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Poll: You're Stuck in the Modern West

Good for you! With some help from your old Western buddy you managed to repair your time machine (and invented cardboard boxes and duct tape in the process). Unfortunately the machine is still faulty and now only travels in time, so you're still stuck in the West. If you're going to survive long enough to get out of here you don't want to be alone, so who do you want watching your back now.

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    Ed Tom Bell

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    Anton Chigurh

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    John Grady Cole

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    Deputy Sheriff Christopher 'Coop' Cooper

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    Machete Cortez

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    Jack Crow

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    Ennis Del Mar

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    Mike Ehrmantraut

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    Randall Flagg

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    Mother Abigail Freemantle

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    Raylan Givens

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    Perce Howland

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    El Mariachi

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    Gay Langland

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    Anthony Montoya

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    Llewelyn Moss

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    Ray Owens

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    Sailor Ripley

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    The Stranger

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    Jack Twist

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    Roslyn Taber

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    Cordell Walker

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    Walter White

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