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5 Reasons Annie Is A Hard Knock Disappointment

11 hours ago

Columbia Pictures

When it was first announced that Sony Pictures were going to be making an updated version of the world’s second favorite orphan (after Batman) a lot of people didn’t know what to think. The 1982 musical, Annie, is hardly a masterpiece, and altering it isn’t necessarily a poor idea. In fact, on paper it seems like a rather brilliant idea.

This time around, a foster kid who lives with her mean foster mom, sees her life change when business tycoon and New York mayoral candidate Will Stacks (an update of Daddy Warbucks from the original) makes a thinly-veiled campaign move and takes her in.

Cast in the titular role was the young and infinitely talented Quvenzhané Wallis, who was fresh off an Academy Award nomination for her role in Beasts Of The Southern Wild. Directorial duties were being handled by Will Gluck, a filmmaker who has »

- Jesse Gumbarge

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10 Films Banned For Ridiculous Reasons

11 hours ago

Columbia Pictures

We’re lucky enough to live in a society where censorship isn’t a huge worry (unless you’re into certain forms of pornography, apparently). The West is relatively free of oppressive regimes – at least when it comes to the media you’re allowed to consume – meaning that freedom of expression is king. Which means you get all kinds of weird and wacky crap in our cinemas and on television.

There was that weird period in the seventies where all martial arts films were banned by the BBFC because kids kept buying nunjucks and hurting each other with them, which dovetailed with the Video Nasties scandal not long after, but for the most part, films don’t get banned much in the UK or Us nowadays. Unless it has “Human Centipide in the title”.

In which case, you can’t really blame people for thinking that seeing…that »

- Tom Baker

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WWE And Tna: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (Dec 21)

20 hours ago


Happy Holidays everyone! Did you enjoy your presents from WWE this week? We got tables, ladders, chairs and stairs from Vince McMahon himself. Personally, I could have used a new blender. In fact, the only thing missing would be a nice refund after sitting through a fourth pay-per-view main event in a row without a clean finish!

This week we also had current Roh wrestler Jimmy Jacobs finally show up in WWE after spending over 15 years of his life in the business… by appearing as a Rosebud. It’s hard not to feel like a lemon for him after that. Jimmy Uso gave us some more lessons on how to be a terrible husband, and on Raw, we had to listen to the announcers go on and on about Lucy and Harpo. Did that ring a bell for WWE’s PG audience? Most likely not, since it was »

- Andrew Soucek

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Top 10 WWE Divas Of 2014

20 hours ago


The women of World Wrestling Entertainment play an important role in their company. While they are not considered main event players like the men, they still get a lot of air time and thanks to shows like Total Divas they are being on focused on more than ever. This year probably set a record with the number of divas matches on PPV because several of them had two divas matches instead of just one.

The term “diva” is a WWE brand term used to separate the women from the men. It’s just like how all the men are called “superstars” because WWE doesn’t want to call them wrestlers even though that’s what they are.

This is going to be a mix of women on the main roster, Nxt and women that don’t wrestle at all or very often. There are some women on the »

- John Canton

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10 PS2 Hidden Gems You Must Play

21 hours ago

The brand name ‘Playstation’ instantly conjures up fuzzy feelings in the pits of stomachs world wide – millions of gamers still cite the original PSOne console as a favourite, one they can always go back to if they’re finding the current generation of machines just aren’t cutting it.

Similarly, the follow-up to that ground-breaking bastion of videogame culture, the PS2 is revered as one of the most robust and best gaming consoles to have ever hit the market. Thousands of titles were released during the glory days of the unit, 2001-2006, and many have went on to be staples of many lists dedicated to the best games in the history of the medium.

Whether it be Metal Gear Solid 2, GTA: San Andreas, Gran Turismo 3, God Of War or even Ratchet & Clank, the list goes on and on as pertains to the countless classic which saw the light of day during the PS2 era. »

- Jamie Kennedy

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More Ufc Legal Troubles Brewing? Bellator Says Rampage Jackson Still Under Contract With Them

21 hours ago

The big news coming out of Ufc Fight Night 58, aside from Lyoto Machida’s devastating Tko of Cb Dollaway, was the re-signing by the Ufc of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, a move that surprised many in the Mma world mainly because Rampage was believed to be under contract with Bellator Mma. Now, it’s no secret that Jackson has not been happy with Bellator since Bjorn Rebney, the promotion’s founder, was fired this past summer, and there was talk that perhaps this situation was similar to the one with Eddie Alvarez, where Bellator opted to let the fighter go after years of drama between him and the promotion, including a lot of legal wrangling.

It seems, however, that such is not the case here, and there may in fact be more legal wrangling to come. According to a post by Scott Coker on his twitter and retweeted by Bellator Mma’s official account, »

- Jay Anderson

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5 Fights For Rampage Jackson To Take In His Ufc Return

21 hours ago

Eric Jamison/AP/Press Association Images

The Ufc seems to have taken a page out of Bellator Mma’s playbook with these “big announcements” during live events. They did it with Cm Punk, and now, the big news of Ufc Fight Night 58 is the return of Mma superstar and former Pride and Ufc champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

Jackson was a Pride legend who won Ufc gold and unified the Ufc and Pride belts when he beat Dan Henderson (who held Pride gold) back in 2007. However, he lost his belt to Forrest Griffin, and though he would work his way back to a title shot against Jon Jones in 2011, like so many others he would lose, triggering a three fight losing streak, the worst stretch of his career.

Upset with the Ufc’s treatment of him and his pay, and unhappy with facing wrestlers unwilling to exchange with him on the feet, »

- Jay Anderson

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Cm Punk Upset With Interviewer Over WWE Questions

22 hours ago


In an interview earlier this week with Michael Landsberg of Tsn’s Off The Record, Cm Punk got more than a little upset with one particular line of questioning that saw his WWE days brought into the mix. In the end, he wound up accusing Landsberg on-air of being two-faced, and became more and more agitated throughout the interview.

The rub of it is, the original question that seems to have irked Punk was simple: Had he ever been punched in the face?

His answer:

“You obviously haven’t seen some of the guys I was wrestling in the WWE. Yes, I’ve taken a real punch to the face.”

At this point, things began to slowly go downhill. To be fair to Punk, the question came after a segment in which his proposed first fight in the Ufc was parodied – with the show poking fun at the lack of date, »

- Jay Anderson

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Doctor Who: 10 Defining Moments Of The Ninth Doctor

20 December 2014 12:17 PM, PST


In early 2005, fans of this legendary television show rejoiced as the Doctor finally returned to our screens – and what a mysterious Doctor he was! Portrayed by Christopher Eccleston, he brought something unique to the role which involved giving the Doctor a horrible past.

This Doctor is one of the most underrated Doctors in the show as he didn’t have a long ‘shelf-life’, as it were. Although he only appeared for one series, he’s an important Doctor who managed to leave his mark on the universe – or Whoniverse – after the 13 episodes which helped to reintroduce the character and the show to a whole new generation. For that, Doctor Who fans should be eternally grateful.

As mentioned, Christopher Eccleston only helmed the Tardis for one series but it’s a series that’s full of iconic moments which will stand the test of time. From the end of the »

- Ben Jones

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20 Worst Movies Of 2014

20 December 2014 11:31 AM, PST


For some the trend of sequels, franchise films and comic book movies dominating the highest box office performers of the year is a terrible thing; an indication that sh*t floats, to put it crudely, but that’s not the issue with cinema right now. The problem is the idiots.

As empty-headed blockbusters from the likes of Michael Bay continue to drag in hundreds of millions and paint by numbers models replace creative thought and smart writing it becomes increasingly easy to make bad movies. That’s not to say that blockbusters are unwelcome or universally bad – far from it in fact – but when bad films or poorly thought-out ones do well, it breeds a culture of corner cutting and the dilution of substance.

The end result of that is what happened in 2014: a worrying number of mainstream movies that ended up feeling like they completely missed the mark, »

- Simon Gallagher

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15 Sexiest Cosplay Girls You Need To Follow

20 December 2014 9:43 AM, PST

Costume play – or cosplay, to the increasing numbers of those in the know – is really a sophisticated version of the fancy dress most people don around Halloween. But unlike the average fancy dress party, cosplay has grown into a cult movement centred around pop culture and science fiction iconography. Gaming and cartoon characters, superheroes, even TV, movie and book characters are all fair game for the enterprising cosplayers.

It’s become an admirable art form. Most costumes have exacting, almost nerdy attention to detail and are impressively hand crafted by the wearers.

Masquerading is a time-honoured practice, but the term cosplay originates at one of the earliest ‘cons, namely La’s ’84 WorldCon. Throughout the 80s cosplay grew wildly in popularity at anime conventions and comic-cons across Asia, Europe and North America. By the turn of the millenium, cosplaying was going mainstream.

Tracing the history of cosplay, Yahoo writer Adam K. »

- S. Mathers

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Doctor Who: 10 Actors Who Could Replace Jenna Coleman

20 December 2014 9:33 AM, PST


Following the ongoing rumours regarding Jenna Coleman’s future in Doctor Who (the most recent development is that she’ll be leaving halfway through Series 9, though that will probably have changed by the time you’re reading this!), speculation as to who the BBC is lining up to replace her has been at an all time high. When you combine that with the continuous discussions regarding the next Doctor being a female, perhaps it’s time for a change to the traditional companion, too. And why?

Throughout the Doctor’s half a century on our screens, the role of the Time Lord’s coveted companion has been portrayed by females for the most part. There have been many male companions over the years, of course – Ian, Stephen, Jamie, Harry, Adric, Turlough and Rory, to name but a few – and they have all made fine additions to the Tardis crew. »

- William Graff

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15 Likely Movie Sequels That Hopefully Will Never Happen

20 December 2014 9:29 AM, PST

Walt Disney

Hollywood is frequently decried for its lack of creativity, and given the staggering amount of movie sequels, remakes, reboots, re-imaginings and adaptations hitting screens each week, it’s hardly surprising. Rather than bank on an exciting new project, it’s simply less risky to churn out a follow-up to a movie that made a ton of cash, and as lazy as this seems to viewers, it at least makes sense from a business perspective.

Still, there are some movie sequels that should absolutely never be made, either because the franchise has gone far enough, or because they shouldn’t even become a franchise at all. Bear in mind, however, these are all sequels that have been discussed while not officially confirmed, so dead certain sequels like Transformers 5, Die Hard 6 and Rambo V haven’t made the cut, nor have sequels recently put in doubt, such as Horrible Bosses »

- Jack Pooley

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Ronda Rousey Wants To Be WWE Heel

20 December 2014 9:27 AM, PST

Jordan Strauss/AP

Ronda Rousey, the first ever women’s Ufc champion, is well known for her love of professional wrestling, and takes her nickname, “Rowdy,” from none other than Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Her name has been attached to the WWE several times as a result, including an invitation on Twitter from The Shield to join them (back when they were still together, of course).

Now, in a new interview with TalkSport she has discussed being a heel in the WWE.

Says Rousey;

Oh, I would be a heel for sure.

I can’t take the name of ‘Rowdy’ and not be a heel, that would be an insult to the man I pay tribute to with my name – the great Rowdy Roddy Piper.

I would have to try and live up to his legacy as much as possible and I can’t do that being a babyface.

Rousey appeared »

- Jay Anderson

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Rampage Jackson Rumoured To Re-Sign With Ufc

20 December 2014 9:24 AM, PST

Jack Dempsey/AP

When Quinton “Rampage” Jackson signed with Bellator in 2013, it was huge news. Sure, Rampage was on an 0-3 skid in the Ufc and looked like he had lost his will to fight, coming in overweight and laying a goose egg in his beloved second home of Japan, and complaining about everything from money to having to face wrestlers who wouldn’t stand and trade punches with him (this from a guy who relied on solid wrestling early in his career), but he was still a big name that drew eyeballs. A guy who could headline fight cards.

So his defection to Bellator was huge, and huge for Bellator Mma. It also gave his career in the cage a boost: upon joining Bellator, Jackson quickly piled up three wins, knocking out Joey Beltran and former Bellator light heavyweight champion Christian M’Pumbu before winning a close decision over »

- Jay Anderson

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10 Most Important Questions Facing WWE In 2015

20 December 2014 9:22 AM, PST


December is finally here and a brand new year will soon be upon us. As WWE fans embark on a new chapter, they’ll be inclined to wonder about what the world’s biggest wrestling company has planned for the coming twelve months…

Looking back, 2014 wasn’t exactly a banner year for the WWE. It began well enough, with the continuation of the excellent ‘Daniel Bryan vs. Authority’ angle that (eventually) became the focal point for WrestleMania XXX. Sadly, that turned out to be an example of ‘failing in reverse’ as WWE put all its stock behind the big money return of Batista (about which nobody cared) and only grudgingly got behind Bryan after they realised that he was ridiculously over with fans all around the world.

From there, it all rolled downhill (and rather rapidly, it has to be said)…

Cm Punk decided to bugger off home, »

- Chris Quicksilver

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Doctor Who: 10 Times A Companion Stole The Show

20 December 2014 6:48 AM, PST


From the moment that the Doctor hit our screens in 1963, he’s rarely been alone. Whether by accident or by design, the Tardis is generally the home to more than just the Doctor himself. When the series returned to our screens in 2005, this same fact remained. The Doctor isn’t equipped to travel alone. In fact, those episodes where viewers do find the Doctor isolated tend to include scenes of anger, arrogance and, in some cases, a god complex.

As much as a companion is important, there are viewers that often complain that sometimes the companions are too central to the overriding story. Take Clara Oswald, for example. There has been a consistent theme about just how important Clara has been to the Doctor throughout his previous eleven regenerations (or twelve… or thirteen… oh, who even knows anymore!?).

It’s understandable that many fans feel that the man after »

- Mike Melling

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WWE Started It WCW Finished It – 10 Feuds That Switched Companies

20 December 2014 6:47 AM, PST


It is hard to believe that WCW closed its doors over thirteen years ago. New wrestling fans today likely can not imagine having another wrestling organization that was a legitimate alternative to the WWE and competed against them week after week.

Interestingly enough, WCW did not run from some of the previous storylines, feuds or prior matches that were originated in the WWE. In fact, there were times WCW seemed to welcome with open arms old storylines from their rival since fans seemed to already be emotionally invested in them. It was an compelling idea that brought a lot of success and also some misfires with it.

WCW took the reins of some fantastic angles that still had a lot of life and money left in them and properly played them out for their fans. The organization also took some storylines and awkwardly extended them when they really »

- J.D. White

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8 Greatest WWE Authority Figure Downfalls

20 December 2014 5:47 AM, PST


For years, President Jack Tunney ruled over WWE storylines with an iron fist, not always making decisions that were met with open arms by fans, but decisions that were made in the best interest of the promotion. When Gorilla Monsoon replaced Tunney, he became the first real authority figure to experience increased television exposure. He stood up in the face of defiant villains such as Jim Cornette and Vader and even found himself on the receiving end of a vicious assault at the hands of the massive Coloradan.

It was not until Roddy Piper was named interim president and waged war with Goldust at WrestleMania 12 that the authority figure became an integral part of WWE television. Sgt. Slaughter followed suit, becoming commissioner in the summer of 1997 and engaging a relatively young Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a war that quickly became personal. Their Boot Camp match at the December pay-per-view, »

- Erik Beaston

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10 Least Arousing Comic Book Sex Scenes

20 December 2014 5:22 AM, PST

DC Comics

Comic books have a sexism problem. What’s wrong with being sexy? Oh wait, no, sexist, yeah that’s the thing. The overwhelming depiction of female characters tends to be in highly sexualised costumes, poses and situations. At the most tame, they’re limited to sort of cheesecake pin-up sorts of things.

At the very worst, they appear in sex scenes, which tend to be of the quality of people who can’t really draw or writer convincing people as it is staging sex scenes. As comics have attempted to “grow up” at the same rate as their core audience the level of violence and romance has increased accordingly, with everyone rushing to be as seemingly mature as Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns.

In fact the level of maturity the average, common-or-garden superhero comic manages is roughly that of a particularly horny fifteen-year-old teenage boy, which means »

- Tom Baker

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