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Seth Rogen Eyed to Play Apple's Steve Wozniak in Christian Bale's Steve Jobs Movie (Exclusive)

20 hours ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

Seth Rogen is being eyed to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak opposite Christian Bale in Sony's Steve Jobs movie, while Jessica Chastain is also being sought for a role in the film, multiple individuals familiar with the project have told TheWrap. Danny Boyle is directing the film — which is not a traditional biopic — from a script by Aaron Sorkin, who had access to Jobs’ authorized biography by Walter Isaacson. The film is expected to follow Jobs during three stressful, high-profile product launches including the first Macintosh. »

- Jeff Sneider

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'Mockingjay' sets 2014 record for tickets sold on first day of presale

23 hours ago | EW - Inside Movies | See recent EW.com - Inside Movies news »

On Wednesday, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 opened advance ticket sales and has already broken a 2014 record. According to a Fandango press release, Mockingjay sold more first-day advance tickets than any other 2014 film, passing the previous record-holder, Divergent. In its first day, Mockingjay accounted for 80 percent of Fandango's daily ticket sales. Over on Movietickets.com, the trend continued, with Mockingjay exceeding the first day advance sales of any other 2014 film, including Guardians of the Galaxy. Mockingjay also doubled the number of tickets sold on the first day of presales for Catching Fire last year. Sounds like the odds are in Mockingjay's favor. »

- Samantha Highfill

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Roman Polanski Evades Arrest in Poland as U.S. Renews Chase

23 hours ago | Variety - Film News | See recent Variety - Film News news »

London — Roman Polanski has evaded a fresh bid by U.S. authorities to have him arrested with a view to extraditing him.

U.S. officials requested that the Polish government seize the director as he visited Poland to attend the opening of a Jewish museum in Warsaw. Polanski was questioned by prosecutors in Krakow today.

Roman Polanski said he would comply with all requests made by prosecutors in this case and provided his address,” Poland’s justice ministry spokesman Mateusz Martyniuk told Afp.

“Prosecutors therefore decided not to arrest him in connection with a possible U.S. extradition request.”

Martyniuk said Polanski’s extradition to the U.S. was still possible, but as the U.S. had yet to make an extradition request Polanski “is a free citizen and is free to travel.”

Polanski pleaded guilty to having sex with 13-year-old Samantha Geimer in the U.S. in 1977, but left the country in 1978 before sentencing. »

- Leo Barraclough

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What's Daniel Radcliffe's Latest Obsession?

just now | PEOPLE.com | See recent PEOPLE.com news »

Daniel Radcliffe moves from Broadway to the big screen yet again, starring in the fantasy thriller Horns and the 25-year-old actor revealed his latest obsession when he chatted with People this week about "one last thing" ...Last text with my momMy mom and I have a very similar sense of humor. I sent her a photo of a pregnancy test someone had left in the checkout line. How do you walk around thinking, "I need this ... Eh, I'll have a bag of wasabi peas instead"? Last TV obsessionI went through a heavy Ancient Aliens phase. It's so silly but brilliant. »

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What's Daniel Radcliffe's Latest Obsession?

just now | PEOPLE.com | See recent PEOPLE.com news »

Daniel Radcliffe moves from Broadway to the big screen yet again, starring in the fantasy thriller Horns and the 25-year-old actor revealed his latest obsession when he chatted with People this week about "one last thing" ...Last text with my momMy mom and I have a very similar sense of humor. I sent her a photo of a pregnancy test someone had left in the checkout line. How do you walk around thinking, "I need this ... Eh, I'll have a bag of wasabi peas instead"? Last TV obsessionI went through a heavy Ancient Aliens phase. It's so silly but brilliant. »

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'Project Runway' contest winner Ryan Lapierre sounds off: Sean Kelly had 'worst collection'

just now | Gold Derby | See recent Gold Derby news »

While Sean Kelly may have been lucky enough to win the 13th season of "Project Runway," our predictions contest champ Ryan Lapierre was not a fan of this designer. "I thought Sean had the worst collection," he declared to us. Rather, he was rooting for Amanda Valentine, who made a successful comeback to "Runway" after being eliminated two seasons ago. "She's made the most improvement, she had the best collection, and she's a designer who knows what she wants and has a career ahead of her," he explained.  -Break- This was Lapierre's fourth season watching "Project Runway," and he credits that experience with giving him the insight needed to predict this year's results so well. "The judges always favor certain contestants," he explained, "and when you watch season after season, you have an idea of who's gonna make it far and who's not." 'Surv...' »

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‘Annihilation’ Movie Gains Momentum at Paramount with Alex Garland (Exclusive)

18 minutes ago | Variety - Film News | See recent Variety - Film News news »

Paramount’s moving forward on its thriller “Annihilation,” tapping “Ex Machina” writer-director Alex Garland to adapt the script and direct the project.

The studio and Scott Rudin acquired movie rights to Jeff VanderMeer’s “The Southern Reach” trilogy last year. The first book, “Annihilation,” was published in March. It was followed by “Authority” in May and “Acceptance” in September.

Rudin and Eli Bush are producing “Annihilation,” which centers on a biologist seeking answers about her husband’s disappearance.

Garland made his directorial debut on “Ex Machina,” which stars Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander and has Rudin and Bush exec producing. A24 acquired U.S. rights to the film on Oct. 29 and set an April 10 release.

Garland wrote the screenplay for “Ex Machina.” His writing credits also include “28 Days Later,” “Dredd” and “Sunshine.”



- Dave McNary

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William & Kate Enjoy a Scottish Babymoon - with Prince George!

19 minutes ago | PEOPLE.com | See recent PEOPLE.com news »

There will be no sign of Prince George trick or treating in London Friday evening, as he will be celebrating Halloween with his doting parents, Prince William and Princess Kate, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. According to Britain's Sun newspaper, the family have spent the week relaxing at the royal holiday home after flying to Aberdeen last Sunday. The couple and their 15-month-old are thought to have the entire place to themselves as the Queen and Prince Philip are currently not in residence. The castle and its surrounding estate have been enjoyed by the royal family since Prince Albert bought »

- Monique Jessen, @moniquejessen

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Visiting Hell: Inside a Christian Haunted House

34 minutes ago | Vulture | See recent Vulture news »

Charles D'Ambrosio's new collection, Loitering, out November 11, confirms what his devoted readers have known all along: He is among America's finest essayists. Slyly cumulative in their emotional power and inspiring in their moral insight, D'Ambrosio's pieces jump from personal history to cultural deep-digging. In honor of Halloween, we're running the book's "Hell House" essay, in which D'Ambrosio writes about his visit to a Christian haunted house in Texas. Hell House Hell House is a ramshackle arrangement of buildings meant to depict in a literal and somewhat medieval way the vast potential for ending up eternally damned. It’s a haunted house in a haunted world, and through it you wind, down corridors of billowing black Visqueen, through rooms luridly lit by strobes and TV screens, past stage sets peopled with rapists and murderers and terrorists until, briefly interred in a black coffin whose convenient and clever back door opens onto the afterlife, »

- Charles D'Ambrosio

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J.K. Rowling Wrote 6 New Harry Potter Stories

38 minutes ago | Vulture | See recent Vulture news »

Just in time for Halloween, which is like Christmas for wizards (they celebrate Christmas, too, but that's more of a cultural thing), J.K. Rowling has put up six new stories on Pottermore, including a detailed character study of Ministry of Magic official Dolores Umbridge. In the essay, Rowling reveals that she based Umbridge's love of all things pink and whimsical on a former teacher she particularly disliked. "I have noticed more than once in life that a taste for the ineffably twee can go hand-in-hand with a distinctly uncharitable outlook on the world," she explains. "[Umbridge's] desire to control, to punish, and to inflict pain, all in the name of law and order, are, I think, every bit as reprehensible as Lord Voldemort’s unvarnished espousal of evil."Rowling also fills in a plot hole that has always bothered us: Why does Umbridge end up on Voldemort's side in Deathly Hallows? »

- Nate Jones

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Parenthood Recap: Let’s Do the Time Warp

42 minutes ago | Vulture | See recent Vulture news »

Parenthood borrowed a page from Parks and Recreation this week — well, kind of  — by suddenly, unexpectedly flashing its narrative forward. Instead of skipping ahead a couple of years, though, Parenthood time-hopped three months into the future, only to find that, hey, guess what, everything’s pretty much the same as it was roughly 90 days prior.Ruby: Still a moody little pill with a vague resemblance to Avril Lavigne, a resemblance that’s most notable on days when she’s hung-over and last night’s eye makeup is smudged across her face. Max: Still crushing on Dylan with no clear indication that she genuinely reciprocates his feelings. Adam and Crosby: Still having troubles at the Luncheonette, although, after three months, those troubles seem much more dire than they did in last week’s episode. And certain members of the Braverman family: Still randomly Mia due to NBC’s season-six cast-salary-reduction measures. »

- Jen Chaney

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Former Navy Seal Under Investigation for Bin Laden Disclosures

44 minutes ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

A member of the Navy Seal team that killed Osama Bin Laden is being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department over information he wrote and spoke about regarding the historic mission. Also read:  Navy Seal Who Killed Osama Bin Laden to Reveal Identity on Fox News Matt Bissonnette, who says he was a member of Seal Team 6 that found and killed bin Laden, wrote the bestselling book “No Easy Day” under a pseudonym two years ago. He also gave paid paid speeches at corporate events.  He's now under criminal investigation looking at whether he disclosed classified material while writing and. »

- Jordan Chariton

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TV Review: Cartoon Network’s ‘Over The Garden Wall’

48 minutes ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

“Over the Garden Wall” aspires to, and in part achieves, true whimsy, which doesn’t make the outlook for this animated, not-so-grim fairy tale for adults any less cloudy. Patrick McHale’s creation has been expanded into a 10-part miniseries (each night runs a half-hour, consisting of two chapters), which Cartoon Network will air over consecutive nights. Yet while the notion of two brothers seeking a way home is simple enough, the resulting production might be a bit too mature for kids, and not edgy enough for young adults. Who that leaves is anybody’s guess, but credit the network for taking a leap of faith over this “Wall.”

Based on McHale’s film short, the series mixes various styles, juxtaposing extremely basic character design (the noses are dots and triangles) against beautiful, ornate backgrounds, filled with mood and atmosphere, and accompanied by original songs.

The story is equally rudimentary: Two brothers, »

- Brian Lowry

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News Nuggets: Hottest Halloween costumes include 'Frozen,' 'The Walking Dead,' 'Star Wars'

54 minutes ago | Gold Derby | See recent Gold Derby news »

Disney and Marvel characters are among the hottest Halloween costumes from Hollywood this year. A new feature showcases nine of the most popular choices for kids and adults. Topping the list is "Frozen," which opened in November of last year and is now one of Disney's top five franchises in their storied history. In second place are the zombies from AMC's "The Walking Dead." Others in the upper tier are "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Batman," "Despicable Me," "Maleficent," "Star Wars," "Guardians of the Galaxy" (especially Groot), and "Captain America." The Wrap -Break- HBO locks up the cast of "Game of Thrones" for a potential seventh season of their most popular series. The principal actors, including Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, were previously only signed through six seasons. For signing the new deals, the »

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A 97-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Is About to Play Her First Concert at Lincoln Center

54 minutes ago | Vulture | See recent Vulture news »

Emily Kessler, a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor from Ukraine, plays music for herself. From inside her apartment on the Upper West Side, she practices her mandolin and sings folk songs as a means to bring herself joy and remember a time before the war, when she was with her family.  “We were singing,” she says of her childhood. “My mother, my father. My mother had a voice that when someone heard [it], they thought the radio was playing.”Kessler is her own humble talent, a soulful voice packed in her petite frame. When she plays for audiences, they’ve typically been adult groups at community centers. But on Monday night, Kessler is slated to make her debut at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall, giving a solo performance to coincide with a fund-raising dinner held by the Blue Card, a nonprofit that offers aid to Holocaust survivors. The performance is part of »

- Geoffrey Gray,Abraham Riesman

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‘Bend it Like Beckham’ to Become West End Musical

1 hour ago | The Hollywood Reporter | See recent The Hollywood Reporter news »

Bend it Like Beckham, the 2002 British comedy that helped launch the career of Keira Knightley, will be adapted as a musical for the London stage. Due to open at the West End’s Phoenix Theater next June, the musical will follow the same path as the film, telling the story of a Punjabi Sikh girl — portrayed by Parminder Nagra in the original — who adores soccer, but is banned from playing by her parents. Read more Keira Knightley to Make Broadway Debut in 'Therese Raquin' "Developing Bend it Like Beckham for the stage has been the most enjoyable creative

read more


- Alex Ritman

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Facebook Filtering Users’ Political Views; Sharing With News Organizations

1 hour ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

Many Facebook users post their opinions on politics, but now, the network will be sorting through your ideological leanings whether you share them or not. Also read:  Facebook Launches New Journalism Tool Fb Newswire With Help From Storyful In the buildup to the 2016 election, Facebook will filter through users content to find out their views on candidates and issues. The social network will then share the information they found with ABC News and BuzzFeed, the social leader announced Friday. “Given the volume of conversation around politics on Facebook, we believe this data truly represents what the American people think about the. »

- Jordan Chariton

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Taylor Swift Is One of Miley Cyrus' Favorite Things for Halloween—With a Twist!

1 hour ago | E! Online | See recent E! Online news »

Cute, right?! Miley, 21, hasn't professed her love for Pegasus yet, but she's been all about the relaxed unicorn getups for some time now. Just last week, she was spotted making her way through the Sydney, Australia airport wearing an overused (and adorable) unicorn onesie from Kigurumi. She'd just looked up her tour and was looking a little sleepy, but not too tired to forget to bring a matching pink unicorn plush carry-on! Miley even introduced twerking to the mainstream last year wearing a different unicorn onesie. Safe to say, she's over twerking now (and onto the Nae Nae), but unlike their shared unicorn obsession, Miley and Taylor probably won't ever gravitate towards the same type of »

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Nurse Breaks Voluntary Ebola Quarantine in Maine to Go for Bike Ride

1 hour ago | PEOPLE.com | See recent PEOPLE.com news »

A nurse who vowed to defy Maine's voluntary quarantine for health care workers who treated Ebola patients followed through on her promise Thursday, leaving her home for an hour-long bike ride. Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend stepped out of their home Thursday morning and rode away on mountain bikes, followed by a state police cruiser. It was the second time Hickox, who is halfway into the 21-day incubation period, broke quarantine. She left her home Wednesday evening briefly to speak to reporters, even shaking a hand that was offered to her. Hickox contends there's no need for quarantine because she's showing no symptoms. »

- Associated Press

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The Colbert Report Sets Last Show; We All Cry Forever

1 hour ago | Vulture | See recent Vulture news »

We get it. We're in denial, too. Yyou're aware The Colbert Report is ending soon, but knowing the date makes it that much more real and tragic (not unlike setting a wedding date). Still, we have to face the facts. Don’t worry; you're not in this alone. We're here. We promise. Okay, ready? Last night, while promoting the paperback release of his book America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't, he announced that the final episode will air on— it will air on— on— on— okay, give us a second ... [sniff] — on December 18. That gives you enough time to buy an American flag for you to fly at half mast. »

- Jesse David Fox

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