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Better Things Renewed for Season 3

15 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

FX wants more Better Things.

The cable network has renewed the Peabody Award-winning comedy for Season 3, TVLine has learned.

Currently midway through its second season, Better Things centers on Sam Fox (Louie‘s Pamela Adlon), a working actress and single parent to three daughters: rebellious teen Max (Mikey Madison), mouthy middle child Frankie (Hannah Alligood) and sweetheart Duke (Olivia Edward). She also takes care of her wackadoo mother Phil (Celia Imrie, who recently earned TVLine honors).

Better Things‘ success is testament to the creative genius of Pamela Adlon as a writer, »

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Steve Buscemi In, Owen Wilson Out as TBS' Daniel Radcliffe-Led Comedy Miracle Workers Recasts Co-Lead

15 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

It seems God had a different plan for Miracle Workers.

TVLine has learned that TBS’ forthcoming heaven-set anthology comedy — starring Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe as a dutiful angel — has recast the role of the Lord Almighty, with Boardwalk Empire‘s Steve Buscemi  stepping in for Owen Wilson.

Last Spring, TBS handed a seven-episode order to the Lorne Michaels-produced series, which finds Radcliffe playing Craig, a low level angel responsible for handling all of humanity’s prayers. Buscemi will assume the role of Craig’s boss, God, who has pretty much checked out to focus on his favorite hobbies. »

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Fox Snags Danny Strong’s ‘Operation Nexus’ NYPD Thriller As Put Pilot

15 hours ago | Deadline TV | See recent Deadline TV news »

Exclusive: Empire aired last night on Fox and today co-creator Danny Strong grew his empire with the company with another project. Fox has given a put pilot commitment to the thriller Operation Nexus from sister studio 20th Century Fox TV and Danny Strong Productions. The NYC set Nexus joins medical drama Stranger Conditions from the two time Emmy winner at Fox as well as legal dramas Midnight Lawyer and Infamy. Operation Nexus centers on the courageous but nowhere near… »

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About “Fairly OddParents”

51 minutes ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

The Fairly Odd Parents” has been around for 11 seasons and it’s made us laugh and the crazy situations that Timmy Turner finds himself in the middle of. The fairy godparents are more helpful than his biological folks and although this has been a bizarre twist since the beginning, we’ve gotten used to it and jut learned to accept it as a part of the show. Butch Hartman has done a great job in creating the popular animated series and he’s introduced enough new materials to keep it interesting and entertaining for all age groups throughout the years. Even if

Five Things You Didn’t Know About “Fairly OddParents” »

- Dana Hanson-Firestone

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Why Harold and Kumar Was Such an Important Franchise

1 hour ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

You can at least give the film credit for being what it actually sounds like it’s about. Harold and Kumar are two friends that are trying to get to White Castle for some burgers. But after that initial desire is when things tend to get a little nuts. The film does follow the two young men on their way to White Castle, but the shenanigans they get up to on the way there are anything but normal. There are a host of guest stars and a lot of funny situations that managed to get the attention of a lot of

Why Harold and Kumar Was Such an Important Franchise »

- Wake

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TV Academy Board Votes To Initiate Disciplinary Proceedings On Harvey Weinstein; Hearing Set For November

2 hours ago | Deadline TV | See recent Deadline TV news »

Harvey Weinstein may be dismissed from another entertainment industry organization. After a discussion at tonight’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Television Academy’s board of governors, the group voted to initiate disciplinary proceedings on the disgraced mogul, possibly expelling him from the organization that numbers nearly 22,000 active voting members. The procedure is in accordance with the Academy’s “established procedures” for such actions. Per the Academy’s… »

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lennie James

2 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

Lennie James is a successful English actor, playwright, and screenwriter. He was born in Nottingham on October 11, 1965. He began his career in the television and film industries as a writer in the late 1980s. His first appearance on screen was in three episodes of a television series called ‘The Baptist’ in 1991.Since then, he has had a prolific career in television and appeared in over 20 movies. Some of the films for which he is best-known include ‘Blade Runner 2049’, ‘Les Misérables’, and ‘Snatch’. He is currently known for his portrayal of Mr. Glen Boyle in the Sky

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lennie James »

- Nat Berman

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Five Times Where the Voice of Andy Serkis Absolutely Ruled

3 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

There are those actors that are talented, and then there are those who are just extremely talented and gifted with the kind of voice that you can’t help but be amazed by. The best part of it is that they can sound completely down to earth and what you might call normal one moment and then completely crazed and over the top the next. Andy Serkis, who a lot of people didn’t fully recognize during his rise to fame, has become one of those rare individuals that can act, and can lend his voice to so many different characters that

Five Times Where the Voice of Andy Serkis Absolutely Ruled »

- Wake

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Best 'Supernatural' Quotes from 'The Rising Son'

4 hours ago | buddytv.com | See recent BuddyTV news »

Here are the best and funniest quotes from Sam and Dean Winchester?s adventures in the 2nd episode of Supernatural season 13. Also, check out my recap of this episode.

Official Synopsis from the CW: "Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) begin to explore what Jack (Alexander Calvert) is capable of doing with his powers. An unexpected visit from Donatello (guest star Keith Szarbajka) alerts the boys to the fact that Jack will need more protection than the Winchesters can provide. There is a new Prince of Hell in town, Asmodeus (guest star Jeffrey Vincent Parise), and with Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) out of the picture, he sets his sights set on Jack." »

- editor@buddytv.com

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Jessa Seewald

4 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

Jessa Seewald is a television personality who was born in Tontitown, Arkansas, on November 4, 1992. She is the fifth child of 19 children born to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. She became well-known for being a member of the cast in ’19 Kids and Counting’, a reality show on TLC about the Duggar family. This show was formerly called ’17 Kids and Counting’ and ’18 Kids and Counting’. The name changed when more children were born in the Duggar Household. Since then, she has also appeared on ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’ and this helped her to become a

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Jessa Seewald »

- Nat Berman

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Dodgers Clinch World Series Berth; Can Yankees Complete Major TV Market Sweep?

5 hours ago | Deadline TV | See recent Deadline TV news »

The Los Angeles Dodgers clinched their first trip to the World Series in 29 years tonight with an 11-1 victory over the defending champion Chicago Cubs to win the National League Championship Series. Dodgers outfielder Kike Hernandez hit three home runs in the victory, the first Dodger to do so in a championship game. The last time the Dodgers make the World Series was 1988, when they beat the Oakland A’s for the franchise’s sixth world championship. Fox, which broadcasts… »

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How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Reunited, And It Feels So Bad

5 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

You know that terrible, uncomfortable moment when you run into an ex on the street, and you have to pretend you’re doing amazing without him or her?

Well, in Thursday’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder, Annalise and Michaela — who were once in their own twisted, messed-up relationship of sorts — spend an entire hour feeling that way, after Annalise’s newest case forces them to cross professional paths. The resulting interactions are so tense, they lead to not one, but two heated exchanges at the Caplan & Gold elevator bank. Two!

But even the characters who don »

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The Top Uses of C&C Music Factory’s “Everybody Dance Now” in Movies or TV

5 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

Everybody dance now! Between 1989 and 1990 this song was one of the all-time favorites on the dance floor and in most dance halls for various events. In high schools it was the song you heard for cheerleader routines, and sometimes it was just the tune you heard no matter what when people wanted something to jam to. In 1990 it managed to reach #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 an R&B singles chart. Even now when it comes on a lot of people won’t deny that it makes them want to get up out of their seat and get to

The Top Uses of C&C Music Factory’s “Everybody Dance Now” in Movies or TV »

- Wake

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Chicago Fire's Monica Raymund Breaks Down Dawson's Fight for Survival

5 hours ago | TVGuide - Breaking News | See recent TVGuide - Breaking News news »

Take deep breaths, everyone. Chicago Fire just put Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) through the ringer.

Thursday night's heart-racing episode, titled "A Breaking Point," saw Dawson trapped without backup (oh no!) after noticing a parking garage under construction had become increasingly unstable. She


Read More > »

- Keisha Hatchett

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Ted Danson is Sneakily Reinventing Himself on ‘The Good Place’

6 hours ago | Indiewire Television | See recent Indiewire Television news »

At the start of Chapter 18 of “The Good Place,” Ted Danson’s Michael — the architect of a human torture chamber who’s recently switched sides in an attempt to help his former captives — laments how his new bosses are running The Bad Place.

“It really tucks my nuggets,” he says. “I worked so hard on my torture ideas, and theirs are so basic. These millennials, they have no work ethic.”

When Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and Jason (Manny Jacinto), who are both around the millennial age, give him a puzzled look, he continues. “Oh sorry, a millennial is someone who has only been torturing people for a thousand years.”

But the pun-like wordplay above sparked a troubling thought. Considering the middling “Good Place” ratings and the recent history of its star…

Do real millennials not get Ted Danson?

Now, to be fair, “The Good Place” ratings aren’t bad. In fact, »

- Ben Travers

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Project Runway Recap: Whose 'Tacky, Hooker-ish' Look Got Them the Boot?

6 hours ago | TVLine.com | See recent TVLine.com news »

“Here’s some advice for your next challenge,” Heidi Klum told the remaining six designers atop Thursday’s Project Runway. “Proceed with caution.”

Heeding the host’s cryptic prophecy, the designers met Tim Gunn by the water, where he revealed this week’s challenge: “We want you to think outside of your safety zone and deliver looks that do not conform to the rules.” In other words, the designers had one day to slap something together using traffic cones and police tape and all sorts of other non-fabrics. Spoiler alert: Everyone was pissed.

With the twins finally gone from the »

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Pamela Adlon Breaks Down Better Things' Most Heart-Wrenching Episode Yet

6 hours ago | TVGuide - Breaking News | See recent TVGuide - Breaking News news »

In its second season, Better Things continues to be one of the most consistently rewarding shows on-air, and it's episodes like Thursday's "Eulogy" that prove why.

After highlighting Sam's (Pamela Adlon) hard work teaching an acting class and filming a commercial, the episode jumps to Sam relaxing at


Read More > »

- Sadie Gennis

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Jack's Death Has Made Us Overlook Why This Is Us Is Great

6 hours ago | TVGuide - Breaking News | See recent TVGuide - Breaking News news »

How did Jack die?

It's the question that has haunted This Is Us since Episode 5 of Season 1 and has enveloped the entire fan base in a frenzy. It's the question we have to know the answer to, and it inspires even more queries. Season 2 began to fulfill creator Dan Fogelman's promise that "all will


Read More > »

- Megan Vick

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Supernatural Review: Jack Is A “Rising Son”

6 hours ago | TVovermind.com | See recent TVovermind.com news »

We’re now in week 2 of Season 13 of Supernatural, and we’ve now closed most of the loose ends (I say most because…still no Cas!) and “The Rising Son” has established the new status quo. Now that fans have a good idea what this season (or at least this arc) will look like, the mythology can settle in, fan-favorite characters can return, and new, interesting dynamics can be set up. I find the dynamic of Sam and Dean as two parents with opposite viewpoints really interesting, mostly because it’s so true to character. Dean has always been a “kill it

Supernatural Review: Jack Is A “Rising Son” »

- Nick Hogan

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‘The Walking Dead’: AMC Launches Online Campaign to Make Season 8 Available on Hulu

6 hours ago | Indiewire Television | See recent Indiewire Television news »

If AMC has your email address, you might have gotten a strange message on Thursday evening, warning you that if you want to watch “The Walking Dead” this Sunday night, you can watch it “everywhere” — except Hulu.

The message came with a link to the website wheretowatchtwd.com, but the site is not a viewing guide to your options for the upcoming Season 8 premiere (which also happens to be the 100th episode). Instead, it’s a form asking Hulu customers to enter their information: “To ensure you don’t miss the new season of the biggest show on TV, let Hulu know you want The Walking Dead!”

The campaign is most likely related to Hulu’s live TV streaming offering. That service includes major channels from almost every conglomerate, including Disney/ABC, NBCUniversal, CBS, 21st Century Fox, and Turner. But missing from that package: AMC Networks’ channels, which include AMC, »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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