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Drake wants to revive Channel 4's East London drama Top Boy and move it to the Us, says actor Ashley Walters

6 hours ago

Drake is a big fan of Channel 4's East London drama Top Boy, and he even offered to fund a third series after it was cancelled.

This, according to the show's star Ashley Walters (formerly So Solid Crew's Asher D), who revealed that the Toronto rapper was prepared to put up the money to move Top Boy to the Us.

Speaking on YouTube series Not For The Radio, Walters said: "Drake thought [Top Boy] was proper. This was via text. I was speaking to Future mainly, Drake's manager. We were going back and forth. And we were like, 'Put a deal on the table'.

"Eventually they got in contact and asked, 'What's happening with series three?' I told them Channel 4 had cancelled it. They said, 'That's sad, but we're going to do something about it'. Furthermore Drake was like, 'You need to break America'. He wanted to help. »

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Abbey Clancy: 'Strictly affairs only happen if you're unhappy in your relationship'

8 hours ago

Abbey Clancy has said that Strictly Come Dancing romances can happen because of the intense, fairytale nature of the show - but only if someone has relationship troubles.

The model told Women's Health that she never considered a fling with pro Aljaž Skorjanec, who she won the 11th series of the show with in 2013.

"It's intense. I think it's quite a fairytale. Especially for the woman I don't know… for the man too!" she said of the show.

"Because the men are used to their normal life, then they've got these sexy dancers flopping round them.

"But I don't think that happens unless you're unhappy in your relationship. Because it didn't cross my mind."

On how her body changed after having two children, Abbey said: "It's strange that my body makes news.

"I don't like those stories when it's put in a negative light. Like I'm starving myself."

She continued: »

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The Only Way is Essex: Lewis's ex-girlfriend Nicole causes a stir in Marbella

8 hours ago

The Only Way is Essex gang are still causing a stir in Marbella and this time a familiar face has joined in on the fun.

Lewis Bloor's ex-girlfriend Nicole Bass is spotted by the boys and catches the eye of newbie Mike.

Lewis gets wind that Mike may be in pursuit of her and is quick to vent to Lockie and Jake.

Elsewhere, Jake and Tommy have a row about Tommy taking Chloe out with Mike, with Jake pulling him up on his loyalty to their friendship.

However, Tommy is outraged and says he's only been a good friend to Chloe from the start.

Arg re-takes his theory test, and his nearest and dearest gather to hold a celebratory party in hope that he passes.

After staying behind in Essex, Tommy and Georgia have a toast to their year anniversary.

The Only Way is Essex airs on Sundays at 10pm on ITVBe. »

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Rylan Clark, Ashley Roberts and Ola Jordan become superheroes for Children in Need: All the pictures

8 hours ago

Ola Jordan, Rylan Clark and Ashley Roberts have unleashed their inner superheroes for Children in Need.

They've donned lycra suits and capes to create comic book covers to celebrate the launch of the 'Be a Hero' badges.

Jordan has ditched her Strictly Come Dancing sequins and Big Brother presenter Clark has pulled on his cape for the charity event.

Also joining in on the fun is Sugababe Heidi Range, X Factor's Jake Quickenden and Pussycat Doll, Ashley Roberts

Two bespoke designs of the 'Be A Hero' badge are now on sale at the Post Office, priced at £1 each with all of the proceeds going directly to BBC Children in Need.

Rylan Clark said: "If I could have any superpower I'd be a shape-shifter. Imagine! I could be Pudsey one day, then shift into something really boring so I could go to the shops without being noticed."

Ashley Roberts added: »

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Ronnie Wood thinks shows like X Factor, The Voice could be emotionally damaging to contestants

12 hours ago

Ronnie Wood has suggested that TV singing competitions could be seriously damaging to contestants.

The Rolling Stone guitarist was appearing at the Cheltenham Literature Festival when he was asked about reality shows including ITV's The X Factor and BBC One's The Voice, and their impact on aspiring young musicians.

The X Factor 2015: Is the Six Chair Challenge too cruel or pure entertainment? For and against

"I think it's a bit of a stiff thing to ask a brand-new artist," he opined of what contestants are required to do. "I mean, apart from being nervous and playing in front of a panel, they play in front of millions and millions of people."

Speaking about the hopefuls taking part, he added: "It's bad for their ego if they don't make it, or if they make a mistake, I mean it's magnified so much more.

"I'm amazed more people don't commit suicide, »

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Diana Rigg, Steve Pemberton and Bob Mortimer join Professor Branestawm this Christmas

14 hours ago

The new instalment of The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm has added Diana Rigg, Steve Pemberton and Bob Mortimer to the cast.

Harry Hill has already been confirmed to reprise his role as the batty inventor for the children's drama, set to air at Christmas.

Rigg will be playing Lady Pagwell, Pemberton will be Professor Algebrain and Mortimer will take on the role of Professor Awfulshirt.

Reprising their roles from last year are Vicki Pepperdine as Mrs Flittersnoop, Madeline Holliday as Connie, Simon Day as Colonel Dedshott, Charlie Higson as the Mayor, David Mitchell as councillor Harold Haggerstone and Sophie Thompson as Connie's mum Aggie.

Last year's Christmas special from Charlie Higson saw Norman Hunter's classic children's books adapted into a one-off 60-minute drama.

The story revolved around Mrs Flittersnoop's young science-obsessed niece Connie, who helped Hill's Professor Branestawn when a local councillor and a businessman planned to wreck the Professor's village. »

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Top Gear will return with Chris Evans in May 2016 - with 16 episodes planned

14 hours ago

Top Gear will return to BBC Two in May 2016.

Chris Evans has signed a three-year contract to host two series of the revamped motoring show, each consisting of eight episodes.

Speaking to Pa, Evans hinted that the new-look Top Gear could be radically different from the old version, hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

The three-presenter format could be ditched, because, as Evans has put it: "If there's three of you and you go and make a film together, suddenly you're doing what they did. Why would you do that? They were brilliant at it, [but] I'm not going to do that.

"They're the Three Stooges, they are the Bee Gees, they are that and I'm not, I'm me. I'm a solo artist at the moment, I'm on my own, so do I form a band or not?"

Evans confirmed that the show has "screen-tested" some potential presenters »

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This candidate on The Apprentice just compared himself to Martin Luther King

14 hours ago

The candidates on The Apprentice are infamous for their bluff and bluster - but new contestant David Stevenson has taken things one step further by comparing himself to civil rights legend Martin Luther King.

Not content with explaining that he is a good candidate because he is wearing tweed in his audition video, Stevenson explains that Martin Luther King is the historical figure he believes he is the most like.

The Apprentice 2015: Get to know the boys a bit better... by watching their audition tapes

The Apprentice 2015: Get to know the girls a bit better... by watching their audition tapes

"And the reason being is the man said, 'I have a dream'," he says. "And I've got a dream too."

(If you thought that was bad, he does an American accent while he says it.)

Oh, and he goes on. "And the dream is to change the world within business. »

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UK TV ratings: Doc Martin continues to dominate Monday nights with 5.9m

15 hours ago

UK TV ratings round-up - data supplied by Barb

Martin Clunes continues to dominate Monday nights, with Doc Martin topping the ratings outside the soaps on Monday (October 5).

The ITV drama was seen by an average overnight audience of 5.87m (29%) at 9pm (+1: 289k), but still didn't quite manage to pull in as many viewers as last week. Earlier, Britain As Seen On ITV brought in 2.85m (13.5%) at 8pm, which again was slightly down on last week.

Over on BBC One, Edward Snowden: Spies and the Law had 2.2m (9.5%) viewers at 8.30pm and at 9pm Rooney: The Man Behind the Goals drew in 3.26m (16.1%).

BBC Two's University Challenge puzzled 2.82m (13.4) at 8pm, Only Connect quizzed 2.13m (10%) at 8.30pm and The Celts: Blood, Iron, and Sacrifice with Alice Roberts and Neil Oliver thrilled 1.87m (9.4%) at 9pm.

Over on Channel 4, Jamie's Super Food was seen by 1.04 (5%) at 8pm, Food Unwrapped managed 1.38m (6.5%) at 8.30pm, »

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The Apprentice's Claude Littner: 'I don't tend to get emotional about anything'

16 hours ago

Claude Littner has opened up about his new role as Lord Sugar's aide on The Apprentice - but dismissed any fears that he might start forming an emotional connection to the candidates.

Speaking at the press launch today, Littner admitted that it was "very different" being an aide as opposed to being confined to the interviews section of the show, but laughed off suggestions that he saw the candidates in a new light.

The Apprentice: Meet the 18 candidates hoping to impress Lord Sugar

"I don't tend to get emotional about anything," he said. "I'm really there as an observer – I'm not their friend. I'm not trying to tell them what to do. It's just me observing, trying not to show any emotion at all at some of the decisions they make and then reporting back."

Asked if there was anything he was afraid of, Littner replied: "I don't think so. »

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The Apprentice 2015: Get to know the boys a bit better... by watching their audition tapes

16 hours ago

We love the day when the candidates for the new series of The Apprentice are announced - who will have the best soundbite? As always, the boys look like they'll be great viewing, but if you want to get to know them a bit better, you're in luck - have a watch of their audition tapes below...

1. Brett Butler-Smythe

"My mates would probably say there's a striking resemblance to Louie Spence."

2. Dan Callaghan

"A lot of people laugh at me. A lot of people compare me to Boris Johnson. Which I find quite upsetting."

3. David Stevenson

"What makes me a good candidate is the fact that I'm wearing tweed."

4. Gary Poulton

"I am known as Mr Mankini."

5. Joseph Valente

"I imagine myself being a billionaire, because if Richard Branson can do it, Donald Trump can do it, the guy from Facebook can do it, I can do it."

6. Mergim »

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The Apprentice 2015: Get to know the girls a bit better... by watching their audition tapes

17 hours ago

The Apprentice has unveiled its candidates, and what a bunch they are. But if you want a bit more of an insight into the female hopefuls, you're in luck: here are their audition tapes...

1. Aisha Kasim

"I respond well to pressure. Not an awful lot of pressure... but I know I react well to it because it makes me more creative."

2. April Jackson

"Honey, once Miss Jamaica, always Miss Jamaica."

3. Charleine Wain

"I am not a scared person. No-one intimidates me, no-one frightens me. When I was a physical training instructor in the Navy I had men 10, 20 years older than me: I wouldn't be scared to tell them to get down and do me press-ups."

4. Elle Stevenson

"I've had people smack my bum as I've been walking along on site and I've had the privilege of being able to sack them on the spot."

5. Jenny Garbis

"Whether I'm in this process or not, »

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Mark Gatiss: 'I'm connected to the oldest vampire story in Western Europe'

17 hours ago

Mark Gatiss fronts this week's Who Do You Think You Are? - where it's revealed that the supernatural may be in his genes.

Gatiss told Digital Spy that he was "chuffed to bits" when approached to take part in the BBC One genealogy series.

"I've always wanted to do it," he admitted. "Everybody's interested in ancestry and it's a show we can all connect with. It ticks every box and we should be very proud of it, as we should be with a huge amount of the BBC's output."

Mark Gatiss wants the BBC to "grow a pair of bollocks" and fight back

Gatiss's episode sees the actor and writer track his mother's side of the family back five generations, to the wilds of Northern Ireland, uncovering "one smaller, quite domestic story" and "a much larger historical arc".

The press release for this series of Who Do You Think You Are? »

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Lord Sugar: 'The Apprentice is a hit because we're not interested in gimmicks'

17 hours ago

Lord Alan Sugar has suggested that The Apprentice is still a hit because it doesn't rely on gimmicks - and hinted that might be the problem with The X Factor.

Speaking at the launch of the new series of The Apprentice today, Lord Sugar explained that the reason for the show's success is "very, very simple".

The Apprentice 2015: Meet the 18 candidates hoping to impress Lord Sugar

"The BBC and the production company and myself are not interested in gimmicks and trying to change things," he said. "If it's not broken, don't try and fix it. It is the consistency of keeping things the same - with slight tweaks such as mixing the [gender of the] teams initially, which we wouldn't normally do.

"But in my opinion, and I say this respectfully to The X Factor, gimmicks don't seem to work. In fact, in my opinion also, the demise of what they call »

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The Apprentice star Lord Sugar on Celebrity Big Brother winner James Hill: "Who's he?"

18 hours ago

Lord Alan Sugar has joked that he has no idea who Celebrity Big Brother winner James Hill is.

Hill - who appeared on The Apprentice last year - triumphed in the Channel 5 show last month, but asked what he thought of his victory, Lord Sugar replied: "Who's he?"

The Apprentice 2015: Meet the 18 candidates hoping to impress Lord Sugar

Lord Sugar was speaking at the launch of the new series of The Apprentice and explained that a lot of effort goes into weeding out candidates who are just after fame.

"We do our best to try to recognise at a very early stage when we're recruiting people, we look at their CVs and do an investigation into who they are," he said.

"Fortunately, social media availability enables us to have a look at people's claim to fame on their Facebook sites and all that type of stuff, so we do »

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Cilla, Black Mirror and My Mad Fat Diary up for International Emmys

18 hours ago

A host of British talent has been recognised in the newly-unveiled list of nominations for the International Emmys 2015.

Sheridan Smith and Rafe Spall are amongst those being recognised, having being nominated for their performances in ITV's Cilla and Channel 4's Black Mirror respectively.

Elsewhere, My Mad Fat Diary has been nominated for Drama Series, while 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy was also nominated for the Non-Scripted Entertainment award.

Engrenages, which airs on BBC Four as Spiral, has been recognised in the Drama Series category.

Meanwhile, the 2015 International Emmy Founders Award will also be awarded to Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, while HBO's Richard Plepler will receive the 2015 International Emmy Directorate Award.

A full list of nominees is available here.

Channel 4 series Utopia and Educating Yorkshire were among the winners at last year's International Emmys. »

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Lord Sugar: 'I can't wait to watch Arnie cock up The Apprentice USA'

19 hours ago

Lord Sugar has admitted that he's looking forward to watching Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Apprentice USA - because he thinks he's going to cock it up.

The Amstrad founder was asked at the launch of the UK Apprentice whether he would have considered replacing Donald Trump, who was dropped after deciding to run for president.

The Apprentice 2015: Everything you need to know, including the start date and the stars

Lord Sugar replied: "Well, they've got Arnie now, haven't they? I'll be over in America and I can't wait to see what a cock-up he's going to make of it."

He added that he was "considered" for the role but continued: "To be perfectly blunt the American public don't know who I am. Which is fine - that's why I spend most of my time there.

"It would be an interesting thing to do but the producers decided that they »

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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here 2015 rumours: Who's entering the jungle?

19 hours ago

It feels like only yesterday that Gemma Collins was crying mascara stained tears while complaining of contracting malaria - but this year's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here is now just a mere month away.

Last year's series saw Carl Fogarty crowned King of the Jungle. But which stars will be enduring the Australian kangaroo anus-eating adventures on the ITV show this year? Here's the rumoured line-up so far:

Stephanie Davis

Who? Former Hollyoaks actress who was recently axed due to being "unfit to work because of alcohol consumption".

The rumour: The 22-year-old is reportedly "hot property" as a number of reality shows try to sign her up, according to The Mirror's unnamed insider. The star - who played Sinead O'Conner for five years in the Channel 4 soap - is no stranger to TV competitions, previously taking part in Over the Rainbow - a BBC One talent »

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The Great British Bake Off: Is it at the centre of a betting scandal?

20 hours ago

The BBC is investigating after The Great British Bake Off has allegedly been embroiled in a betting scandal worth £10,000.

Bookmakers Ladbrokes claims that a number of suspicious wagers have been placed on who will win this series, according to The Sun.

The betting company believes that several people working at the BBC or Love Productions - the production company behind the baking show - have set up accounts either by themselves or through family and friends.

The final - between Tamal Ray, Ian Cumming and Nadiya Hussain - was filmed weeks in advance.

The BBC has released a statement, saying: "We have no knowledge of these claims and have asked The Sun to provide us with details to be able to look into it. We are still waiting."

"We take any allegation of breach extremely seriously," added Love Productions.

Back in August, Ladbrokes reportedly suspended betting on one contestant after customers rushed to back them. »

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Doctor Who reveals the terrifying Fisher King in new pictures

20 hours ago

Doctor Who is about to unveil one of its creepiest monsters in a long while - the Fisher King.

The creature - seen facing off with Peter Capaldi's doctor in new pictures - is voiced by Peter Serafinowicz, with Slipknot's Corey Taylor (no, really) providing its horrific scream.

Our Time Lord hero will also come up against another less threatening alien, with Paul Kaye guest-starring as Prentis, a mole-like creature from the planet Tivoli.

Of course, before any of that, the show will have to resolve just how the Doctor is going to escape being turned into a ghost - the grisly fate that apparently awaited him at the close of Saturday's 'Under the Lake'.

Doctor Who continues this Saturday (October 10) at 8.25pm on BBC One.

New episode 'Before the Flood' is written by Being Human creator Toby Whithouse - reuniting with Daniel O'Hara, who previously directed 8 episodes of the BBC Three series. »

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