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Poll: Superhero That Would Likely Be An Annoying Roommate

From this list, which superhero would be most annoying to have as a roommate in a small two bedroom apartment?

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    Scott Summers

    Probably end up with a lot of burn-marks around the apartment and have no chance of getting back your security deposit.
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    Clark Kent

    Might be a little obsessive compulsive about keeping things clean and neat?
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    Might pick fights with your chihuahua?
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    He'd be uncomfortably smooth and witty around your potential dates.
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    Hard to get the smell of sulfur out of the sofa.
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    Bruce Banner

    If he insists he paid his share of the rent/utilities, yet you know he's wrong, you've got a real problem on your hands. (via DoctorColonelAlfredEBellowsMD)
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    -Constantly yelling: Where is my FACE?!!! -If you live in an apartment building above ground level, do NOT bug him too much; he WILL drop you down the elevator shaft. (Suggested by Rafael_M)
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    Would insist on paying rent on the 5th of November, even though the landlord made it very clear it's due on the 1st of each month. (via Rafael_M)
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    Mighty Mouse

    It would get incredibly annoying to hear him yell "Here he comes to save the day!" when you ask him to pass in a spare roll of toilet paper. (via Yrnej)
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    Metro Man

    You: "I thought we agreed before you moved in! No guitar while I'm in the apartment!" (via BoltBait)
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    Keeps erasing your answering machine message, replacing with (deep voice) "I'm Batman…"
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    Dr. Manhattan

    Keeps trying to make the case (unconvincingly) that doesn't really matter WHEN he takes his turn to clean the bathroom.
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    John Constantine

    He's ok once you get to know him, but some of his friends that come over are a bit sketchy and overstay their welcome.
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    Offers to cook dinner frequently, but usually ends up burning it. (via Dan Dassow)
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    Helpful if you got a sudden need of ice cubes, but the room can get kind of chilly at times… (via cartman_1337)