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Poll: Fictional Characters on Twitter

That's right, thanks to social media technology, you can read the daily thoughts of fictional characters long after the movie or TV show is over.

Which of these characters do you/would you be most likely to follow on twitter?

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    Homer Simpson

    @HomerJSimpson: "Egg Nog is the worst thing ever. Bacon and Egg Nog is the best thing ever."
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    Dr. McCoy

    @BonesMcCoy: "I have no reason to resign. I'm a doctor, not the crack cocaine smoking mayor of Toronto, Canada."
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    Barney Stinson

    @BrosLife: "And we're a few days late on National Coming Out Day, but big ups to all the Bros and Lady Bros who stood up. You are all awesome."
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    Sue Sylvester

    @S_SylvesterGLEE: "@W_SchuesterGLEE should really thank Bill Cosby for giving him all his old sweaters. Hey, hey, hey."
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    @TheBatman: "Wonder Woman has been cast in Superman vs. Batman. Proposing they change the title to “BATMAN... and a couple of lamer superheros.”"
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    Lord Voldemort

    @Lord_Voldemort7: "Santa was a Hufflepuff."
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    Carrie Bradshaw

    @realbradshaw: "It was one of those relationship moments where you feel like you know nothing about the person you thought you knew everything about."
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    Matt Albie

    @MattAlbie60: "Followers come and go, but Studio 60 never dies"
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    Regina George

    @ItsReginaG: "I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me... but I can't help it that I'm so popular."
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    Borat Sagdiyev

    @mynameaborat: "I was the only 1-year old in Kazakhstan with a full grown mustache."
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    Cher Horowitz

    @CherHorowitz: "Dionne and I were both named after famous singers of the past, who now do infomercials."
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    Fiona Gallagher

    @ShamelessFionaG: "You know what I need? A damned date. any takers??"
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    Cobra Commander

    @CobraCommander: "Columbus enslaves an indigenous people, rapes the women, cuts off body parts, and gets a national holiday. I should be a god in America."
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    @WolfpackAlan: "Can't dance? Spell your name, in the air, with your butt. Boom! Next problem."
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    Fat Amy

    @Relatable Quote: "i wish i wore red lipstick more and broke boys heart daily but sadly boys break my heart and i look bad in red lipstick"
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    Frodo Baggins

    @FrodoBaggins: "The holidays are here and The Shire is the only place to have real fun #HobbitHolidays #PartyHobbitStyle #LOTR"