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Community’s 10 Most Emotional Moments

3 hours ago


Not only is Community a great comedy, but it’s a comedy with heart. It has never failed to bring the funny, but by creating moments that made the air super dusty and the tissues to be on short supply makes it more than just a sitcom.

It’s a show that is so well-rounded it could make the viewers feel exactly like their characters did. It takes a lot to create that kind of connection with an audience, but Community manages to pull it off.

There are just as many incredible moments that tug at the heart strings as there are that split your sides, and thinking that we were losing a show that is both hilarious and poignant made the whole thing harder to stomach. Thank goodness for Yahoo, because now instead of having a postmortem we can celebrate Community’s return with a look at some »

- Andrew Johnson

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10 Reasons Why Terry Funk Is The Funking Man

4 hours ago


Consider the following to be your first and only warning…

My unabashed admiration for Terry Funk knows absolutely no bounds whatsoever. What you are about to read is not going to be a clever article about wrestling history and Terry’s place within it, nor is it going to be a guide to the career of Mr. Funk (for that, you can read his autobiography More Than Just Hardcore – available from Sports Publishing).

No, this piece is purely the words of a lifelong pro wrestling fan as he unashamedly gushes about one of the greats of the business, Wrestling’s Living Legend, Terry Funk.

…And if you have a problem with that, well then you can Funk off right now.

As I type this, there is an action figure of Terry Funk standing on my desk. It is actually a pretty solid likeness, too. Just like the real Terry Funk, »

- Chris Quicksilver

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WWE: 10 Things You Might Have Missed This Week (July 13)

5 hours ago


We’re just a week away from Battleground, and all eyes are turning toward the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way match, Bray Wyatt’s match with Chris Jericho, and a host of other contests we’ll be seeing at the pay per view.  But if that’s all you were paying attention to, you just might have missed some interesting things.

This past week, more cool artworks were created, there were some important roster announcements, Natalya shared her secret obsession, and much, much more.  If you only watched Raw and SmackDown, you missed quite a bit.  So check out the following pages to see what you might have missed out on.

Before you do, though, here’s a bit about what this article series is all about.  The content on the following pages almost exclusively comes from the WWE App, WWE.com, the WWE Network, and WWE »

- Alex Musso

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10 Bad-Ass WWE Gimmicks Wasted On Terrible Wrestlers

6 hours ago


Professional wrestling often takes a great combination of luck, skill, and the proper know-how for a wrestling gimmick to become successful and get over with crowds all across the globe.

Sometimes, you just get the right mix of wrestler and gimmick, and everything works out perfectly. The Undertaker is a classic example of that, as he took a gimmick that probably shouldn’t have worked, but he made it a success for over two decades.

Then, there are the times when things just don’t work out, for one reason or another. We’ve seen instances where a good wrestler was saddled with a bad gimmick (Chavo Guerrero as Kerwin White, William Regal as a Man’s Man, etc), but we’ve also seen a lot of what will be discussed here… when a gimmick is something special, but it is given to the wrong person. Chances are, »

- Aaron Hyden

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Exclusive Ken Shamrock Interview: Triple H Isn’t The Man To Run WWE

6 hours ago


Ken Shamrock was a crossover Mma / WWE star long before Brock Lesnar, he was the originator of the much needed legitimacy to the current WWE product. He was considered to be the pioneer of Mma in the United States, and was one of the biggest draws in the history of Ultimate Fighting Championship. Not only did he conquer everything in the world of Mma, but he also made a successful transition to professional wrestling, and won the prestigious WWE Intercontinental title, as well as the ‘King of the Ring’ tournament.

Ken Shamrock, in his prime was undeniably the ‘world’s most dangerous man’. The Ufc Hall of Famer was also involved in the match that laid the foundations to the Attitude Era in the WWE, when he refereed the bout between Bret Hart and ‘Stone ColdSteve Austin at WrestleMania 13. My colleague Ratish Menon and I had »

- Akhilesh Gannavarapu

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12 Potential Future James Bond Directors

6 hours ago

Eon Productions

The 24th installment in the long-running James Bond franchise was scheduled to start shooting in a matter of weeks, but reported issues with the script have now seen that start date pushed back to December, with regular series screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade reportedly rewriting John Logan’s initial draft to inject more humor, in keeping with Daniel Craig’s quote that ‘hopefully we’ll reclaim some of the old irony’ that the franchise was well-known for once upon a time.

These script changes, along with the protracted negotiations surrounding Sam Mendes’ return to the director’s chair, are making it seem increasing unlikely that either Mendes or Logan will return for a third Bond adventure. In fact, following the $1.1bn success of Skyfall, the as-yet-untitled follow-up marks the first time in 25 years that the same director has taken charge of back-to-back Bond movies. So far, there »

- Scott Campbell

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10 Terribly Booked WWE Title Situations This Year

7 hours ago


Why was Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania XXX main event victory such a monumental moment? If you answered that it was because of the two titles he hoisted above his head in celebration, then you understand the significance of titles in general, and more importantly for wrestling, the importance of smart booking for titles. Wrestling championships are a storyline vehicle, providing a purpose for challengers (to become the best and win the title) and for the champs (to remain on the mountaintop).

But while it might seem like a simple thing to book, when you’re talking about sports entertainment, it can’t be something as simple as pitting two wrestlers against each other. There needs to be an angle accompanying it. And it is in these angles and other circumstances that a titleholder can suffer, even if he or she holds onto their championship for a long time. »

- Scott Carlson

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10 Ways Sting Could Make WWE Debut On July 14th Raw

7 hours ago



A single cryptic tweet from Sting was all it took for the rumor mill to practically burst with ideas and speculations over what the professional wrestling icon had in store for wrestling fans. July 14th 2014 falls on a Monday which of course happens to be the night Monday Night Raw airs. Is it just a coincidence that whatever Sting has planned happens to also be on the same day that Raw takes place? Or are the two events somehow related? The current status of a contract being signed between Sting and WWE is uncertain, but for the most part it sounds like Sting is just about ready to finally become a WWE employee for the first time in his nearly thirty year wrestling career.

If the tweet truly is a sign that Sting will make his WWE debut on Monday, then the main question everyone wants to know »

- Tom Gibbs

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10 Crazy Vehicle WWE Moments You Totally Forgot About

8 hours ago


WWE fans are always reminded of the same group of “Vehicular Moments”, most of them involving Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Beer Bath, the Monster Truck, the Zamboni, and the Cement Truck are just some of the classic moments that are often replayed over and over. And most fans remember a handful of other great moments like the Milk Bath, the “Where to Stephanie?” Stephanie McMahon abduction and of course the “Who Hit Austin?” mystery.

From impressive feats of strength, wanton destruction of expensive property, or just plain bizarre moments, WWE has always found unique ways to utilize anything with a motor and an engine for highly entertaining results.

Recently, fellow WhatCulture.com contributor John Clanton ran down “10 of the Most Memorable Vehicle Incidents” which you can find here. It’s a really good list with many fan favorites but there are still so many entertaining vehicle moments »

- Thomas Czarniak

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Vince Russo: 10 Reasons WCW Was Its Own Worst Enemy

18 hours ago

When the question of my next WhatCulture.com assignment came around, the Editor of this website asked me to discuss the “Top 10 Reasons Why WCW Went Out of Business.” After putting much thought into the subject, I explained to him that almost 15 years later, I Still couldn’t give a reason as to why WCW actually went out of business, because I was never privy to that information at the top.

It is a known fact that my critics love pointing the figure at me when it comes to the demise of WCW, however, this is clearly another situation where nobody wants to look at the facts. Even though I had a two year contract with WCW that ran from October 1999’, to October 2001, I only actively wrote for the company for 9 months. The first three months came from October 99 to January 2000, when if you go back and look, the ratings »

- Vince Russo

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7 Worst Members Of The Nwo

19 hours ago

The New World Order was one of the greatest stables in the history of wrestling. It’s also the group that can claim that they had the most members too. From the time it started in the summer of 1996 to the time it officially died in the summer of 2002 they had over 40 different people in the group.

When the group started as a trio at WCW Bash at the Beach on July 7, 1996 with Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall as the original members it truly was the strongest force in professional wrestling. Within a month, others started to join and by the end of that year there were over a dozen people that had joined it.

In 1998 there were two versions of the Nwo, which was Nwo Hollywood (black & white) and Nwo Wolfpac (black & red). Those stables dominated the company for much of the year until they decided to »

- John Canton

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10 Gaming Heroes You Didn’t Realise Are Murderous Psychopaths

20 hours ago

Naughty Dog

Gaming protagonists run the gamut from righteous super heroes to apathetic anti-heroes, but they’re rarely outright unlikable jerks unless the player has some option to be evil. In fact, many video game heroes are portrayed as charismatic or weak for plot purposes, but as soon as the player regains control of the main character, their dark side is unleashed.

Yes, there’s a strange duplicity when it comes to action heroes. When it’s cutscene time, they’ll show you a cheerful smile and crack a joke or two, but when gameplay is involved, they’ll ruthlessly slaughter dozens, even hundreds of enemies like they’re nothing if the situation calls for it.

The reason for this is that they are nothing. They’re computer programs for bloodthirsty players to wipe out. The mechanics of these games necessitate that the player character be a murderous psychopath, otherwise »

- Kenneth Cummings

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10 Reasons To Believe WWE Will Ruin Kenta

20 hours ago


Kenta Kobayashi, known professionally as Kenta, is one of the world’s most talented performers. For the past decade, he has wowed fans in Japan, and across the world. His matches tell amazing stories that cross the language barrier. His title haul in Pro Wrestling Noah is unprecedented, holding singles and tag team championships at both heavyweight and junior heavyweight level, despite only weighing 180 lbs. His match quality is second to none, and I can say that one of the greatest matches that I have ever commentated on live was a tag team match that featured Kenta on one side and Bryan Danielson on the other (thinking about it, it was never going to be bad, was it?).

But now, Kobayashi is taking a very bold step. He is leaving his native Japan, and is heading over to the United States to become a WWE wrestler. The news »

- Dean Ayass

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20 Stupid Problems You Have No Right To Complain About

23 hours ago


It’s a proven fact: people love to complain, and you best believe that they complain about Everything: food, relationships, transportation, work, entertainment, and so on… all facets of life are fair game to the grumblers of the world.

No matter how large or small an issue is, it will be griped about to within an inch of its life. Even when there’s nothing to complain about, people aren’t pleased! They will go on about the most mundane and trivial non-issues they can think of until their throats are hoarse. Forget the fact that we live as relatively pampered citizens in in incredibly luxurious society; chronic fault-finders will never be happy.

Some exceptionally whiny people even go as far as to groan about things that they have no business groaning about. Minor faults in luxury items? The temperature of food? The sunlight reflecting into your eye? C’mon, »

- Maddi Lewis

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Preview: 10 Things That Got Us Excited

23 hours ago

Marvel Studios

Earlier this week, we got a chance to see 17 minutes of the newest Marvel movie Guardians Of The Galaxy and what we saw has us excited indeed. This movie was always the riskiest proposition of Marvel’s Phase Two and although there has been a fair amount of optimism, Marvel have been on such a roll that some were worried they may be overreaching with a comparatively little known property like Guardians.

Fans needn’t have worried.

Whoever was responsible for selecting the footage that screened did a great job, as it addressed all the nagging questions relating to the movie since it was announced. The section began with the familiar line up scene from the trailers and then showed the Guardians’ first meeting, in a space prison policed by corrupt Nova Corps (Marvel’s space cops), before offering a taste of some action as they subsequently escaped: »

- Mark Bradley

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10 Marriages Ruined By The WWE Title

23 hours ago


Winning the WWE Championship is every pro wrestler’s dream, but the reality can quickly turn into a living nightmare. You get to main event the show and make more money, but the trade off is that you have to sacrifice substantial time in your personal life. There’s more media appearances, more photo shoots, more travelling. The life of a champion means being up at five Am for a radio spot and still up after ten Pm for your actual wrestling show spot. In between all that is a day full of promotional grinding, you might have to speak about the WWE’s anti-bullying campaign at a local school, or you might be made to sit for an hour signing your name on fan posters. John Cena has been noted to go seventy days without time off, and Cm Punk eventually outright quit after becoming jaded with the WWE main event lifestyle. »

- Grahame Herbert

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15 Players You Didn’t Know Celtic Almost Signed

23 hours ago

Neal Simpson/Empics Sport

As we all know, Celtic is a club with an extremely rich and engaging history. The European cup win in 1967, with the whole starting-eleven being born within 30 miles of Celtic Park – a feat that will never be achieved again – was fundamental for their big-club status through to this day. Ever since this wonderful achievement, the club has maintained its status as one of the most passionately and abundantly supported clubs in the world, and this has proven to be attractive to big name players.

Despite the fact that the Scottish game has been, for the last couple of decades, an extremely pale shadow of what it once was, Celtic have been regularly linked with huge players, mostly thanks to their perennial status as a Champions League club. And because of those links, there is a long list of big and surprising names that had their deal »

- Mark James Cassidy

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15 Signs You’re In An Abusive Relationship With Your Cat

12 July 2014 7:58 AM, PDT


Cats. We love them, and why wouldn’t we? After all, they’re fluffy and cute (apart from the weird bald pink ones) and they apparently invented the internet or, more specifically, YouTube. In short, without them, the world would be  a far worse place: they are our companions through the trials and tribulations of modern life and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The problem is, our cats hate us. Okay, so perhaps that’s unfair, but the problem is, our cats look at us as a particularly big, stupid, weird bald pink cat who run around after them dropping treats as they glare at us. They hiss at us and we think we’re in the wrong; they rip the living hell out of new furniture and we blame ourselves (‘Maybe I shouldn’t have left that couch out where Chairman Meow could get at it. »

- Hugh Firth

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10 Big Talking Points On Luis Suarez’s Future

12 July 2014 7:42 AM, PDT


Once again the football world has focused its attention on Liverpool and Uruguay’s troubled talisman, Luis Suarez. Following on from a highly successful season at Liverpool the striker has attracted a great deal of attention from clubs across Europe, all hoping to capture the prolific goalscorer. His pace, desire and finishing ability has grasped the attention of the biggest clubs in world football and he himself has made it clear he wants to move onto bigger and better things. However, he was in the spotlight for all the wrong seasons during the 2014 World Cup as he bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini in his unprecedented third biting incident. This has seen him banned for nine matches and four months from all football activity, ruling him out of pre-season and opening fixtures.

Nevertheless the interest in Suarez has not quelled and his reported £75 million move to Barcelona has been finalised in the days, »

- Tom Skinner

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5 Perfect Directors To Helm An Uncharted Movie

12 July 2014 7:19 AM, PDT


The Uncharted movie has been in the pipeline for some time now, even though any rumours circulating around its development are somewhat minimal at this given time: Deadline had reported some five months ago that Sony Pictures were in the middle of negotiations with Horrible Bosses and Identity Thief director Seth Gordon for the driving seat, but nothing seems to be absolutely guaranteed at this point, and the adaptation has already lost two directors previously in David O’ Russell and Neil Burger.

We’ve already discussed in a previous article why Bradley Cooper would be the perfect casting fit for Nathan Drake and it seemed like no coincidence that director Neil Burger was attached to the project as well, since the director and actor had already previously teamed up together for Limitless. However it seems Burger is now no longer attached to the project and Cooper has slipped under »

- David Keeble

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