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‘Archer Dreamland’ Review: Season 8 Goes Full Film Noir in Big Gamble That’s Already Paying Off

1 hour ago

[Editor’s Note: “Archer” Season 7 ended with a cliffhanger: Is Archer alive or dead? If you don’t know the answer (despite it being revealed at Comic-Con in July 2016), the following review contains spoilers relating to his physical state in Season 8.]

Dreams are a tricky storytelling device for any show, but for “Archer,” Adam Reed’s sneakily ambitious spy movie spoof, setting an entire season within his lead character’s dream is the creator’s riskiest gamble yet. Sure, he’s trafficked in “Vice” and gone Hollywood, but dreams are a different story. If the episodes lack suspense because the dream has no real-world consequences — or they simply don’t live up to past episodes — it would be seen as stalling, or worse yet, a waste of time.

But “Archer Dreamland” tells an engaging, exciting story with a similar style to past seasons and freshly invigorates its familiar cast of characters by repurposing each modern spy archetype to the film noir era. Without spoiling too much of the set-up, I’ll just say what was formally announced last July: Archer is still alive, but in a coma. The season takes place in his dream, »

- Ben Travers

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‘Legion’: Noah Hawley on Season 2 Release Plans, Finale Easter Eggs, and David’s Burgeoning Clarity

11 hours ago

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for the “Legion” Season 1 finale, Episode 8, “Chapter 8.”]

In the aftermath of the Season 1 finale of “Legion,” fans can rejoice because showrunner Noah Hawley already has a premiere date planned for Season 2 of the surrealist superhero show. Currently, Hawley’s goal is to have 10 episodes for Season 2, with the same 2018 premiere date as Season 1.

Read More: ‘Legion’ Finale Review: Noah Hawley Goes Full Marvel Without Losing What Makes This Series Revolutionary

With a surprise ending, and an even more surprising mid-credits scene (props to the Marvel fans who stuck it out), a lot of questions were left to delve into in the second season. In a joint call with showrunner Noah Hawley and other reporters, a few things were cleared up looking back on Season 1, with exciting ruminations on what to look for in the not-so-far-off Season 2.

Division 3’s Secret Weapon

When asked about the supposed “peacemaker” Division 3 has on hand during the finale, Hawley alluded to its »

- Maya Reddy

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‘Legion’ Finale Review: Noah Hawley Goes Full Marvel Without Losing What Makes This Series Revolutionary

11 hours ago

[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for the “Legion” Season 1 finale, Episode 8, “Chapter 8.”]

Let me first say this: If you stopped watching “Legion” as soon as the credits ran, start it back up and keep going. There’s a scene midway through that establishes one helluva cliffhanger compared to Farouk driving out of the woods: David and Syd stand outside on the Summerland deck, looking out at the night sky, when a little robotic orb appears floating in front of them. “Is that one of Cary’s?” David asks, right before he’s scanned and sucked inside the Magic 8-Ball-lookin’ device. Syd runs inside for help as David screams…and that’s how Season 1 ends.

Now then, back to the faux ending: After Aubrey Plaza’s performance as Farouk — a.k.a. The Shadow King, a.a.k.a., That Big Fat Thing With Yellow Eyes, a.a.a.k.a. The Primary Antagonist of Season 1 Who Was Finally Expelled From David’s »

- Ben Travers

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‘Dimension 404’ Trailer: Hulu’s Anthology Series Takes a Tongue-in-Cheek Approach to Sci-Fi — Watch

15 hours ago

Hulu has released the trailer for “Dimension 404,” a six-episode sci-fi anthology series narrated by Mark Hamill. It begins with Patton Oswalt assuring us that “this is gonna suck,” but one imagines (or at least hopes) that the self-deprecating tone might serve the satirical show well. Watch below.

Read More: ‘Harlots’: Why Hulu’s Bawdy Prostitution Drama Will Prepare You for ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Here’s the synopsis: “In the darkest depths of cyberspace, there is another world. A lost dimension, home to wonders unseen, terrors unspeakable, and stories unlike any ever told. ‘Dimension 404’ is a science fiction anthology that explores the wonders — and terrors — of our digital age. From outrageous horror comedy to mind-bending action adventure, each episode tells a weird and wild sci-fi tale where the twist ending…is just the beginning.”

Read More: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Trailer: Elisabeth Moss is Forced Into Sexual »

- Michael Nordine

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‘Nobodies’ Showrunner Michael McDonald on Making Things Awkward with Melissa McCarthy – IndieWire’s Turn It On Podcast

16 hours ago

Last Week’S Podcast: ‘Shots Fired’: How George Zimmerman’s Acquittal Led to Fox’s Powerful New Series — IndieWire’s Turn It On Podcast

Before he was one of the stars of “Mad TV” and an accomplished writer/director, Michael McDonald was an improv coach at The Groundlings, where his students included Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. That’s where those two met, fell in love and eventually got married.

Now, 20 years later, they’re executive producing the new TV Land sitcom “Nobodies,” created by and starring their fellow Groundlings pals Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf and Rachel Ramras. And McDonald, once their teacher, is now their showrunner.

It’s a common refrain in the world of comedy: Everyone starts off toiling away on stages like The Groundlings. Eventually, some become superstars. But what about the just as talented folks who don’t become superstars? “Nobodies” follows Davidson, Dorf and »

- Michael Schneider

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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Stars Slam Wendy Williams for Past ‘Transphobic’ Incidents

18 hours ago

For its ninth season, which premiered on Friday, March 24, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” moved from Logo to VH1. The premiere episode drew nearly one million viewers, making it the show’s most-watched ever, as reported by Deadline. To celebrate the move to VH1, the network has created “Fierce Friday,” a live viewing party, which airs right before the weekly broadcast, and it’s hosted by Wendy Williams and comedian Ross Mathews.

Read More: ‘Divine Divas’ Exclusive Clip: SXSW Documentary Offers a Look Into Brazil’s Drag Performers of the 1960s

However, the news of Williams hosting the live viewing show has been met with criticism from some former “Drag Race” contestants and other members of the drag community. On Monday, New York–based drag performer Stephanie Stone took to social media to remind people of an incident that occurred during a taping of “The Wendy Williams Show” back in 2009.

At the time, »

- Yoselin Acevedo

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‘Silicon Valley’ Season 4 Trailer and Poster: Is This the End of Pied Piper?

20 hours ago

It just doesn’t get any easier for the Pied Piper team. After innovating the middle-out algorithm and surviving Hooli’s latest attempt to destroy them, it appears the “Silicon Valley” crew are turning against one another in the upcoming season of HBO’s essential comedy. Daniel Clowes (“Ghost World”) has designed a poster for the show, and a new trailer is available. Both can be found below.

Read More: ‘Silicon Valley’: Mike Judge and Cast Tease Next Season at Comic-Con

Season four appears to begin with the revelation that Richard (Thomas Middleditch) is quitting Pied Piper, the company he founded. Among the highlights of the trailer: Erlich (T.J. Miller) mansplaining the concept of mansplaining to two women, a surprise appearance by Haley Joel Osment and literally everything Jared (Zach Woods) says and does. The entire main cast is returning for season four: Middleditch, Miller, Woods, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, »

- Michael Nordine

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The ‘Twin Peaks’ Theme Song Gets a ‘Seinfeld’ Makeover — Listen

20 hours ago

With the revival of “Twin Peaks” just around the corner, fans of David Lynch’s cult classic are getting very creative online, flooding the internet with memes related to the show. Now, the series’ theme song has gotten a “Seinfeld” makeover, courtesy of musician and “Twin Peaks” aficionado Maximilian Petrosky.

Read More: ‘Twin Peaks’ Mysterious Cherry Pie Billboards Appear Across the Country

Petrosky has reimagined the gloomy tune created by Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise for the series and has mixed it with the signature slap bass featured during the opening of Jerry Seinfeld’s iconic show. Listen to the brilliant remix below.

Read More: ‘Twin Peaks’ Cast Reunited In First Photos, And It Looks So Eerily Good

Created by Lynch and Marc Frost, the original series followed an FBI agent investigating the murder of a young woman in the town of Twin Peaks. “It’s been a number of »

- Yoselin Acevedo

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‘Big Little Lies’: Why Reading the Book Doesn’t Ruin the Big Reveal on HBO’s Murder Mystery

20 hours ago

Watching the news or using social media is tantamount to asking for spoilers – and so is reading the source material behind some of TV’s biggest shows. That’s particularly true with mysteries based on novels, one of which will generally spoil the other.

But HBO’s “Big Little Lies” proved to be an exception to that rule.

After watching two episodes of HBO’s mystery series, I read the book it was adapted from and, yes, spoiled myself on the ending. But returning to the show a few weeks later, it turned out that juggling both the book and the series at the same time actually enhanced the viewing experience.

Read More: ‘Big Little Lies’ Soundtrack: Listen to This Soulful Playlist From HBO’s Addictive Mystery Series

As “Big Little Lies” approaches its finale on Sunday, here’s an examination of why, even in a spoiler-averse culture, mystery series »

- Hanh Nguyen

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Billy Eichner and Cookie Monster Search for Kindness in ‘Billy on the Sesame Street’ — Watch

20 hours ago

In search of kindness and compassion, Billy Eichner has taken a trip to a new street — Sesame Street, to be precise. The “Billy on the Street” host is joined by Cookie Monster in the new video, which finds him toning down his usual schtick and handing out cookies to anyone willing to answer his questions. 

Read More: ‘Billy on the Street’: Stephen Colbert and Billy Team up to Insult New Yorkers Living in the Bubble

That includes Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch and other residents of Sesame Street, most of whom are receptive to such requests as how to get to Sesame Street and what Cookie Monster’s favorite letter is. The unsurprising exception is the trash can–dwelling Oscar, who refuses to even answer a question about kindness. You can’t please everyone, it seems.

Read More: ‘Billy on The Street’ Takes on Mel Gibson & Shia LeBeouf »

- Michael Nordine

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Ken Burns’ Next Documentary Will Profile Muhammad Ali

21 hours ago

Ken Burns, Sarah Burns and David McMahon are producing and directing a documentary for PBS about the legendary American boxer Muhammad Ali, who passed away last June. Production of the two-part, four-hour documentary began in early 2016 and the film is expected to premiere in 2021.

Read More: HBO Announces Multi-Part Muhammad Ali Documentary From Director Antoine Fuqua

Muhammad Ali’s passing last year gave us reason to celebrate his boxing feats as well as his contributions as an ambassador for human rights, and as a voice and symbol of pacifism,” said Sarah Burns in a statement. “But it’s easy to forget how divisive a figure he was, proudly associating with the Nation of Islam, refusing induction into the Army before the Vietnam War had become deeply unpopular. We’re eager to get beyond the archetypes and examine who and what influenced his choices, and how he maintained the courage of »

- Yoselin Acevedo

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‘Get Me Roger Stone’ Trailer: Netflix Documentary Explores the Career of the Infamous Trump Advisor

22 hours ago

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming original documentary “Get Me Roger Stone.” The film explores the life and career of the longtime Donald Trump advisor, who helped launch his political run.

Read More: Sarah Paulson Nominates Herself to Play Donald Trump in New Season of ‘American Horror Story

“Get Me Roger Stone” features interviews with the infamous political strategist and self-proclaimed “agent provacateur,” as well as with people who have followed and studied his career. The documentary explores the career of the man who sports a tattoo of President Nixon in his back as a badge of honor.

“Those who say I have no soul, those who say I have no principles are losers,” Stone says in the trailer, sounding a lot like Trump. “Those are bitter losers.”

Read More: Writers Guild Negotiations: If Talk Shows Go Dark, Donald Trump Could Be The Biggest Winner in a Strike »

- Yoselin Acevedo

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Seth Meyers Thinks Donald Trump and ‘The Dude’ Are Strikingly Similar — Watch

23 hours ago

While it may seem like a stretch (one you might not want to make), Seth Meyers drew a pretty convincing parallel between the most chill dude and the least chill president on “Late Night” last night.

In his “Closer Look” segment, Meyers took a deep dive into the strange press conference delivered by Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee David Nunes last week. Quoting from Trump’s Time Magazine interview about Nunes, Meyers reads: “They have a lot of information on tapping…a lot of information has just been learned…he just got this information. This was new information.”

Meyers then sets up “a condensed version” of the comments, before playing a clip of Jeff Bridges as The Dude, delivering one of his endlessly quotable lines: “I’ve got information, man. New shit has come to light!”

Read More: Aaron Sorkin Clarifies His Comments on Hollywood’s Diversity Problem

“Now that you think about it, »

- Jude Dry

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Diverse Documentaries Under Attack as Congressman Questions Public Broadcasting ‘Agenda’

28 March 2017 6:27 PM, PDT

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting may have a documentary problem.

At a House subcommittee hearing on Tuesday, Cpb president/CEO Patricia Harrison heard mostly support from Congressional members on attendance. With House critics of funding for public broadcasting mostly absent, the focus was on how public radio and TV stations support education, veteran, health and safety issues across the country – particularly rural areas.

One Congressperson even asked Harrison how the Cpb would allocate its funds if its annual appropriation was doubled from its current level ($445 million annually). The hearing came just weeks after Donald Trump’s proposed budget suggested a complete elimination of Cpb funding.

Read More: PBS Will Likely Survive, But Trump’s Proposal Hits Stations Servicing His Own Rural Supporters the Hardest

The hearing was mostly devoid of fireworks, except when Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) took issue with a handful of recent documentary titles, such as “Baby Mama High, »

- Michael Schneider

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‘Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992’ Trailer: John Ridley’s New Documentary Explores the L.A. Riots

28 March 2017 3:09 PM, PDT

ABC has released a new trailer for its upcoming documentary “Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992.” The film is written and directed by John Ridley and will air on ABC April 28, following its theatrical release a week before, on Friday, April 21. The documentary marks ABC News’ first theatrical production and release.

Read More: One-Person Crew: The Pros and Cons of Making a Documentary By Yourself

The release of “Let It Fall” coincides with the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots, which began in April 29, 1992 following the announcement of the “not guilty” verdict in the Rodney King case. The film takes viewers back 10 years before the riots to explore the events that led to the uprising, which left more than 60 people dead and over 2,000 injured.

The documentary features archival footage as well as exclusive interviews with eyewitnesses and people from different neighborhoods across Los Angeles who were directly involved in the events. »

- Yoselin Acevedo

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Louis C.K. ‘2017’ Trailer: Netflix Presents Another Stand-Up Special — Watch

28 March 2017 1:57 PM, PDT

Netflix’s stand-up selection continues to expand. A week after releasing Dave Chappelle’s first two comedy specials in more than a decade, the streaming service has dropped the trailer for Louis C.K.’s upcoming “2017.” Watch below.

Read More: Dave Chappelle’s Triumphant Return to Stand-Up is Upon Us in New Trailer for Netflix Specials

No footage of the actual jokes makes said trailer, but a press release assures us that “religion, eternal love, giving dogs drugs, email fights, teachers and more” will all be discussed by the “Louie” creator as he wears a suit and tie onstage in Washington D.C. Before taking the stage, C.K. sets a coffee mug down on a sheet of paper reading simply “this is it.”

Read More: Louis C.K., Albert Brooks Animated Series ‘The Cops’ Gets Greenlight From TBS

We may never get more episodes of “Louie,” but at least we’ll see more of Louis himself. »

- Michael Nordine

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‘Trainspotting’ Author Irvine Welsh Writing New TV Series Based on Acid House Movement

28 March 2017 1:50 PM, PDT

Irvine Welsh, author of the best-selling 1993 novel “Trainspotting,” has been tapped to pen a new TV series based on the birth of the acid house and rave music movement, as reported by Fact. Welsh’s screenwriting partner Dean Cavanagh will co-write the screenplay.

Read More: ‘Trainspotting’ Author Irvine Welsh Wants Donald Trump to Watch and Publicly Condemn the Sequel

The series will be titled “Ibiza87” and will be inspired by the careers of the famous DJs Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling. It follows the story of the advent of the rave movement, from the trio’s famous trip to Ibiza in 1987 (after which they became known as “the Ibiza four” together with DJ Johnny Walker) to the summer of 1989, known as the Second Summer of Love, when acid music became the dominant sound in England’s club scene.

Read More: ‘T2 Trainspotting’ Triumphs At the Box Office, While »

- Yoselin Acevedo

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‘True Detective’ Season 3: Despite Changes, the HBO Drama Still Has an Auteur TV Problem

28 March 2017 1:18 PM, PDT

The long-gestating third season of “True Detective” appears to have a little extra juice in it, with word that creator Nic Pizzolatto has written two episodes and David Milch has joined as a producer.

Read More: ‘True Detective’ Season 3: HBO Says, ‘It Is Not Dead’

For those who loved the first installment, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as two men investigating one crime over the course of years, the news might be exciting — but those who watched the second season might understandably be a little wary of the news.

That’s because “True Detective” Season 2 was further confirmation of a fact that savvy television viewers are more than aware of: Coming up with one good season of television does not make you a world-class showrunner.

This is especially true if one of the primary reasons for your show’s success — such as a key collaborator like Cary Fukunaga — departs. »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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‘Big Little Lies’ Soundtrack: Listen to This Soulful Playlist From HBO’s Addictive Mystery Series

28 March 2017 11:06 AM, PDT

Excited for the finale of “Big Little Lies” on Sunday? Here’s one more thing to get you in the mood.

Listen to the Spotify playlist below for the songs heard on HBO’s addictive mystery series. Put these tracks on to immediately evoke the feel of living in Monterey, where looking at the ocean is a way of life. Shouldn’t we all have the privilege of chilling with our girlfriends at a seaside cafe while indulging in champagne and possibly a muffin?

Read More: ‘Big Little Lies’: Shailene Woodley on American Repression, Violence and Why ‘Every Parent Is Afraid of Their Kid’

On the series, Reese Witherspoon plays busybody mother Madeline, who welcomes newcomer Jane Chapman (Shailene Woodley) to the seaside town of Monterey, California. Together with Celeste (Nicole Kidman), they form a tight group of friends who must deal with the drama at their kids’ school, »

- Hanh Nguyen

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‘Thank You for Smoking’ Being Adapted as Gun Control Series ‘Thank You for Shooting’

28 March 2017 10:57 AM, PDT

While bumming a cigarette off a stranger is becoming rarer these days, “Thank You for Smoking” could end up coming to our TVs anyway, reports Variety.

Thanks to Keshet Studios, the 2005 Jason Reitman satire is being adapted into an anthology series that would focus on a social issue each season. The first season of the revamped comedy would look at the gun control debate using the new title “Thank You for Shooting.”

Read More: The Best TV Guest Stars Ever — IndieWire Critics Survey

In the original film, Aaron Eckhart starred as Big Tobacco spokesman Nick Naylor who used everything in his power, including bribes, charisma and the logic of false equivalency to push his agenda. The movie also co-starred Maria Bello, William H. Macy, Rob Lowe, Adam Brody, Katie Holmes, J.K. Simmons, and Robert Duvall.

Thank You for Smoking” is just one of many concepts being developed by Keshet, including »

- Hanh Nguyen

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