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Zac Efron's Baby Photo Is the Most Adorable Thing Ever

1 hour ago

Is this the cutest photo of Zac Efron or what?

Earlier this week, the actor's team posted an adorable Twitter pic of baby Efron smiling happily for the camera in a blue sweatshirt and red overalls was posted to Twitter as part of Throwback Thursday (#Tbt) – which was “dedicated to this little ninja.”

Pics: The 27 Most Important Shirtless Zac Efron Photos!

Today's #tbt is dedicated to this little ninja. - #TeamZE pic.twitter.com/yGfnD0tO7Z

Zac Efron (@ZacEfron) January 30, 2015

Too cute for words!

Efron – who turned heads with a ‘70s-style mustache in November – is gearing up for several big films, including this year’s We Are Your Friends and 2016’s Dirty Grandpa with Robert De Niro.

Remember when Efron wowed the Internet with his dancing skills, first to Jason DeRulo’s “Wiggle” and then to DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What”? Relive his impressive moves below!


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Casey Kasem's Children Continue to Fight: This Is a Case of Elder Abuse

3 hours ago

The children of late Top 40 star Casey Kasem urged Los Angeles police to further an elder abuse investigation involving the radio legend's widow during a news conference on Friday.

Casey's daughter Kerri Kasem was appointed caretaker of her father prior to his passing and has aired her grievances about how her stepmother's alleged actions may have affected Casey's life.

News: Casey Kasem's Body Headed To Norway For Burial

"We learned that Adult Protective Services were called not only by us kids, but by Saint John's Hospital. Why? Because Jean decided my father was just a little too much and she just needed to get rid of him for a while. She dropped him off at the hospital and never picked him up ... That's called abandonment and that is elder abuse."

Jean, Casey's wife of more than 30 years, had previously been accused of forbidding Casey's children from seeing him in the months leading up to his death »

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Why 'Better Call Saul' Is the Most Anticipated TV Spinoff Ever

3 hours ago

The Breaking Bad prequel series, Better Call Saul, is being called the most anticipated TV spinoff ever and with good reason.

News: Bob Odenkirk Spills on the Better Call Saul's Shocking Breaking Bad Twist!

Esquire made the bold claim that the first few episodes are even better than Breaking Bad's, and according to show co-creator Vince Gilligan, they're saving the best for later.

"The first three are not even the best three," Vince said at the Better Call Saul premiere Thursday night. "They get better after that."

"Breaking Bad ended before people were done with it," star Bob Odenkirk (a.k.a. Saul Goodman) said at the Better Call Saul premiere Thursday night. "We hope the audience will come along. If they do they'll be rewarded. These guys are great storytellers."

Watch: First Teaser for Better Call Saul Has Arrived!

Esquire's Stephen Marche praised Bob's performance.

"I will say Bob Odenkirk is totally compelling all the »

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Stacey Dash Slammed After Saying Campus Rape Victims Are ‘Bad Girls’

3 hours ago

Turns out, Stacey Dash is pretty clueless when it comes to victim blaming.

List: 10 Celebs Who Were Too Old to Play High School Students

After the University of Virginia urged female students to avoid parties in order to prevent rape and other sexual misconduct, the actress – a regular on the Fox News show Outnumbered – addressed the new development by voicing her controversial opinion on the topic.

"I think it's a good thing for the good girls to be told to stay home, be safe," the Clueless star told the panel. "The other bad girls – bad women – are the ones who like to be naughty, might go out and play and get hurt."

The actress followed up her victim-blaming with a pretty flawed firearms metaphor which continued to ignore the fault of the rapists and perpetrators of sexual crimes.

"The other thing about this is that it then blames the alcohol instead of the person who overdrinks," Dash »

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Kevin Hart Mocks Kevin Frazier's Katy Perry Selfie at Madden Bowl

4 hours ago

Et's Kevin Frazier was still flying high hours after his selfie with Katy Perry at her Super Bowl press conference, but leave it to comedian Kevin Hart to bring him back down to Earth.

News: Katy Perry Teases Super Bowl Halftime Show

"Wait a second, Kevin! She's not even looking at your camera," Hart said. "This is a weird moment right here. She didn't want to be there Kevin. Let me be honest with you. Eyes tell a thousand stories. Her eyes say, 'This is creepy.'"

Frazier caught up with Hart as The Wedding Ringer star hosted the Annual Madden Bowl at the Live Wire in Scottsdale, Ariz., where Cardinals' cornerback Patrick Peterson prevailed over Eagles' running back LeSean McCoy to win the video game tournament.

Hart emceed the event, but does he have game?

"I am what you call a gamer," Hart insisted. "This is my life. This is what I do."

News: GoDaddy »

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Michelle Obama Crowns School Counselor of the Year

4 hours ago

Et's Nischelle Turner was at the White House with First Lady Michelle Obama as she honored the National School Counselor of the Year.

This was the first time in history that the National School Counselor of the Year was honored with a ceremony at the White House -- the distinction going to Cory Notestine of Colorado's Alamosa High School.

News: First Lady Michelle Obama Spoofs "Turn Down for What"

The moment was a big one for Obama, whose Reach Higher initiative inspires kids to complete education beyond high school.

"Our school counselors convince students that they have something special -- each of them -- to offer," Obama said. "They're so under-appreciated and under-funded."

Connie Britton, who played school counselor Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights, introduced the First Lady at the event. Obama credited Britton's role as integral to getting the conversation started: "That character on TV helps awareness."

Watch the video for more! »

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Flashback: 30-Year-Old Kevin Costner Says His Career Will Be Fun to Watch

4 hours ago

Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner plays a grandfather caught in a custody battle over his granddaughter in Black or White, a heartwarming story that faces issues of race and compassion that hits theaters Jan. 30.

Watch: 'Black or White' Stars On Racism In America: 'The Answer Lies in Love'

Costner's career has spanned three decades, and we dug into our Et vault and found our very first interview with the actor thirty years ago, when he was just an up-and-coming star.

“I got everything that one could possibly ever want,” Costner told Et back in 1985 of his newfound career, “and it doesn't have anything to do with screen time, it has to do with the right circle -- the associations of people and them knowing your work and wanting to work with you again.”

Then 30, Costner was coming off two major breakout roles, as Marcus Sommers in American Flyers, and as Jake in the western Silverado, a role »

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Can 'The Biggest Loser's' New Winner Keep the Weight Off?

4 hours ago

Toma Dobrosavljevic was crowned The Biggest Loser winner Thursday night by just .01 percent of body fat during the show's season finale, but can he keep the weight off?

News: Former Contestant Slams The Biggest Loser, Others Stand By Show

Toma lost 177 pounds, going from 336 pounds to 165 pounds through the grueling workouts on the show. While he had trainers to motivate him around the clock while he was competing for $250,000, now he will be left to his own devices. Fortunately, Toma told us that he will still be held accountable.

"I am really fortunate to have an amazing support system back home," Toma told Et.

The senior project manager from Addison, Ill. added that The Biggest Loser staff is still just a phone call away.

"I feel like I've made friends here for a lifetime. I think I can reach out to the doctors, the nutritionists, the trainers, anytime if I have an issue," Toma said.

News: »

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Jason McCourty Reveals Whether He’ll Cheer on His Twin at Super Bowl

4 hours ago

Just because they're twin brothers and NFL stars doesn't mean they're each other's good luck charm. Jason McCourty of the Tennessee Titans reveals to Et that he won't be cheering on his Patriots player brother Devin at the Super Bowl this Sunday.

"You're probably not expecting this but I will not be at the game. Dev's zero in three with me attending the games," Jason revealed to Et's Kevin Frazier.

But Jason will still be cheering his brother on from afar, even wearing Devin's Pats jersey. He tells Kevin, "It's better to have one ring in the family than zero, so hopefully he can come out with that win."

Kevin and Jason teamed up with Visa at the NFL Shop to learn how to use Apple Pay, where, for the first time, fans can buy swag at the NFL shop with their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. »

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Super Bowl Measles Scare: Is it Legit?

5 hours ago

There have been reported concerns that a measles outbreak could occur at the Super Bowl, but just how serious is the threat?

A recent outbreak of the disease, has Arizona health officials on high alert. There have been seven confirmed cases in the state and officials are monitoring 1,000 people who may have come into contact with those infected.

News: Katy Perry Teases Super Bowl Halftime Show

Despite the hype, the NFL is assuaging fears, saying that most of the players have been vaccinated. Meanwhile, a local reporter tells Et's Kevin Frazier that most of the cases of measles in Arizona are isolated in the East Valley about 50 miles away from the University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Super Bowl will be played.

Halftime performer Lenny Kravitz wasn't concerned at all when Kevin met up with him in Phoenix.

"I haven't heard a thing about it," the rock star said.

Lenny, who will be »

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'Laverne and Shirley' Cast Set the Record Straight About Discord on Set

5 hours ago

Et's Brooke Anderson caught up with the Laverne and Shirley cast as they shared their memories (good and bad) working on the sitcom, which ran on ABC for 8 seasons from 1976-83. Cindy Williams sets the record straight on whether there was turmoil between her and fellow co-star Penny Marshall.

"It's like an Italian family at a dinner table on Sunday and somebody doesn't pass the celery properly," Cindy joked. "There’s always going to be arguments." Despite any on-set disagreements, Cindy insisted that it didn't hinder the cast and crew's dedication to making people laugh. "It was a show about happiness and in the end that was everyone's goal."

Pics: Our Favorite Cast Reunions!

The gang reunited for The Hollywood Show, a quarterly celebrity autograph and pop culture expo held in Los Angeles. And while Penny, 71, showed up for the fans at the event, she declined our interview. Even so, Cindy, 67, explained »

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'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Trailer Will Blow Your Mind!

6 hours ago

Holy Targaryen!

The brand-new trailer for Game of Throne's highly-anticipated new season is here — and it's jam-packed with two minutes and five seconds of jaw-dropping Westeros action.

The movie theater-worthy video is accompanied by a somber cover of David Bowie's iconic hit, "Heroes," while all of your favorite characters embark on their respective quests for revenge, power and justice.

News: 'X-Men' Casts 'Game of Thrones' Star as a Young Jean Grey

Post by Game of Thrones.

To make matters even more amazing, it looks like this could finally be the season that Daenerys finally takes a big leap forward in her mission to rule all of Westeros. "The seven kingdoms needs a ruler loved by millions with a powerful army and the right family name," Varys calmly explains to Tyrion.

"Good luck finding him," Tyrion taunts.

"Who said anything about him?" Varys quips.

Game of Thrones' fifth season premieres April 12 on HBO. »

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'Harry Potter' Star Rushed to Hospital With Severe Flu-Like Symptoms

6 hours ago

Sounds like Hagrid could use a get-well spell!

Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane was rushed to a Florida hospital after falling ill with severe flu-like symptoms on Friday.

Video: 'Harry Potter' Stars Reunite for Tour of 'Diagon Alley' Attraction

The actor, who played half-giant Hagrid in all eight Harry Potter film adaptations, was scheduled to appear at Universal’s Celebration of Harry Potter event in Orlando beginning on Friday, but fell ill on the flight to Florida.

"Robbie took ill last night and is getting the rest he needs to feel better," said Universal Orlando in a statement. "We are sorry he can’t be with us this weekend, but we look forward to seeing him up and better soon."

According to TMZ, the actor was traveling with Harry Potter co-star Michael Gambon, who played Albus Dumbledore in several of the films.

News: Tom Felton Drops a 'Harry Potter' – and Kanye West Bomshell

Coltrane's co-star »

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We Never Stopped Believing — How 'Glee' Finally Got Its Groove Back!

6 hours ago

Six years ago, I said 'I do' to Glee.

Since watching the first revolutionary episode, I've stayed loyal to the Fox comedy. For better ("Don't Stop Believin'"), and for worse ("Run Joey Run"). For richer (That gigantic Bushwick loft) and for poorer (Sam's hotel-room home). Through sickness, (Burt's cancer scare) and in heath, (Quinn's magical paralysis recovery), until the series finale parts us.

Like all true TV marriages, I stuck by the series when things got tough — aka nearly all of seasons four and five — because once upon a hallway, I fell in love with a group of high school misfits who all just so happened to have miraculous musical abilities.

There's no denying that Glee is riddled with ridiculous inconsistencies (Where the heck did Sugar Motta go?), or that we wanted to strangle some characters with our own hands (Looking at you, Brody), and that some storylines were excruciatingly frustrating (That fake school shooting. Wtf?).

But »

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Treat Your Sweetie to an Amazing Valentine's Day Gift Bag!

7 hours ago

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it, so you better start planning what to get for that special someone. We are making Valentine shopping easy for one lucky winner, by giving away an amazing bag filled with romantic goodies, even including diamond jewelry!

Awesome treats in the gift bag include: Burke Williams H2V Eye-Tox 3 advanced delivery eye serum, a chic Casio Edifice EFR545SB watch, Chloe and Isabel convertible earrings, a Cold Stone Creamery gift card, a Sterling Health and Wellness artisan candle, and a Zales the Diamond Store Aspca Tender Voices diamond pendant in sterling silver, along with other cool items.

Click here to enter and here for the rules.

No purchase necessary. Open to Us residents 18 years and older. Entries must be received by February 3, 2015 at 11:59pm Pst to be eligible.  »

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The Top 7 Super Bowl Halftime Moments

7 hours ago

From Janet's wardrobe malfunction to Prince's risque pantomime, the Super Bowl halftime show has featured moments that are sometimes more memorable than the game itself. On a massive worldwide stage, audiences have seen everything from a Destiny's Child reunion to a show-stopping performance from the King of Pop.

News: 6 Secrets Katy Perry Revealed About Her Super Bowl Halftime Show

Here's a look at some of the Super Bowl's best halftime moments:

7. Bruno Mars Brings the Funk

The halftime show is using more about spectacle than musicianship, and while Bruno Mars certainly had plenty of flash, he and his terrific dancing band also brought some serious chops to their halftime performance at Super Bowl Xlviii in 2014. The feel-good performance got the crowd (and audience at home) on their feet and a cameo from the Red Hot Chili Peppers only sweetened the deal (even if their guitars were unplugged).

6. Diana Ross Takes Flight

For the Super Bowl's 30th anniversary »

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3 Easy Steps to Fresh-Faced Beauty like Halle Berry, Sarah Hyland & More

7 hours ago

The all natural look is back with a vengeance thanks in part to celebrities posting make-up free selfies and the Spring 2015 runways embracing minimalistic beauty. The key is faking a flawless complexion with subtle enhancements. The no make-up, make-up look is the easiest way to create a youthful glow and it adds an effortless look to any outfit.

Get natural looking radiant skin like Gisele Bundchen and Jordana Brewster by starting with a moisturizer. Moisturizer hydrates the skin and adds to its luminosity. Apply a thin layer of tinted primer to help even out your complexion. Then smooth foundation under your eyes and over problem areas with a make-up sponge instead of concealer for a more natural, sheer finish.

Video: Kelly Osbourne & Shay Mitchell Offer Up Their Best Beauty Tips

The next trick is to create the illusion of strong eyebrows like Lily Collins and Sarah Hyland. Fuller eyebrows add definition to your face and help brighten »

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Miranda Lambert Reigns Supreme With 8 Acm Awards Nominations

8 hours ago

Miranda Lambert has done it again.

The reigning Academy of Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year is up for eight awards at the 2015 Acm Awards, leading the pack with more nominations than any other artist. The full list of nominees was unveiled on Friday, Jan. 30, after Entertainment Tonight's own Nancy O'Dell revealed the first category on Thursday's show.

Pics: Acm Red Carpet Fashion

Lambert is up for the Acm's top awards, including Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year and Female Vocalist of the year. (No surprise there: it’s Lambert's ninth consecutive nom in the latter category!)

But the boys are hot on her heels. Dierks Bentley and Florida Georgia Line scored seven and five nominations respectively, while Eric Church, Kenny Chesney and Luke Bryan are up for four awards each.

See the complete list of nominees below.

Watch: The Hottest Acm 2014 Performances!

The 50th annual Acm Awards will air live on Sunday »

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Watch This Amazing Weatherman Keep Cool While A Map Malfunction Shows Apocalyptic Temperatures

8 hours ago

It gets pretty hot in Arizona, but thankfully residents this week were not subjected to any high Af temperatures or signs of sure apocalyptic doom. There was however, a malfunctioning weather map over at Fox 10 Phoenix, that might have made some residents skip the usual morning coffee to say... dive into the nearest possible freezer, weeping and praying to anything, Anything they still believe in.

Remember how Everything was 'Frozen' in 2014? Well according to this weather map, the situation in Arizona is basically the opposite.

News: No One Has Ever Been More Excited to Give the Weather Forecast Than This Kid

Enter clutch weatherman Cory McCloskey, unphased by the unspeakably horrific temperatures, who stepped in to help panicked residents laugh off the alarming forecasts. Watch below.

He didn't even authorize an official evacuation of Ahwatukee...

There Was some bad news for Cave Creek, and Fountain Hills.

Fox 10 Phoenix

And God help the residents of Wickenburg.

Fox 10 Phoenix »

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Duggar Cousin Confesses She Was Born Out of Wedlock

8 hours ago

Well, this is very un-Duggar.

19 Kids and Counting star Amy Duggar, cousin of the namesake 19 Duggar siblings, made a confession on her Instagram Monday, admitting that she was born out of wedlock.

"The tabloids are telling the truth, my mom and dad did have me out of wedlock," Duggar wrote on a picture with her parents. "Just because we are Christians doesn't make us perfect, it just makes us forgiven."

Duggar shared the news as part of a "#prolife" post, seemingly worried about the scrutiny this confession might bring, given her ties to the conservative Christian megafamily.

"Just because I share the Duggar name doesn't mean my life is perfect!" she wrote. "God knew my uncle would have a hit show and that somehow I would be apart of it. He knew my parents’ story would be told."

News: The Duggars Offer Their Sex & Love Tips

The 28-year-old aspiring country singer has appeared on several episodes of the »

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