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Poll: Scooby-Doo Character You Most Resemble

Which character from Scooby Doo describes how you fit in with your group of friends?

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    Shaggy Rogers

    The pot head (a.k.a. "the guy with the munchies") or the one who is kind of goofy, or the tallest one, or the sloppy/unshaven one, or the one who is scared of his own shadow.
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    Fred Jones

    The handsome one, or the one in charge, or the one who always drives.
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    Velma Dinkley

    The short one, or the smart one, or the one who comes up with the best ideas, or the one some people think might be gay.
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    Daphne Blake

    The pretty one, or the dumb one, or the one that the cutest guy always wants to be with, or the one that is the best dresser, or the one who is always getting everyone into trouble.
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    The one who talks funny, or the one who never seems to be wearing much, or the one who has a great laugh.
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    The one with the bad attitude, the one with anger issues, the one that everyone puts up with because you are related to another group member.