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Poll: 10 Zombies are coming to eat you!

Imagine 10 zombies that want eat you, and you can call only one for helping you, who do you call? (not Ghostbusters!)

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    Robert Neville

    Neville is apparently the only survivor of an apocalypse caused by a pandemic of bacteria. He tries to find a cure. Robert uses an assault rilfe and is followed by Sam, his dog.
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    Rick Grimes

    A sheriff in a world devastated from a zombie apocalypse, he is the leader of a group of survivors. He use a revolver
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    He was a normal man, but after a zombie kill his son, he turned to a gunman. He uses two guns together
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    Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams

    Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams is a man of action and idiocy. He fought against the army of darkness. Ash uses a chainsaw
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    Alice is an Umbrella security covert operative (head of security at The Hive in Raccoon City) placed at the mansion to protect the Hive's emergency entrance. She will fight zombies using guns and swords
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    Daryl Dixon

    he is one of the men of the Rick Grime group, uses very well a crossbow
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    He is a sheriff of a county devasted by zombies, and saved his pregnant wife. He use a gun
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    Michonne is a indipendent woman living with the group of Rick Grimes. She is good with her sharp katana
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    Gerry Lane

    He is a soldier, and he finds the cure for a dangerous virus. He use a rifle
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    Shaun is a normal man, who decides to fight zombies with everything he can use
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    He is a normal boy, that wake up after a coma, and must survive and save his woman. He uses everything to attack zombies
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    An ex-US Marine turned cop, Kenneth has survived a night of undead terrors before finding himself on the outskirts of town with only a shotgun for company
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    Cherry Darling

    Cherry is a Go-Go dancer. She is amputated by zombies, then transformed into a semi-automatic-wielding, bad-ass heroine of humanity. She uses a rifle in the place of the leg
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    Chris Redfield

    Chris is an agent of a special force, and tries to catch the guilty for a zombie infection. He uses a gun
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    Claire Redfield

    She is the sister of Chris, and want to find him. She uses a gun
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    Ben is an ordinary guy in an extreme circumstance, one of those rare few in whom adversity brings out (mostly) their best characteristics. He uses a rifle
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    Peter Washington is a member of Philadelphia's SWAT when the walking dead crisis has reached critical condition
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    Buffy Summers

    She is a student and usually a vampire Slayer, but she killed even a lot of zombies. She is good with fighting skills