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Best Worst Characters Played by Nicolas Cage Best Worst Characters Played by Nicolas Cage, which one is your favorite? Behmen von Bleibruck-Season of the Witch (2011) wanted to add him but no profile.
Most Stylish Onscreen Couple Which of these films do you think features the most stylish couple in the sense of sheer elegance and fashion?
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Happy 75th Birthday (Favorite 1939 Film) The films released in 1939 are 75 years old this year. Which of these notable 1939 films is your favorite? Of this poll, IMDb Daily Poll Board member ElMaruecan82 said: "I think this is a terrif…
Deal the Cards Cry the Losers Poker games only. Dealer's Choice but no Jokers, no wild cards and, for sure, no Texas Hold'em. (Well, maybe on the latter).You've booked passage on Dr. Wonmug's Time Machine (guaranteed to get you wh…
What Genre Do You Prefer Your Christmas Movies To Be? A list of the top/most representative Christmas related movie from each genre. Which genre do you prefer your Christmas movies to be in? Discuss the list here.
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Most beautiful movie wedding dress? *I had to limit this to dresses that had images on IMDb, unfortunately. Special shout-out to Maria's dress in Sound of Music...alas, no photo on here! Discuss the list here
The Most Important Thing in Life is... What is the most important thing in life? Discuss here
The Best "Man" What's your pick for the best motion picture to have "man" or "men" in the title? Discuss here.