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Peter Capaldi says Doctor Who series 9 has an epic sweep

10 hours ago

Peter Capaldi has promised "an epic sweep" for the upcoming ninth series of Doctor Who.

Returning for his second series as the Time Lord, he told Entertainment Weekly that fans can expect old monsters and "great new ones".

"There is an epic sweep to this season and I think the villains and monsters reflect that," he said. "Great new ones, brilliant old ones, and some very scary creatures looming in stories with real emotional ambition."

Capaldi also hinted that his Doctor would be less curmudgeonly - "throwing himself into life with a newfound hunger for adventure".

"He's in pursuit of joy and grabbing every thrill that he can along the way," he teased. "But I sense him running from something, that even he does not yet understand."

Doctor Who will return to BBC One this autumn, with Capaldi also dropping big clues as to what to expect from the two-part »

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Big Brother's Marc and Aisleyne make up: "I was making up s**t just to annoy"

11 hours ago

Big Brother's Marc O'Neill and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace have made up after days of rowing.

In highlights airing tonight (July 2), the pair find their roles in the hotel task swapped when James Jordan decides to make Marc a VIP guest and Aisleyne a staff member.

Aisleyne doesn't take the news particularly well, and Jasmine Lennard jumps to her defence when she tells Marc that he has crossed the line with his insults. James takes Marc's side.

However, later in the day Marc apologises to Aisleyne and they make peace.

9.03pm: Aisleyne and Marc have officially made up. There's laughter and everything. #BBUKLive

Big Brother Live (@BBUKLive) July 1, 2015

11.20pm: Aisleyne: "I'm soooo glad we made up."

Marc and Aisleyne are basically besties now. #BBUKLive

Big Brother Live (@BBUKLive) July 1, 2015

In the garden, Marc admits to being at fault, saying: "I'm glad now we've made up. I was making up s**t just to annoy. »

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Big Brother's Jack McDermott has had enough: 'Now I look like a dick again'

11 hours ago

Big Brother housemate Jack McDermott didn't have a brilliant day in the house yesterday - and he thinks he might look like a "dick".

Jack is facing eviction this week alongside Harry Amelia Martin, Marc O'Neill and Sam Kay, and told Cristian Mjc that he feels prepared for his exit.

"I know I'm gone this week," he said. "I'm mentally ready for it."

Cristian tried to give him a bit of a pep talk, saying: "Stop telling yourself that. Don't accept defeat. Liven up a bit mate."

But his motivational words did not go down well, as Jack got annoyed and said: "Why do people keep saying that? I have livened up during this task. I'm not stressed. I'm fine. Now I look like a dick again."

Things didn't improve for Jack as guest Dexter Koh suggested that he had been the worst employee during the Hotel Bb task, describing him as "very disgruntled".

Surprisingly, »

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The Vampire Diaries: Candice Accola and Kat Graham on where the show will go next

11 hours ago

The Vampire Diaries had a stunner of a season finale as we said goodbye to Elena and hello to a tease of Mystic Falls being an apocalyptic wasteland.

So when we caught up with Candice Accola and Kat Graham at the 55th Monte Carlo TV Festival, we had to ask them if they were happy with how the season finale played out and, of course, what they think could be coming up next.

Watch our video above for all that and why Kat thinks there'll now be more room for villains in Mystic Falls (yikes).

We also chatted about whether Bonnie will feel guilt, what's going on with Enzo, whether we'll see more of Damon and Bonnie's friendship (Ian Somerhalder's wife Nikki Reed is going to be hanging out on set!) and, er, oh yeah - something about Caroline and Stefan. We thought we should probably ask...

The Vampire Diaries »

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Big Brother's Jasmine is "embarrassed" by Cristian snog - but they kiss some more anyway

12 hours ago

Jasmine Lennard has admitted to feeling "embarrassed" over her snog with Cristian Mjc the previous night - but they make out some more anyway.

In Big Brother highlights airing tonight (July 2), Jasmine opens up in the Diary Room about her feelings for Cristian.

"I really just want to die right now," she comments. "I'm so embarrassed. If I was watching on television, I'd probably be screaming at the TV set saying, 'What is that old bitch doing with him?'

"Typically, Cristian would be the exact opposite of what I find attractive, but there's something special about him. I'm a pretty intimidating girl, but he held his own. I'm starting to understand the novelty of a younger man."

Despite her embarrassment over what happened, the pair continue to kiss and cuddle openly in front of the other housemates.

One housemate who isn't convinced is Jack McDermott, who believes that the fling may not last. »

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Big Brother: Is it all over between Harry and Nick? "We need to put a stop to this"

12 hours ago

It looks like it's all over between Harry Amelia Martin and Nick Henderson, after they ended their relationship in the Big Brother house.

In highlights airing tonight (July 2), Nick is given advice by guests Dexter Koh and Jasmine Lennard.

Dexter tells him: "If it's not fun, you're not doing it right."

When Nick responds that he probably looks "pathetic", Jasmine says: "You do. It's kind of endearing, but at some point, people turn around and say this kid needs to get some balls now."

Later, when Big Brother gives lunch to the staff, Harry grows annoyed and comments: "Everyone just seems to be out for themselves."

Nick and Harry bicker when Nick tells her to calm down. "Stop trying to intimidate me," he says. "Stop telling me what to do."

Harry walks away annoyed, slamming doors. She is called to the Diary Room but refuses to speak to Big Brother. »

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Love Island: Josh and Jess are never ever going to get back together. Like, ever.

12 hours ago

Love Island's Josh Ritchie and Jess Hayes have called things off between them - for good this time.

The pair were a couple earlier in the show, but split when Naomi Ball chose to couple up with Josh.

But Naomi then ditched Josh for Max Morley - who was with Jess at the time - so Jess and Josh got their own back by sharing a bed.

Josh seemed to have a few morning after regrets though as he said: "I can't remember a thing that happened last night... It has been a long time since me and Jess shared a bed and it wasn't the best idea."

He even had to ask Jess if they'd had sex, but she replied: "No, we didn't have sex... You were stood up with your c**k out all night, calling it Roger."

Perhaps keen to avoid a repeat of that, Josh later »

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Hugh Dennis expects Outnumbered specials: 'I'm confident it will happen'

13 hours ago

Hugh Dennis reckons Outnumbered will return for a number of special episodes.

The family sitcom aired on BBC One for five series, before it ended last year in March.

Speaking on Loose Women, Dennis said: "I think it's completely done as a series - but there will be specials.

"I'm confident there will be specials."

When asked what it was like filming the last episode of the final series, Dennis commented that he wasn't aware that it was the end.

"We didn't know," he explained. "As far as I remember, there were various scenes in the last show and there was one little bit of dialogue, where I turn to [Claire Skinner's character Sue] and go, 'We've not done badly, have we?' And you think, 'Oh, that sounds a bit [final]'.

"But we weren't formally told, as far as I remember, until after we recorded it, which was probably quite a good thing. »

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Love Island: Naomi says that she has "unfinished business" with Josh

13 hours ago

Love Island's Naomi Ball has apologised for giving Joshua Ritchie mixed signals.

Naomi and Josh were previously a couple, but she then ditched him for Max Morley - only to get annoyed when Josh slept in the same bed as his former partner Jess Hayes.

And things got even more confusing when Naomi said that she had "unfinished business" with Josh.

"That's sending mixed messages," Josh complained. "She might try and come back to me and I reckon it could keep on going in that little circle."

Max asked: "Do you reckon she's stringing you along? Stringing me along? I don't want to get involved in this s**t."

Naomi decided to go to speak to Josh to sort it all out and told him: "I just want to say sorry. The worst thing for me is to give you mixed signals and for you to be confused - that's not fair on you. »

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Love Island: Jess and Naomi have some really awkward drinks - "That is complete bulls**t'

15 hours ago

Love Island's Jess Hayes and Naomi Ball were forced to clear the air yesterday when they were sent on a shopping trip together.

The duo have been at loggerheads lately after Naomi coupled up with Jess's partner Max Morley after previously coupling up with Jess's former partner Joshua Ritchie.

And tensions got even more inflamed after Naomi chose Max and Jess returned to Joshua. Confused yet?

As the pair ordered some drinks, Jess suggested it was a good time for them to air their feelings and be honest with each other.

"Obviously you got into bed with Josh, last night you got into bed with Max, and I do feel like you've been playing them off against each other a little bit," Jess said.

As Naomi said she would never have got back into bed with Josh if she was Jess, Jess continued: "I just think you're playing a game, »

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Hair: Meet the contestants hoping to wow with their snipping skills on series two

15 hours ago

Hair will be back for its second series soon. But the hair styling competition has been bumped up to BBC Two and has got itself a new host, as Katherine Ryan will be following the contestants throughout the terrifying challenges - including jobs in the real world and the legendary freestyle.

Ten amateur hairdressers will be fighting it out in the salon to impress judges Denise McAdam and Alain Pichon, so read on to meet the hopefuls...


Age: 30

Quick description: "Marlene specialises in African hairstyling and is an expert in braids, wigs and weaves"

What you need to know: Marlene grew up in Nigeria, but while she enjoyed styling hair from a young age, her family pressured her to pursue another career. She ended up working in banking in New York, but felt it stifled her creativity so she returned to the UK and now works part time as »

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'She has a Lego head face': Big Brother Aisleyne's Wikipedia page is vandalised

16 hours ago

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace's Wikipedia page was mercilessly edited yesterday (July 1) following the latest Big Brother episode.

During the highlights, the 'legendary' housemate got into another intense row with Marc O'Neill, and shouted at the Irishman that at least she had a Wikipedia page.

Firing back at Marc when he called her face "plastic" and "like Lego", Aisleyne said: "You can look at Wikipedia, because I have a Wikipedia and you don't!"

However, several people took it upon themselves to mess around with her article, with one edit calling her "jealous" of 2014 winner Helen Wood.

@Helen_Wood86 I kind of edited someone's Wikipedia page. #BigBrother #Aisleyne pic.twitter.com/HzuFlr1Her

— Jack Haughey (@jack_haug_lifty) July 1, 2015

Another version saw her labelled "professional slagger" and "professional lazy gangster" in the occupation field.

The changes have since been reverted and Aisleyne's Wikipedia page has been locked.

Big Brother continues tonight on »

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The X Factor: Is Boot Camp moving to a very big house in the country?

17 hours ago

The X Factor is reportedly planning to shake up the Boot Camp stage by moving it to a manor house in the country.

Boot Camp has been held at Wembley Arena since series seven, but boss Simon Cowell is apparently now keen to move it back to a rural mansion in a bid to sex up the show.

According to The Sun, Cowell wants a repeat of previous series which saw the contestants drinking heavily and "hooking up".

In fact, the report suggests that the show would even provide the acts with free alcohol during Boot Camp.

The Boot Camp shake-up is just part of a larger revamp of the show, which has seen Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw replacing Mel B and Louis Walsh on the judging panel.

Dermot O'Leary has been replaced as host by duo Olly Murs and Caroline Flack, while The Xtra Factor will be presented »

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BBC cuts 1,000 jobs to save £50m in face of dwindling TV Licence Fee funds

17 hours ago

The BBC has confirmed that more than 1,000 jobs will be cut in the face of dwindling TV Licence Fee funds.

Director General Tony Hall will outline plans for a "simpler, leaner" corporation today (July 2), with savings of £50 million set to be made from the proposed job cuts.

The BBC explained that it has no choice but to cut back given the fact that the licence fee has been frozen for the next seven years.

Additionally, fewer people are paying their Licence Fee due to the growth of digital services. The BBC's income from the Licence Fee will be £150m less in 2016/17 than it was back in 2011.

Director General Tony Hall said: "A simpler, leaner BBC is the right thing to do and it can also help us meet the financial challenges we face.

"We've already significantly cut the costs of running the BBC, but in times of very tough »

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Alibi celebrates its season of crime TV... by staging a giant London crime scene

17 hours ago

Alibi has celebrated its summer crime season... by staging a huge crime scene in London.

An enormous skull is protruding from the ground in South Bank, surrounded by forensic investigators and police tape, to promote the UK channel.

"Our dramatic installation pays homage to the moment that features in many thrilling crime dramas; the unexpected discovery of human remains that triggers an investigation into how and why it came to be there," said Adrian Wills, general manager of UKTV's Alibi.

"Because the channel celebrates the biggest crime dramas on TV, we decided to super-size this crime scene and really get people talking."

Meanwhile, a unique point-of-view crime drama was recently announced for Alibi.

The Alibis consists of eight shorts, between one and three minutes long, and is designed to let the audience play detective. »

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Big Brother Day 50: Who had a good day, and who had a bad day?

17 hours ago

Remind us never to check into Hotel Bb. The latest Big Brother task has set most of the housemates to work and it's fair to say that their customer service often leaves something to be desired.

Last night's show saw the exit of guests Charley Uchea and John McCririck and the arrival of Dexter Koh and Jasmine Lennard. But as always, some of the housemates came out of it all looking good while others didn't, so read on for our daily verdict:

Good Day

Cristian Mjc

One way to win our heart and earn a place in Good Day is to make us laugh, and boy, did Cristian do that in last night's show.

It began with yet more of his fascinating rapping as he 'entertained' the hotel guests - goodness, goodness me - but of course the main entertainment came when Jasmine took a liking to him all of a sudden. »

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Emma Willis is hosting a new ITV series about modern medical 'miracles'

17 hours ago

Emma Willis will host a new ITV series about modern medical 'miracles'.

The Miracle is a factual series which will tell the inspirational stories of people whose lives are transformed by advances in medical science.

The three-part programme sees Willis follow each family's story and hear their hopes and fears, as they undergo life-changing operations.

"When I was growing up, all I wanted to be was a nurse like my mum," Willis said. "So when I was approached about this show, I jumped at the chance to be involved.

"Nothing could have prepared me, though, for the truly wonderful people who have let us be a small part of their worlds whilst they are dealing with such extraordinary circumstances.

"The show is about them, and I feel really very lucky to have been involved in helping to tell their incredible stories."

Willis currently presents Big Brother for Channel 4 and Prized Apart for BBC One. »

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What to Watch: Tonight's TV Picks - Celebrity Masterchef, The Tribe

17 hours ago

Celebrity MasterChef : BBC One, 9pm

Even more celebrities step into the kitchen tonight as they try to impress the judges with their cooking.

This week's contestants are singer Kimberly Wyatt, TV presenters Andy Akinwolere and Rylan Clark, choreographer Arlene Phillips and actor Craig Gazey.

The Tribe: Channel 4, 9pm

Final episode of the documentary which follows the life of a tribe in Ethiopia.

This episode focuses on toddler Bodo, who has fallen ill and his parents have to chose between treating him with modern or traditional medicine.

Hoff the Record : Dave, 9pm

Episode 3 of the mockumentary about and starring David Hasselhoff.

Tonight, Hoff decides to give up his career in acting and opts to become an ambassador for the Un instead.

Love Island: Live : ITV2, 10pm

Caroline Flack hosts this live instalment of the reality show.

New twists in the competition are revealed, secrets could be exposed »

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UK TV ratings: England's World Cup exit seen by 1.7m on BBC One

18 hours ago

UK TV ratings roundup - data supplied by Barb

England's exit from the Women's World Cup brought in good numbers for BBC One, according to overnight figures for Wednesday (July 1).

The team's semi-final defeat to Japan averaged 1.74m (33.6%) from 11.15pm. Earlier, Don't Tell the Bride continued with 2.63m (15.1%) at 8pm, and The Interceptor brought in 2.45m (13.0%) at 9pm.

Long Lost Family topped the ratings outside of soaps, remaining consistent with 3.63m (19.2%) at 9pm (237k/1.5% on +1). The Cube was seen by 2.88m (16.5%) at 8pm (116k/0.6%).

On BBC Two, Wimbledon 2day appealed to 1.30m (6.9%) at 9pm, before coverage of the Rhs Hampton Court Palace Flower Show interested 1.07m (5.9%), and Newsnight followed with 740k (5.9%) at 10.30pm.

Channel 4's The Auction House gathered 1.03m (5.9%) at 8pm (128k/0.7%), while 24 Hours in A&E intrigued 1.50m (7.9%) at 9pm.

Big Brother continued with 1.16m (7.5%) on Channel 5 at 10pm, with a further 109k (1.3%) tuning in an hour »

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What is the loophole that lets you avoid paying the BBC TV Licence fee?

19 hours ago

It's been a hard week for the BBC – it lost the Olympic rights, shelved plans for a BBC One+1 and is facing up to widespread cuts in response to a £150 million shortfall in funding.

Yet while there's been an inevitable drop-off in the number of people paying the £145.50 annual rate for the TV Licence as viewing moves increasingly online and away from terrestrial TV, there's actually been a loophole in the licence forms for years that is contributing heavily to this gap.

If you watch shows live on any channel, or on catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer or All 4 at the same time that a show is being broadcast, or you record it "live" on a Sky or TiVo box and watch later, you require a TV Licence to view – whether it be on TV, computers or mobile phones, via aerial, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, whatever. If not, you can face prosecution and a £1,000 fine. »

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