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We Need to Discuss Lena Dunham's 'Scandal' Wig

26 minutes ago

We might need to get Olivia Pope on a new case.

As we all know and are eagerly awaiting, Girls star and known Gladiator Lena Dunham will join Kerry Washington on an upcoming episode of Scandal. This is very exciting news. We love Lena Dunham, and we love Scandal. We just have one question:

What's up with that wig?

News: Lena Dunham Will Guest Star on 'Scandal'! But Is She Going to Play a Villain?! 

Dunham is gorgeous, but the straight-haired, heavily-banged auburn head-topper looks a little... awkward.

It's got to be part of the episode how strange it looks.... right?


Right, Kerry Washington?

... Right, Lena Dunham?

Can someone please explain this to us?

Alright. We'll try not to wig out about it.

Lena Dunham's Scandal episode airs Thursday, March 19.

Watch Lena Dunham address rumors Taylor Swift will guest star on Girls below.


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Was Jared Leto Really a Male Stripper?

45 minutes ago

Jared Leto debuted his platinum new ‘do at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday, but his possible stripper past may surprise you even more!

Earlier this week, Suicide Squad director David Ayer sent fans into a frenzy by sharing pics of Jared chopping off his long locks for his role as the Joker in the upcoming new flick.

While the lighter look shocked fans, it’s not the first time the 43-year-old singer-actor has rocked the almost-white style. We did some digging in the Et vault and it turns out the Oscar winner had a similar look going on when we caught up with him in 1998 to talk about Urban Legend and Fight Club.

Then 26, Jared dropped a major bombshell while sharing some of the odd jobs he had before making it big.

“I've done all kinds of things. I was a male stripper at one point – that was when I was 16 though so I shouldn't talk about »

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Harrison Ford Twice Rescued Lost Hikers in His Own Helicopter

53 minutes ago

Harrison Ford, who was injured Thursday when his plane crashed into a golf course in Venice, Calif., is also a real-life hero who twice in one year rescued lost or stranded hikers.

News: Harrison Ford Hospitalized After Crashing Plane

Ford, 72, lived part time at an 800-acre ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyo., and flew his own helicopter as part of local search and rescue missions.

In 2001, a then-13-year-old Utah Boy Scout named Cody Clawson, spent a rainy night lost and alone outside in Yellowstone National Park, CBSNews.com reported at the time. He was eventually spotted by Ford and another searcher.

"Boy, you sure must have earned a merit badge for this one," Ford said, according to CBSNews.

"I already earned this badge last summer," Clawson replied.

"Cody said the kids asked if he got an autograph and he said, 'No, but I got a hug and a handshake, and that's better than an autograph,'" said his »

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Harrison Ford Hospitalized After Crashing Plane

1 hour ago

A plane piloted by Harrison Ford crashed at a Venice, Calif. golf course Thursday afternoon, Et confirms.

The 72-year-old actor was flying solo when the small, vintage two-seater fighter plane malfunctioned, forcing the actor to crash land at the Penmar Golf Course. An eyewitness who helped pull Ford from the plane tells Et that the actor was visibly injured.

News: Harrison Ford Returning For 'Blade Runner' Sequel

The Los Angeles Fire Department confirms that a small aircraft crashed at the golf course near the Santa Monica airport. Lafd Assistant Chief Patrick Butler said the actor suffered moderate trauma and was taken to the hospital in fair to moderate condition.

NBC reports Ford was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Ford's son Ben tweeted an update on his father's condition from the hospital.

At the hospital. Dad is ok. Battered, but ok! He is every bit the man you would think he is. He is an incredibly »

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'Long Island Medium's' Theresa Caputo Tests Her Paranormal Expertise With Et's Pop Quiz!

1 hour ago

Et's Jason Dundas got to witness Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo in her element before the show's season premiere, putting her to the test with a paranormal pop quiz.

News: The Long Island Medium Helps Sisters Reconnect With Their Late Mother

While having lunch with Theresa at Nino's Tuscany Steakhouse in Manhattan, the psychic medium got a vibe from the other side of the room where several women were eating in the corner.

"Your husband wants you to know he's not restricted anymore," Theresa told the woman. "He's trying to let you know and thank you for the way you cared for him. Do you understand?"

The message was clear as the woman's husband "never thanked anyone while he was alive."

Video: Long Island Medium Brings Brooke to Tears

"Now it's coming through you to me," she said.

Jason was blown away by how Theresa had touched the woman's heart.

"That's the thing »

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Why Robert Pattinson and Fka Twigs Are the Most Underrated Couple in Hollywood

2 hours ago

Robert Pattinson’s first girlfriend since Kristen Stewart may have come as a bit of a surprise: English singer-songwriter Fka twigs. But the couple makes so much sense. And more importantly (at least to us), they’re so, so cute. Here are the many reasons why:

1. Because he's so supportive of her music. If you haven’t heard Fka twigs album, LP1, go download it now. It’s totally trippy and beautiful and unlike anything on the radio these days. As it pertains here, you can’t go to an Fka concert these days without Rob also being in attendance.


2. And she seems to make him very, very smiley:


No more of the moody, broody R.Pattz of Twi years.

3. Because she stands up for herself. After their relationship became public knowledge, certain Robsten shippers with a tenuous grip on reality and an inability to let »

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Rip Maxis: 9 Life Lessons We Learned From 'The Sims'

2 hours ago

Sad day.

EA shut down Maxis Emeryville today, the game developer responsible for The Sims and SimCity.

In a statement released to Kotaku, they said that "Today we are consolidating Maxis IP development to our studios in Redwood Shores, Salt Lake City, Helsinki and Melbourne locations as we close our Emeryville location."

The good news for current Sims fans is that while the developer as we know it is no more, the "changes do not impact our plans for The Sims."

That's a relief, but we're still sad to see Maxis go. Here are some life lessons we might have never learned without our beloved Sims.

1. Make bladder control a priority.

Bathroom or no bathroom, Sims will go when they need to go.

2. If you want to get promoted, try having a well lit walk to the car in the morning.

Gotta stay motivated!

3. If your problems seem insurmountable, remove all the exits and cause a fire »

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Watch a Fan ask James Franco to Prom -- Did He Say 'Yes'?!

3 hours ago

It’s no secret that people all around the world have crushes on James Franco, but one teen took her love for the actor to a whole new (and adorable) level – by asking the actor to prom!

The ambitious student, Bianca Figueroa, first uploaded her “promposal” to YouTube and then posted a snippet to her Instagram account writing, “My senior prom is April 18th. I am a huge @jamesfrancotv fan and it would be my dream and make my entire life if he were to go with me. So please share this and tag him a million times! Lol use the hashtag#FrancoPromposal”

In her creative video, she proves how much she adores the 36-year-old actor by referencing several of his famous roles – including Oz in The Wizard of Oz and Danny Desario in the television hit “Freaks and Geeks.”

"Will you be the Michael to my Bennett, the Oz to my Galinda, the Daniel »

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7 Things I Learned While Working Out With Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson

3 hours ago

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, whose method has sculpted Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna's awe-inspiring bods, is not as scary as you'd think.

"I'm not a yeller," she says. "I know factually how to give you your best workout." (Obviously yes, she’s still intimidating.)

I jumped at the chance to spend an hour in Anderson's (very hot) Brentwood, Calif., studio, learning the moves from the master herself.

Watch: Secrets From Hollywood's Post-Baby Fitness Guru

Joining Anderson at Wednesday night’s #BeatsHourofPower event was Girls showrunner Jenni Konner, who has been a devotee of the program for four years now. The pair engaged in a brief pre-workout Q&A session, centered mostly on the importance of a solid workout playlist. "I believe whole-heartedly that we are all programmed to move to music," Anderson said. "The closer you are to the music, the more empowered you become."


But there were many lessons to be learned from Anderson's »

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Celebs' Fashionable Siblings Reveal Hot New Looks for Spring

3 hours ago

Miley Cyrus' 15-year-old sister, Noah, Vanessa Hudgens' 19-year-old sister, Stella, and Cody Simpson's 16-year-old sister, Alli, are all growing out of their siblings' shadows and becoming influencers in their own right.

There are some big perks to being in the spotlight.

"I got to see the world at such a young age, going on tours with my sister and being able to see that," Stella said. "So I think that definitely was a great blessing to see the world at such a young age."

Stella and Vanessa also share a closet, which means access to her clothes.

"It's very exciting," Stella said. "There'll be certain things that she wants to wear and then I'll be going on a trip, so I can't pack them and vice versa."

"Last year, Miley did her Bangerz tour and I got to go with her," Noah said. "We were doing Europe, and it was »

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Oasis' Noel Gallagher Bashes Taylor Swift, But Isn't Bothered By Harry Styles

4 hours ago

You can't please them all.

Though Taylor Swift's bestselling 1989 is her most critically acclaimed album yet, one person definitely not impressed is Oasis' Noel Gallagher.

The 47-year-old "Champagne Supernova" singer recently got candid with Rolling Stone, bashing the "Blank Space" singer in a new interview. When the magazine pointed out that many people praise 25-year-old Taylor's talent as a songwriter, he outright laughed.

"Who says that? Her parents?" he quipped. "Who's 'people'? Name these people. You're f**king lying. She seems like a nice girl, but no one has ever said those words, and you f**ing know it.”

News: Madonna Crowns Taylor Swift a Princess of Pop

Though to be fair, Noel calls all modern pop music "f**ing awful."

"Modern pop music is bland nonsense," he says. "There isn't even a word yet that's capable of describing it. If it was a color, it would be beige. Do you know »

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Here's What It's Like To Ride The World's Tallest Giga Coaster

4 hours ago

That is one steep drop...

Carowinds Amusement Park in Charlotte, N.C. uploaded a video of the first test run for Fury 325, which will debut this Spring as the world's tallest giga coaster. The ride will last three minutes, 25 seconds, and will reach speeds of up to 95 miles per hour.

Get read to gulp.

Post by Carowinds Amusement Park.

The drop is 320 feet.


And makes you feel like this.


Seriously though, that cat Gif works for Everything.

News: There's an Island in Japan Where Cats Outnumber People 6 to 1 

Speaking of roller coasters, Idina Menzel sure had a roller coaster 2014 right?? Watch the video below.


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Kim Zolciak's Waist Is Tinier Than Cinderella's Thanks to Waist Training

6 hours ago

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is the latest celeb to get in on the super-popular waist training trend.

The 36-year-old reality star and mother of six took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off her unbelievably tiny waist, which she credits to No Waist Clique.

"Soooo you guys finally talked me into trying a waist trainer!" she wrote. "I can't believe how tiny it makes my waist I'm obsessed with @nowaistclique waist trainer and it doesn't show through my clothes!"

Photos: Biggest Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

But keep in mind that Zolciak has been open in the past about getting a tummy tuck and breast augmentation after giving birth to twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren in November 2013.

Still, she's one of many stars to recently swear by the corset trend. Kim Kardashian started waist training last August, and her sister Khloe raised eyebrows just last week when she showed off her own colorful »

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Incredible Impressionist Performs 'Uptown Funk' Using 'Family Guy' Voices

6 hours ago

The best song of 2014 and 2015 keeps getting awesome covers!

After seeing Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' hit performed by high school students, Glee, and some awesome elderly people, we get to hear the song through the voices of Quahog, R.I.!

In this YouTube video, Mikey Bolts effortlessly switches between various Family Guy characters (as well as some other popular cartoon favorites) to make dragons want to retire once again.

Pics: Bruno Mars Standing Next to Tall People Will Make Your Day 

He can do Peter Griffin:


He can do Stewie:


He Nails Joe Swanson:


But our favorite is probably Hank from King of the Hill:


Seriously Hank is the best.

Watch: Elderly People Cover 'Uptown Funk' and It's Amazing 

It's safe to say if Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane ever needs a day off, he can just give this guy a ring!

Watch this teacher »

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Rihanna Teases Another New Song on Instagram -- But Where are the Bangerz?

6 hours ago

The Rihanna teases keep coming with a brand new song snippet.

Rih Rih posted two quick clips to Instagram on Thursday, previewing a smooth jam that appears to be titled "Higher."

Watch: Rihanna Tells Et New Album Coming 'Very Soon'

"This whiskey got me feelin pretty, so pardon if I'm impolite," Rihanna croons over strings. "I just really need your ass with me."

Watch: Rihanna is Swimming With Sharks!

The seductive track will no doubt be right at home on Rihanna's next album, but where are the club bangerz? "FourFiveSeconds" is great, but we're ready for Rih to make us feel like the "Only Girl (In the World)" again.

No word yet on when Rih will grace us with her highly anticipated eighth album, but Kanye West did recently reveal that he's onboard as the executive producer.

Believe it or not, Rih told ETonline back in November that #R8 would be coming "very soon." See that interview »

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'Sex and the City' Creator Darren Star on Why the 'Up the Butt' Scene Changed the Game

6 hours ago

No one loves a great scene more than the person who first dreamed it up -- the writer. We're asking iconic shows' creators and writers to tell ETonline all about the moment on their series that they most cherished getting to see make it from script to screen.

“You have to put yourself in the mindset of the late-‘90s, where this sort of thing was not done on television,” Sex and the City creator Darren Star tells ETonline of the HBO comedy that first premiered in 1998 and would eventually run six seasons, spawn two films, and make Carrie Bradshaw a household name.

My Favorite Scene: Executive Producer Jenni Konner on 'Girls'

The show’s frankness and humor about sex was both iconic and revolutionary. Yet, in the first season, hardly anyone watched the adventures of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Samantha (Kim Cattrall).

That means not many people »

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How to Curb Your 'How to Get Away With Murder' Cravings For the Next 7 Months!

7 hours ago

It's been a week since How to Get Away With Murder's jaw-dropping finale, and we're still thinking about that killer twist!

Although we're thrilled that the smash Shonda Rhimes series was renewed for a second season, we're not happy we have to wait (at least!) seven months before all our burning questions might be answered.

To help you fight those Htgawm withdrawals ETonline caught up with three of the Keating Five – Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry, and Karla Souza – and found out the best tactics for fans to curb their murderous cravings.

News: 19 Burning Questions We Have After That Killer 'Htgawm' Finale

Like us, the stars of Htgawm, were "flabbergasted" when they first learned that true identity of Lila (Megan West) was Analise's (Viola Davis) right-hand-man, Frank (Charlie Weber).

"I was in my kitchen when I was reading [the finale script]," King shared with ETonline. "And I literally flung my body against the wall because I was like, 'No »

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Jared Leto Debuts Platinum Hair at Paris Fashion Week Just Like Kim Kardashian

7 hours ago

Kim Kardashian isn't the only one turning heads at the star-studded Balmain fashion show on Thursday.

After Jared Leto cut off his long locks and beard on Monday to prepare for his role as the Joker in the highly anticipated Suicide Squad, he shocked his fans yet again with his striking new platinum blond 'do he just debuted at Paris Fashion Week.

Sporting a velvet blazer paired with a white turtleneck and black skinny jeans, check out the 43-year-old actor's new look.

Splash News

Photos: 2 Looks, 1 Star

Are we the only ones getting some serious Karl Lagerfeld vibes?!

Splash News

And to the delight of the Internet, Jared took a moment to pose with his hair twin Kim at the show, alongside Kanye (who's clearly a fan of Jared judging by his right arm), Kris and a statuesque Kendall, who walked the Balmain runway.

Getty Images

But as some fans have noted, Jared's new bleached »

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Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Reignite 'Happy Gilmore' Feud

7 hours ago

It's been nearly a decade since Adam Sandler squared off with former Price Is Right host Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore, but their feud is still going strong.

Donning a Boston Bruins hockey jersey like the one he wore in the 1996 comedy, Sandler is seen visiting Barker in the hospital in a promo for Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars, which airs Sunday and raises money for autism programs.

Photos: Favorite TV and Movie Cast Reunions

When Sandler asks Barker how he's feeling, the insults begin. "I'm fine. But you know, you are looking old. How old are you, 60?" Barker asks. "You're looking chunkier than this soup … I guess doing all those movies without me took its toll."

Sandler bites back, "I think Price Is Right is on now, we could watch that. Love the host [Drew Carey]. He's just so funny and not crotchety, angry."

It doesn't take long before these two are at blows with one »

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This Kid Made the Weirdest, Most Wonderful Bar Mitzvah Invite (but His Brother Steals the Show)

7 hours ago

On this day, a boy becomes a man becomes a viral sensation. Mazel tov!

Brody Criz wasn’t content sending out boring, paper invites to his Bar Mitzvah. Instead, he made this video parodying Pharrell’s “Happy," John Legend's "All of Me," Lorde's "Royals," and, uh...Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”

It’s weird. It’s hilarious. And we respect the heck out of the chutzpah any kid has to have to put this whole thing together. Behold:

News: This is the most insane viral video you'll ever see (so watch it Asap)

And while Brody is definitely the star of the video, his brother steals the show. The rest of the Critz family seems more than game to play along for the video:

And then there’s Brody’s sullen brother:

Who is just having none of it. Whether genuine or not, his I-would-rather-be-anywhere-but-here-kill-me-please attitude is basically us everyday:

So while this may be your »

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