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Scream Series is Officially a Go with MTV Cast Confirmed

18 hours ago

As it stands it doesnt seem well be seeing Ghostface in the Scream television series. But we will indeed see a season of the show as MTV has now officially ordered a 10episode series premiere slated for an October 2015 arrival. Will anyone care about the show without the iconic villain History says yes but not much. Neither the Nightmare on Elm Street nor the Friday the 13th series which both went live in the 1980s boasted the fan appeal to stick around for any respectable run. »

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Don Mancini Talks Freddy vs. Chucky Flick

21 hours ago

Don Mancini the mad man behind the longrunning and highly successful Childs Play franchise is currently crafting another Chucky script for Universal. What becomes of Mancinis new project and what direction hell take the story remains to be seen but the man did share a few ideas with William Bibbiani of CraveOnline. This is interesting stuff and certainly the kind of concepts that hardcore fans go insane over. »

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Lost After Dark (2014) Review

22 hours ago

Cowritten by director Kessner and Bo Ransdell Lost After Dark eschews the Scream meta approach in its lovingly clever homage to the 1980s slasher film as it follows a group of teenagers out to party when the school bus theyve stolen breaks down. In true 80s form it isnt long before the randy adolescents discover a creepy farm house as well as the owner of it a cannibal killer known as Junior Joad. Kessners approach to this material is pitchperfect and he clearly knows the subgenre. Delivering familiar slasher tropes in the forms of a virgin (presented as the final girl) a slut a badboy a jock a nerd et al. as well as in narrative Lost After Darks retro approach »

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American Horror Story Freak Show The Amazing Real Stories Behind The Actors

28 October 2014 2:03 PM, PDT

Whether you are enjoying this season of American Horror Story or you think the Freak Show is a bomb there is one thing everyone can agree on the freaks are the most interesting part of the show. Week after week I find myself more interested in the people portraying the freaks than I am the actors only pretending to be freaks. As the season continues I only hope they get more screen time and their stories are further developed. Thats sure enough about to happen with the continuation of the Halloween episode this Wednesday when Edward Mordrake continues his hunt through the freak show looking for a genuine freak. For now however lets get to know the real people behind the freaks. »

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Huge The Walking Dead Fan Theory Debunked by Robert Kirkman

28 October 2014 1:08 PM, PDT

Now of course we all believe this to be nothing more than complete and utter rubbish but the slim chance of this being fact is enough to haunt show followers. No one buys into the it was all a dream copout. Its the one surefire way to wrap a series on a dreadful universally despised note. Just ask Jj Abrams who toyed with a very similar idea on the once beloved survivor series Lost. Lets just say the ending didnt leave fans all too pleased and most felt as though theyd thrown away six seasons worth of time (I bailed after four seasons of endless questions and absolutely zero answers for the record) on a lame we dont know how to complete this story series that probably shouldnt have ever been as engaging as it was. »

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Housebound (2014) Review

28 October 2014 1:06 PM, PDT

Between Morgana OReillys feisty attitude and uncharacteristic attractiveness were left to accept her as a sexy star on the rise likely capable of tackling an assortment of characters and that pushes the entire production into a warm welcoming realm. The truth is Ill line up to watch any of these performers again. There isnt a weak link in the bunch and the film as a whole is one of the greatest of 2014. Do yourself a proper justice and track this one down immediately. »

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How Will You Die in a Horror Movie

28 October 2014 9:22 AM, PDT

The New York Film Academy decided to take a look at some of legendary deaths in the horror genre creating a chooseyourownadventure style game where you can pick between two paths to see how you would most likely die in a horror movie. Take the quiz below and share your results on social media by using the hash tag HowIDied. »

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Watch This Awesome Short The Last Halloween Now

28 October 2014 8:05 AM, PDT

Every now and then a short film comes along that completely captivates. Marc Roussels new Halloween short The Last Halloween is most certainly that film and Im out to do everything in my power to ensure people have the chance to see this one. Its a picture that doesnt deserve to be lost victimized by the clich crack slippage. Perhaps more importantly its a picture that could truly kickstart Roussels directorial (the man already has a history in the business) career. »

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Ouija (2014) Review

27 October 2014 10:32 AM, PDT

Ouija is a teen horror flick filling the Halloween void that is decidedly absent of yet another Saw Paranormal Activity or Final Destination remake. With no real alternatives available in U.S. theaters in October 2014 Ouiji went on to a 20Mm opening weekend and will likely ride that wave a little further before it dies off. Not too bad for a reported 5Mm budget. The horror fare is light the storyline predictable and the pieces of the puzzle come together just too conveniently for this film to be taken seriously but maybe the younger set isnt looking for serious horror but just something useless to celebrate the season. If thats youre goal enjoy. »

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Suburban Gothic (2014) Review

27 October 2014 9:13 AM, PDT

Its Saturday night at Screamfest 2014 and what could be more delightful than a crazy romp through a fantastic horror comedy Sound good Well then check out the insane fun that is Suburban Gothic a Tim Burton and John Waters inspired instant classic cowritten and directed by Richard (Ricky) Bates Jr. You shant regret it good gore sirs and lovely horror ladies Raymond (the ridiculously adorable Matthew Gray Gubler) is a welleducated and very eccentric young man but hes fallen on some hard times. His escape away to the big city has come to an end and he must rely upon the love and generosity of his equally eccentric (just more socially acceptable) parents in this dark time of need. So back home he goes »

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13 Wildly Cool Easter Eggs in Horror Films

27 October 2014 8:20 AM, PDT

Filmmakers have been paying quiet tribute to other inspirational filmmakers for too many decades to count. In recent years this tactic has taken on the term Easter egging because of course it can be a serious hunt to spot these moments of true homage especially the very subtle executions that some have taken to exercising. To find and list every Easter egg ever included in a horror film is just about impossible as the breadth of this tactic is just... staggering (The Shining alone has probably been honored a good 100 times). But sometimes a serious treasure creeps into frame and those of us addicted to the genre just cant help but spot and identify them. Here now are 13 of the more memorable and entertaining Easter eggs youll find.. »

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The Last Witch Hunter is Now Slated for a Halloween Release

27 October 2014 8:12 AM, PDT

Just one month ago we showed you the first image from Vin Diesels latest genre piece The Last Witch Hunter. Were excited for the flick as the synopsis sounds intriguing and the cast attached to the project is absolutely top notch. At the time of the image reveal however we didnt know much in regards to the release date. But all that changes right now. »

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The Introduction of The Mummy Reboot Revealed

27 October 2014 7:58 AM, PDT

Sounds about right action oriented and a bit ahead of itself. We may not be treated to a very thorough backstory or setup here but the truth is The Mummys never been a very thickly layered story even if the franchise has had some chilling moments over the years. The main concern is the emphasis on action. We saw what Stephen Sommers did to the franchise a decade or so ago and it wasnt pretty If were in for a repeat performance (and it sounds at least in tone very similar) a pass may be in order. »

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Spoiler The Walking Dead Season 5 Ep. 3 Four Walls and a Roof Review

27 October 2014 7:57 AM, PDT

Four Walls and a Roof opens on a bleak and gruesome note. We see hordes of savage walkers anxious to get at human flesh and we see Gareth and his small band of misfits as they huddle around a fire still eating pieces of Bob whos clinging to life. Gareth launches into a monologue about the taste of human meat (apparently he prefers to chow on women) which is really rather repulsive and fans are getting a very very good opportunity to see how vile this skinny little shithead is. »

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