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Cecily Strong's Best Zingers From the White House Correspondents' Dinner

3 hours ago

Live! From the basement ballroom of the Washington Hilton! It’s… Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, at which President Barack Obama and Saturday Night Live cast member Cecily Strong each fired shots at both sides of the aisle.

RelatedSNL: Reese Witherspoon, Louis C.K. Hosting Final Season 40 Episodes

Was Cecily a Strong host of the annual gathering of press, politicos and celebs? Did Potus hold his own, with his opening remarks? At the risk of a thumb cramp, I scrolled through the cable guide until I found C-span and watched for you, singling out these zingers.

Cecily Strong »

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Orphan Black Recap: Broken Boys

6 hours ago

Orphan Black fans, I have a confession to make: I liked this week’s episode much more than the season premiere, which I found unwieldy to the point where I got lost in the plot.

This week’s episode was calmer and more rooted in character than conspiracy, although we still got plenty of Project Castor developments.

So let’s get to the action, which begins between the sheets as Rudy brings a random woman back to his hotel room. As they’re in the throes of passion, Seth joins in, much to the woman’s horror once she opens »

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Outlander Recap: Homecoming Sting

6 hours ago

Jamie acts like a right arse in this week’s Outlander — and that’s a good thing. Here’s why.

Aside from sending some rather mixed messages to Laoghaire, Claire’s husband has made all the right moves in the short time we’ve known him. He’s deftly navigated complex clan politics. He’s landed a smart, hot, capable wife. He’s even believed the most unbelievable of stories — that Claire is a time-traveling nurse from the 1940s — with a wry grin and a love-endures-all attitude. We’ve rarely seen him make a misstep; the guy is on point. »

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NCIS: Los Angeles Sneak Peek: Deeks and Kensi Are Mistaken for [Spoiler]

8 hours ago

Husband and wife? Pfft, that’d be too predictable. Instead, Kensi and Deeks are assumed by a stranger to occupy “colorful” professions, as revealed in this sneak peek from CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles.

PhotosMay Sweeps/Finale Preview! Get 100+ Spoilers for NCIS, Poi, Criminal Minds and Other Shows

In the first episode of May sweeps, titled “Field of Fire” and airing Monday at 10/9c, the team searches for a former, highly unstable Marine and expert sniper who has escaped a veterans hospital, after they discover his connection to the leader of an extremist group.

In the clip above — and on the lighter side, »

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Revenge Goes Pink, The Goldbergs Find 'Somebody to Love' and More TV Tunes

14 hours ago

Just like a breath needs the air, we’re betting you need an all new TVLine Mixtape!

What follows is an array of songs recently featured on your favorite shows, including artist and album information in case you want to add them to your personal collection.

Spoilers abound, and we chose songs we liked — but we always love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

So peruse our playlist, then hit the comments with your favorite TV tunes. And remember: You can always submit questions or suggestions about TV music on Twitter @RyanSchwartz.

RelatedBig Bang Plays ‘That Funky Music’, Mary Jane »

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Ratings: Bruce Jenner Interview Draws Nearly 17 Million Viewers to ABC

17 hours ago

ABC’s special two-hour 20/20 broadcast, Bruce Jenner: The Interview, delivered (and hopefully enlightened the better part of) 16.9 million total viewers while scoring a 5.2 demo rating on Friday night.

RelatedBruce Jenner Tells Diane Sawyer, ‘I Am a Woman’ in 20/20 Interview Special

That’s an increase of 300 percent and more than 400 percent versus the newsmagazine’s week-ago broadcast, delivering its best Friday numbers in more than 15 years (a March 2000 interview with John and Patsy Ramsey).

RelatedBruce Jenner’s E! Docuseries About Transition Gets Premiere Date

Opening ABC’s night, Shark Tank settled into its new time slot with 7.8 mil »

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TVLine's Performer of the Week: Tony Hale

18 hours ago

The Performer | Tony Hale

The Show | Veep

The Episode | “East Wing” (April 19)

The Performance | In his four seasons as Selina Meyers’ body man, Veep‘s Gary has raised nearly no complaint about the unrelenting abuse from his beloved bully of a boss. The relationship should be a total bummer, but thanks to Hale’s subtle touches — a grimace here, a smile of unbridled admiration there — we’ve come to love Gary for the stumbling sycophant he is. And we thought we knew everything about him, until Hale let the bag man’s real feelings fly free on Sunday.

The break »

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Bruce Jenner's E! Docuseries About Transition Gets Summer Premiere Date

24 April 2015 8:14 PM, PDT

Bruce Jenner is not done telling his story.

Following Friday’s 20/20 special, in which Jenner publicly identified himself as a woman for the first time, a new docuseries will chronicle his subsequent transition.

RelatedBruce Jenner Tells Diane Sawyer, ‘I Am a Woman’ in 20/20 Interview Special

A series of eight hour-long episodes following Bruce’s journey will begin airing July 26 on E!, the network confirms. Reports of a Jenner-centric reality series first surfaced in January, but the project was put on hold in March.

Will you tune in for E!’s new series about Jenner’s transition? Drop a comment with your thoughts below. »

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Bruce Jenner Tells Diane Sawyer, 'I Am a Woman' in 20/20 Interview Special

24 April 2015 7:58 PM, PDT

Speculation about Bruce Jenner: The Interview has been on overdrive since the 20/20 special was first announced earlier this month. (Will Jenner reveal he’s transitioning? Will it be handled appropriately?) Within minutes of Friday’s broadcast, we had our answers: Yes and yes.

RelatedBruce Jenner’s E! Docuseries About Transition Gets Summer Premiere Date

“I’ve been thinking about this day forever,” the Olympian-turned-reality star began at the top of the hour. “How do I tell my story? … I’m me, I’m a person. This is who I am.”

Within the first five minutes, Diane Sawyer posed »

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Disney Channel's Jessie Spinoff Gets Title, Premise, Cast Additions

24 April 2015 4:54 PM, PDT

One of the year’s hugest TV mysteries — within the walls of my home, I should probably note — has been solved. In that we now know what Disney Channel’s Jessie spinoff will be about.

PhotosDog With a Blog First Look: Stan’s a Dad! Check Out His Puppies

After all, the offshoot will not involve Debby Ryan, nor will Cameron Boyce (who plays Luke and will front Disney Xd’s new comedy Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything) or Kevin Chamberlin (Bertram) be along for the ride. So how, how, how do you focus a series on »

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Grey's Anatomy's Latest Death: How Does It Rank Against Other TV Kills?

24 April 2015 2:51 PM, PDT

Grey’s Anatomy fans are in mourning Friday after losing Patrick Dempsey’s Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd in a brutal car crash less than 24 hours ago.

RelatedGrey’s Anatomy: Patrick Dempsey Leaves ‘Grateful and Humbled'; Ep Shonda Rhimes Talks Unimaginable Loss, Teases ‘New Chapter’ for Show

And while we’d never attempt to downplay the gravity of a major character’s death, this certainly isn’t the first time Grey’s fans — or TV fans in general, for that matter — have been put through the proverbial wringer.

This season alone has been a veritable small-screen bloodbath, with fan-favorite characters from shows like Revenge, »

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Revenge: Will 'Star-Crossed' Emily and Jack End the Series Together?

24 April 2015 1:24 PM, PDT

With only three episodes of Revenge left, is it too much to ask for Amanda Clarke to get her happy ending? If we’re talking about her love life, specifically in relation to one Jack Porter, it just might be.

RelatedRevenge‘s Madeleine Stowe Confirms Victoria’s Post-Explosion Fate: ‘This Shouldn’t Be a Complete Surprise’

When last we left Jack, he was flying to Los Angeles for a fresh start with Carl, as a too-late Emily watched helplessly from the runway. So can we hope for a Jack-Emily reunion before the season — and likely series — concludes next month? »

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TVLine Items: ER Doc Meets the Dome, Luke/Laura Reunion and More

24 April 2015 1:23 PM, PDT

Eight years as an ER surgeon may have been tough on Eriq La Salle — but it will be a cakewalk compared to life Under the Dome.

The TV vet has joined the Season 3 cast of CBS’ sci-fi drama, EW.com reports.

La Salle will play Hektor Martin, a cutthroat CEO of the energy company run by Barbie’s (Mike Vogel) father. He previously directed a Season 2 episode, “The Fall,” and will get behind the camera again for Season 3’s ninth episode.

RelatedCBS Summer Schedule: Dome Gets New Home and Marg Helgenberger, Big Brother‘s Return and More

Since ending his run as ER‘s Dr. »

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Scandal Blind Item: Olivia to Hire New Gladiator (It's Someone We've Met!)

24 April 2015 11:46 AM, PDT

Olivia’s been Gladiating with a veritable skeleton crew on Scandal this season, but reinforcements are coming.

RelatedMay Sweeps Bloodbath: 19 Characters Poised to Get Killed Off — Who’s on the Chopping Block?

TVLine has learned that Liv in the near-ish future will finally get down to the business of filling one of the two vacant positions left by the dearly departed Harrison and now-White House press secretary Abby. And in a twist, I hear the new hire will be a familiar face to Scandal watchers — i.e. it’s a character Liv has previously crossed paths with (a guest star »

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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Castle, Once, The Flash, Big Bang, Svu/P.D., Poi, Originals, Stalker and More

24 April 2015 10:49 AM, PDT

Will Castle leave fans hanging from a cliff? Will Once Upon a Time‘s Hook be able to scale Emma’s new walls? Is The Flash starting to feel the Vibe? Is Big Bang in fact heading for a wedding? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

We know Hollander’s Woods is going to come back into play for Castle in the Season 7 finale. However, what mythology might we be dealing with in regards to Beckett? –Rachael

To be clear (since some are CoNfUsEd), the actual Hollander’s Woods incident from Rick’s childhood »

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Horror Story: Hotel Adds Evan Peters

24 April 2015 10:44 AM, PDT

Evan Peters is the latest American Horror Story vet checking into Hotel, FX announced Friday.

Though details about Peters’ character are being kept under wraps, series creator Ryan Murphy tweeted a small teaser about his role in the upcoming fifth edition:

This season, Evan Peters will be waiting for you in Room 64. #Ahshotel

Ryan Murphy (@MrRPMurphy) April 24, 2015

RelatedMay Sweeps Bloodbath: 19 Characters Poised to Get Killed Off — Who’s on the Chopping Block?

Peters has appeared in every incarnation of the anthology series thus far, most recently playing lobster-clawed Jimmy Darling in last fall’s Freak Show.

He joins previously announced Hotel cast members Lady Gaga, »

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Was Grey's Derek on Road to Nowhere? Did Supernatural Get Bewitched? Best Superhero Baddie? And More TV Qs

24 April 2015 10:35 AM, PDT

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Veep, Supernatural, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Daredevil‘s Wilson Fisk > Arrow‘s Ra’s al Ghul?

RelatedMay Sweeps/Finale Preview! Get 100+ Spoilers, Exclusive Photos From Your Fave Shows’ Season-Ending Episodes

2 | Were you surprised Outlander didn’t cut to black, forcing us to wait a week to find out Claire’s decision? And do you think (as many commenters do) that Father Bain’s testimony at the trial was a well-executed bit of reverse psychology? »

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The Messengers' 'Wild Card' Anna Diop: 'We Answer Everything' This Week

24 April 2015 9:23 AM, PDT

Still scratching your head after last week’s question-heavy series premiere of The CW’s The Messengers? Just have faith — pun intended — because star Anna Diop promises that Friday’s follow-up episode (9/8c) has you covered.

RelatedMay Sweeps/Finale Preview! Get 100+ Spoilers, Exclusive Photos From Your Fave Shows’ Season-Ending Episodes

“We answer everything,” Diop tells TVLine, “and a lot of that is done through [my character] Rose.”

Yes, that Rose — the one who was shot seven years ago (“There’s nothing like being shot on camera,” Diop notes) and remains in a coma to this very day. Well, she’s waking up tonight, »

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Hawaii Five-0 First Look: [Spoiler] Returns for Season-Ending Wedding

24 April 2015 9:00 AM, PDT

There will be a very special RSVP for Hawaii Five-0‘s season-ending wedding — and TVLine has a first look at the surprise guest (and the warm welcome she receives).

PhotosMay Sweeps/Finale Preview! Get Spoilers for NCIS, Criminal Minds, Poi and Other Shows

The CBS drama will close Season 5 on Friday, May 8 with two episodes, beginning at 9/8c. It is in the second hour, titled “A Make Kaua” (“Until We Die”), that Michelle Borth returns as Catherine Rollins, who last was seen in the year-ago finale when she chose to stay in Afghanistan to help with a humanitarian issue.

Catherine »

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The Good Wife EPs: Kalinda's 'Spark' Will Return Prior to Exit

24 April 2015 8:44 AM, PDT

If the number of gray hairs on your head has increased tenfold since last September, feel free to blame it on The Good Wife showrunners Robert and Michelle King.

“That was absolutely our master plan,” says Michelle King, with a laugh, when asked about the show’s stressful sixth season. Indeed, in its most recent episode alone, the CBS drama found Alicia being forced to resign in disgrace from her hard-won State’s Attorney post, Cary offering to testify against dangerous drug kingpin Lemond Bishop, and Kalinda and Diane throwing themselves at the mercy of the court with regard to »

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