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'Supernatural' recap: Killing things that need killing

6 hours ago | EW.com - PopWatch | See recent EW.com - PopWatch news »

On a normal day, the Winchesters would take the case of a girl who was abducted and imprisoned by a family of vampires pretty seriously. “Save the girl!” and all that jazz. But the case featured on Tuesday night’s episode was anything but straightforward.

Why? Because the girl at the center of the case was almost as bloodthirsty as the nest with which she’d spent the last few years.

Early in the episode, Sam and Dean learned that the human subject of their case – a girl named Alex — was not just an innocent victim. She had spent the »

- Sandra Gonzalez

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‘Last Comic Standing’ Strike Ends with Union Deal

6 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

The Intl. Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees has unionized the post-production editors on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” after a two-day strike.

Local 700 of Iatse announced Tuesday it had reached a deal with NBCUniversal: “Thanks to the courage and cohesion they demonstrated, and to the overwhelming support showed to them by their Local 700 sisters and brothers and the entire Iatse community, the post crew of ‘Last Comic Standing’ will return to work tomorrow under an Iatse contract!”

The strike took place a month before the  scheduled May 22 premiere. J.B. Smoove (pictured above) is hosting with Roseanne Barr , Russell Peters and Keenan Ivory Wayans judging.NBCUniversal had no immediate comment.

The strike involved a crew of more than a dozen editors and assistant editors who operate in a cutting room in Glendale, Calif., along with on-set postproduction work. The strike began less than two hours after editors received their first round »

- Dave McNary

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David Letterman Passes the Baton to Stephen Colbert

6 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Being gracious doesn’t come naturally to David Letterman. So while he had already essentially provided his blessing to the choice of Stephen Colbert to replace him as host of “Late Show,” CBS execs were no doubt relieved after Tuesday’s program, in which the reigning host featured the host in waiting as a guest.

That’s not to say the interview was particularly smooth. At this point, unless he has someone who really engages him in the chair, there’s a sense Letterman does about as little research as possible, serving up the pre-interview questions with what feels like a sense of obligation.

Yet even with that, the rapport between the two made clear that Letterman embraces Colbert’s talent, and that Colbert doesn’t just idealize Letterman — as many comics of his generation do — as latenight’s most influential talent, but also has a long relationship with the host, »

- Brian Lowry

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The Following 2.14 Review: “Silence”

7 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

I have to give The Following some amount of credit for this one. For a series that utilizes pointless cliffhangers to try to cover up lazy writing–and, to be sure, “Silence” does end on a pointless cliffhanger that tries to cover up lazy writing–it handles the Claire-Emma sequence with some amount of confidence. As soon as Emma [&hellip

The Following 2.14 Review: “Silence” »

- Sean Colletti

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Supernatural 9.19 Review: “Alex Annie Alexis Ann”

7 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

This episode of Supernatural was a marked departure from the rest of the season. I don’t mean in terms of story; the development of the arcs were all there and really on point. What differentiated this episode was the difference in emotional center. Usually it’s one of the Winchesters, though Dean is the more popular [&hellip

Supernatural 9.19 Review: “Alex Annie Alexis Ann” »

- Hunter Bishop

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Fargo 1.02 Review: “The Rooster Prince”

7 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

I don’t know if you guys have been watching FX’s Fargo but all I have to say after the first two episodes is….”Wow.” The entire time through the first two episodes, all I could think about is how they seem to have perfectly captured the Coen brothers’ style. This show has spent two entire episodes making me [&hellip

Fargo 1.02 Review: “The Rooster Prince” »

- Nick Hogan

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TV Review: ‘True Tori’

7 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Having chosen to live so completely in the public eye, can Tori Spelling still muster an authentic emotion in front of the cameras, as opposed to looking like she’s performing in one of those old TV movies that became her trademark? It’s a legitimate question in this context but moot watching “True Tori,” Lifetime’s docu-series featuring Spelling as the wronged woman, seeking to recover after revelations about infidelity by her husband, Dean McDermott. The actress/reality star presents this exercise as an act of self-empowerment. Actually, it’s more like Rahm Emanuel’s line about never letting a good crisis go unexploited.

McDermott, as anyone who has walked past a newsstand must surely know, was exposed as having an affair with a 28-year-old woman in December, yielding all the expected “Tori Betrayed”-type headlines, as if there were a sale somewhere on capital letters.

So what better »

- Brian Lowry

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Update: Stephen Colbert Visits David Letterman On CBS (Video)

8 hours ago | Deadline TV | See recent Deadline TV news »

Updated with details of Colbert’s appearance: Viewers curious to know what Actual Stephen Colbert is like, and what might his upcoming CBS late-night show be, got a good look tonight when the Comedy Central star made his first visit to David Letterman‘s Late Show since being named as his replacement. After telling Dave he’d been offered a gig with Dave’s old NBC show but turned it down because it was an unpaid internship –  “It’s an expensive city,” Colbert explained. “The next job I’m taking here, that pays? Cause I’ve already signed” — they exchanged pleasantries about their families and Dave asked Colbert if he vacations well. “No, I do not,” Colbert responded. “I don’t know why you do comedy, but it’s not because everything’s all right up here, for me,” he said, tapping on his own head. “It’s not a »

- LISA DE MORAES, TV Columnist

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'Agents of Shield' react: A little night music

8 hours ago | EW.com - PopWatch | See recent EW.com - PopWatch news »

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has really been on a roll these past few episodes, and “The Only Light in the Darkness” was no exception. It was an episode that I had been looking forward to for awhile thanks to the inclusion of Coulson’s mysterious cellist, but after last week’s development, I was also super curious to see what would happen now that Ward had rejoined the team with his Hydra cover intact.

Our introduction to this week’s villain came via an unsuspecting fisherman. After getting off a boat, Marcus Daniels (a.k.a. Blackout) asks the guy for »

- Andrea Towers

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Espn Could Rewrite Record Book When It Airs Cable’s First NFL Playoff Game

8 hours ago | Deadline TV | See recent Deadline TV news »

The NFL regular-season schedule comes out tomorrow, but we already know something big about the postseason. The league said today that Espn will air a wild card game during the first weekend of the playoffs in early January. The milestone game will mark the first postseason NFL game on pay TV — and should draw astronomical ratings for the cable universe. Last season’s wild card weekend was a goldmine for NBC, CBS and especially Fox, whose 49ers-Packers contest was the most-watched wild card game on any network since the Reagan administration with 47.1 million viewers. Even that weekend’s lowest-rated game — in which the Colts erased a four-touchdown deficit to stun the Chiefs — drew 27.6 million. But that’s more than the largest cable TV audience ever: the 2011 Auburn-Oregon college football title game, which pulled in 27.3 million viewers for Espn. The sports network, which carries Monday Night Football games, signed an eight-year »


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'Mindy Project' recap: An officer and a gynecologist

9 hours ago | EW.com - PopWatch | See recent EW.com - PopWatch news »

“When I need to take the Pill/ I look upon the window sill…”

Mindy Lahiri and her cohorts dove headfirst last night into what is (somehow?) one of the big political debates of 2014: Birth control access! Dr. Lahiri was counseling an 18-year-old who wanted a prescription for the Pill without telling her overprotective detective father (Tim Daly), who proceeded to find out anyway, and then storm into Mindy’s office to demand answers. “You just watch yourself, you sex-crazed quack. I could get you on the no-fly list like that,” Detective Lang threatened.

Mindy, already on a no-fly list »

- Erin Strecker

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Intrigue Bites Into Korean Series for U.S. remake

9 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Hong Kong – Santa Monica-based Intrigue has signed a deal with South Korean media giant Cj E&M to option two of the Korean company’s series for U.S. remake.

The deal covers “3rd Hospital,” which aired on Cj’s tvN network, and “Vampire Prosecutor” (pictured) which has been a ratings winner on Ocn.

“3rd Hospital” follows the dramatic conflict between traditional Eastern medicine and modern medical advances as two brothers from both fields fight to save patients’ lives using different tools. “Vampire Prosecutor” is the story of a vampire who uses his uncanny powers to solve crimes, but the one case he can’t solve is the identity of the vampire who first bit him seven years ago.

“’3rd Hospital’ is a very timely piece. In this age of modern medicine, so-called ‘alternative’ practices – especially in the U.S. – are becoming more common, while ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ is a one »

- Patrick Frater

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Update: Post Crew On NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing’ Win Iatse Contract

10 hours ago | Deadline TV | See recent Deadline TV news »

Update, 8:14 Pm: No joke — the strike is over. After a day-and-a-half labor action on the part of the Motion Picture Editors Guild, Iatse Local 700, the postproduction crew of Last Comic Standing now have a union contract, I’ve learned. With that over, everybody is heading back to work tomorrow on the soon-to-debut NBC reboot. The roughly 15 editors, assistant editors and other briefly striking post employees have won the health and retirement benefits plus vacation and holiday pay they sought when they walked out on Monday. A day of picketing today outside the Glendale postproduction facility of the NBC Studios show also saw significant wage increases for the assistant editors. Last Comic Standing is set to premiere on May 22. Previous, April 21, Am: Just more than a month before its reboot is set to debut, NBC‘s Last Comic Standing today has been knocked down by a labor action. About 15 editors »


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'Faking It': Are you on board with MTV's faux lesbians?

10 hours ago | EW.com - PopWatch | See recent EW.com - PopWatch news »

What does it take for a gimmick-based show to rise above its gimmick?

The same things it takes for any series to succeed, I suppose: writing that avoids cliche, strong plotting, assured performances from actors playing fully formed characters. Still, a show like Faking It — one that’s designed around a purposefully shocking premise (“pretend lesbians!!!”) — might necessarily find it more difficult to grow past its pilot than, say, a show that’s about six pals just hanging out, or one that focuses on the minutiae of office life.

That said: There’s definite potential in Faking It, which takes the basic DNA of Awkward. »

- Hillary Busis

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'The Originals' recap: Let's talk about hex, baby

10 hours ago | EW.com - PopWatch | See recent EW.com - PopWatch news »

The storm clouds are gathering guys, and it’s looking more and more like this war is about to go down. But for now, we’re getting warmed up with a few bombs and a deadly hex. Fun, right? Let’s do this!

We kicked things off up in the attic of gloom and doom, where Kieran was hallucinating that Josh and Cami were Sean and Bastiana. And leave it up to Josh to make a scene this intense funny. But things quickly got serious when Kieran had a very brief moment of sanity and a lightbulb went off in Cami’s head. »

- Samantha Highfill

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The CW latest bubble show renewal odds

12 hours ago | EW - Inside TV | See recent EW.com - Inside TV news »

The CW is edging closer to deciding the fate of its six bubble shows. As we’ve previously reported earlier this month in Death Watch, Hart of Dixie and The 100 are likely to be renewed, while The Carrie Diaries is likely to be cancelled. It’s the other three remaining limbo dramas — Beauty and the Beast, The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed — that have been the biggest question marks.

We’re now hearing freshman sci-fi shows Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed are now looking less likely to return. Yet sophomore series Beauty and the Beast is still up in the air — on »

- James Hibberd

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Hot TV Trailer: NBC’s ‘Crossbones’

12 hours ago | Deadline TV | See recent Deadline TV news »

Lots going on in this first trailer for NBC‘s new pirate drama. Crossbones stars a white-goateed John Malkovich as Blackbeard — Genius. Madman. Legend., we’re told — who reigns over a rogues gallery of outlaws and miscreant sailors in 1715. He comes up against Tom Lowe (Richard Coyle), an assassin masquerading as a physician who is sent to the Bahamian island of New Providence, the first functioning democracy in the Americas, and tasked with taking out the ruthless and much-feared Blackbeard. Swashbuckling, torture, explosions and pillowing ensue. The cast also includes Claire Foy, David Hoflin, Yasmine Al Massri and Tracy Ifeachor. Have a look, ye landlubbers: »


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‘Mystery Science Theater 3000′ Reboot May Come Online in Not-Too-Distant Future

12 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

On the heels of the 25th anniversary of its premiere, the cult comedy series “Mystery Science Theater 3000″ may be rebooted in the not-too-distant future.

Show creator-writer-producer Joel Hodgson, who hosted the sci-fi series from 1988–1993, told Wired that he plans to revive the show online this spring. “MST3K” was cancelled in 1999 after 11 years on the air. Comedy Central dropped the show in its seventh season and the Sci-Fi Channel picked it up after audiences fought to keep the series alive.

“I’ve talked to a bunch of fans about their lives and what ‘MST3K’ means to them,” Hodgson told the magazine. “I’m overwhelmed by how people took to that show. It really affected them. I thought, if enough people still love it, maybe we can bring it back.”

The resurrected web show will feature a new host and cameos from “MST3K” alumni.

“Even avid viewers sometimes don’t realize »

- Maane Khatchatourian

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'The Voice': Eliminated singers are...

12 hours ago | EW.com - PopWatch | See recent EW.com - PopWatch news »

And just like that, the Top 12 is down to a Top 10.

Tuesday’s episode of The Voice marked the first time this season that contestants and coaches got a sense of America’s feelings toward this year’s line-up, and lo and behold, we have been heard. But…have we actually? Well, that’s definitely up to your own opinion—you’ll find out whether I agree with America’s decisions in tonight’s recap.

But onto the results!

The two singers headed home tonight are…

Dani Moz and Tj Wilkins!

America’s #VoiceSave went to Tess Boyer, who promptly »

- Marc Snetiker

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‘Arrested Development’s’ Mitch Hurwitz Signs Multi-Year Deal with Netflix

12 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Mitch Hurwitz and Netflix have inked a multi-year production deal, furthering the relationship that brought new episodes of the writer-producer’s “Arrested Development” to the Internet TV outlet last year.

While there were short-lived rumors that there would be more “Arrested Development” episodes after the first batch’s debut, this deal will allow Emmy winner Hurwitz  to produce, develop and create new projects under his Hurwitz Company shingle.

“We are lucky to be in business with Mitch Hurwitz, a true genius with one of the most distinctive voices in comedy today,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer. “Mitch’s inventive approach to ‘Arrested Development’ — one of the top TV comedies of this generation — was ahead of its time, and we’re fortunate to have him on our team.”

Hurwitz agreed, stating that “it is incredibly inspiring to get to produce for Netflix, a company that not only doesn’t resist change, »

- Whitney Friedlander

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