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Poll: Tribute: Iconic Black Female Movie Characters

In tribute to influential Black movie characters during Black History Month. By virtue of their remarkable portrayals, enduring place in pop culture or a cult-like stature, these characters have become or are well on their way to becoming movie icons.

Which iconic Black female movie character is your favorite?

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    Minny Jackson

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    Leticia Musgrove

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    Carmen Jones

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    Aibileen Clark

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    Celie Johnson

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    Shug Avery

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    Oda Mae Brown

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    Effie White

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    Matron Mama Morton

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    Jackie Brown

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    Alex Owens

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    Mable "Madea" Simmons

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    Mama Joe

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    Foxy Brown

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    Precious Jones

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    Tina Turner

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    Lt. Nyota Uhura

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    Billie Holiday

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    Amanda Waller