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It's Official: True Detective Season 2 to Star Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell

10 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

You can stop tweeting dream-cast pairs: HBO on Tuesday announced that Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell will lead Season 2 of True Detective.

Vaughn (Wedding Crashers), whose interest in the project TVLine exclusively reported in August, will play Frank Semyon. Frank is a career criminal whose move into legitimate enterprise is jeopardized when his business partner is killed.

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Farrell (Alexander) will play Ray Velcoro, described by the network as “a compromised detective whose allegiances are torn between his masters in a corrupt police department and the mobster who owns him.” (Word of Farrell’s »

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'Gotham' premieres strong while 'Big Bang Theory' explodes

13 hours ago | EW - Inside TV | See recent EW.com - Inside TV news »

Who needs Batman?

Fox’s big-swing crime thriller Gotham opened to very strong ratings Monday night. Gotham premiered to 8 million viewers and a 3.2 rating among adults 18-49. Gotham — the story of heroic Det. Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) fighting iconic DC Comics villains and protecting a young pre-Batman Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) — was predicted to have fall’s biggest opening by industry insiders. It’s far too early to give Gotham that crown, but 3.2 is considered a very good demo number, especially for 8 p.m. against heavy competition. CBS’ Madam Secretary, which opened Sunday night, has the new show fall lead among total viewers. »

- James Hibberd

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Zach Gilford, Jonathan Cake join USA's 'Stanistan'

12 hours ago | EW - Inside TV | See recent EW.com - Inside TV news »

From the fictional town of Dillon, Texas, to a whole new fictional country—that seems to be the latest trajectory for Zach Gilford, who’s joined the cast of USA’s upcoming original drama pilot Stanistan.

But Gilford, who’s best known for his role as Matt Saracen on the television show Friday Night Lights, is not alone in his relocation. Desperate HousewivesJonathan Cake also joins the Stanistan cast, which already features Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter as Public Affairs Officer Marcie Post.

More generally, “Stanistan follows the staff at the American compound in the fictional country of Stanistan, where State Department workers, »

- Samantha Highfill

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Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus Team Up to Preview The Walking Dead's Fifth Season

just now | TVGuide - Breaking News | See recent TVGuide - Breaking News news »

To any outsider setting foot on the Griffin, Georgia, set of The Walking Dead, the sense of heightened security and secrecy is immediately apparent. Production assistants string giant tarps across the entrance to a small alley, shielding any on-camera action from the eyes of dozens of gawkers who have parked themselves across the street in the 90-degree heat holding homemade signs professing their love for AMC's hit zombie drama. ("I <3 Daryl Dixon" is one popular sentiment.) Brief glimpses of the show's stars elicit the kind of eardrum-tearing screams usually reserved for the latest boy band.

Read More > »

- Rob Moynihan

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Sons of Anarchy Recap: The Renegades Who Had It Made

1 hour ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

The Sons of Anarchy aren’t letting anyone cross them in their final season, a point driven home quite clearly by Tuesday’s episode.

This week, Samcro eliminated one enemy but created another, Gemma overstepped her boundaries (what else is new?), while Juice… oh, poor Juice.

Read on for a rundown of “Playing With Monsters”:

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Brotherly Love? | To prove that his recent work with the sheriff’s department won’t prevent him from helping Juice, Unser agrees to assist Juice with a major favor: scoring him some face time with a member of Samcro. »

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'Sons of Anarchy' stars Theo Rossi, Tommy Flanagan talk that scene

1 hour ago | EW - Inside TV | See recent EW.com - Inside TV news »

In the Sept. 23 episode of Sons of Anarchy, “Playing with Monsters,” Juice (Theo Rossi) used Unser (Dayton Callie) to get Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) alone to ask him if there was anything he could do to earn his way back into Samcro. Chibs’ response was brutal: “If I were you, I’d get that gun, put it in my mouth, and pull the trigger.” Rossi and Flanagan talked to EW separately about the moment that Rossi says is a game-changer for Juice.

EW: That scene is the first one you’ve had with any of the guys all season, Theo.

Rossi: »

- Mandi Bierly

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Faking It Post Mortem: Lauren's Secret, 'Karmy's' 'Pain' and More Scoop

1 hour ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Tuesday’s premiere of Faking It. If you have yet to watch, head to a different TVLine story. Everyone else, read on…

Someone’s Faking It no more!

On Tuesday’s Season 2 premiere, the reason Lauren has been taking pills was exposed, and it was definitely not a drug addiction. The pint-sized mean girl is actually intersex — hence, the hormone pills — and now all her frenemies know the truth.

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TVLine chatted with executive producer Carter Covington and the cast about Lauren’s journey, »

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Chicago Fire Premiere Recap: The Fallen

1 hour ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

After a summer of worrying about which member of Chicago Fire‘s finest wouldn’t make it out of that explosion alive, Tuesday’s Season 3 premiere finally identified the shocking victim.

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And the fallen was… resident paramedic Shay!

That was a bold choice on the show’s part. I fully expected a smaller, supporting character to bite the dust. But by killing off someone as pivotal as Shay, Chi Fire enters Season 3 with a bang, not to mention increased stakes for those she left behind.

The »

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Person of Interest Season 4 Premiere Recap: Identities Crisis

1 hour ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

CBS’ Person of Interest with its Season 4 premiere raised the question: What if the Machine’s original and most diehard champion ceased keeping the faith?

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The season opens with a (seeming) non sequitur, as a beleaguered journalist (In Plain Sight‘s Frederick Weller) vents to a beautiful stranger (Martine Rousseau, played by Mad Men‘s Cara Buono) at a bar in Budapest. The reporter spins a tale of an “artificial intelligence” that has stealthily invaded our society, observing the public’s every move. The woman allows for such a possibility, »

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The Voice Blind Auditions Recap: Phar-really Got a Hold on Me

1 hour ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

This just in: It might be time for Blake Shelton and Adam Levine to sit out a cycle of The Voice.

Seven seasons in, the show has unearthed a coach so sincere, so charming, so deeply and beautifully connected to the music, that it’s hard to imagine any sane contestant from any genre not gravitating toward him. I speak, of course, of Pharrell Williams, and thanks to my penchant for live-Tweeting reality competition series, I know I’m not alone.

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In fact, the crazy-beautiful @jaykayort shared during »

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Visual Effects Replace Woman’s Face on ‘The Knick’

2 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Perhaps no facial transformation is more disturbing than the absence of a nose, and the creators of Cinemax’s “The Knick” used such an image to maximum effect in a recent episode.

The original drama series, set in New York’s Knickbocker Hospital in 1900, tracks the life and work of pioneering surgeons and staff who push the boundaries of medicine before the age of antibiotics – or cosmetic reconstruction.

The producers relied on visual effects to create a face replacement for Abigail, a character played by Jennifer Ferrin, substituting the actor’s nose with a CG version to simulate a visage disfigured by Syphilis.

“We solved a tricky series of shots together using a combination of CGI, special effects prosthetic elements and compositing,” said vfx supervisor Lesley Robson-Foster, who’s worked on effects for “The Great Gatsby” and “Boardwalk Empire.” “Abigail’s nose was a real challenge. I was very pleased with the result, »

- Peter Caranicas

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Awkward Midseason Premiere Recap: 'Good Luck, Matty McKibben'

2 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Let’s all take a minute to applaud Awkward‘s midseason premiere — which, in my mind, could have been titled “Damage Control” — for essentially wiping the slate clean, doing away with so much of what alienated longtime fans in the first half of Season 4. And by “so much,” I mean Eva.

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For starters, Eva’s name isn’t the only thing she’s been lying about. The pregnancy test she showed Matty at the ski lodge actually belonged to Whoria Gloria, and Eva paid her off — with Matty’s mom’s stolen earrings, »

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Anthony Bourdain, Roy Choi Talk Heroin, Ramen at ‘Street Food’ Launch

2 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Traveler and professional eater Anthony Bourdain came to L.A. Tuesday to preview the fourth season of “Parts Unknown” and introduce CNN Digital’s new show “Street Food with Roy Choi,” on which he appears.

Choi’s Pot restaurant at the Line Hotel hosted a Korean feast for journalists who queried Bourdain and Choi about their favorite spots to film and eat. “Street Food” is premiering on CNN Digital on Oct. 13, with eight five-minute long episodes to start. The first batch, which will all go online at once, are shot around Choi’s home city of Los Angeles, but he said he can imagine covering street culture in New York, Detroit or Chicago in subsequent series.

Though the series has food in the title, it’s not just about tacos and ramen — Choi takes on street art,   and interview musicians like Dilated Peoples and the Beastie Boys, filmmaker Jon Favreau and Youtube star Michelle Phan. »

- Pat Saperstein

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Did the NCIS: New Orleans Premiere Trot Out Too Many Big, Easy Tropes?

2 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

TV’s most watched drama officially made camp in Crescent City this Tuesday night, with the premiere of the spin-off NCIS: New Orleans. Will your DVR continue to say yes to Nola?

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One thing is for certain, coming out of the series opener: If you had a Bingo card listing every New Orleans stereotype/calling card, the pilot checked many of ‘em off in short order – including but not limited to:

√ “Beignet”

√ “Gumbo”

√ “Mardi Gras

√ Victim’s dad plays trumpet, at a jazz club

√ Jogging under the Greater New Orleans Bridges »

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Premiere Recap: A Lot to Absorb

2 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned on Tuesday with a Season 2 premiere that caught us up on Coulson & Co. — for better, and in some instances for worse — as well as introduced some new friends in the fight to fend off Hydra and rebuild the once-mighty organization.

Related Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Scoop: Kyle MacLachlan to Play [Huge Spoiler]

Following a highly entertaining prologue flashback that saw Ssr Agent Peggy Carter and the Howling Commandos storm a Nazi camp to retrieve an alien obelisk from Daniel Whitehall (aka the Hydra agent known as Kraken, played by Reed Diamond), we meet badass S. »

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The Mindy Project Recap: The Ma, the Myth, the Legend

2 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

As far as adversaries go, Mindy, you sure found a worthy one in Annette Castellano.

Danny’s mom makes her debut in this week’s Mindy Project, an episode that explores the Castellanos’ family dynamic by thrusting Dr. L into its midst.

Or, more accurately, Mindy thrusts herself into the guilt-trips, hurt feelings and favorites-playing that Danny and Richie have endured for years — and watching Mindy Kaling and Cheers queen Rhea Perlman throw down is going to be one of my recurring joys this TV season, I can already tell.

While the episode is still hot like Annette’s piping pot of gravy, »

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Fall TV Popularity Contest: Did NCIS: New Orleans Win You Over?

2 hours ago | TVGuide - Breaking News | See recent TVGuide - Breaking News news »

Will you follow the NCIS franchise to New Orleans?

Now that the latest iteration of CBS' juggernaut has officially premiered, we want to know your thoughts — as well as what you think of every new show this season. Do you plan to stick around with Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) & Co. in the Big Easy, or is three NCISes too many?

Vote here for which new shows won you over, and which ones flopped.

Read More > »

- Liz Raftery

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NCIS Season 12 Premiere Recap: The Russian Is Coming

2 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

CBS’ NCIS opened its 12th season on Tuesday night with an episode that started off as a routine escorting of a team member home from Russia, but soon enough segued into an action-adventure, stranding Gibbs and McGee in the Russian wilderness.

Related Fall TV Spoilerpalooza: Exclusive Scoop on 42 Returning Favorites, Including NCIS

Setting up the events, we briefly meet Sergei Michnev, a Russian mercenary whom Deputy Ambassador Anton Pavlenko suspects has been stalking an NCIS tech whiz named Kevin. Michnev shrugs off the implication of bad behavior, stating that his interest in NCIS Special Agent Gibbs, back in the USA, »

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Dancing With the Stars Week 2 Results: Did The Right Couple Go Home?

3 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

Despite some delightful high points — Leah Thompson’s knockout jive and a fabulous foxtrot by Janel Parish — during a “My Jam Monday”-themed Week 2 of Dancing With the Stars, there were plenty of possible candidates for a trip to the guillotine.

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Michael Waltrip’s not-so-sensational samba certainly put him at risk, but he had plenty of wobbly company — Tavis Smiley, Betsey Johnson, Tommy Chong and Randy Couture, I’m talking to you! — to bring suspense and uncertainty to the big announcement.

As our teetering-on-the-brink celebs sweated it out, »

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Dancing with the Stars: Who Got Sent Home?

3 hours ago | TVGuide - Breaking News | See recent TVGuide - Breaking News news »

We're back with another Dancing with the Stars results show, before theTuesday edition retreats back into its glittery cave next week. A quick early observation: Can someone please inform Sadie Robertson that the camera can and will pan to her at any given opportunity? She's got a baaaad case of resting bitchface. End rant.

Tom and Erin waste no time in getting to the first set of results.

Read More > »

- Liz Raftery

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