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Big Brother Christopher: 'Mark wants to distance himself from me'

20 hours ago

Big Brother housemate Christopher Hall has suggested that Mark Byron is "distancing" himself from him.

Christopher and Mark shared a kiss earlier this series and their relationship has been growing in recent days, but yesterday's task suggested that there may be trouble between them.

The 'Bruvstock' music festival task required Mark to put together a band, but he failed to choose Christopher - leaving Christopher looking upset.

In addition, Mark's band eventually won the task - but did not choose Christopher to join them at the afterparty.

However, Christopher kept a positive attitude, telling Big Brother later that he thought Mark "looked pretty amazing" on stage during the task and describing him as "probably the funniest person I've met in my life".

Christopher added that he thinks Mark finds it difficult to share his feelings.

"He'll do everything he can to distance himself from me romantically," he said. "But it »

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David Walliams and Miranda Hart form new comedy production company

20 hours ago

David Walliams and Miranda Hart have united to form a new comedy production company.

The comedians are working together with television producer and the BBC's former creative head of comedy Jo Sargent to launch King Bert Productions.

The company, with the support of BBC Worldwide, will focus on comedy-drama, audience sitcoms and comedy entertainment.

The second season of Big School, starring Walliams and Catherine Tate, and Boy in the Dress, an adaptation of Walliams's book, are currently in the works.

"I am thrilled to be working with two hugely talented people in Jo Sargent and Miranda Hart," said Walliams. "We want to develop our own personal projects, and use our expertise to find and nurture new talent."

Hart added: "I hope we become a company where new talent feel encouraged and supported to find their unique voice."

Sargent, who previously worked on French and Saunders, Absolutely Fabulous and Miranda, said: »

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Big Brother Ash downplays Helen kiss: 'We just had a f**king snog!'

20 hours ago

Big Brother housemate Ash Harrison has attempted to downplay his smooches with Helen Wood.

Steven Goode was keen to get the gossip from Ash yesterday (July 20) after Ash and Helen got cosy under the covers the night before.

Winston Showan joked that the pair would get married but Ash denied this "one million percent".

"It's not a f**king relationship," he added. "We just had a f**king snog!"

However, Ash was a little more open later in the day, telling Steven: "I feel like it's just the same... We're just like mates but then we just ended up kissing somehow... I always thought she was attractive."

Asked if he could date her outside the house, Ash replied: "No comment... It kind of happened and it was decent, so then it happened again."

Elsewhere, Helen gave a sign of her regard for Ash when there was speculation that the »

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Marc Ellerby working on Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor backups

20 hours ago

Marc Ellerby is working on backups for Titan Comics' Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor series.

The Great Beast co-founder has revealed that he will be writing and drawing short adventures of Matt Smith's Doctor on his Tumblr.

Karen Gillan's Amy Pond will also feature in the backups.

"Titan's approach with my strips is very much like that of Boom!'s Adventure Time range," said Ellerby. "You have a main story going on in the front and then you can a page or two of nonsense at the back.

"I think their efforts should be applauded, they're very much trying to branch the comics out to a wider audience, a more Tumblr friendly, web comic savvy crowd. Kudos to them and I hope the back ups become more of a regular thing and a massive massive thanks to editor Andrew James for going to bat for me several times. »

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Big Brother: The Power Housemate chooses an ally - who is it?

21 hours ago

Big Brother has introduced the very first Power Alliance to the house - and they are responsible for nominating their fellow housemates.

Ashleigh Coyle was informed yesterday (July 20) that the public had chosen her to be the new Power Housemate, and today she was asked to choose another contestant to join the first Power Alliance.

Ashleigh chose Chris Wright to help her in her task, and tried to speak to him in the Pod - before being interrupted by Helen Wood, who called up that Ashleigh's omelette was ready.

The duo later reconvened in the bedroom, as Chris admitted it's "so hard to talk about these things" in private.

"They called me to the Diary Room and basically told me, 'The public have chosen you this week as this week's Power Housemate'," Ashleigh explained. "So yeah, I'm the leader of the first Power Alliance."

She went on to say »

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What to Watch: Tonight's TV Picks - The 100, Nikita

22 hours ago

The 100: E4, 9pm

The post-apocalyptic drama series continues with Clark, Finn and Wells desperately attempting to heal Jasper's wounds.

Meanwhile, a lethal fog spreads across the land, forcing everyone to take shelter, and presenting Clarke with an opportunity to confront Wells about the death of her father.

Nikita: Sky Living, 9pm

The spy thriller's final season gets under way tonight, and sees Nikita (Maggie Q) return to the Us having spent 3 months on the run in Canada.

With the help of a news channel reporter, she attempts to clear her name over the assassination of the president.

Virtually Famous: E4, 10pm

A new comedy panel show hosted by Kevin McHale of Glee fame.

McHale and team captains Seann Walsh and Chris Stark attempt to make light of various online sensations, from the standard YouTube cat video to memes.

Tonight's episode includes Tyger Drew-Honey from Outnumbered, Rachel Riley from »

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Cher Lloyd wants to confront Louis Walsh over "spoilt child" comments

22 hours ago

Cher Lloyd has said that she wants to confront Louis Walsh after he called her a "spoilt child".

Last year, Walsh named Lloyd as the most difficult act to work with on The X Factor, reigniting a war of words between the pair.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the singer said that she hoped her former X Factor colleague would express his feelings to her face in future.

"It's something I find very strange, especially from an older gentleman against a young girl," she said. "But I'm much older and much more experienced, so it would be good to have a conversation with him now.

"To make a comment about someone you worked with two or three years ago who was 16 years old at the time, it was a little bit unnecessary. I must be on his mind. Bless."

When asked if she had bumped into Walsh recently, she joked: "No, »

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Big Brother: The power has returned, but which housemate has it?

21 July 2014 4:11 AM, PDT

The power has returned to the Big Brother house - and it's Ashleigh Coyle who will be wielding control.

The 18-year-old topped a viewer poll on the Big Brother app yesterday (July 20) when the public was asked who they would like to see have the power next.

Meanwhile, Big Brother interrupted the group's party last night to reveal that the power had returned, but did not reveal who was in the hot seat this time.

"Big Brother has an important announcement," the group were told. "The power has returned. This time, there will be nowhere to hide and no escape. It will be more powerful than ever before. Housemates, get ready."

The announcement left the group paranoid, with some housemates suggesting that evictees Marlon Wallen and Biannca Lake could be the ones in control.

"Somebody must be watching us," Ashleigh suggested, presumably before knowing that she would be the one with the power. »

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Dannii Minogue: 'I want a music comeback - but it has to be special'

21 July 2014 4:00 AM, PDT

Dannii Minogue has revealed that she is recording new music and discussing further television projects.

The singer told Fault magazine that she has new material in the pipeline but does not want to release anything until she is sure that it is "special".

"I recorded some stuff that I've co-written and some stuff that friends have written and others that I've found and just love," she said.

"I'm just trying out loads of different stuff with no pressure of a record company or a deal or a date or anything.

"I'm just seeing if I can find that something special but, again, it's been so long since I've done it that I don't want to come back with something unless it's special."

Minogue, who has served as a judge on The X Factor in the UK and her native Australia, also said that she has been planning a move into the production side of television. »

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Dragons' Den's Evan Davis replaces Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight

21 July 2014 3:28 AM, PDT

Evan Davis is to replace Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight.

The broadcaster will leave his role on BBC Radio 4's Today programme for the flagship BBC Two current affairs show.

He will now take on the lead presenter position on the programme, following Paxman's departure after over 20 years.

"I can't deny that I feel terribly sad to be leaving the Today programme. I have been there for over six years and those have been some of the most satisfying of my career," said Davis. "That programme is put together by remarkably few people, and I can't praise them highly enough for their professionalism and companionship.

"But at the same time, how could I turn down the offer of this role on Newsnight, treading in the footsteps of some of the best television presenters in the business? While it is a scary prospect, it will be an adventure and a challenge, and »

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Monty Python final live show wins record ratings for Gold

21 July 2014 3:19 AM, PDT

Monty Python's final live show scored record ratings for Gold on Sunday (July 20), according to overnight data.

The show at London's O2 Arena brought in an average audience of 597,000 viewers (2.9%) from 7.30pm.

On BBC One, Countryfile appealed to 4.63 million (23.3%) at 7.15pm, followed by Antiques Roadshow with 4.66m (22.1%) at 8.15pm. Seven Wonders of the Commonwealth was seen by 4.15pm (14.8%) at 9.15pm.

BBC Two's F1 coverage scored 2.92m (14.9%) at 7pm, while Dragons' Den returned with 2.40m (11.2%) at 8.30pm for its latest series. Britain's Flying Past brought in 1.24m (6.2%) at 9.30pm.

On ITV, Catchphrase puzzled 2.65m (13.9%) at 7pm (170k/0.8% on +1), followed by a Foyle's War repeat with 1.98m (9.4%) at 8pm (207k/1.1%).

Channel 4's The Mill returned for a new series with 1.72m (8.2%) at 8pm (335k/1.6%), while Child Genius intrigued 1.45m (6.8%) at 9pm (259k/1.6%).

On Channel 5, My Child Is a Monkey attracted 804k (3.8%) at 8pm, followed by Big Brother with 1.35m (6.4%) at »

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Channel 4 web series Tofu seeks 'sexcapades' from members of the public

21 July 2014 3:14 AM, PDT

Channel 4's new web series Tofu will feature real-life sex stories from members of the public.

Red Production Company is looking for volunteers to take part in the eight-part series, which will explore all facets of contemporary sex culture.

Tofu is an online companion to Channel 4's upcoming drama Cucumber and its E4 sister series Banana - both from writer Russell T Davies.

Each 20-minute documentary episode will focus on a different topic through a dynamic combination of interviews, sketch comedy, animation, fantasy elements and musical set pieces.

The series - fronted by Benjamin Cook - will feature a diverse range of interviewees including the stars of Cucumber and Banana, celebrities, stars of the porn world and members of the public.

Red is looking for contributors 18 and over, of any gender or sexual orientation, who are comfortable with, and confident in, talking about sex.

Anyone interested in taking »

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Geordie Shore: Vicky fumes at Ex on the Beach producers over Ricci

21 July 2014 2:56 AM, PDT

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has revealed that she is furious with the producers of Ex On The Beach for introducing Ricci Guarnaccio to the show.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Pattison said there is "not an ice cube's chance in hell" that she would do the show again.

"To any of the producers listening to this, get f**ked before you dare ring my phone!" she added.

Pattison said that while she "had a rough idea" what she would face on Ex on the Beach, the producers had backtracked on their promises to her.

"I'm not going to sugar coat this - the one thing I made them promise was not him," she said. "Just not Ricci. I'm 26, I've had loads of exes, some that ended amicably, some that didn't. There was plenty for them to choose from without having to be him, and that was the only thing I made them promise. »

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David Tennant: 'Broadchurch and Gracepoint characters feel very different'

21 July 2014 2:54 AM, PDT

David Tennant has spoken about the "unusual situation" of starring in both Broadchurch and its Us remake Gracepoint.

The Scottish actor starred as Di Alec Hardy on ITV's whodunnit and will play the character's Us equivalent, Det Emmett Carver, in Gracepoint - airing on Fox this fall.

"They both look quite like me," Tennant quipped. "[But] they feel different to me for all sorts of reasons.

"It's the same character, and yet it's not. It's probably easier for objective observers to point out how they differ, but they feel very different to me."

The former Doctor Who star will appear opposite Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn - taking on the role of Ellie Miller originated by Olivia Colman - in Gracepoint.

Michael Peña, Nick Nolte and Jacki Weaver will also appear in the ten-part series, which debuts on Thursday, October 2 at 9/8c.

Chris Chibnall on Gracepoint criticism: 'We have to deal »

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Digital Spy gets mortal with Gaz and Charlotte in the Geordie Shore house

21 July 2014 1:00 AM, PDT

How the hell has this happened?

We've had more than a few Jägerbombs, our hair's damp from being in a hot tub with James Tindale, we've just groped Holly Hagan's Ff boobs (at her insistence) and now we're drunkenly twerking with Charlotte Crosby.

We should have guessed this is the sort of nonsense that would happen when Digital Spy was invited up to Newcastle.

It all started with drinking lukewarm sparkling perry in a stretch hummer (the class - oh, the class) as we made our way to the Geordie Shore house for the night.

Well, they call it a house, but really it's a converted warehouse located on a business park on the outskirts of the city centre. And its surroundings are, in a word, grim.

We pass endless car parks, shipping containers and stark buildings before we reach their gaff - located at the bottom of what is essentially an industrial port. »

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