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Poll: Mad Scientist!

Which of these scientists who are either mad, or at least rather strange and unconventional, or on a not altogether rational quest, is your favourite? vote here: You can discuss the list here:

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    Dr. Victor Frankenstein

    Any incarnation of Dr. Frankenstein
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    Dr. Emmett L. Brown

    in the "Back to the Future" films
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    Dr. Henry Jekyll

    Any incarnation of Dr. Jekyll
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    Prof. Julius Kelp

    In any of the "The Nutty Professor" films
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    Dr. Barnaby Fulton

    in "Monkey Business"
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    Dr. Harry Wolper

    in "Creator"
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    C.A. Rotwang

    in "Metropolis"
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    Dr. Caligari

    in any version of "The Cabinet of Dr Caligari"
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    The Inventor

    in "Edward Scissorhands"
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    Dr. Finkelstein

    in "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
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    The Invisible Man

    in "The Invisible Man"
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    Seth Brundle

    in any version of "The Fly"
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    Dr. Frank-N-Furter

    in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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    Any incarnation of Svengali
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    Dr. Moreau

    Any incarnation of Dr. Paul Moreau
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    in "Splice"
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    Flint Lockwood

    in "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"
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    in the "Spider-Man" films
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    Sebastian Caine

    in "Hollow Man"