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Poll: Thatta Girl

'Independent, smart, and spirited. 'Gutsy young forces of nature. 'Pint-sized feminists and liberated teenagers. These are girls (under the age of eighteen) who defy convention and blaze new trails, and from whom we all could learn a lot. Please leave suggestions if you know of other film and television characters who fit this description.

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    Jean Louise 'Scout' Finch

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    Lisa Simpson

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    Addie Loggins

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    Juno MacGuff

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    Hermione Granger

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    Ana Garcia

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    Sarah Altman

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    Harriet Welsch

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    Sara Crewe

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    Nancy Drew

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    Claire Fisher

    Her character was only fifteen when the series began, so she's eligible for the list.
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    Thank you, so much, to jamesh5 for reminding me of this delightful and poignant character.
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    Pippi Långstrump

    Much thanks to cocoken for the great suggestion.
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    Thank you, so much, emadel79, for the recommendation. 'Gotta love a Wes Anderson creation.
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    Anne Shirley

    As recommended by cocoken.
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    Alice Forsyte

    Again, thanks to cocoken.
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    Arya Stark

    Thank you, pbn, for reminding me of this gem.
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    Amanda Whurlitzer

    As suggested by jalapenoman (thank you).
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    Rudy Huxtable

    Thanks to ElMaruecan82!