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Poll: Most Surprising Fact About a Looney Tunes Character

Looney Tunes characters are known and loved the world over, and are far more popular than their creators ever thought they would be. If you do a little research, you'll find hidden surprises and little-known facts about them. Which one do you find the most surprising?

Note: Looney Tunes characters are associated with shorts released by the Warner Bros. animation department, which was open from 1930-1969. So when I say that a character appeared in X number of shorts, that is the era I am talking about.

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    Bugs Bunny

    Was officially drafted by the United States Marine Corps during World War II as Pvt. First Class.
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    Cecil Turtle

    Beat Bugs Bunny in all three of the cartoons in which he appeared.
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    Daffy Duck

    Mel Blanc's characterization of Daffy holds the record for the longest of an animated character by the original actor/actress: 52 years, from 1937-1989.
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    Elmer Fudd

    The only major (male) Looney Tunes character not voiced by Mel Blanc. He was voiced by Arthur Q. Bryant. His singing voice was done by Roy Rogers in the 1938 cartoon "A Feud There Was."
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    Foghorn Leghorn

    Was based almost entirely on another character: Senator Beauregard Claghorn, a character from the Fred Allen radio show (1932-1949). Also, he was the only major Looney Tunes character whose physical design never changed.
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    As of 2014, is still voiced by June Foray, who began voicing her in 1955.
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    Marvin The Martian

    Was never named in any Looney Tunes short.
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    Pepé Le Pew

    Was called "Henry" in his first short, and had a wife and family.
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    Porky Pig

    Was originally voiced by a stutterer who was later fired and replaced by Mel Blanc for not being able to get through his lines.
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    Pvt. Snafu

    Appeared in 26 training shorts for the U.S. Army during World War II, which were not available to the public until fairly recently. All told, he appeared in more cartoons than Pepé Le Pew and Sam Sheepdog/Ralph Wolf combined.
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    Speedy Gonzales

    Was at one point taken off the air in the United States for fear of offending Latinos, who then lobbied to have him put back on since he was a positive role model for children.
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    Appeared in three out of the five Oscar-winning Looney Tunes shorts, more than any other character.
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    Tasmanian Devil

    Is one of Looney Tunes' most iconic characters, despite appearing in only five shorts.

    *This fact also applies to Marvin the Martian.

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    Tweety Bird

    Is male, contrary to popular belief.
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    Wile E. Coyote

    The "E" unofficially stands for "Ethelbert."
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    Witch Hazel

    The only character to appear in both Warner Bros. and Disney cartoon shorts.
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    Yosemite Sam

    Is known in France as "Sam the Pirate." They see his pirate persona, not the cowboy persona, as the default Sam and all the others as variations.