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New 'Killing Them Softly' Trailer: Now With Even More Brad Pitt

25 November 2012 9:44 AM, PST

You'd think that a new Brad Pitt film about gritty hitmen doing their dirty deeds would be the kind of thing that would generate a lot of buzz, but so far, there has been curiously little chatter about "Killing Them Softly," even though it opens this Friday. Heck, it hasn't even cracked the top 25 on our MovieTracker. Maybe they should have called it "Killing Them Loudly" instead.

All of which explains why there's a brand new trailer for "Killing Them Softly" making the rounds.

Hey, fans have to start watching something other than "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" at some point, right?

Here's the deal: Pitt plays a hitman who is brought in to take down some dudes who stole some money from the wrong guy. So he gets his old buddy James Gandolfini to help him out and they start capping some asses, which may or »

- Scott Harris

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'Twilight' Feasts On Thanksgiving Box Office

25 November 2012 9:26 AM, PST

There's only one thing that Americans enjoy more than turkey, and that's stuffing themselves into movie theaters on Thanksgiving, as according to Film.com, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" helped power the highest grossing five-day weekend in film history.

And "Breaking Dawn's" $64 million was just part of the story, as "Skyfall" ($51 million) and "Lincoln" ($34.1 million) both raked in the cash as well, allowing those three films to finish 1-2-3 at the box office for the second weekend in a row.

For a full run down on the box office for the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend, including figures for new releases "Life of Pi," "Rise of the Guardians" and "Red Dawn," head to Film.com. »

- Scott Harris

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Looking Good, Scarlett Johansson

23 November 2012 3:00 PM, PST

[From Film.com] Ahh, Scarlett Johansson. Was there ever a lovelier lady to give thanks for? Between her catsuit in "The Avengers," normal-chick garb in "He's Just Not That Into You" and renn faire outfits in "Girl With a Pearl Earring," there's a flavor of Scarlett for everyone's palate.

To get your fill of one of our favorite actresses, head on over to Film.com, where they've graciously shared a gallery of ScarJo looking ScarGreat. »

- NextMovie Staff

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Before They Were Famous: Bradley Cooper in 'Wet Hot American Summer'

23 November 2012 11:00 AM, PST

Bradley Cooper is exceptional at playing the cool jerk that viewers can't help but love.

In "The Hangover" and "The Hangover Part II," his character Phil Wenneck is "that guy," the former high school football star-type women still swoon over. It's hard to imagine Cooper not always being a Phil Wenneck, even in real life.

But Cooper is not "that guy." He's just good at acting like it. His earnest grilling of Sean Penn on "Inside the Actors Studio" when he was 23 proves that, as does "Silver Linings Playbook" and his feature-film debut: 2001's "Wet Hot American Summer."

"Whas," which has developed a rabid cult following in the decade since its release, starred numerous former members of the MTV sketch-comedy show "The State," as well as (then) young up-and-comers Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks and Judah Friedlander.

Cooper played Ben, a Camp Firewood counselor who at first seems like »

- Ryan McKee

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Eff, Marry, Kill: 'Hitchcock' Edition

23 November 2012 7:00 AM, PST

Choosing between gravy or more gravy and sweet potatoes or more sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving may have seemed like a difficult call, but you haven't seen anything yet. Try deciding whether to have a one-night stand with Jessica Biel or Scarlett Johansson.

Welcome to our "Hitchcock" edition of Eff, Marry, Kill.

This game goes exactly how you think it does. We want you to determine which actress — Biel, Johansson or Dame Helen Mirren — you'd like to spend the rest of your days with, whose days you'd like to end for good and which one you'd enjoy (or suffer through, as the case may be) spending one single night with.

Because such decisions are so difficult, we've asked a few of our buds to weigh in. Hit the poll below and hear thoughts from our experts underneath. And don't forget to give us your thoughts in the comments!

Eff, Marry, Kill: »

- NextMovie Staff

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Gallery: Chris Hemsworth - Soldier, Huntsman and Superhero

22 November 2012 3:00 PM, PST

View Gallery »

Chris Hemsworth worked the rugged look in every possible way this year: outdoors guy, Norse god, huntsman and, now, homemade soldier. His rippling muscles and blue eyes alone prove there's something in the Aussie water.

This week he's trading in his mighty "Thor" hammer for an assault rifle in "Red Dawn," keeping America safe from invading communist forces.

Sure, Chris' younger brother Liam enjoyed some time in the spotlight this year with '"The Hunger Games," but between "Snow White and the Huntsman," "The Cabin in the Woods," "The Avengers" and now "Red Dawn," the elder Hemsworth is the only one we want to cuddle with out in the wilderness.

See for yourself with Chris' Hot People Looking Hot gallery. Trust us, you'll forget all about the threat of the North Korean army after going through these pics. »

- NextMovie Staff

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Happy Fansgiving! A Fanboy Counts His 2012 Blessings

22 November 2012 12:00 PM, PST

It isn't just a time when it is socially acceptable to eat gelatinous discs of cranberry flavoring and call it respecting tradition, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what is best in life.

We have it good on Planet Fanboy. I mean, we've got the reduced gravity, the constantly clement temperature and the complete ban on that "Tonight We Are Young" song.

Furthermore, there appears to be no end in sight to our stranglehold on big-budget movies. Here, then, a quick list of things we should be thankful for.

*That time Hulk punched Thor.

*That time Hulk threw Loki around like a chew toy.

*That time Hulk skidded across the sides of buildings to save Iron Man as he fell from the sky.

*That time Mark Ruffalo said "I'm always angry" then changed into Hulk on cue to stop that massive Chitauri airship from smooshing the rest of the Avengers. »

- Jordan Hoffman

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Enter for the Chance to Dance Away With a 'Step Up Revolution' Blu-ray Prize Pack!

22 November 2012 11:00 AM, PST

For the last six years, the popular "Step Up" franchise of dance films has been imploring viewers to, well, step up. And now we're going to do exactly that, as we're stepping up to offer four lucky fans free copies of "Step Up: Revolution" on Blu-ray.

Your move, internet. Your move.

Starring Kathryn McCormick and Ryan Guzman, "Step Up Revolution" is a dance epic for our time, as these Miami movers and shakers use the power of dance to spark a cultural revolution.

And we were so inspired by the message — and their intense booty shaking — that we've decided to spark a revolution in free giveaways by offering not one, but four fans the chance to win a copy of the "Step Up Revolution" Blu-ray, which arrives in stores on November 27.

Not only that, but one of those winners will also receive a "Step Up Revolution" prize pack that includes »

- NextMovie Staff

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13 Things We're Thankful For This Year

22 November 2012 7:00 AM, PST

Despite hurricanes, earthquakes and every movie Taylor Kitsch made, 2012 has been a bounty of riches.

And, since it's Thanksgiving and all, we feel it's high time we took a moment to give thanks for those things (and people!) that have made this year so epically special.

So, without further ado...

1. 'Magic Mike,' for bringing sexy back.

2. Ben Affleck, for growing up to be a damn fine director. Who'd a guessed it?

3. Robert Pattinson, for teaching us what it looks like to truly feel.


4. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, for being super-cute and super-cool at the same time.

5. Javier Bardem, for being one of the Best. Bond. Villains. Ever.

6. The riff-off! (From 'Pitch Perfect')


7. The Hulk, for smashing.

8. Stephen Chbosky, for adapting and directing his own book, and thus making a near-perfect film.

9. Bruce Willis, for always looking so darn confused.


10. Bill Murray, for his various offscreen cameos around the world. »

- NextMovie Staff

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A 'Star Wars' Thanksgiving: Where Stormtroopers and Wookies Come Together

22 November 2012 5:00 AM, PST

May the turkey be with you.

An intrepid fan by the name of Stephen Hayford knows how awkward family holidays can be, and he has a way to make you feel better about your dysfunctional clan's stilted chatter around the table: Just imagine how weird a "Star Wars" family Thanksgiving would be.

Darth Vader is carving the bird with a lightsaber, Luke is still grappling with his identity, the Stormtroopers just want us all to get along and have a bite to eat... these tableaus have it all.

Head over to GeekTyrant to see more hilarious "Star Wars" Thanksgiving scenes, and have a happy Turkey Day yourself!


- Kase Wickman

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Cool Clicks: Boob Grab Mania at 'Hitchcock' Premiere

22 November 2012 4:00 AM, PST

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to ...

Helen Mirren just couldn't handle Jessica Biel's luscious side boob at the "Hitchcock" premiere and had to cop a feel. Good evening, indeed! [E! Online]

• Thanksgiving Orphans: 10 celebrities who might be stranded alone for the holiday. Hey, K.Stew is welcome to come to our house. [Hollywire]

• "Independence Day" won't get the 3D treatment, but "Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith" will use the Force in three dimensions in Fall 2013. [The Playlist]

• "Life of Pi" versus the Life of a Pie. One would be delicious and one would be delicious to a tiger. [Vulture]

• Mouth-watering movies for Thanksgiving, from "Chocolat" to "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle." [BuzzSugar]

• Massive explosions in space, computer hacking and other ridiculous things that movies always get wrong. [Hypable]

• New behind-the-scenes photos from "The Dark Knight Rises" highlight the brutal battle between Bane and Batman. »

- Bryan Enk

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Gallery: The 'Red (Hot) Dawn' of Adrianne Palicki

21 November 2012 3:00 PM, PST

View Gallery »

America can rest easy knowing that Adrianne Palicki is on the front lines of hotness with her stunning beauty.

After making football more interesting on "Friday Night Lights," the hottie from Ohio is now set to join Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson in keeping our country safe from invading Communist forces in "Red Dawn." She'll also be fighting for freedom as Lady Jaye in next spring's "G.I. Joe: Retaliation."

So ... where can we enlist?

Check out our collection of Adrianne looking hot in movies, on TV shows and on the red carpet, soldier. "Red Dawn" (finally) opens Nov. 21. »

- Bryan Enk

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Dwayne Johnson Punches Drugs in 'Snitch' Trailer

21 November 2012 2:09 PM, PST

If you're ever thrown in the slammer for a drug deal you had nothing to do with, you'd better hope your dad is The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson (who's apparently now old enough to have a teenage son, which kind of freaks us out) stars as a construction worker who volunteers to go undercover into the dangerous world of drug trafficking in order to reduce his son's prison sentence in "Snitch" (which obviously isn't the sequel to "Snatch," as you may have thought upon first hearing the title).

Johnson's aces at turning completely preposterous premises into solid pieces of popcorn entertainment thanks to his super-earnest acting style and just all-around awesomeness. "Snitch" looks like it's going to benefit greatly from the presence of the "Fast Five" star, especially when the main villain (Benjamin Bratt) is a guy who apparently just goes around firing automatic weapons into the air whenever the mood strikes him. »

- Bryan Enk

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Noomi Rapace Brings 'Doom and Gloom' to Rolling Stones Video

21 November 2012 1:28 PM, PST

"What's it all about?" asks Mick Jagger in the new Rolling Stones single, "Doom and Gloom." Well, when it comes to the song's official music video ... well, we're not quite sure.

But hey, when the video features "Prometheus" star Noomi Rapace as an airline stewardess, zombie killer, fast food gorger and somewhat topless hitchhiker, who needs an explanation for just what in the hell is exactly going on? Just sit back and watch these old dudes try to prove that they've still got it with a little help from an international hottie in this bizarro Nsfw indulgence.

The single is one of two new tracks on the latest Stones greatest hits package, "Grrr!" (??) It's catchy but disposable, though perhaps slightly more memorable than it would've been without a video featuring the original "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" strutting about even more shamelessly than Mick Jagger himself.

Start it up below, »

- Bryan Enk

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9 Movie Families You Wouldn't Want to Spend Thanksgiving With

21 November 2012 1:00 PM, PST

Ah, Thanksgiving: the time of year we pause, count our blessings and enjoy time with the family try not to murder our loved ones.

While it's true that most of us go into this holiday with only the best of intentions, it seems few of us escape the sit-down dinner with our nearest and dearest unscathed. Uncle Rick had too many cocktails. Mom forgot to turn on the oven. Someone threw the raw turkey through a picture window. Okay, maybe that's less common than we'd like to think.

However, as challenging as our own families may be ... they could be worse. Really. And in case you don't believe us, we've made a list of nine film families you really wouldn't want to spend Turkey Day with. From a disturbed child to a chainsaw-wielding killer, these folks make a meal with even your most difficult kin seem like a walk in the park. »

- Elizabeth Durand

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Aliens Are the New Ghosts in 'Dark Skies' Trailer

21 November 2012 11:33 AM, PST

Just when we were learning how to deal with the whole "Paranormal Activity" thing comes a brand new home-invading menace to freak us out all over again.

Little grey men laugh at your silly home alarm system in "Dark Skies," the new sci-fi thriller in which a suburban family becomes targeted by aliens that like to make abstract art installations with kitchen appliances and inspire flocks of birds to commit mass suicide against the living room window.

What do you do when you realize you're being poked and prodded by visitors from outer space while you sleep? Call J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) himself, of course. The truth is out there!

Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton star in the latest film from director Scott Charles Stewart, who has (thankfully) left behind the religious horror elements of "Legion" and "Priest" now that he's hooked up with the producers of "Paranormal Activity" and "Insidious. »

- Bryan Enk

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Black Friday Shopping Guide For Movie Lovers

21 November 2012 11:00 AM, PST

It's almost here — and no, we're not talking about Thanksgiving (though we hear that's coming up, too). We're talking about Black Friday. While the scariest biggest shopping day of the year can certainly bring out the worst in even the most well-intentioned shoppers, with a little pre-planning it can prove not too painful and very worthwhile.

So, without further adieu, here's our expert gift-buying guide for the best deals on all things movie-related. From DVDs to "Twilight" T-shirts to video games, our Black Friday road map has you covered this holiday season. And even though giving gifts is its own reward (or whatever your parents told you), we think you might want to snap up a few of these for yourself, because you've been very good this year … right?

1. DVDs Under $2

$1.99 won't even get you a decent cup of coffee anymore, but during Best Buy's Black Friday sale, for under $2.00 each, »

- Elizabeth Durand

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Bag End: Air New Zealand Has a Hobbit-Themed Carousel

21 November 2012 10:44 AM, PST

Boarding now at Gate C11, destination The Shire, departing at 12:35.

Air New Zealand continues to fully embrace "Lord of the Rings" mania, this time with a Hobbit-themed airport baggage carousel.

Peter Jackson, director of the in-production "Hobbit" trilogy as well as the extremely popular "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, chose to have New Zealand represent the film's Middle Earth setting. Air New Zealand has declared itself "Air Middle Earth," going so far as to produce an in-flight safety video where Tolkien-esque characters instruct you to look for the nearest exit. And now, of course, you can pick up your Baggins at this Bag End.

The first film in the trilogy, "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," will be released Dec. 14.


- Kase Wickman

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'I Give It A Year,' You Give This Trailer a Thumbs Up

21 November 2012 10:29 AM, PST

What happens after a rom-com ends?

That's the premise behind the new trailer for "I Give it a Year," which begins with the usual romcom ending — Rafe Spall and Rose Byrne's characters get married — and dives into the not-so-happily-ever after they are left with.

They may be giving it a year, but they'll also be giving you a laugh.

So what does happen when the romance is gone from a rom-com? You're just left with pure, fantastic comedy, that's what. And fittingly, "I Give it a Year" has packed in some comic excellence in the supporting roles, with Anna Faris and "The Office"'s Stephan Merchant proving top level backup.

Check it out, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies UK. And don't worry; the characters may give it a year, but this one should be hitting movie theaters some time within the next few months.


- Scott Harris

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Watch Nearly 8 Minutes of 'The Hobbit'

21 November 2012 9:59 AM, PST

Can't wait until Dec. 14 to see "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"? Thanks to an intrepid fan with a good film editing program and, presumably, a lot of time, you can watch nearly eight minutes of the film today!

YouTube user joatmonjb spliced together footage from 12 assorted trailers, announcements and TV spots to make a mega-trailer for the film, following the book's chronology.

Ahead, catch glimpses of the beginning of Bilbo Baggins' reluctant (unexpected) journey, Gandalf's powers of persuasion, Gollum's split personality, Middle Earth's merriest band of travelers and more.


- Kase Wickman

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