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10 Things WWE Fans Should Be Thankful For Right Now

9 hours ago


WWE fans are seething right now, furious at Sheamus being crowned WWE Champion and are quick to point out that Raw ratings have been a disaster lately. It is almost as if some fans are actually taking pleasure in the critical and commercial problems McMahon and his team are faced with.

But let’s hold the hate for a second. As Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States, perhaps WWE’s less satisfied fans should pause and acknowledge some of the great things that World Wrestling Entertainment are doing right now. Here’s a spoiler: both critically and commercially, things really aren’t that bad!

Some fans don’t remember just how bad WWE has been at various points over the years. Even during the halcyon highly-rated days of the Attitude Era, the shows sure did suck sometimes. What’s going on right now isn’t WWE at its worst ever, »

- Grahame Herbert

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12 Little-Known Gaming Trivia Facts You Won’t Believe

9 hours ago


Though the history of gaming may be relatively brief when compared to the likes of literature or film, it’s produced a dizzying number of amazing facts and trivia. With hundreds of games released every year (and that’s not counting the titles created by indie developers) the amount going on in the industry at any one time is absolutely staggering.

Many of the world’s most popular, beloved franchises have rich, fascinating – often downright weird – histories too, from entire games accidentally spawned from glitches to the explicit translations the Zelda series desperately wants you to forget.

There’s so much going on that’s easy to miss out on the most interesting stuff, which is why this list is essential reading to scratch that trivia itch.


12. The Zelda Series Features – And Acknoledges – Penis Enemies Nintendo

Even if you haven’t played The Legend Of Zelda Link’s Awakening, »

- Brian Wilson

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WWE 2K16: 34 New Moves You Can Do

10 hours ago


2K have released the first downloadable content pack for WWE 2K16.

The New Moves Pack – which is available to download now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of the game – includes 30 new moves belonging to a plethora of WWE Superstars. It costs $3.99 and Is Not part of the Season Pass.

This is the first of many DLCs for the new game. The other downloadable offerings will include a story-driven 2K Showcase surrounding the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015 inductees; loads of unlockable content, player progression; and a wealth of playable WWE Legends and WWE/Nxt Superstars.

Following the released of the New Moves pack, the rest of the DLCs are expected to be with us after the new year.

Is the new pack worth buying? Let’s find out as we take a look at all the new moves you can do…


34. 630 Senton 2K

Your high »

- Ross Tweddell

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8 Harry Potter Moments That Are So Much Better In The Book

10 hours ago


Movie fans have heard it all before. The books are better! The books are better! It probably gets a little bit tiring after a while, but there’s a reason book-lovers are so vocally passionate about their favourite stories.

I could spend hours listing reasons here, from things like improved characterization to deeper, more rewarding plots and sub-plots, the list would truly drag on and on. But the truth is, it’s tough to completely explain what it is about books that often make them so much more personal, rewarding experiences. My advice to anyone who is sick of hearing about how much better the books are would be this: give reading a shot! You never know, you might actually like it.

That being said, throughout the Harry Potter series there are some very clear examples of times when the books are just better. Film, while a consistently surprising, »

- Brian Wilson

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Captain America: Civil War – 9 Major Concerns From The New Trailer

10 hours ago

Marvel Studios

After it began to feel like it might never happen, the first proper trailer for Captain America: Civil War has finally landed and the internet has gone kind of crazy.

Despite the fact that the trailer has been billed as a “teaser,” it still comes in at a whopping 2 minutes, 26 seconds, which feels like a lot more than just a tease, all things considered. There’s a whole bunch of stuff going on, people: new plot revelations; glimpses of some rather awesome-looking battles, a look at the differing sides of the titular war – not to mention footage of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers going at it.

And yet, despite all that, there’s something about this trailer that promotes a feeling of uneasiness. Whilst there are certainly some cool flashes scattered throughout the teaser, having finally seen some genuine, full-on footage for Captain America: Civil War, it’s »

- Sam Hill

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10 Reasons Why November Always Sucked In WCW

10 hours ago


As the month comes to a close, most wrestling fans immediately think of the WWF/WWE Survivor Series when thinking of November. Longtime supporters of the industry will also naturally remember the exploits of World Championship Wrestling during that particular month. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always one to remember, and is actually one most fans would prefer to forget.

The reasons for this are varied, but a number of them are explored in this article. It wasn’t until 1993 that WCW held a Pay-Per-View in November, and it’d be 1995 before they made the gig a regular one. Looking to sandwich a Pay-Per-View between Halloween Havoc and Starrcade, the promotion had grand ideas for what November could feature.

It wasn’t only the Pay-Per-View output which was severely lacking, there were several television moments that either spat on the legacy of titles, or simply came across as utterly lame. »

- Jamie Kennedy

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16 Crucial Questions For 2016’s Most Anticipated Video Games

10 hours ago

Sony/Io Interactive/Naughty Dog

2015 has been a massive year for gaming and 2016 is set to be just as busy, what with beloved franchises coming to an end, others being resurrected after an absence, one long-awaited title finally getting released, and of course, Call of Duty staking out that coveted early November release as per usual.

Many of the year’s biggest games are still majorly unknown quantities, though, and so gamers naturally have a ton of questions they’d like answered before even considering factoring them into their annual gaming budget. In an age where the gaming industry has never felt more anti-consumer, it’s important to scrutinise and ask as many questions as possible.

And so, as we look at the biggest and boldest titles due for release over the next year, it’s time to ask those crucial plot questions we’re all dying to know, and more importantly, »

- Jack Pooley

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10 TV Shows That Killed Off The Wrong Character

10 hours ago


It happens time and time again with big TV shows; they pull audiences in with the story, introduce them to characters they fall in love with and then cruelly snatch them away. That’s the nature of drama though; so as painful as it might be to watch a great character die, it’s often what’s best for the show.

The downside is that some shows can get it wrong; they’ll kill off a character not out of necessity, but for the cheap shock value of it. Stunts like this always come across as hollow, and it tends to make people angry instead of sad. What makes them even angrier is if that character dies horribly while another, considerably less useful one survives.

At its worst this can feel like a troll on the audience, who’ve invested in the show only for it to toy with their emotions, »

- Padraig Cotter

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8 Bizarre Things Science Has Taught Us About Sex

10 hours ago


Everybody loves a bit of sexytime, including the scientists who study it closely because, hey, there’s nothing sexier than over-analysing things, right?

The more we peer into the murky world of people’s bedroom habits, the more we discover just how complex the entire field of sex and desire are.

After all, sex is the one sure-fire thing that we know influences evolution, and its layers of subtlety and complexity have just gotten subtler and more complex over time as the arms race of natural selection just continues to escalate.

Unfortunately, research at the moment seems to revolve around straight people in the Weird demographic – that’s Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic, not people who are into spanking, we’ll cover that one later. However, there are a couple of studies sneaking in that make full use of the rich and varied spectrum of sexuality.

So, let »

- Stevie Shephard

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10 WWE Champions You Didn’t Care Enough To Hate

10 hours ago


With the outcry of negative energy from wrestling fans over WWE’s choice to crown Sheamus the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the top heel in the promotion, it got me to thinking about World Champions in the past who haven’t been able to garner the right type of hate from the crowd.

Iconic WWE ‘bad guys’ like Shawn Michaels and Cm Punk were legit top stars when they held the WWE Championship as villains. Each week, whether it was Michaels referencing screwing Bret or Punk taking shots at the beloved Dwayne Johnson, there was a real heat there and fans wanted to see them get their ass kicked. They’d even pay more money to do so.

As fans, we loved to watch these dastardly dudes cut money promos on their babyface adversaries and watch them antagonise the audience every week and gloat about how great they were. »

- Kenny McIntosh

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Fallout 4: All 5 Vault Locations & Their Creepy Backstories

11 hours ago


The true nature of Fallout’s vaults is one of the worst-kept secrets of Bethesda’s wartorn universe. These vast underground networks of metallic tunnels were ostensibly built by the Us government to protect people from the nuclear fallout, and while they technically do this, their main purpose is to serve as giant testing labs on how humans respond to various environmental conditions.

The official number of vaults in existence is 122, with only a handful of them being run without an ulterior experimental motive in mind. Each vault was led by an Overseer, whose job it was to report back to the government (or latter the Enclave organisation) about the progress of the experiments.

The experiments ranged from the slightly kooky to the heinous. Vault 12 from the original Fallout, for example, never had its doors sealed, so the effects of radiation on people could be studied. It makes Fallout »

- Robert Zak

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5 Ups And 3 Downs From Last Night’s WWE Nxt (Nov 25)

11 hours ago


It’s been a very long time since Nxt have hosted a main event as overbooked as Eva Marie Vs Bayley. Interference, two separate referee bumps, a post-match attack; things got very ‘main roster’ at Nxt last night, in more ways than one.

It almost seemed like an Invasion angle was being played. Michael Cole and Charles Robinson arrived to upend the status quo, Total Divas got a big shout out, it was all incredibly disconcerting, and quite compelling.

Elsewhere on the card, the feud between Asuka and Demma Brooke (as they shall henceforth be known) chugged inevitably onwards, with Emma setting herself up for a surely astonishing beating at Nxt TakeOver London, Baron Corbin vs Apollo Crews was set in stone, and a contract signing went so typically awry.

Full card (with finishes):

The Vaudevillains vs Dawson & Wilder – Nxt Tag Team Championship Match

Dash Wilder pins »

- Adam Blampied

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Captain America: Civil War – 10 Ways It’s Already Torn Up The Comics

11 hours ago


The first trailer for Captain America: Civil War has finally landed, and boy is it a fan pleaser. We see Cap and Iron Man facing off, an emotional reunion between Steve and Bucky, the Black Panther is revealed at long last, and that’s before we see the footage of Winter Soldier and Cap double-teaming Iron Man. In case you haven’t guessed, it’s amazing.

This movie is a big deal. Civil War is the long awaited adaptation of Mark Miller’s era defining Marvel crossover event. First published in 2006, Miller’s story saw battle lines being drawn that split the Avengers and the Marvel Universe on a whole pitted against each other in an ideological struggle in which there was no clear right or wrong. The story has been adapted for the screen by the Russo brothers, who previously helmed Captain America: The Winter Soldier and will »

- Mark Grainger

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We Had This Shot From Star Wars: The Force Awakens All Wrong

11 hours ago


You know that shot in Star Wars: The Force Awakens of the assembled First Order Stormtroopers in a Nazi-esque parade in front of General Hux? Pretty awesome, right? Well, we (or at least I) had it all wrong.

I thought it was some sort of ceremony, a show of might ahead of a military campaign or something equally sycophantic. But no: a new TV spot for the movie (by my count the tenth) has just dropped, putting that scene in a new light (literally). We’ve known for a while this is Starkiller base and the theatrical poster revealed that name isn’t just a cute throwback to George Lucas’ original draft name for Skywalker, but now we’ve finally got to see it in action (check out the still above). Oh yeah – now that’s more than pretty awesome.

So it turns out those assembled troops weren’t »

- Alex Leadbeater

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12 Upcoming Movies Nerds Should Be Most Thankful For

12 hours ago


Happy Thanksgiving Nerds.

While it was once the case that calling someone a Nerd or a Geek was traditionally a preface to half-drowning them in a toilet or locking them in their locker, but now it’s a title to be proud of.

As the last month of 2015 begins and the Year Of The Geek – 2016 – looms large, the upcoming film slate is enough to make you think it’s Christmas every day. There’s enough on the calendar in the next twelve months to make having a cinematic Thanksgiving a necessity every month…


12. Ghostbusters Sony Pictures

Release Date: July 15th 2016

The sooner everyone stops calling the new Ghostbusters, the “all female reboot” the better: it might be generally true, but it’s being used to stigmatise the film by horrible people.

The cast – which will include high-profile cameos by the original cast (but not Rick Moranis) – is supremely talented, »

- Simon Gallagher

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15 Most Anticipated Upcoming Horror Movies

12 hours ago

The Weinstein Company

Before the door slams slut on 2015, hopefully hitting it in the ass on the way out, here’s a prediction: 2016 will be 1992 in different clothes.

Consider the evidence: there’s a new Batman movie, The X Files is back on TV and Clinton is running for President. Also, the horror movies slated for release are mostly sequels and remakes.

1992 gave us such culturally enriching experiences as House IV, Prom Night III: The Last Kiss and the awesome Witchcraft 4: The Virgin Heart, and while 2016’s line-up isn’t quite that bad, it still leaves much to be desired. Among the least desirable titles is a remake of The Blob, from the director of the When A Stranger Calls remake.

Amityville 1992: It’s About Time was the 6th film in the haunted house franchise, and guess what? Not only is another Amityville film due in 2016, but if »

- Ian Watson

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Soul Calibur 6: 10 Things It Must Learn From Tekken 7

12 hours ago


Soul Calibur has been in a bit of a funk for the last few games. Soul Calibur III, the first entry produced after the Bandai Namco merger, was a solid enough affair, but lacked online play and suffered from a brutal glitch that corrupted memory cards. IV redeemed the franchise somewhat, but its online modes were incredibly laggy. That, combined with overpowered guest characters and tedious unlockables, didn’t make it popular with the fan base.

Soul Calibur V then came with a robust character creation system and improved netcode to keep things stable, but was practically an online-only experience with few single player options. The “improved netcode” was a mixed blessing, as matches would run smoothly, but also still disconnect half of the time.

With all that said, the Soul Calibur series has always been a sister franchise to Tekken, in fact, many of the same people work on both games. »

- Drew King

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10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Roman Reigns

12 hours ago


For the entirety of his singles run, Roman Reigns has been compared to John Cena. Although a rugged badass on the outside, his personality is put over as that of a squeaky-clean, do goody babyface. He smiles, he laughs and he brushes off defeats and setbacks with a wink and a wisecrack.

However, as nice a guy as Reigns is inside the ring, his behaviour outside of it has often told a different story, leading to numerous incidents WWE surely wish their loyal fanbase would rather forget.

The former Shield enforcer has spoken out of turn in numerous interviews, (sometimes inadvertently) running down his peers in the process. Rollins, Ambrose, Bryan, and even Big Match John have had their names thrown around carelessly by The Big Dog.

In fairness, not every unsavoury incident can be blamed on Reigns himself. Numerous factors beyond his control have only fuelled the »

- Jack G King

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12 Best Fps Multiplayer Maps Of All Time

12 hours ago

Epic Games

More than ever, first-person shooters are defined by their online capabilities rather than their single-player stories. Sure, there’s the occasional maverick like BioShock, and Call of Duty gave us a couple of good campaigns back in the day, but even Activision is now toying with the idea of making the series online-only in the future.

More than ever, gamers are being drawn to pure shooters based on the quantity and quality of their online maps, rather than how good a story they tell. And man, have multiplayer maps changed since their inception in the 90s – going from futuristic, jump pad-filled arenas to accurate recreations of Middle-Eastern warzones.

There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ multiplayer map, with different ones catering for different gameplay styles – ranging from bombed-out urban cityscapes designed tanks, choppers and infantry, to tight, twitchy arenas filled with lethal choke-points, right the way through »

- Robert Zak

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Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 TV Shows That Need To Happen

12 hours ago


As much fun as Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Ant-Man were, Marvel’s best work this year has come from their television output. Alongside Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is now in its third season, Agent Carter gave us a period spy drama with a brilliant female lead in Hayley Atwell’s Peggy. Then the first fruit of Marvel’s deal with Netflix appeared in the form of Daredevil, which blew fans away with its gritty, streetwise take on the Marvel superhero.

Now we have arguably the most accomplished of the lot in Jessica Jones. With its mature handling of difficult themes like Ptsd and sexual abuse, and amazing central performances from Krysten Ritter in the title role and David Tennant as her nemesis, Kilgrave (sorry Loki, someone has taken your crown as the greatest McU villain), the series has made people re-evaluate what superhero shows can do.

As such, »

- Christian Bone

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