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What The Jonas Gutierrez Fiasco Means For Newcastle

18 hours ago

Scott Heppell/AP

It’s never dull at St James’ Park, is it?

Just as the dust was settling after Ryan Taylor and Jonas Gutierrez’s release last week, a couple of staggering accusations have been levelled at the club. The decision to let the pair go left a really bad taste in the mouths of each and every Newcastle United fan and went some way to proving that nothing has changed despite what owner Mike Ashley said a couple of weeks back.

Not least because it was revealed how Lee Charnley and Newcastle’s football board decided to let the pair know of their respective futures. The powers that be at Newcastle got former (we hope) head coach John Carver to ring Ryan Taylor, and then got the former United utility man to pass the phone over the Jonas during the same call.

Letting two of your loyalist employees »

- Ross Tweddell

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“Patrick Vieira Will Be The New Technical Director Of Fenerbahçe”

1 June 2015 4:16 PM, PDT

Nigel French/Empics Sport

Television footage appears to show that the frontrunner for the Newcastle United Head Coach’s job Patrick Vieira is set to take over at Fenerbache as a Technical Director.

"Patrick Vieira will be the new technical director of Fenerbahçe" #Nufc pic.twitter.com/rH0UYzsVtH

— Nufc 360 (@NUFC360) June 1, 2015

Turkish television channel Canli are reporting that the former Arsenal captain is set to reject the advances of Newcastle’s MD Lee Charnley and sign with Sarı Kanaryalar, working above their new manager. İsmail Kartal led the Champions League regulars to second in the Turkish league last season before departing at the end of May.

These rumours have surfaced in the face of numerous sources claiming Vieira was set to hold talks with United in the next 48 hours. Some had even gone as far to say the French World Cup winner stayed in a well known Newcastle hotel »

- Ross Tweddell

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10 Bizarre Sex Partners You Might Have Experienced

1 June 2015 12:10 PM, PDT


Ladies, let’s face it. We don’t always know what we’re getting into bed with when we’ve just met someone new and have invited them home. While a man’s sex appeal, conversational skills and humour might all point in the right direction, until you’ve taken his clothes off and have him pinned down in the bedroom, there’s really no way to tell what exactly a man is going to be like in bed.

Because well-cut clothes and a dazzling smile are often just a great disguise for a small penis and a tired sex drive.

It’s true. And even when you do know someone, are in love with someone or live with them, there’s still a chance that you might not be satisfied in the sex department, which is a shame, because it’s always nice to have the full package. »

- Rachel Bailey

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Arrow: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Stephen Amell

1 June 2015 12:02 PM, PDT

Chris Pizzello/AP

Arrow has now established itself as one of the biggest superhero shows on TV, and with it Stephen Amell is becoming one of the biggest stars.

The man under that green hood first began playing Oliver Queen back in 2012, in what was his major breakthrough role.

Since then he’s amassed a considerable fanbase alongside the show, partly because of the show’s sucess, partly due to the fact he’s shirtless so much and works out on that salmon ladder, but also because he just seems like a nice, down-to-earth sort of person, who takes the time to interact with his fans and loves what he’s doing.

As the Arrow universe gets bigger – as well as The Flash, there’s new spin-off Legends of Tomorrow arriving this autumn – Amell’s role and profile will continue to expand.

Before Arrow returns for its fourth season – in »

- James Hunt

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10 Flaws Which Prevented Max: Fury Road From Being Perfect

1 June 2015 12:00 PM, PDT

Warner Bros. Pictures

First things first: Mad Max: Fury Road is not only the best film to have come out so far this year, it’s undoubtedly one of the best action movies of the last decade, and it won’t be surprising if it’s considered one of the greatest of all time after the dust has finally settled.

George Miller’s genius has been in crafting a very traditional action movie and yet at the same time making it feel newer and fresher than anything action fans have seen in a long time. Like The Raid 2: Berendal, it’s a reminder of a time when action movies were made with a strong emphasis on practical effects and came with the all-important R rating, allowing for considerably more on-screen violence than most PG-13 rated action films today couldn’t hope to match.

That said, there’s no »

- Andrew Dilks

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10 Actors Whose Craziness Got Them Kicked Out Of Hollywood

1 June 2015 11:57 AM, PDT


“Going crazy” has long been associated with Hollywood ever since the movie business spurred to life in the 1920s. After all, how is possible to stay truly sane in a business that specialises in blurring the lines between what is fantasy and what is reality? Not to mention that Hollywood is an industry built around glitz and glamour and all the wonderful and dark things that go in-between; in short, it’s something of a mindf*ck.

No wonder that people in the film industry end up going balls to the wall crazy, then.

Because there are lots of reasons why people in Hollywood end up flirting with genuine insanity; it is, after all, an industry that panders to the egos of its best and brightest – and if said best and brightest are making money, then it’s likely that they’ll end up getting whatever it is they want, »

- Sam Hill

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34 Wtf Moments From WWE Elimination Chamber

1 June 2015 11:53 AM, PDT


What a treat this was. Two weeks after WWE’s last pay per view event Payback, Elimination Chamber emanated from Corpus Christi and promised so, so much.

The main headlines coming into the show were the WWE World Heavyweight Championship meeting between former Shield members Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose; Kevin Owens’ first main roster match against United States Champion John Cena; and just how the tag team chamber match would actually work…

Needless to say this sort of show provides a respite from the rigours of the months following WrestleMania. It gives certain members of the roster an opportunity to shine and prove they can hang with superstars much higher up the pecking order.

It’s the sort of show that you, the fan, needs to take lightly. From the outset a show like EC sells itself as being a spot-fest of a ‘clustermuck’ (fans of Stone Cold »

- Ross Tweddell

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10 Ways Elimination Chamber Changed WWE’s Future

1 June 2015 11:26 AM, PDT


Elimination Chamber 2015 was a night of changed fortunes in the WWE. Several wrestlers were placed on exciting new career trajectories, with the hope of kick starting an upturn in the wrestling business.

It was on the whole, a very successful night. There weren’t any bad matches on the card, ensuring that it ranks as one of the finer WWE special efforts in 2015.

What made it so good was its embracing of the unexpected. There was ambition in the creative’s booking, you could tell that they were trying to move the company forward. The added pressure of so many shows in such a short period of time has yielded results.

The reason that WWE has been working so much harder is undoubtedly due to low WWE Network subscriber numbers. The peak of 1.3 million around WrestleMania 31 was never going to last and you’ve got to imagine that »

- Grahame Herbert

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10 Signs WWE Divas Division Is About To Change

1 June 2015 11:23 AM, PDT


Go on, it’s alright to admit it. You and the millions of television viewers that tune into Raw each week use the Divas match as a time to go grab a snack or take a bathroom break. You typically don’t have long to do so; the average Divas match is about two minutes, where even a five-minute bout feels like a lot of screen time. Raw is, and has been for some time, three hours long. Live events sometimes occur twice a month. It seems like now more than ever that WWE has more time to showcase its roster. Still, somehow the Divas get left behind.

There’s a lot that’s wrong with the Divas division, and the in-ring time these talented women get is only part of it. Despite that about 12 active Divas are on WWE’s roster, somehow you only get to see about four at a time. »

- Nicole Malczan

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10 Best One-Liners From WWE Elimination Chamber 2015

1 June 2015 8:50 AM, PDT


Corpus Christi is not exactly what you’d call an archetypal wrestling city. In fact, in recent years it’s gained a degree of notoriety for being one of the quietest crowds on the circuit.

Whether that’s due to poor acoustics in the American Bank Centre, a youthful base of fans in the local area or a sheer lack of enthusiasm—either way, at the 2015 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view it was another rather muted showing from the Corpus Christi faithful.

But while the crowd fell short on the volume front, the WWE talent did not.

Of course, a consequence of this was that we heard a number of moves being called by the guys in the ring—something that I’m sure will keep Maffew of Botchamania well-occupied in the coming days.

But we don’t want to focus on that today. Instead, we want to draw attention »

- Elliott Binks

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Win a Darth Vader T-shirt

1 June 2015 8:42 AM, PDT


In eager anticipation of the newest instalment of the Star Wars franchise coming out later this year, Shirts.com are offering 5 lucky WhatCulture readers the chance to win a rather fetching and totally awesome Darth Vader t-shirt.

With a clear depiction of the Dark Lord’s unmistakable portrait emblazoned on the front, this is a highly sought after garment by many a fellow wannabe Jedi Master.

To recap in time for the new film, the guys over at Shirts.com have also put together a rogues gallery of Sith Lords, cataloguing the different masters of the dark side through the original and most recent sequels. From Tyranus to Vader, there really isn’t a more sinister and fiendish set of mug shots in the galaxy. You can find it by clicking here

For your chance to win one of the T-shirts above, simply imply send your full name, »

- Dan Powell

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Game Of Thrones: What Do Your Favourite Characters Look Like In The Books?

1 June 2015 8:40 AM, PDT


It’s Game of Thrones to TV viewers, but for others, that’s merely the title of the first book in George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series, A Song Of Ice And Fire.

The war for the Seven Kingdoms often seems tame when compared to some of the furious debates between TV viewers and book readers, with the latter group wielding a lot of power, safe in the knowledge that they know how many storylines will play out long before HBO have even thought about launching the episodes.

That power has dwindled in Season 5, as the series drifts further away from the source material, but the war will always remain over whether the show or the books reign supreme. It’s not just with Game of Thrones/Asoiaf either, it happens every time Hollywood gets its hands on a book. Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, and most recently, »

- Michael Potts

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10 Top Secret Weapons You’ve Never Heard Of

1 June 2015 8:37 AM, PDT


First things first – when we say ‘top secret’ here, we can be forgiven for being a little facetious. After all, some of the weird and wonderful projects in this article date back to World War II, and security clearance tends not to be an issue for seventy-year-old military secrets.

But just in case you consider it impossible for a pop culture website to have access to information on a genuinely top secret weapons programme, we should point out that in 2013, around four million people were considered to have top secret security clearance in the United States alone, including half a million private contractors. That’s a whole lot of potential whistleblowers with a broadband connection and a Reddit account.

This article doesn’t represent an exhaustive list, or a top ten: we’ve compiled a selection of military programmes, some modern, some a little more old school; some successful, »

- Ben Cooke

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16 Easter Eggs From WWE Elimination Chamber

1 June 2015 8:35 AM, PDT


Despite being broadcast exclusively on the WWE Network in a good portion of the world, Elimination Chamber didn’t hold back or feel like another episode of “Sunday Night Raw”, as the smarks love to put it.

It was more satisfying than the last few pay-per-view events, even if the Ic Title Elimination Chamber match was a colossal let-down and the show’s final tease was sure to rub plenty of fans up the wrong way.

Still, the tag team Chamber match was a blast, as was the epic showdown between John Cena and Kevin Owens. As with any WWE show, there was plenty of added value for fans who kept their eyes peeled rather than glued completely to their Twitter feed.

From ridiculous signs to clever call-backs to classic wrestlers and hints you might’ve missed during a bathroom break or beer run, these 16 easter eggs, whether hilarious, »

- Jack Pooley

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10 Classic Movies That Are (If Anything) Underrated

1 June 2015 8:32 AM, PDT

Warner Bros. Pictures/20th Century Fox

People like to debate movies on the internet. That’s kinda why you’re here, after all – it’s just a lot of fun to chew over cinematic worth and tear apart minutiae with a bunch of likeminded people (even if things can get pretty out of hand when you bring a polarising superhero flick into the mix).

Through all the discussion-cum-argument, however, it’s easy to forget that cinema is an inherently subjective medium – it’s an art form and thus by its very nature will be read and appreciated by different people in different ways. There are, of course, ways to create objective measures of success – box office takings, award success – but everybody knows they don’t really equate to actual quality.

And, with that in mind, there’s naturally few movies everyone can agree on. Sure, nobody would object to calling »

- Alex Leadbeater

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10 Awesome WWE Elimination Chamber Moments

1 June 2015 8:30 AM, PDT


Even the most ardent WWE fan must admit that there are so many big events flying around that it’s hard to keep pace. It seems like the company are wheeling out a ‘Pay-Per-View’-like show every few weeks nowadays, which doesn’t really give each one any real time to live long in the memory – after all, when fans know there’s another just round the corner, each event is pretty much forgotten about by the time Monday Night Raw starts the following night.

In fairness, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s not enjoyment to be had by tuning into each show, because as Elimination Chamber once again proved, there is. Contrary to popular belief, WWE have a very accomplished roster at their disposal just now, one which has been suitably beefed out by a number of imports taking the step up from Nxt.

Sure, »

- Jamie Kennedy

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10 Things We Learned From WWE Elimination Chamber

1 June 2015 8:26 AM, PDT


Pay-Per-Views are coming thick and fast on the WWE Network – it was only a matter of weeks ago that the company presented Payback, and it’ll only be another fortnight before Money In The Bank returns to screens. In the interim, WWE decided to bring back the concept of the Elimination Chamber, meaning the Network has been stacked with action over the past month.

In truth, if the promotion were still relying on a more traditional method of selling shows, this glut of special events would seem more than a trifle unnecessary, but the truth is that the WWE Network allows Vince McMahon and company to present this amount of content, even if it does at times seem like overkill.

Thankfully, when the action is as enjoyable as it has been recently, there shouldn’t be too many complaints. Money In The Bank may only be a few weeks away, »

- Jamie Kennedy

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Newcastle’s 4-Man Head Coach Shortlist – And 4 Names Who Should Still Be In The Frame

1 June 2015 8:25 AM, PDT

Mike Egerton/Empics Sport

Newcastle United have been without a permanent head coach ever since Alan Pardew left for Crystal Palace at the turn of the year – but they have finally moved closer to appointing a successor after they drew up a final four-man shortlist.

John Carver, Pardew’s assistant, was first placed in caretaker charge before being named interim head coach for the second-half of the Premier League season – but the Geordie is not under consideration for the role on a permanent basis, despite still wanting the job, after a disastrous five months in charge.

Two names on the list have been confirmed – and they are former Derby County boss Steve McClaren, as well as Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira. Yet the other two candidates have been disputed by varying media outlets.

The identity of the man who will be stood in the dugout at St James’ Park when the »

- Chris Waugh

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16 Brilliant Wtf Moments From Kung Fury

1 June 2015 7:47 AM, PDT

Laser Unicorns

You don’t really need to get to the end of any sentence involving ninjas, 80s synths, dinosaurs, time travel and David Hasselhoff before people start foaming and handing over their money blindly. And to a certain extent that premise was always going to be inevitable as soon as a certain kind of cinema fan got wind of the true potential of Kickstarter.

Having been launched back in December 2013 with a trailer shot by title star David Sandberg (a former music video and commercial director with a properly lunatic idea) on $5000, Kung Fury took the crowd-funding platform by storm and exceeded its target after just two days. That’s what combining 80s action movie with a very self-consciously meta approach to parody and homage and dinosaurs and Hitler will do for you.

Now that the film has been released on Youtube in full (31 minutes of genius, jaw-dropping lunacy »

- Simon Gallagher

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Game Of Thrones: 14 Crazy Bits Of Foreshadowing Hidden Throughout The Series

1 June 2015 7:23 AM, PDT


With most TV shows, the writers can’t really foreshadow events that far in advance. That’s because the majority of television is written on a season by season basis, and so aside from the occasional thing that’s planned well in advance, the writers can’t know all the nuances of where the sotry will be headed.

But that’s one of the luxuries of having a show that’s based on a book series. When David Benioff and Dan Weiss set out to adapt A Song of Ice of Fire into Game of Thrones, they had four (soon to be five) books at their disposal, and so they could essentially see five years into the future of the show. 

By the time they put pen to paper on the pilot, they knew about the Red Wedding, about every major character’s death, and even the pretty minor »

- Brendan Morrow

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