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Infographic: Every Tarantino Movie Death, and How They Died

14 February 2013 1:05 PM, PST

Hey, have you ever noticed that there are a ton of people killed in every Quentin Tarantino movie? You have? Us, too. It would be interesting if someone took the time to sit through every one of his films and not only count the number of dead people, but tell us how they all died. If a cool graphic was made about it, all the better.

Vanity Fair, you shouldn't have! You really probably shouldn't have, you usually have more pretentious things to do. Nonetheless, the above graphic features a comprehensive breakdown of all the murders in every Tarantino film, from scalpings to samurai sword attacks (34 members of the Crazy 88 lived to tell tales about the Bride?) to the five point exploding heart technique (poor Bill). And burning Nazis! All 340 burning Nazis.

The above graphic is best enjoyed with a Red Apple cigarette and perhaps a Neil Diamond cover or two. »

- Nick Blake

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'Fast & Furious 6' Full Trailer: Now with More Tanks!

14 February 2013 12:58 PM, PST

It's been nearly two weeks now, but all of America is still buzzing over the amazing show they saw during the Super Bowl. We're not talking about the game itself, of course — don't be silly — but rather the absolutely crazy teaser for "Fast & Furious 6." It was awesomely nuts.

And now it turns out that was just the appetizer, because the first full-length trailer has just hit the internet and it is guaranteed to totally blow your mind.

In fact, this extended look at "Fast & Furious 6" is almost too extended, as it comes perilously close to giving away the entire plot of the film. Which, believe it or not, does involve more than just cars battling airplanes while getting run over by tanks. Though that's in there too.

But there's also a story about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's federal agent guy going to Vin Diesel's car-racing crook to get help »

- Scott Harris

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Valentine's Day With Planet Fanboy

14 February 2013 12:00 PM, PST

Clint Barton and Oliver Queen's arrows have nothing on Cupid, that obnoxious nude baby that pops up in television commercials the same time each year.

If it is your good fortune to get hit with one, you can be assured of a few absolute truths: you'll never get to watch what you want and you'll find yourself cleaning up the mess of a pet you never asked for.

If you are a male dating a female (and on Planet Fanboy, this is just one of a dozen permutations) you're gonna have to whip out the ol' Discover Obsidian Advantage Plus Card and dig deep as the calendar approaches February 14, no matter how much your beloved feigns indifference to crass, material goods.

But there's no reason that what you buy can't be fun for you, too. And if you are a Fanboy and she be Fanboy-tolerant (which is all most of »

- Jordan Hoffman

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Most Effed Up Spells in Witch Movies

14 February 2013 11:00 AM, PST

In "Beautiful Creatures," Lena Duchannes traipses into the damp, small town of Gatlin, South Carolina with the sole intention of remaining a good witch. There are those in her lineage who want nothing more than for her to join the dark side upon turning the dreaded age of 16, but the gal's got eyes for a little human boy named Ethan and just wants to play nice, for crying out loud.

Most of her predecessors in cinematic spell-casting, however, were not quite so noble. In fact, a lot of them would just do some downright effed up stuff. Let's review some of the worst.

"The Craft"

Four high school goth girls (Robin TunneyNeve CampbellFairuza Balk and Rachel True) learn to exercise earth's darkest magic against the bullies who trash their social lives, and they dish out some pretty messed up orders. One induces a heart attack on her redneck stepfather, »

- Amanda Bell

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5 Movies You’d Think Had Been Written by Nicholas Sparks

14 February 2013 11:00 AM, PST

Nicholas Sparks has a well-deserved reputation as the master of the romantic drama, thanks to films like "The Notebook" and new release "Safe Haven." Last year's movie "The Vow" has everything you would expect from a Nicholas Sparks film: hot actors (Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams), a wife in a coma, lingering amnesia and the joy of love rediscovered. Just one thing -- somehow, amazingly, Sparks didn't actually write it.

Yeah, we're surprised, too. So in honor of "The Vow," we hereby present our list of the Top Five Movies You'd Think Were Written by Nicholas Sparks.

'Letters to Juliet'

Amanda Seyfried stars as a gal who is somehow lonely despite the fact that the hunky Gael García Bernal is her fiancé. She finds purpose -- and true love -- when she helps an older woman (Vanessa Redgrave) track down her own long-lost love through clever detective work random chance. »

- Scott Harris

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Life-Size Chocolate Mold of John McClane is Sweet

14 February 2013 10:32 AM, PST

Yippee kay-yay! Yay! Yaaaaay! Japanese people are seriously the best. Ever.

Just take a good look at what went down in the Land of the Rising Sun during promotions for "A Good Day to Die Hard" (which there translates into "Die Hard The Last Day," apparently) this week.

No, Valentine's Day has not corroded your eyeballs into seeing everything turned sickly sweet. That is an actual chocolate mold of John McClane, 'cause why the hell not?

While Bruce Willis himself was not on hand for the film debuting festivities, his edible, life-sized cocoa doppelganger was there with a massive milky gun at the ready. Frankly, Willis has never looked so yummy.

As if this weren't enough awesomeness for one day, K1 fighter Nobuaki Kakuda also traipsed along dressed up in the familiar tattered threads of the "Die Hard" hero, walked barefoot on a platter of hopefully fake glass and bristled »

- Amanda Bell

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Check Out the Guyliner on Magnus Bane From 'Mortal Instruments'

14 February 2013 9:34 AM, PST

Sparkly eye-liner? Check. Posh threads? Yep. Flashy nail polish? You bet. He may not be a rock star but he sure as hell could be: Meet Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn.

The big-screen adaptation of Cassandra Clare's best-selling urban fantasy "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" doesn't hit theaters until August 23, but MTV News is giving you an exclusive first look at the flamboyant fan-favorite character, played by newcomer Godfrey Gao.

Check out the full-size image on MTV. »

- MTV Staff

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Peter Dinklage Is a Mutant! (In 'X-Men,' That Is)

14 February 2013 9:24 AM, PST

We've got to hand it to "X-Men: Days of Future Past" director Bryan Singer, because the guy sure knows how to surround himself with serious talent. First he went and brought back original "X-Men" trilogy stars Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and Ellen Page for his time travel epic. Then he signed up "X-Men: First Class" leads Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. And now?

Well, now he's just added Golden Globe and Emmy winning "Game of Thrones" star Peter Dinklage. Looks like this "Future" is going to be an awesome one.

Singer made the announcement on Twitter late last night, saying "Officially like to welcome #PeterDinklage from #GameOfThrones to #Xmen #DaysofFuturePast Very very excited!"

That, of course, set off an instant storm of speculation over just who Dinklage will be playing. With most of the X-Men already cast, most fans are hoping Dinklage will instead »

- Scott Harris

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Christoph Waltz Offers Up Some Seduction Instruction

14 February 2013 8:08 AM, PST

To our knowledge, Christoph Waltz is a happily married man, but that doesn't mean he's lost his bachelor-esque touch when it comes to wooing the ladies ... Actually, we take that back. He's totally bad at it, but at least he's shown a hint of a funny bone!

The Oscar-nominated "Django Unchained" star is so skilled at being mean on-screen that he could easily be confused with a bona fide jackass off-camera. To avoid that stigma, Waltz is waltzing around being a comedic guy these days. In addition to hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend - the promos for which are relatively innocuous, considering — and punning it up on "Between Two Ferns," he also appeared in this Valentine's Day sketch video for "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Waltz offers up some terrible, terrible romance advice for Kimmel's viewers.

"Seduction, like needlepoint, flower arrangement or competitive bass fishing, is an art. And like any art it can be mastered, »

- Amanda Bell

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Questions and Answers With 'Beautiful Creatures' Stars Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich

14 February 2013 7:00 AM, PST

Nothing says romance like Southern gothic and sorcery -- at least, that's what the team behind the new teen romance flick "Beautiful Creatures" hopes. Hitting theaters today, the film stars 18-year-old Alice Englert as Lena Duchannes, a high school student moonlighting as a witch (or, in the film's parlance, a "caster") and coming to grips with her powers in the sleepy town of Gatlin, South Carolina. Aldren Ehrenreich, 23, is the other half of the doomed romantic duo. He plays Ethan Wate, the mortal boy (un)lucky enough to meet Lena and get pulled into her chaotic life in the months leading up to her 16th birthday, when the true nature of her powers will be revealed.

NextMovie caught up with the two young stars in New York City earlier this week. Read on to learn their opinions on being judged by teenagers, the hardest words to say with a Southern accent, »

- Kase Wickman

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Twisted Valentines From Movie Characters

14 February 2013 5:00 AM, PST

Valentine's Day is great for getting cards and candy and flowers and stuff. But some people take the concept of "Be Mine" to rather sinister and even psychotic levels.

No, we're not talking about anyone's ex (well, not in particular, anyway). We speak of the diabolical romantics that make for some of cinema's most memorable and twisted villains. This Valentine's Day, you should recall a different holiday and be thankful that you're not the one receiving some of the sentiments below.

More NextMovie Originals View Gallery » »

- NextMovie Staff

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Link Riot: The 50 Steamiest Movie Kisses

14 February 2013 4:00 AM, PST

• Who doesn't want a "long, slow, deep, soft wet kiss that lasts three days" on Valentine's Day? [Moviefone]

• Hollywood Valentines: The 21 most awww-some romantic gestures in movies. Yes, Lloyd Dobler and his boom box are mentioned. [Hollywire]

Will Ferrell is now a Los Angeles Lakers security guard named 'Ted Vagina.' Of course he is. [Hypervocal]

• See who's presenting at the Oscars this year with this handy gallery. [BuzzSugar]

• Way Back When: A look back at the humble beginnings of Oscar nominee Naomi Watts, star of "Tank Girl" and "Children of the Corn: The Gathering." [ScreenCrush]

• Speaking of Oscar nominees, Christoph Waltz's promos for "Saturday Night Live" are highly enjoyable. [BuzzFeed]

• 9 reasons why "Hudson Hawk" is the best Bruce Willis movie ever made. [Film.com]

Daniel Radcliffe reveals he can't watch five of the "Harry Potter" movies. Can you guess which ones? [Hypable]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stops by "Sesame Street" to teach us about the word "reinforce." [Vulture]

• This woman »

- NextMovie Staff

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Computer Illiteracy Isn't Funny in 'The Internship' Trailer

13 February 2013 3:52 PM, PST

The plot of "The Internship," which was revealed several months ago, mentioned "an Internet company." Now we know that it's, well, the Internet company.

Google indulges in a nice feature-length commercial for itself (and, to be fair, a seemingly sometimes self-deprecating one, too) in "The Internship," the culture clash comedy that reunites frequent co-stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson for the first time since "Wedding Crashers" (2005).

"The Internship" features Vince and Owen as two middle-aged and old-school salesmen who suddenly find themselves unemployed. In a last-chance act of desperation, they apply for internships at Google, where both their advanced age and distinct lack of tech savviness work against them in the most obvious and unimaginative ways possible.

The film looks like a mess, starting with the tired premise and extending to the way overly art-directed Google campus, which is made to look like the 21st century version of "Romper Room. »

- Bryan Enk

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Shia Labeouf vs. Old Movie Stars in 'The Company You Keep' Trailer

13 February 2013 3:11 PM, PST

Shia Labeouf continues his crusade to not be in movies with giant robots in "The Company You Keep," the Robert Redford-directed thriller in which the past comes a'callin' for a bunch of senior citizens who did something bad back in the day.

Shia plays an investigative reporter who gets caught up in the arrest of Sharon Solarz (Susan Sarandon, whose initials are also a double-s), a former Weather Underground activist who's been at the top of the FBI's Most Wanted list for decades following a Bank of Michigan robbery that resulted in the death of a guard. From there, her former partner Jim Grant (Redford) goes on the run, and Shia's investigation puts him in contact with more old-timers like Chris Cooper, Sam Elliot, Julie Christie, Brendan Gleeson, Richard Jenkins and even Nick Nolte.

You can tell this is a more serious, grown-up kind of role for Shia via »

- Bryan Enk

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Hot People Looking Hot: Julianne Hough Photos

13 February 2013 3:00 PM, PST

View Gallery »

Sifting through page after page of photos of "Safe Haven" star Julianne Hough was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

The sometimes-"Dancing With the Stars" pro and sometimes-country music singer is undeniably gorgeous. And, thanks to this week's Hot People Looking Hot gallery, we can honestly tell you that the girl doesn't take a bad picture. She always seems to have the perfect dress and the perfect smile. Her hair, skin, toenails, whatever are flawless.

In other words, we'd hate her if we didn't love her so much.

We think you'll enjoy this gallery almost as much as we enjoyed making it, so start flippin'. »

- NextMovie Staff

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'Back to the Future''s Biff: Unplugged

13 February 2013 1:05 PM, PST

If Michael J. Fox eclipsed your career by casting you as America's most nefarious bully in "Back to the Future," how would you handle that? You'd probably move to a small town and start a cupcake shop, and that's okay. But Tom Wilson, Biff himself, has turned lemons into hilarious lemonade by pursuing a career in art, music, and stand-up comedy. Not too shabby for an '80s icon.

Give the guy a guitar and a microphone, and he'll tell you, in song, everything you need to know: What's Michael J. Fox like? Do these hoverboards really fly? Is Crispin Glover a weirdo? Have you met Gary Busey? What's Michael J. Fox like? 

If you'd had told us that, one day, we'd be given a bad case of the LOLz from Biff, we'd have laughed you out of the room. But guess what? Now we're just laughing. »

- Eliot Glazer

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It's 'A Good Clay to Die Hard'...Get It? It's Claymation 'Die Hard'!

13 February 2013 12:35 PM, PST

Is Bruce Willis's skin really dry, or are we seeing things?

Actually, animator Lee Hardcastle has gone and turned John McClane into John McClay, reimagining the "Die Hard" franchise in claymation. Called "A Good Clay to Die Hard," the "Wallace & Gromit"-style take on Bruce Willis's classic action franchise makes blood, guts, and guns look incredibly pasty, although not without its share of action-packed, endlessly explosive sequences that doesn't stray from the original.

Plus, he's in Russia! That's right: John McClay's all up in the Motherland, and he's ready to nuke the sh*t out of it. (And, hey, if that's not your thing, look up "Creature Comforts" on YouTube instead, and stick with talking zoo animals.) »

- Eliot Glazer

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Boys Go Wild in Exclusive Pics From '21 and Over'

13 February 2013 12:28 PM, PST

No one ever has a quiet 21st birthday. At least not in the movies.

There's plenty of chaos, overindulgence and utter debauchery on display in "21 and Over," the new comedy that chronicles one mad dog crazy birthday in the life of straight-a college student Jeff Chang (Justin Chon), who's treated to a surprise night on the town in honor of his 21st year by his pals Casey (Skyler Astin) and Miller (Miles Teller). Who needs sobriety and coherence when you've got a medical school interview the next morning, anyway?

Below you'll find an advance exclusive look at some of the highlights of this celebration of a crucial turning point in any young person's mortal timeline. "21 and Over," which is written and directed by "The Hangover" scribes Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, will be coming at you in theaters on March 1.


- NextMovie Staff

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Steven Spielberg Emancipates Free 'Lincoln' DVDs to Schools

13 February 2013 12:02 PM, PST

"Okay, class, today we have a very special substitute teacher. Please be on your best behavior for Mr. Day-Lewis."

If only school was like that in real life… but now it is! Daniel Day-Lewis' portrayal of Honest Abe is about to become a part of the curriculum as MSN reports that Steven Spielberg is sending free copies of his movie "Lincoln" to classrooms across the country.

"As more and more people began to see the film, we received letters from teachers asking if it could be available in their classrooms," Spielberg wrote in a statement. "We realized that the educational value that 'Lincoln' could have was not only for the adult audiences — who have studied his life in history books — but for the young students in the classroom as well."

The Civil War drama, which details our 16th president's Herculean effort to bring about the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, »

- Max Evry

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The 10 Oddest Real-Life Hollywood Couples Ever

13 February 2013 11:00 AM, PST

Hollywood can be a big, weird, lonely place. Sometimes, for better or worse, that's going to make you want to get with Cher. And as Woody Allen once said, in defending his controversial relationship with his adopted daughter, the heart wants what the heart wants.

It's not for us to judge.

Just kidding! Of course it is. Here are 10 of the most bizarre Hollywood couples ever, past and present.

Tom Cruise and Cher

Tom Cruise and Cher got together in the mid-1980s, and while we weren't there at the time or anything, it certainly feels like it was more of a "Hey, you're internationally famous? Crazy, I'm internationally famous too! Let's bone!" type of relationship than one based on love. Depressingly for all of us, somewhere in an alternate universe, their firstborn is debuting his/her/its bestselling tell-all book, "Cher-ry Maguire: My Life with Tom and Cher" right now on Dr. Phil. »

- Nick Blake

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