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See All the Looks on the 2013 Grammys Red Carpet

10 February 2013 3:52 PM, PST

It’s Grammy night! Before the artists and famous types hit the Staples Center for tonight's award show, they are showing off their stuff on the red carpet. Vulture is bringing you a look at it all — good, bad, and strange. And like CBS, this year, we’ll be on the lookout for violators of the ban on breasts, butts, and genitals. Check back throughout the night. We’ll be updating with new images as they arrive. (Also, make sure to join Dave Holmes, who is live-blogging the broadcast!) »

- Jordan Teicher

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Identity Thief Stole the Weekend Box Office

10 February 2013 3:15 PM, PST

Even with a significant portion of the Northeastern audience snowed under, it was still a pretty good weekend at the box office. The big winner was the Melissa McCarthyJason Bateman comedy Identity Thief, which brought in $36 million — about a third of the weekend total. (As Deadline points out, that's better than Bridesmaids's opening numbers.) Zombie rom-com Warm Bodies saw its weekend haul drop 43 percent from its debut last week, though it still managed to earn $11.7 million — more than can be said for Steven Soderbergh's thriller Side Effects and its high-profile cast, which includes Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Channing Tatum. Meanwhile, Oscar frontrunners Silver Linings PlaybookZero Dark Thirty,  Argo, and Django Unchained all held on to places in the top ten. »

- Andre Tartar

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Argo Tops Split Field at 2013 BAFTAs

10 February 2013 2:42 PM, PST

The winners' field at this year's BAFTAs was pretty evenly split between the top contenders. Here are the big ones: As expected, Argo clinched Best Film, while Ben Affleck took home the Best Director trophy — a win he called his "second act." Daniel Day-Lewis won the Best Leading Actor award for Lincoln. Concerns about a showdown between Best Leading Actress contenders Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence turned out to be pointless, as the honor went to Amour's Emmanuelle Riva. Anne Hathaway grabbed yet another Best Supporting Actress nod for Les Misérables, and Quentin Tarantino got Best Original Screenplay for Django Unchained. Finally, Skyfall won the Outstanding British Film honor — "This is a first for the James Bond films," observed producer Michael Wilson — as well as the Best Original Music award, courtesy of Adele. Outstanding British Film: Skyfall Best Original Music: Skyfall (a.k.a. Adele) Best Film: Argo Best »

- Andre Tartar

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Jessica Chastain Denies Awards Season Rivalry With Jennifer Lawrence

10 February 2013 1:10 PM, PST

One of this awards season's most visible competitions is between Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence, who have been pitted against each other for most of the major acting prizes. The reoccurring face-off (which will have its final act at the Oscars) was highlighted on Saturday Night Live several weeks back, when Lawrence joked, "Jessica Chastain, more like Jessica Chast-ain't winning no Oscar on my watch. In Zero Dark Thirty you caught Bin Laden. So what? In Winter's Bone I caught a squirrel, and then I ate it. Boom. Deal with that." All in good fun, right? Purveyor of celebrity truth-iness National Enquirer says otherwise. "Jennifer felt Jessica trivialized her acting role and didn't see any humor in the bit," a source told the magazine. "She can't stand Jennifer all the more for it." The final nail in the sisterly coffin was apparently Lawrence's win at the Screen Actors Guild awards »

- Andre Tartar

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Yasiin Bey, the Former Mos Def, on His Barclays Center Poem and Trying to Avoid Beef With Jay-z

10 February 2013 12:30 PM, PST

On Thursday, we wrote about the latest poem from Yasiin Bey — the former Mos Def. Titled “On center.stadium.status,” it’s a response to the opening of Barclays Center, written last September, on the day of the arena’s opening. Hesitant to have the piece perceived as an attack on Jay-z, Barclay’s public face, Bey held off on letting it go for a while. Now that it's out, Bey would like to expound on why. Below, in an extended transcript, Bey touches on Charles Bukowski, Wrestlemania, Harry Belafonte, Kanye West, Marty Markowitz, bootleg Rolling Stones T-shirts, and one or two other things.Hello. Good night. Hello? Good night? Hey. Yes. Thanks for taking the time out. So, why poetry? I’ve been writing for the better part of my life. Most of my poems have been published as musical compositions thus far. But lately I’ve been looking »

- Amos Barshad

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Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson Will Reunite for New Peter Bogdanovich Movie

10 February 2013 11:37 AM, PST

Jennifer Aniston has joined the cast of She's Funny That Way, Peter Bogdanovich's first feature since 2001's The Cat's Meow. (The movie was previously known as Squirrel to the Nuts, which is a much better title.) She'll play a therapist whose mother is in rehab opposite her Marley and Me co-star Owen Wilson, who will portray a Broadway director trying to launch the acting career of a former prostitute. Filling out the She's Funny That Way cast are awkward American Pie dad Eugene Levy, Jason Schwartzman (a favorite of producer Wes Anderson), the amazingly funny Kathryn Hahn, and the one and only Cybill Shepherd. »

- Andre Tartar

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Your Sunday Long Reads: Frank Ocean and a Dad at Burning Man

10 February 2013 10:40 AM, PST

It's Sunday afternoon — your last chance to read all that stuff you meant to read last week before Monday brings a new deluge of things you will want to read. Below, some of our recommendations: "Frank Ocean Can Fly" by Jeff Himmelman (The New York Times Magazine): Frank Ocean doesn't feel the need to explain himself — especially when he's talking to reporters. "The Old Man at Burning Man" by Wells Tower (GQ): The author takes his father to a mega-rave in the Nevada desert, and it's about as weird as you'd expect. "Capote Classic In Cold Blood Tainted by Long-Lost Files" by Kevin Helliker (Wall Street Journal): Newly uncovered documents from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation deal another blow to Truman Capote's claim that his seminal nonfiction book was "immaculately factual." "Beat By Dre: The Exclusive Inside Story of How Monster Lost the World" by Sam »

- Andre Tartar,Caroline Bankoff

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Saturday Night Live Recap: Reach Out and Touch Justin Bieber

10 February 2013 10:17 AM, PST

Like a beacon through the heaviest snowfall, Justin Bieber arrived at SNL looking to lead us through the storm with the radiant power of his soul-ish teen jams, the heat of his practiced sultry gaze, the shattering screams of his ever-present fans, and the kinetic energy of the fact that everybody in his presence is always touching him. Did you notice that? I tried not to. After the sketch in which he pulled up his shirt, I'd already called the police on all of us, so I was in hyper-vigilant mode. Anyway. Bieber. Not an actor. He's actually fairly suited to performing in a setting like this because his whole personality has been an elaborately constructed and built-in performance since he was a preteen, but still, he probably should wait a while before trying acting as a career move. He was pretty game, though, and his fans would cheer for »

- Joe Reid

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Chris Brown Crashed His Car Into a Wall

10 February 2013 7:30 AM, PST

America's least favorite celebrity got into a bad pre-Grammy car wreck in L.A. on Saturday afternoon. Brown's representative blamed the accident on the paparazzi, whose "aggressive pursuit" of the singer caused him to lose control of his vehicle and hit a wall in an alley. Nobody was hurt, but the black Porsche was destroyed and had to be towed away. After the wreck, Brown headed to the Soho House in West Hollywood for a hug from Rihanna, who is always there for him, unfortunately. »

- Caroline Bankoff

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Congressman Calls Lincoln-Argo Oscar Conspiracy Theory ‘Hilarious’

9 February 2013 1:00 PM, PST

Last Saturday, Connecticut congressman Joe Courtney and his wife went to a movie theater to watch Steven Spielberg's Lincoln. Courtney called the film "tremendous," "compelling," and "consuming," though he also found himself confused by the film's climatic roll call scene, which features two of his state's circa-1865 delegates voting to uphold slavery. After some quick research, he confirmed that all four of Connecticut's representatives had, in fact, voted for the Thirteenth Amendment (which outlawed slavery.) So, on Tuesday, he defended his forebears' honor by sending Spielberg a letter asking that the mistake be fixed before Lincoln goes to DVD. It seems like a reasonable request — that is, until is you find out that Courtney credits his razor-thin, 83-vote margin of victory in the 2006 midterm elections to the campaigning of Ben Affleck, who just so happens to be the director and lead actor in Lincoln's main Oscar rival, Argo.So, »

- Andre Tartar

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Jerry Saltz on Richard Artschwager, 1923-2013

9 February 2013 12:03 PM, PST

Only an artist as preternaturally acute and copacetic, as oddly visionary and just odd as Richard Artschwager would be able to lay out the whole course of human evolution and have it make some kind of sense while also seeming like a dazzling insight. "We are animals," he begins. A lot like "plants — just faster." He explains we started with a "certain amount of movement with no particular purpose," somehow acquired "memory," which is a "form of virtual movement," which he says leads to "a whole universe of the subjunctive." Whatever all that means, he surmises, "This would be enough to set art into play," and leads to "the birth of the axiom," which "marks the start of … reason … and proclaims the social space," which is, ta-da, "the natural habitat for art." Who knew? Art-making plants are we. Artschwager's art always involves looking closely at surfaces, questions what »

- Jerry Saltz

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Ten Pop-Culture Questions Answered by Vulture This Week

9 February 2013 10:00 AM, PST

Every week, Vulture faces the big, important questions in entertainment, and comes to some creative conclusions. This week, we delved into such pop-cultural issues as: where to go to talk about House of Cards, Jason Bateman's comedy moves, CW's clothing choices, if NBC should just throw in the towel, and much more. You may have read some of these stories below, but you certainly didn’t read them all. We forgive you.Q: Can Ben Affleck and George Clooney's charm win Argo the Best Picture Oscar?A: Claude Brodesser-Akner says its one of the seven factors behind Argo's front-runner status. It's just impossible for voters not to be wooed by those two.  Q: What do Zero Dark Thirty's torture scene and Life of Pi's sweet ending have in common?A: The writers of both Zero Dark Thirty and Life of Pi talked to our »

- Vulture Editors

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Do No Harm Yanked From NBC’s Lineup

8 February 2013 3:21 PM, PST

Do No Harm will do no more harm to NBC's prime-time lineup. The network announced this afternoon that it's pulling the series, effective immediately. Law & Order: Svu repeats are scheduled to air in the 10 p.m. Thursday time slot for at least the next two weeks. Last night's episode was seen by just 2.2 million viewers and averaged a 0.7 among adults under 50. That pushed NBC down to tenth place in the key demo at 10 p.m. last night, with the Peacock finishing behind cable networks such as FX, TruTV, USA, and Adult Swim. »

- Josef Adalian

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Quvenzhané Wallis in Talks for Annie Remake

8 February 2013 3:15 PM, PST

Last week, we learned the long-in-development Jay-z- and Will Smith–produced Annie remake took a major stepped forward and hired director Will Gluck. However, it had been developing for so long that the intended star, Willow Smith, aged (and whipped her hair) out of the part. So Entertainment Weekly reports that Quvenzhané Wallis is in talks to fill that adorable-size hole in the movie. No decision has been made yet officially, but anyone who's seen the Oscar nominee in Beasts of the Southern Wild knows she can act the hard-knock life.  »

- Jesse David Fox

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Weekend Watching: Matt Zoller Seitz on the Entire Season of House of Cards

8 February 2013 3:05 PM, PST

I promised a full review of House of Cards after last Friday’s preview, and here it is. My verdict: It’s good but not great, intriguing but not revolutionary, unsatisfying in big ways but very satisfying in small ones. I’m glad I watched the whole thing in one chunk, but I’m not sure I’d approach the already-in-production season two in the same way. I always get an adrenaline rush from binge-watching whole seasons of shows, and sometimes the excitement inflates my esteem a bit. So if it seems as though I’m tamping down my enthusiasm in this piece, well, that’s why.  Based on the 1990 U.K. series — and nicking its big flourish, having the hero talk to the audience à la Richard III — it moves and feels like a reasonably grown-up pay-cable drama, only much handsomer, thanks to executive producer David Fincher (Se7en, Zodiac), the king of glossy decay. »

- Matt Zoller Seitz

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Chloë Sevigny Is Done Dating Narcissistic Musicians

8 February 2013 2:45 PM, PST

In Clive, Ethan Hawke plays a washed-up rocker who's always drunk and is the worst with women. When we spoke to Chloë Sevigny at the show's opening last night, we asked her if she'd ever dated a guy like that herself. "I definitely dated my share of addicts," she told us. (Her companion for the evening, Natasha Lyonne, chimed in: "I've been with my own share of addicts.") As for Sevigny's take on dating musicians in general, drugs aside: "They're all equally as narcissistic and unattractive," she told us. "One likes to be ignored sometimes, but it gets stale. I'm not so masochistic anymore." Sorry, every guy with a guitar in Brooklyn — you're not going to date Chloë Sevigny after all. »

- Jennifer Vineyard

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This Week in Jennifer Lawrence Quotes: Sweatpants, Carpools, and Step Brothers

8 February 2013 2:20 PM, PST

Some actors wilt under the pressures of Oscar season, a months-long slog that forces them to give daily interviews about the same movie over and over again. Fortunately, Jennifer Lawrence is not one of them. The Silver Linings Playbook actress and Best Actress front-runner has been hitting the social circuit hard over the past week (perhaps she's making up for lost time, since an overlong X-Men: First Class shoot prevented Lawrence from doing much press in 2011 for her Winter's Bone nomination), and whether she's promoting Silver Linings on Conan, attending the annual Oscar nominees luncheon, or receiving an award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, she's dropping quotable bon mots right and left. Here are eight things we've learned about Lawrence over the past week:She's obsessed with Conan O'Brien:"I’ve been watching the show for fifteen years, and I’m 22 years old," Lawrence said to the talk-show host »

- Kyle Buchanan

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Christina Applegate Is Done With Up All Night

8 February 2013 1:15 PM, PST

Christina Applegate is leaving Up All Night, which means there's not really Up All Night anymore. The show had already undergone an overhaul between seasons one and two, and then back in October, NBC announced that the show was going to be reformatted as a multi-camera sitcom. (None of those episodes have filmed yet, though.) Shortly after that announcement, creator Emily Spivey left the series. And yet the show is somehow not quite done: According to Deadline, NBC is "looking to proceed with the series" and is considering Lisa Kudrow as a replacement for Applegate. How would that even work? And given the show's track record of being genial but unfocused and disappointing — not bad, really, but so much less than the sum of its parts — why is NBC even trying to keep it going? Update: Kudrow's producing partner (and Scandal actor) Dan Bucatinsky says she's not joining the »

- Margaret Lyons

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So Caesars Does Want Britney in Vegas After All

8 February 2013 12:15 PM, PST

One week after telling BuzzFeed that it was not in talks with Britney Spears, Caesars Entertainment is telling the Associated Press that it is attempting to recruit Britney for a residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. (Extra! reported a similar story earlier this week.) To be fair to Caesars, the insurance policy for giant wraparound snakes must be very high. You'd have to think that over. »

- Amanda Dobbins

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Ranking The Walking Dead Characters by Whom We Want to Die Quickest

8 February 2013 12:00 PM, PST

Before the beginning of the third season of AMC's The Walking Dead, we went through the cast and decided whom we wanted to live and die. This was before the show improved, so deep down, we kind of wanted everyone to get zombified. Some of our death prayers were answered (sorry, T-Dog — not sorry, Lori), and since the improvements, we have actually ended up changing our minds about some of the survivors. With the second half of the season starting Sunday at 9 p.m., we felt it best to reexamine our death wishes. Here is an updated ranking of whom we want to live, in descending order: favorite character on top, person who we will personally eat if they stick around much longer on the bottom.(From top to bottom: Whom we most want to live to whom we most want to die) Daryl Dixon Obviously, Double-d is generally considered »

- Jesse David Fox

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