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Tekken 7: 10 Major Characters That May Not Be Returning

1 hour ago


From a Luchador with a leopard-head mask to a sword-wielding space ninja man (thing), the cast of Tekken is one of the major factors that has made the series such an iconic one, especially here in the west.

So then, what if some much loved characters found themselves at threat of missing out on the newest instalment: Tekken 7?

With series producer Katsuhiro Harada indicating that this may be the case, speculation is rife regarding who’s in, and who’s not made the cut. There are tons of unconfirmed entrants, and major characters have found themselves missing from titles in the past, too. Add to this the fact that the game has twenty seven slots confirmed already (seven of which are completely new) and space is definitely starting to seem limited.

Whether it’s because they’re just not quite relevant enough, or because the developers decided to simply »

- Sam Dawson

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7 Perfect Casting Choices For The Justice League Movie

1 hour ago


DC is getting ever-closer to its dream of having a shared cinematic universe and a superhero team of its own to rival Marvel’s Avengers at the box office. The ongoing war between the two venerable companies may have started at the newsstands, but the real battle is now being fought in the cinemas and getting the Justice League onscreen is now DC’s main priority. A lot of the groundwork is being done in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but there are still some important roles that remain unfilled (officially at least).

DC is already making some of these characters more popular with the general public through TV shows such as Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow but unusually they aren’t looking to bring the pr-established versions and their actors onto the screen. Instead Warner and DC are casting separate cinematic counterparts and reintroducing »

- Mark Grainger

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9 Things You Notice Attending WWE Live

1 hour ago


Attending a WWE live event can often (and should) be an exciting experience.

From the crew setting up the stage to the wrestlers performing in the ring, the WWE is a well-oiled machine and is incredibly efficient at taking over and transforming a new arena five nights a week. From the fans’ perspective, they want to witness the best, most important and entertaining show possible.

Because of this, local WWE fans hope to see a special event like a PPV, a live Raw or even a SmackDown taping come to their hometown. The non-televised live events, formerly known as house shows, aren’t as popular as the televised affairs because they tend to mean less and don’t feature much storyline progression, but those events have improved in recent times.

Regardless of which show is coming to town, there are several things that the WWE fans discover on »

- Matt Davis

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8 Sneaky Ways A Movie Got Greenlit

1 hour ago


It seems to be more difficult than ever to get a film made in Hollywood; chances are if it isn’t a sequel, reboot or remake then it just won’t get greenlit. As production budgets climb ever higher the studios want to stick – understandably – to movies that are almost guaranteed to make a profit, which sadly doesn’t leave much room for new talent or original ideas to push through.

So now filmmakers need to be a little more creative when it comes to selling their ideas, with the internet appearing to be the place to do it – every other day a new film is announced that was based on a video that went viral, a piece of fan fiction or even some artwork.

This is encouraging as it shows that great ideas can always rise to the surface, regardless of their origins. Or, in the case of »

- Padraig Cotter

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Star Wars Battlefront 2: 10 Biggest Fan Demands EA Must Listen To

2 hours ago


The long awaited third Star Wars Battlefront has finally arrived, and the reception has been… well, mixed, to say the least. While everyone agrees that it looks and sounds amazing, many people find the overall experience too shallow to justify paying full price, especially when you add the ridiculously expensive season pass.

Sure, there’s no denying Battlefront can be very fun and even thrilling at times, especially for Star Wars fans, but it doesn’t take long before you realise you’ve exhausted all value the game has to offer. There is simply not enough content here, which is a shame, because it is a solid game that happens to suffer from some serious problems that hold it back from true greatness.

All hope is not lost, however. EA has made it clear that they have every intention of making Battlefront a long-running franchise, and the silver lining »

- Brandon Jacobs

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8 Iconic Doctor Who Things That Scientists Say Are Real

2 hours ago


The first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast on the 23rd November, 1963. It was beamed into the homes of an unsuspecting British public using radio waves, which are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

These radio waves didn’t just stay in our tellies, however, and will have radiated out into space at the speed of light. By now, the first episode of Doctor Who will be more than 50 light years away from the Earth. Who knows, perhaps a passing alien has managed to pick it up by now.

If some lucky alien was receiving broadcasts of one of Britain’s greatest exports, what would this hyper-intelligent extraterrestrial think of our scientific know how?

Well, as is often the way, a lot of the science fiction in the show can actually be seen reflected in the world of science fact. Either by careful research or sheer dumb luck, the »

- Stevie Shephard

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Football Manager 2016: 20 Centre Backs You Must Sign

3 hours ago

Sports Interactive

Conceding a last-gasp goal on Football Manager is one of the most harrowing gaming experiences you’ll ever have to endure. It doesn’t matter whether the strike sees the Champions League trophy slip through your fingers, or means your Braintree outfit loses a couple of points to Guiseley in the race for 12th in the Vanarama National League; the pain remains the same.

Sometimes there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. You just have to suck it up and get on with rebuilding the pieces of your broken team, but the most obvious measure you can take to prevent as many horrifying moments as possible is to snap up a pair of unbreakable centre backs.

There are countless solid defenders out there to patch up your lower league teams, but there’s also a certain handful of players who will either slot straight into top level teams, »

- Michael Potts

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Randy Orton Needs Neck Surgery

3 hours ago


Randy Orton needs neck surgery, Dave Meltzer reports in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This means that he is going to be out far longer than first expected, as he needs to recover from his shoulder injury first.

The original shoulder issue was going to keep him out until after WrestleMania, but Meltzer now reports that the neck issue could create a worst case scenario of over a year out after the neck surgery. That means he’d be missing WrestleMania 33, it could even be a career ender.

It is all up in the air. WWE are hoping that it isn’t serious, that the neck surgery will just be to clear out bone chips. If the neck is in worse condition, then fusion will be necessary. Right now, it is thought that the fusion isn’t likely, but is a possibility.

Even in the best case scenario, the »

- Grahame Herbert

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8 Cm Punk WWE Feuds For His Inevitable Return

3 hours ago


Cm Punk is set to make his Ufc octagon debut at some point in 2016. While Punk, supposedly not fighting under his real name Phil Brooks, is a longtime Bjj hobbyist, he has no other formal fight training. Punk wasn’t a collegiate wrestler, nor did he stand out professionally in grappling or striking competitions.

Punk’s decision to leave the professional wrestling world for the uncertain waters of Ufc is both perplexing and worthy of applause. No matter what opponent Punk’s positioned against (can we all agree it should be the Green Power Ranger?), it is a testament to Punk’s versatility, courage, and marketing acumen.

For those who love Punk, they worry for his safety diving into Mma’s premiere shark tank. Punk has self-admitted to suffering recurring concussions and other injuries, including recovery for a recent shoulder injury. And for Punk’s naysayers, they hope »

- Eli Samuel

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Fallout 4: 10 Most Impactful Side-Quests You Need To Find

3 hours ago


One of Bethesda’s greatest strengths across both their Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises, is that ability to tell hundreds of different, self-contained stories that hold your interest just as much as anything with one long-running narrative.

Fallout 4 doesn’t disappoint either, as the Sole Survivor’s quest to retrieve his stolen son is certainly a highlight, yet it’s the hidden gems scattered throughout the irradiated wasteland that shine brightest.

So much has happened in the 200 years since the bombs first dropped, that although choosing a direction to head in can be a daunting task, Bethesda guarantee there’ll be something – or someone – worth interacting with.

It’s that very freedom to explore that has, and always will be, the main draw of the series, but just to make sure you’re getting the most out the game, here are 10 of the most impactful, interesting and intriguing stories the Commonwealth has to offer. »

- Joe Pring

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WWE Released Brad Maddox For Saying “Cocky Pricks” In Promo?

7 hours ago


PWInsider.com reports that Brad Maddox was released from his WWE contract for using the phrase “cocky pricks” during a pre-match promo at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings.

Maddox faced R-Truth in a dark match at the show but before the bell, he cut a promo on the crowd that was said to have angered and upset many people backstage. His use of language was deemed to be too inappropriate and the decision was made the next day to fire him.

Maddox had been let go after five years with the WWE which mostly involved him just be a name on the roster but barely utilised after initially coming through the ranks at Fcw in 2010.

His most notable stint was as Raw General Manager from July 2013-May 2014 after initially making an impact as a crooked referee who screwed Ryback out of defeating Cm Punk for the WWE Title at »

- Matt Holmes

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10 Biggest WWE Changes Since Seth Rollins Went Out Injured

7 hours ago


Seth Rollins’ injury ranks as one of WWE’s biggest disasters in 2015, one which threatened so many different facets of the business. Numerous plans had been in place, both directly and indirectly linked to Rollins.

As a result of losing the Champion, Vince McMahon and the creative team were forced into action. They had to change various short term and long term bookings, meaning that the company and the future is now looking drastically different to how it was envisioned just a month ago.

The pieces are now starting to fall into place, regarding the new direction of WWE and its top talents. It is a bold new vision, one that has several WrestleMania 32 implications.


10. Triple H Vs Rollins Is Now Triple H Vs Reigns WWE.com

Triple H may feel a little bit sorry for himself over the way things have gone recently. First of all, he »

- Grahame Herbert

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10 Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes

7 hours ago


Ah, there’s nothing quite like a themed episode of your favourite television show. Acknowledging a real world holiday is a great way of connecting a show to reality, providing instantly relatable scenarios and giving structure to an episode – and that’s not to mention how useful they are to the writers tasked with penning season after season of material.

The most common themes are Christmas and Halloween – two holidays instantly recognised around the world, even if they aren’t necessarily celebrated (or celebrated in the same ways). But what about Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated primarily in Canada and the United States, originating in the 17th century as a way of recognising an abundant harvest. With so many of the world’s most famous televisions shows being made in the United States, and with Thanksgiving being such a significant part of festive culture, it’s not »

- Brian Wilson

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10 Wrestlers You Should Be Most Thankful For This Year

7 hours ago


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

If you’re American, you know exactly what to expect from this holiday – food and family (or more accurately, too much food and too much family). If you’re not American, you still probably know that Thanksgiving is a day when the genocide of native peoples in what has become the United States is ignored in favor of a celebration with nebulous origins and little to no connection to anything concrete.

Nevertheless, it never hurts to be thankful, and despite the sorry state of WWE as we approach the end of 2015, there are still plenty of men and women in the company and the sport who have been a pure joy to watch all year long. Booking issues aside, these individual performers have always delivered in the ring, their matches helping us to forget not just the problems with wrestling in general, but any problems we may have. »

- Scott Fried

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Friends: Ranking Every Thanksgiving Episode From Worst To Best

7 hours ago


Turkey, NFL, eating way too much, getting into arguments with your family, and preparing to trample all over your fellow humans in order to buy a TV you don’t need because it’s 20% off. Some things just scream Thanksgiving.

Another key element of the holiday is the Friends Thanksgiving episode, which is as important to the season as pumpkin pie, turkey pardons, and the Macy’s parade. Even now, over a decade after the show has ended, it remains the ‘must-watch’ sitcom at this time of year.

Over its 10 season run the show captured the spirit of the holiday better than any other TV show has managed before or since, making viewers laugh, cry, and really hungry for some of Monica’s turkey. Even as a non-American, someone who has never really experienced Thanksgiving, there was usually something special about the seasonal episodes of Friends that you managed »

- James Hunt

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Brad Maddox Released From His WWE Contract

16 hours ago


Brad Maddox was officially released from his WWE deal on Wednesday afternoon following a five year spell with the company.

Maddox originally signed with the organization back in 2010 following a successful stint with Ohio Valley Wrestling. He spent his first two years with WWE working in the Florida Championship Wrestling (which eventually morphed into Nxt) developmental territory.

Maddox was brought up to the main roster in 2012 as a heel referee. Though he did appear on television as a referee prior to Hell In A Cell that year, it was at that particular PPV where he became a recognized character in WWE. During the main event match between WWE Champion Cm Punk and Ryback, Maddox low-blowed Ryback and used a fast three-count to help Punk retain his title.


Maddox’s role on the main roster then varied from someone who went into business for himself at Hell In A Cell »

- Ryan Droste

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10 Video Games That Will Eventually Be Regarded As Masterpieces

18 hours ago


For all of the problems with premium-priced Dlc and a gradual lean towards the production of annual sequels, rather than exciting new properties, there’s no denying it’s still a darn good time to be a gamer. Sure, there are flaws with the system and a lot of dissatisfaction with certain developers, but beneath this, there’s an immensely satisfying core of great games being produced every year.

It’s a big shame, then, that so much of the press surrounding games focuses on controversy and negativity, as opposed to the positive growth of the gaming as an exponentially interactive and engaging medium. Sure, modern gaming isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly not all bad, either.

Let’s take a look toward the future; to a hopeful place where the current crop of titles will finally get the successful recognition they truly deserve.


10. Ori & The »

- Gareth Cartwright

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10 Wrestling Angles That’ll Make You Puke

19 hours ago

WWE Network

Professional wrestling is – at the very heart of it all – designed to be entertaining. Traditionally, this was done inside the ring, but there has always been a carnival-like atmosphere surrounding the entire industry. As far back as the days of ‘Gorgeous’ George Wagner, wrestling has been over-the-top and in-your-face. Colourful characters and absurd antics are the law when it comes to grappling.

This is something Vince McMahon and WWE have taken to a whole new level over the years. As time has progressed, it’s become clear that the promotion are forever searching for fresh ideas. Ironically, this has created some of the most disgusting personas and storylines in living memory.

Many of those gimmicks and angles go under the microscope in this article. Those with a weak stomach should not apply, because they are likely to lose their lunch in rapid fashion. Some of these occurrences are, »

- Jamie Kennedy

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8 Popular TV Characters Who Originated On A Different Show

19 hours ago


Origin stories, in this day and age, are the creme de la creme of the storytelling process. We don’t really care much what happens to our loveable characters once they’re knee-deep in plot developments and rooted in an identity. We’d much rather see them form that identity…sometimes over and over again, depending on the number of reboots we’re willing to tolerate.

The origin stories of television characters can sometimes get a little murky, though, since the developmental stages of the format require a bit of shiftiness and the occasional backdoor pilot episode to really gauge viewers’ interests in a particular character.

(Remember the episode of The Office that focused entirely on Dwight’s extended family? That was a pilot for a spin-off called The Farm which, thankfully, never made it past that one episode.)

So it’s not always easy to trace the lineage of our beloved TV characters. »

- Jacob Trowbridge

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5 Ways WWE Can Rehabilitate The Wyatt Family

19 hours ago


When they first arrived on the scene, the Wyatt Family were a breath of fresh air. In a professional wrestling universe where more and more performers are exaggerated images of normal people, the cultish weirdos had a true-to-life gimmick, a different aura and a unique feel to them.

Bray Wyatt’s promos were particularly enthralling, showcasing a style different to the ‘tough guy’ norm that had become uniquitous in the modern pro-wrestling landscape.

Since their impactful beginnings, everything has, rather oddly, fallen a little flat. Bray has continuously feuded with top level individuals, from John Cena to Roman Reigns to Daniel Bryan, with each passing feud chipping away at the credibility of Family’s leader.

What went wrong?

Well, Bray’s promises of change never seemed to materialise, the promos became more and more one dimensional and what started off as a genuinely threatening presence became a sideshow, »

- John Bills

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