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Poll: What type of wizard would you like to be?

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    Saruman the White

    The white wizard
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    The grey wizard
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    Fiona Goode

    The supreme of the witch coven
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    Harry Potter

    A student at a witchcraft school
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    Lord Voldemort

    The Dark Lord
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    Sabrina Spellman

    A teenage witch
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    Samantha Stephens

    A witch with a "normal life", but making it much easier with your powers
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    An old but wise wizard master
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    Mickey Mouse

    The apprentice of a powerful wizard
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    A genie
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    The Wizard of Oz

    Not an actual wizard, but a humbug magician
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    Professor Albus Dumbledore

    A very powerful headmaster of a witchcraft school
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    Radagast the Brown

    The Brown wizard
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    You would use your powers to work
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    Isabel Bigelow

    Instead of using your powers, you would try to be a "normal" person