The 89th Academy Awards: Winners

Check here for live updates for the Academy Award winners.

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Oscars 2017: Red Carpet Photos

Check out photos from the red carpet of the 89th Academy Awards.

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Fan IQ: 2017 Oscar Nominees Spotlight

How well do you know this year's Oscar-nominated films and actors? Test your knowledge of the contenders in the Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress categories.

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Oscars Spotlight: Best Picture Nominees at the Box Office

This year's Best Picture nominees have earned more than $575 million at the domestic box office as of Feb. 7. Here's a look at how each of the nine Oscar nominees performed.

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Red Carpet Rewind: Oscar Fashions Through the Years

View iconic looks from the Oscars red carpet over the years.

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2017 Oscar Nominees Then and Now

This isn't the first time for several 2017 Academy Award film acting nominees. Find out which roles first brought them to the Oscars spotlight.

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Oscars Nominee Luncheon

Check out photos from the Academy's annual Oscars Nominee Luncheon.

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Oscars Retrospective: Best Actress and Best Actor

Here's a salute to the Academy Award-winning leading men and women of the last 25 years.

Oscars 2017: Snubs and Surprises

Find out who missed out and who made surprise appearances in this year's nominations.

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The Chemistry and Universal Appeal of 'La La Land'

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone discuss their on-screen chemistry in the Oscar-nominated La La Land. Plus, writer/director Damien Chazelle talks about the universal appeal of musicals.

Looking Back at the 2016 Oscars Red Carpet

Get a red carpet rewind with our roundup of our favorite looks from the 88th Academy Awards.

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Who Holds the Record for Most Oscar Nominations?

Find out the 12 most nominated actors in Oscars history. Perhaps some of this year's nominees will eventually end up on this list.

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11 Biggest Oscars Shockers of All Time

By the night of the Academy Awards ceremony, clear front-runners have already emerged from the results of prior awards ceremonies. Occasionally, Oscars voters follow their own path and serve up some truly big surprises.

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Oscars by the Numbers

What movie has won the most awards? Which actor has received the most nominations? Learn some interesting facts and figures about past Academy Award winners and nominees.

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