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Poll: Favorite Holiday Nuisance?

Some people just don't have the Christmas spirit and try to ruin things for our heroes; but that doesn't stop them from being entertaining.

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    Burglarizes the citizens of Whoville because he couldn't stand their noisiness.
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    Ebenezer Scrooge

    Cruel to his employee, robbed the widows and swindled the poor, ignored the needy, and was rude to his nephew.
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    Scut Farkus

    Terrorized Ralphie and his friends... and he had yellow eyes; I swear! Yellow eyes!
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    Harry Lime

    Representing himself and Marv. Burglarized the neighborhood and flooded basements. Harry almost bit Kevin's fingers off.
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    Professor Hinkle

    Attempted to terminate Frosty the Snowman's existence.
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    Hans Gruber

    Terrorized the Nakatomi Christmas party.
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    Mr. Potter

    Intercepts $8,000 and nearly drives George Bailey to suicide.
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    Tried killing children at Christmas, but he is funny.
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    Shows up uninvited, his dog destroys the house, and he kidnaps Clark's boss.
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    Ted Maltin

    Tries to steal Howard's wife.
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    Myron Larabee

    A disgruntled postal worker who'll pull out all the dirty tricks to get a Turbo Man doll-- "Action Figure."
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    With the other gremlins, he ties up the dog in Christmas lights and hangs him up outside, attacks townspeople, sabotages traffic lights, and kills an old lady.
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    Jack Frost

    Tries to take over Christmas.
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    He may be a burglar and take a family hostage, but he does have an appreciation for Charlie Brown's Christmas.
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    In different films, he's destroyed a town with a giant bowling ball, attempted to drown Mary Quite Contrary's Sheep, and sent monsters after Santa.
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    Granville Sawyer

    Nearly had Santa committed.