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'The Walking Dead' Season 6 photos welcome you to the gun show

23 hours ago | Hitfix | See recent Hitfix news »

The first trailer for “The Walking Dead” Season 6 will be released next week during San Diego Comic-Con. Until then, AMC has given fans a tantalizing taste of what’s to come with photos of Glenn, Maggie, and Daryl courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. It was only a matter of time before things bottomed out in Alexandria and if these images are anything to go by, the Group’s time in civilization is drawing to a close. Glenn is in the midst of firing a round — as noted by the shell casing majestically twirling away from the gun — while sporting some brand-new facial injuries.   Maggie might not be visibly injured, but her stance is one of someone ready to shoot a suburbanite.   Daryl continues to be Daryl: nonplussed and ready for action. The lack of cookie-cutter houses behind him may indicate he’s already blown the Alexandria popsicle stand. »

- Donna Dickens

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New ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Trailer Promises No Dry or Wet Humping With Campers (Video)

2 July 2015 7:25 AM, PDT | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

In the newest trailer for Netflix’s upcoming “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,” H. Jon Benjamin lays down the rules to his fellow camp counselors. “No relations between campers and counselors,” he says. “This includes: dry humping, necking, wet humping, finger banging, wheelbarrow-ing, salt water taffy-ing.” That is just one of a series of hilarious exchanges in the latest preview of the prequel series to the cult favorite 2001 film “Wet Hot American Summer.” See video: Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd Camp It Up in First 'Wet Hot American Summer' Trailer Original stars Bradley Cooper, »

- Joe Otterson

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Sesame Street’s Maria Is Retiring After 44 Years

2 July 2015 7:51 AM, PDT | Vulture | See recent Vulture news »

Longtime Sesame Street cast member Sonia Manzano will retire from the show after 44 years, the actress announced while speaking to the American Library Association this week. Manzano has played Maria, a friendly neighborhood vest enthusiast, since 1971; she also wrote for the show from 1981 to 2002, winning 15 Daytime Emmys in the process. In her four decades on Sesame Street, Manzano got married, turned invisible, asked for a raise,  went to the hospital, and fixed a door. Outside of that show, Manzano plays Judge Gloria Pepitone on Law & Order: Svu, where she encounters grouches of a different sort. »

- Nate Jones

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HBO’s ‘All the Way’ Adds Melissa Leo as Lady Bird Johnson

21 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Bryan Cranston’s Lyndon Johnson has found his Lady Bird, as HBO Films’ “All the Way” has cast Melissa Leo as the famous First Lady.

The production is an adaptation of Robert Schenkkan’s Tony Award-winning play, which also starred Cranston. It focuses on President Johnson’s first year as Commander in Chief. Jay Roach is directing. Earlier this week, it was announced that Anthony Mackie would play Mlk in the production.

“All the Way” is produced for HBO by Amblin Television, Tale Told Productions and Moon Shot Entertainment, with Steven Spielberg, Darryl Frank & Justin Falvey, Schenkkan and Cranston executive producing. James Degus is co-executive producing.

Deadline Hollywood first broke the casting news.


- Whitney Friedlander

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11 Under-the-Radar Shows You Need to Catch Up On

2 July 2015 8:51 AM, PDT | Vulture | See recent Vulture news »

There's a surprising amount of terrific summer TV on right now, even if it feels like the schedule is a little wan compared to the full-on tidal wave of programming one grows accustomed to in the fall. Fear not: Plenty of current television is out there just waiting to be discovered — savored, even. Here's what you've been missing, and why to catch up. You have all weekend!UnREAL, Mondays, 10 p.m., Lifetime It's one of the best shows of the summer, and one of the better shows, period, in a long time. Shiri Appleby stars as a misanthropic producer on a Bachelor-esque reality show, where she sometimes cruelly — and fascinatingly — manipulates the contestants to manufacture drama. Dark and cynical, and very perceptive about both genuine human emotions and the performance of genuine emotions that we get from "reality" TV. How many episodes have aired so far? 5 Do I need »

- Margaret Lyons

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Fireworks! 25 Explosive TV Moments, Including Thrones Death, Once's Dark Hero, an Inhuman Twist and More

47 minutes ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

The Fourth of July weekend is (finally!) upon us, but instead of celebrating with “traditional” fireworks, TVLine is looking back at the year’s biggest explosions on the small screen.

PhotosFatal Attraction Event Series: 20 Actors Who’d Bring the Heat (and the Crazy) to Fox’s Thriller Remake

From red-hot hookups (just thinking about How to Get Away With Murder makes our eyes water) to surprise returns (another resurrection on Pretty Little Liars?) to literal explosions (we’re pretty sure Revenge takes the cake on that one), we managed to collect 25 of the biggest bombshells from which we’re still recovering. »

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Fall TV: Reign vs. Undateable vs. Race, and Friday's Other DVR Dilemmas

1 hour ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

The Fall TV season will be here before you know it, and with it comes exciting — sometimes excruciating — viewing choices. And the time to get dwelling on those DVR dilemmas is now.

Related Fall TV: Your Handy Calendar of 90+ Premiere Dates

All this week, TVLine is presenting you with the grids for each night’s fall line-up, including Big 5 fare and the likely cable competition. (Click for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday polls.) You then vote for what you plan to watch “live” during each time slot.

(If you are forever hung up on my use of the word “live, »

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The Fosters Sneak Peek: Stef and Lena Suspect [Spoiler] Is Preggers

1 hour ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Who might have a bun in the oven on The Fosters?

That’s what concerned mamas Stef and Lena are wondering after they find a pregnancy test box in the trash in Monday’s episode (ABC Family, 8/7). Their suspicions immediately turn to their Mia daughter in TVLine’s exclusive video — but it’s not the one you think it is!

RelatedABC Family’s Eerie Hotel Stay

While Mariana is the one who recently lost her virginity — unbeknownst to her moms — Lena and Stef think the fact that Callie’s not answering her phone (and has even turned it off, »

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25 Underseen TV Shows to Binge-Watch This Weekend

2 hours ago | Indiewire Television | See recent Indiewire Television news »

"Batman: The Animated Series" What Is It? Those who love the Dark Knight or comics in general would be hard pressed to miss out on the classic "Batman: The Animated Series," a ‘90s cartoon show that brought the caped crusader and his famous exploits to modern times. Its animation, complexity and the remarkable voices of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill resulted in praise by critics and fans alike, winning numerous Emmy's and affirming Batman's richness. Watch It If You Like: "Daredevil" (Netflix), "The Dark Knight Trilogy," Sophisticated Cartoons Where You Can Watch It: Amazon Prime "The Bletchley Circle"What Is It? Seven years after the end of World War II, four women who worked as codebreakers adjust to lives devoted to domesticity and keeping their past secret. While they find boredom in the repetitiveness, a string of murders bands the women together to find the killer, all while keeping their investigation from their husbands. »

- Indiewire

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Jon Stewart Leads Donald Trump Sing-Along

3 hours ago | Deadline TV | See recent Deadline TV news »

Many people have weighed in at great length on Donald Trump and his Mexican Rapists Candidacy Announcement, since the real-estate mogul delivered the headline-making speech in the gold-plated halls of Trump Towers a couple weeks ago. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart has not been one of them. His relative restraint in the days following the speech has surprised Stewart fans; it was as if raw meat has been thrown to a piranha and the fish had turned up its nose. This finally… »

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Review: 'Hannibal' Season 3, Episode 5, 'Contorno': Throw Will From The Train

7 hours ago | Indiewire Television | See recent Indiewire Television news »

Previously: Review: 'Hannibal' Season 3, Episode 4, 'Aperitivo': Revenge Society Appetizer Previously, Will teamed up with Chiyoh, Jack teamed up with Inspector Pazzi, and Hannibal waited for everyone to come to him. Much more importantly, Mads Mikkelsen showed up in the new Rihanna video John Woo-ing a pair of money guns, and that's just amazing. Will Graham: Doin' Stuff! Concern set in early this episode, with yet more gratuitous slow-mo and snail close-ups. And things weren't looking much better when Will and Chiyoh settled in their train car with a good old-fashioned mope-off. ("No, Hannibal hurt me more!") Chiyoh offers this gratuitous insight: "If you don't kill him, you are worried you are going to become him." Yeah, we know! We've been watching this whole time! At this point, I was worried we were in for another stretched-out slog of an episode. But all was forgiven when Chiyoh »

- Jeff Stone

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'Big Brother 17' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 2 Battle of the Block?

9 hours ago | buddytv.com | See recent BuddyTV news »

It should've been a simple second week on Big Brother 17. The entire house was united against Audrey and it seemed like she would be the obvious target. But with such a crazy season filled with people trying to make big moves right away, nothing is that simple.

Even crazier, the new HoHs, Becky and Shelli, only had about six hours after winning HoH before they made their nominations, with the Battle of the Block coming at 5am. So in less than 12 hours, the HGs evicted Jace, two new HoHs were chosen, they got their HoH room, chose Have-Nots and played the Battle of the Block.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.


- editor@buddytv.com

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Conan Crashes ‘Magic Mike Xxl’ Girls Night

9 hours ago | Deadline TV | See recent Deadline TV news »

Conan O’Brien always is at his best when he gets out of the studio. Remember when Conan secretly flew to Cuba to shoot Conan In Cuba, becoming the first American late-night host to do a show in that island nation in more than 50 years, learning the importance of the Cuban clave beat, wowing a band with his 8th grade Spanish skills, and visiting the famous waterfront promenade where Cuban youth shared with him their rum in a box and cigarettes, which Conan speculated had… »

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SAG-aftra Seeking Protection for News Crews After San Francisco Attacks

9 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

SAG-aftra is seeking additional security measures for the protection of reporting teams in the aftermath of attacks on TV news teams covering a shooting death in San Francisco.

Three attackers stole equipment from Kntv and camera operator Alan Waples was pistol-whipped in the aftermath of a homicide on Pier 14 on Wednesday night.

“Safety for broadcasters continues to be a major concern in light of the continued robberies and attacks on news crews in the field,” the union said. “Our San Francisco Local met with all major news stations and requested various security measures for reporting teams. We also met with the Oakland Police Department on several initiatives, including: direct communication with area captains; safety training; parking passes; and stats on crimes involving media in a ongoing effort to protect news crews.”

The union said it would continue to reach out to the San Francisco Mayor’s Office and the S. »

- Dave McNary

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Hannibal Recap: Bowels to the Wall

11 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

The snails slowly, beautifully pulling themselves across our screens throughout Season 3 of Hannibal can’t be mere coincidence, can they?

A few minutes into “Contorno” — the fifth hour of the NBC drama’s current run — those maddening molluscs appeared again, and I wondered if it was evil-genius creator Bryan Fuller’s inside joke about the plodding pace he’s adopted in the wake of the Season 2 finale’s horrifying bloodbath.

RelatedHannibal Cancellation Update: Ep Bryan Fuller Touts ‘Cool’ Season 4 Plan — ‘I Would Love To Do It’

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d have given Seasons 1 and 2 every Emmy imaginable, »

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‘Under the Dome’s’ Big Twist Isn’t All That Revealing (Spoilers)

12 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

“All Will Be Revealed” the on-air tease promised at the end of last week’s two-hour “Under the Dome” premiere, offering an incentive to brave another visit to the hermetically sealed-off town of Chester’s Mill. And while certain facts did come spilling out in rather ungainly fashion, either that ad was misleading (hardly a shock in the world of network promotion) or the words “all” and “revealed” must mean something different in TV circles.

It’s worth remembering only a few weeks have passed, in actual time, during the two-plus summers the show has been airing on CBS, seeking to wrangle Stephen King’s book into a manageable series. As with many past King productions, the mystery-shrouded premise reeled in viewers initially, only to watch those big numbers erode as the program became increasingly frustrating in its absurdity.

Until now, the producers have done a pretty fair impersonation of Lucy with the football, »

- Brian Lowry

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Rookie Blue Recap: Father Doesn't Know Best — But Does Sam?

12 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Christopher Hayden, you’re a bad, bad dad.

Gilmore Girls vet David Sutcliffe plays really against type on Thursday night’s Rookie Blue as an abusive, overly controlling, super-strict father (to Orphan Black‘s Zoé De Grand Maison, aka Gracie!).

How horrible is he? “It’s not an appropriate shirt,” has never sounded so disturbing. And he makes his daughter sleep in a freezer in the garage when she’s “bad.” (Poor Gracie — from one crazy dad to another.)

RelatedRookie Blue Boss: For Andy and Sam, Marlo’s Pregnancy Is ‘A Terrible Blow’

His wife is completely subservient and afraid to challenge him, »

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SAG-aftra Seeks Protection For TV News Teams After San Francisco Attacks

13 hours ago | Deadline TV | See recent Deadline TV news »

In the aftermath of attacks on two TV news teams that were covering a shooting death in San Fransisco today, SAG-aftra said its local in the Bay Area “met with all major news stations and requested security measures for the protection of reporting teams.” Ktvu reporter Cara Liu was reporting live from Pier 14 (video below) on a Wednesday night homicide when a mugger ran up to Kntv’s team nearby and stole camera equipment and Kntv camera operator Alan Waples was… »

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'Big Brother 17' Spoilers: Who Are the Week 2 Nominees?

13 hours ago | buddytv.com | See recent BuddyTV news »

It's a new week on Big Brother 17 with girl power surging through the house. Becky and Shelli, two players who haven't been front and center in the game thus far, won HoH in week 2. Although maybe there's not that much girl power since the two main targets this week are also girls.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.


- editor@buddytv.com

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Wayward Pines Recap: Unsafe Sex

13 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

After uncovering so many of Wayward Pines‘ far-out secrets in recent weeks, it would seem that this Thursday we uncovered its first dull episode.

RelatedMatt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Wayward PinesBlast From the Past

I mean, as entertainingly awkward as it is to watch Hope Davis play matchmaker to high school kids and then nudge them to hook up — and as fun as it is to get There’s Something About Mary flashbacks whenever Matt Dillon basically tells a character, “Ah, I’m just f–kin’ with ya!” — the rest of Episode 7 (of 10) fell flat for me. And here’s why. »

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