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Poll: Real Gold Diggers in the movies

Which of these Gold Diggers would you want to be partnered with?

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    He was devoted for finding the gold but not out of greed
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    Unlike Howard, he wanted it all - I don't really think anyone would want him for a partner - but what is The Treasure of the Sierra Madre without him?
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    Ben Rumson

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    Sam McCord

    A Gold Digger who not only looks out for himself but others as well.

    Note: there is no character page for his partner George Pratt.

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    Jack Conroy

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    Alex Larson

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    The Lone Prospector

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    Roy Glennister

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    Jack Thornton

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    Roy Glennister

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    Roy Glennister

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    Jack Thornton

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    Chester Hooton

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    Duke Johnson

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    Jim Carmichael

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    'Leadville' Johnny J. Brown