Mac McGill

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    Madison Montgomery

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    Maurice Moss

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    Mickey McGinnes

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    Miles Matheson

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    Peter Petrelli

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    Ricky Ricardo

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    Sansa Stark

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    Sookie Stackhouse

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    Sol Star

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    Stefan Salvatore

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    Sue Sylvester

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    Tara Thornton

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    Walter White