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‘Shadow of Truth’ Exclusive Trailer: Netflix’s Israeli True Crime Docuseries Could Be the Next ‘Making a Murderer’ — Watch

4 hours ago

What happens if you suspect your judicial system of being unjust?

That’s the question many Israelis faced in Netflix‘s “Shadow of Truth,” a four-part documentary series about the murder of a 13-year-old girl, Tair Rada, in Golan Heights during the daytime at her high school in 2006. Although a suspect was questioned, confessed and was eventually found guilty, his conviction has been the subject of wide controversy in the country.

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Rada’s murder case was a matter of intense scrutiny by the public who didn’t want their own children to fall victim to such a senseless crime. Unfortunately, the conviction didn’t mollify the public because there were far too many pieces that didn’t add up. From the inaccurate confession and crime reenactment to a lack of DNA or fingerprint matches, »

- Hanh Nguyen

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Yvette Nicole Brown Debuts an Animated New Look in Crackle’s ‘SuperMansion’ — Exclusive

6 hours ago

Yvette Nicole Brown is tackling Season 2 of Crackle’s “SuperMansion” in her upcoming turn as Portia (formerly known as the superhero Zenith).  The series which began in 2015 and produced by Seth Green and his production company, Stoopid Monkey, follows in the footsteps of “Robot Chicken” in its distinctive stop-motion style. Brown joins a star-studded cast of recurring characters, with Bryan Cranston serving as executive producer and starring as Titanium Rex, with whom Portia has a complicated past muddled by Portia’s struggle to hold on to both sides of herself.

Read More: ‘Cosplay Melee’ Trailer: Yvette Nicole Brown Hosts Epic Costume Showdown That Tests Super Fans’ Creativity — Watch

A regular guest on “Talking Dead,” the after show for “The Walking Dead,” Brown never shies away from expressing her love for media she finds great. As a self-described fangirl, she embraces exciting and fun television wholeheartedly, which is why she had »

- Maya Reddy

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Dan Bucatinsky on ’24: Legacy,’ ‘Scandal’ and His Partnership with Lisa Kudrow — IndieWire’s Turn It On Podcast

6 hours ago

Last Week’S Podcast: ‘Doubt’ Producers on Their Show’s Transgender Breakthrough – IndieWire’s Turn It On Podcast

Dan Bucatinsky has one of the more interesting careers in television – an actor, writer, producer who can’t be pigeonholed into one category. Bucatinsky might be best known as playing James Novak on ABC’s “Scandal,” which earned him a Primetime Emmy Award in 2013, or from “The Comeback,” the HBO series that took a nearly 10-year break between seasons.

But he’s also a successful TV producer, having partnered in 2003 with Lisa Kudrow to launch the production company Is or Isn’t Entertainment. Together, they’ve been behind “The Comeback,” the digital series “Web Therapy” (which eventually ended up on Showtime), and the reality series “Who Do You Think You Are?” on TLC.

Now, Bucatinsky is one of the stars of Fox’s “24: Legacy,” the reboot of the popular “24” franchise that »

- Michael Schneider

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Jude Law’s Japanese Pepsi Ad Wins Costume Designers Guild Award Over Beyoncé’s ‘Hold Up’ — Watch

8 hours ago

The 19th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards took place last night in Los Angeles. This year, the Excellence in Short Form Design category saw some stiff competition, with nominees such as Jude Law’s long-form Japanese Pepsi ad “Momotaro” and Beyoncé’s video for “Hold Up.” But at the end, colorful long capes, gladiator uniforms and samurai costumes won over Bey’s iconic ruffled yellow gown, sexy sleepwear and cool streetwear designed by B. Åkerlund.

Read More: ‘La La Land,’ ‘Hidden Figures,’ ‘Doctor Strange’ Win Costume Designer Awards

Costume designer Amy Goodheart took home the award for her very detailed work in “Momotaro.” “Pulling inspiration from London punks in the ’70s and ancient Shogun — everything from a child king in a 28-foot cape covered in thousands of hand-painted gold feathers, to a dog-boy raised by wolves in the Andes has been realized,” Goodheart told the guild.

Read More: Seth Meyers »

- Yoselin Acevedo

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‘Rock and a Hard Place’ Trailer: The Rock Tells Young Inmates ‘Don’t F***’ Up Their Best Chance to Stay Out of Jail — Watch

9 hours ago

“You don’t feel it right now, but you’re lucky. You’re lucky because you’ve got another shot. Don’t fuck this thing up. I mean that.”

When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the nicest guy in the world, speaks to you like that, you listen. In HBO’s upcoming documentary “Rock and a Hard Place,” the action star makes an appearance to give a reality check to young inmates who are about to take part in the famed Miami-Dade County Corrections & Rehabilitation Boot Camp.

Read More: ‘Baywatch’ Super Bowl Trailer: Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron Save Lives and Fight Crime

The boot camp is an essential tool to fight crime: When seven out of 10 prisoners who are released return to prison within three years, it’s clear that jail time by itself is not a deterrent. The Miami-Dade boot camp is a harrowing six-month program that puts inmates »

- Hanh Nguyen

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Seth Meyers’ ‘Oscar Bait’ Movie Spoof is a Great Film Industry Satire — Watch

9 hours ago

With the Academy Awards taking place this weekend, awards season is coming to glorious end. But before that, “Late Night with Seth Meyers” is poking some fun at the film industry’s obsession with awards with a fake trailer for “Oscar Bait,” a film that would have all the necessary elements to be Oscar-worthy.

Read More: ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Begs America to ‘Never Fjorget’ Fake Swedish Attack — Watch

When it comes to making an attempt to win an Oscar, Meyer’s fake film checks off all the boxes. It contains “racial tension, latent homosexuality, and a man staring at trains”. It also includes tragedy, an unhappy marriage and its main character suffers from a rare decease.

Meyer’s film takes some elements from award show darlings such as “Manchester by the Sea,” “Boyhood,” and “Moonlight.” It even steals a scene straight up from the movie “Carol,” starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. »

- Yoselin Acevedo

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‘Iron Fist’ Video Explains Why Netflix’s Latest Marvel Hero Punches So Damn Hard

12 hours ago

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you focus your chi.

In the sneak peek of “Marvel’s Iron Fist” below, we learn the backstory that made former billionaire Danny Rand (“Game of Thrones” star Finn Jones) what he is today. Besides surviving a harrowing plane crash that left him an orphan, he apparently learned how to harness the fire of the fist from some monks who know how to do a lot more than pray.

Read More: ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’ Trailer: Danny Rand Is Back From the Dead

But 15 years after that fateful plane crash, Danny has returned to New York sans shoes and frankly looking kind of homeless. Let’s just say it’s not the warm and fuzzy reunion he was hoping for.

Not enough? Check out the badass key art that shows Danny in action:

Iron Fist” is the fourth Marvel series leading to »

- Hanh Nguyen

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The Best Murder Mystery Series Ever — IndieWire Critics Survey

13 hours ago

Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Tuesday. (The answer to the second, “What is the best show currently on TV?” can be found at the end of this post.)

This week’s question: What is your favorite murder mystery show?

Erik Adams (@ErikMAdams), A.V. Club

It has to be “Twin Peaks,” right? I’m one of those annoying people who insists the show is so much more than “Who killed Laura Palmer?”, but that is our entry point to David Lynch and Mark Frost’s weird little world, and the question that briefly made “Twin Peaks” a pop-culture phenomenon. And the chapters of the series that deal with finding Laura’s murderer are some of the most compelling, from the dream-sequence enhanced “Zen, Or The Skill To Catch A Killer” or the eventual solution to the mystery, a »

- Hanh Nguyen

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‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Revival Gets First Look Photo, Netflix Release Date

19 hours ago

Prepare to return to the Satellite of Love this April, because the revival of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” has a premiere date.

Read More: ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Revival Headed to Netflix, With Patton Oswalt & More to Star

Funded by a Kickstarter campaign that earned over $5.7 million dollars directly from the show’s insanely loyal fanbase, “MST3K” Season 11 (essentially) will stream all 14 episodes on Netflix beginning April 14, 2017.

Original host Joel Hodgson tapped Nerdist favorite Jonah Ray to star as the latest hapless human forced to watch terrible movies for science, accompanied by his robot friends Crow and Tom Servo (voiced in the revival by comedian Hampton Yount and “Grace and Frankie” star Baron Vaughn). Terrorizing Jonah is Felicia Day as evil scientist Kinga Forrester, assisted by Patton Oswalt as TV’s Son of TV’s Frank.

The writing staff for the revival includes Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland and plenty more. »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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‘The Detour’ Review: Season 2 Switches Drivers, Keeps Pushing the Boundaries of Family Comedy

23 hours ago

Even after Season 1, it was clear “The Detour” was a deceptive title. Though Nate Parker’s seemingly impulsive but truly diabolical decision to drive (rather than fly) the family from Syracuse, New York to Florida pushed the exceedingly wild story forward, the altered route wasn’t really the focus of a family comedy unraveling more mysteries than most soap operas. Week after week as the Parkers made their lengthy journey south, and new secrets were unveiled about Nate (Jason Jones), Robin (Natalie Zea), and their two kids, Delilah (Ashley Gerasimovich) and Jared (Liam Carroll).

But the titular detour wasn’t the road trip itself, nor was it what was uncovered because of it. “The Detour’s” larger purpose was to take us on a trip out of our comfort zone. The TBS original is built to deconstruct our understanding of family comedies and family dynamics in general. Doing so while »

- Ben Travers

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‘Game of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon Joins ‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ in a ‘Roguish’ Role

21 February 2017 1:23 PM, PST

Maybe Iwan Rheon will get his chance at the crown after all.

The Welsh actor, best known for playing the sadistic bastard Ramsay Bolton on HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” has been cast in “Marvel’s Inhumans” for ABC. He’ll play the ambitious, clever and charming Maximus, who covets his brother Black Bolt’s crown in Attilan.

Read More: Iwan Rheon: Why the ‘Game of Thrones’ Psychopath Deserves to Be a Star

Different from the Marvel’s universe’s mutants, the Inhumans are a race of superhumans who first developed unique powers in ancient times thanks to some genetic tinkering. They have a society of their own that has thrived in seclusion from the rest of humanity. Their culture follows a caste system and includes a Royal Family, of which Maximus and Black Bolt are members.

“Iwan’s ability to be charming, roguish, and still completely unexpectedly dangerous »

- Hanh Nguyen

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‘Castle Rock’: Stephen King-j.J. Abrams Anthology Series Gets 10-Episode Order at Hulu

21 February 2017 12:37 PM, PST

Hulu is slowly unwrapping the mystery of “Castle Rock.”

Days after the streaming service released a teaser trailer for the anthology series by Stephen King and J.J. Abrams, it was announced that it has ordered a 10-episode first season. Hulu previously worked with the duo on the time-travel series “11.22.63,” based on King’s novel.

Read More: ‘Castle Rock’ Teaser Trailer: Stephen King and J.J. Abrams Team for Hulu Anthology Series

Hulu will team up with Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television on the project, along with executive producers/writer Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason, both of whom worked on Wgn America’s since-canceled “Manhattan.”

Set in Stephen King’s fictional town in Maine, “Castle Rock” is an original suspense/thriller that explores themes and worlds from the entire King multiverse. The stories will also be adjacent to some of his most iconic stories — such as “The Body,” “Cujo,” and “Needful Things »

- Hanh Nguyen

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Aaron Paul to Serve Up Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Drama with Wgn America

21 February 2017 11:55 AM, PST

File this news under “neat.” Wgn America is distilling a whiskey drama, and it’s going to be old-fashioned.

The network is developing a drama about the life of post-Civil War-era businessman and distiller Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Read More: ‘The Path’ Season 2: How Aaron Paul’s Cult Drama Became More Important in Trump’s America

Based on Peter Krass’ biography, “Blood and Whiskey: The Life and Times of Jack Daniel,” the story will trace how after the death of his father in the Civil War, young Jack Daniel ran away from home, learned to make moonshine as a teen and eventually became a distiller. His whiskey first gained popularity when it won the gold medal for finest whiskey at the famed 1904 St. Louis World Fair. It is now the top selling American whiskey in the world.

Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul, Zack Beckman at Lucid Road Productions, »

- Hanh Nguyen

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The TV Show You Need To Watch on Every Network, Right Now — A Running List

21 February 2017 9:49 AM, PST

Historically, just about every network out there has produced one of the best TV shows ever made. The broadcast networks had a head start, offering up everything from “I Love Lucy” to “Friday Night Lights.” Meanwhile, HBO has been pushing great shows since “Sex and the City” and up through “The Leftovers.” And in that time, the rest of cable joined in: AMC introduced “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” before Netflix made streaming series serious awards contenders.

Now, we live in a golden age of television where the year’s best TV show can pop up anywhere. With that in mind, IndieWire decided to help highlight the best programs from every corner of the TV landscape. In the gallery above, you’ll find our picks for the best TV shows on each network right now. We’ll update our picks every month (or more) with your best option on every network, »

- Ben Travers

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‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Begs America to ‘Never Fjorget’ Fake Swedish Attack — Watch

21 February 2017 7:10 AM, PST

Fresh off the news of last week’s late night ratings sweep, “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” keeps the hits coming. In a cheeky new bit, Colbert skewers President Donald Trump over comments he made about a terror attack in Sweden that never happened.

“You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden,” said Trump at a rally in Florida over the weekend. The joke practically writes itself as the camera cuts back to Colbert, a baffled smirk on his adorable mug. “No one. No one would believe that,” he pauses for laughter. “Well, not no one, but maybe someone who skips their intelligence briefings.”

Read More: ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Ratings Surge Has Suddenly Made Late Night Competitive Again

He goes on say that Sweden’s crime rate has been dropping steadily since 2005, all the more reason for Trump »

- Jude Dry

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Some TV Shows That Might Make the Presidency Great Again, For Your Binge-ing Pleasure

20 February 2017 3:27 PM, PST

If you get the day off work or school, Presidents Day is a great day for binge-viewing, and there are so many excellent shows to either discover for the first time or re-watch with pleasure.

And that goes for our 45th president, who reportedly does enjoy watching television a great deal, albeit more of the unscripted variety. In case he wants to change that, we’ve assembled some options from the world of scripted comedies and dramas, all of which are available for streaming on at least one service, making them extremely easy to enjoy.

Read More: ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Ratings Surge Has Suddenly Made Late Night Competitive Again

When television is at its best, it reflects not just the world as it is, but the possibility of a better world, a world that we can work together to make possible. All too often, we look to »

- Liz Shannon Miller

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What Makes TV ‘Very Good’ in 2017? Damon Lindelof, Aya Cash, The Cast of ‘Casual’ and More Share Insights

20 February 2017 2:42 PM, PST

If television were a universe, it would be the Marvel universe: so large and loosely tied together, it’s kinda scary.

But within that universe lies more treasures than Thor has in all of Asgard. Comedy, drama, limited series, films, variety shows, talk shows — and those are just Emmy categories. Television provides challenging ongoing narratives like “The Leftovers” and momentary blips of brilliance (like this). Moreover, television opens doors to new worlds and provides revealing facts about the ones we already know. It’s a medium of great power and untapped potential. Television is very good, in many, many different ways.

So to celebrate the 100th episode of IndieWire’s Very Good Television Podcast, co-hosts Ben Travers (IndieWire TV Critic) and Liz Shannon Miller (IndieWire’s TV Editor) reached out to a few of their favorite influential people working in television today. The question sounds simple: What makes for “very »

- Ben Travers

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‘Veep’ Season 6 Teaser: Selina Meyer Compares Being an Ex-President to ‘Being a Man’s Nipple’ — Watch

20 February 2017 12:52 PM, PST

Veep” is set to return for its sixth season this spring, and for the first time in the acclaimed series’ run it may have difficulty keeping pace with the absurdity of real-life politics. HBO just released a teaser for the upcoming season, which you can watch below.

Read More: ‘Veep’: Selina Meyer Tells People to Vote or You’ll Be ‘Giving Your Power to Someone Else’ – Watch

Taking place in the wake of Selina Meyer’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) electoral defeat, the next round of episodes finds our embattled heroine contemplating her future. “Being an ex-president is like being a man’s nipple,” she says as the teaser opens. Still, she adds hopefully, “this is my second act: Selina Meyer travels the globe spreading democracy like patient zero.” Anna Chlumsky, Tony Hale, Gary Cole, Reid Scott and Timothy Simons co-star in the show, which recently won the Emmy Award for »

- Michael Nordine

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‘Dan and Dietrich Play Would You Rather’ Exclusive: Get a Bikini Wax or Choose Something Potentially More Horrible? — Watch

20 February 2017 12:18 PM, PST

There are some choices in life that are too difficult to make. Fortunately, you can watch two guys make them for you.

On Comcast Watchable’s new series “Dan and Dietrich Play Would You Rather,” the two suckers hosts put themselves on the line to play the ultimate game of “Would You Rather?” in which they actually have to perform the task they choose. As expected, the choices push the limits of grossness, discomfort, humiliation or pain. You know, typical guy stuff!

Read More: Vine’s Logan Paul Is Like Johnny Knoxville, But Sweeter — Watch

At stake is some sort of prize, which we feel better be damn good to warrant this kind of sacrifice. And there’s always bragging rights, such as they are.

In the exclusive sneak peek below, Dan and Dietrich must choose between getting a bikini wax and spending a round in the ring with an Mma fighter. »

- Hanh Nguyen

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John Oliver Explains Trump-Russia Insanity with the Help of ‘La La Land’ and ‘The Human Centipede’ — Watch

20 February 2017 11:55 AM, PST

In the latest “Last Week Tonight” segment, John Oliver goes long on the special relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. One moment feels especially apt. While discussing the false equivalencies made between Russia and the United States — a favorite tactic of Putin, who’s known for deflecting criticisms of his government by pointing out that things aren’t perfect in America either — the host uses an unexpected analogy: “La La Land” and “The Human Centipede.”

Read More: John Oliver Will Air Educational Ads During Morning News Shows Aimed At Donald Trump

“Not all problems are the same,” Oliver explains. “It’s like comparing ‘La La Land,’ an Academy Award–nominated movie with glaring flaws, to ‘The Human Centipede,’ a thing that barely counts as a film. Yes, one movie is people sewn mouth-to-anus, but, you know, Ryan Gosling looks at his feet when he dances, so it all evens out in the end. »

- Michael Nordine

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