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10 Best Uses For Finn Balor In WWE

2 July 2015 2:13 PM, PDT


Let’s likely expect that by July 5, 2015 that Finn Balor will have unseated Kevin Owens as the Nxt Champion after defeating him in Tokyo, Japan. Balor’s rise has been nothing short of sudden and impact-filled since his WWE signing. His more than a decade of wrestling experience has proven beneficial in his almost immediate inclusion in top storylines and feuds in Nxt.

Moreso than Owens, Itami and a few other indy and globally-renowned names, Balor’s likely also the most ready of performers for the main roster spotlight. Thus, it’s quite likely to expect that his time being solely and Nxt performer will be short, and much like Kevin Owens, in having the Nxt Championship, he will appear on both the Nxt and main WWE rosters.

But the question remains, what role will Balor play in WWE moving forward. Or, maybe it’s a lot easier »

- Marcus K. Dowling

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10 Main Roster WWE Debuts That Are Imminent

2 July 2015 2:01 PM, PDT


The Four Horsewomen are coming.




There’s no question that WWE covets Ufc superstar Ronda Rousey: she’s a legit badass, dominant champion, and a huge wrestling fan who “gets” the history of the craft and the dedication involved. The rest of the group – well, the WWE will take them, mostly because it’s more than likely going to be a package deal. And no matter what Dana White says in public, Rousey will be back in the squared circle if she wants to be.

But what about the rest of the potential new arrivals to WWE? Nxt already have their own Four Horsewoman that could join Paige in her fight against the Bellas in current storylines.

And what of the rest of the talent down in Nxt. While The Ascension hasn’t quite caught on, both Neville and especially Kevin Owens are making »

- Jay Anderson

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10 Worst Film Sequels Of 2015 (So Far)

2 July 2015 12:32 PM, PDT

Paramount Pictures

Is it a really a wonder that sequels get such a bad rap these days when there are so many terrible ones? Year after year (and this has been going on for a while now), Hollywood dedicates an insanely large portion of its efforts to rendering follow-ups to motion pictures that really don’t need to exist. Why? Because it’s a whole lot easier to repackage something that audiences already like, than to try something – you know – original.

And film-goers complain, of course, because complaining and moaning and throwing insults around is what film-goers do best, even though film-goers are the ones to blame. Ye: they’re the ones that go back, after all; the ones who – despite their reservations and morals and beliefs that sequels are fundamentally wrong – pay to see the follow-ups because… well, just in case. You have to see for yourself, after all. »

- Sam Hill

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rachel McAdams

2 July 2015 11:16 AM, PDT

Buena Vista Pictures

Whenever the words “Rachel McAdams” are uttered, chances are that people will end up shouting something along the lines of “Mean Girls!” or “The Notebook!”

Indeed, if these are McAdams’ most famous films, they emphasise her knack for versatility: in Mean Girls, she plays an unabashed villain, whilst The Notebook places her at the other end of the spectrum entirely as the leading role in a Nicholas Sparks’ romantic comedy.

Which is another way of saying that Rachel McAdams, still only 36-years-old, is an actress capable of much. She’s somebody who is not afraid to try new things, nor will she refuse a simple or mainstream part if she believes it to be good for her stock. McAdams can do serious and she can do comedy; she shines in a leading role, but she almost always makes a mark in secondary parts, too. She is also cool, »

- Sam Hill

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Ken Shamrock Talks About Beating Up Jbl And Big Show

2 July 2015 10:29 AM, PDT


Ken Shamrock has revealed how he beat up Jbl and Big Show. Speaking to Espn recently, he commented that he had a few playful backstage fights when working with WWE in the late nineties.

Apparently, (and no surprises here) Bradshaw was extremely cocky and thought that he could take Shamrock. The Ufc veteran recounts the story as-

“‘Oh I could take you!’ He was joking around, right? So, they all said ‘Okay,’ and I said, ‘Listen, I’ll tell you what Bradshaw: I’ll lay on my back [and] I’ll let you grab your best hold and I bet you in 30 seconds I’ll have you tapping.'”

“Bradshaw jumped up, ‘Oh, I’ll do that!’ So, he went in [and] grabbed his hold. He had me in some headlock or something [and] I rolled him up and in about 15 seconds he was tapping.””

Even more impressive was the time Shamrock »

- Grahame Herbert

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Sir Bobby Robson’s Newcastle Comeback Kings (2001/04) – Where Are They Now?

2 July 2015 10:20 AM, PDT

Frank Augstein/AP

It’s an Alan Shearer level of ‘Staggering’ when you think of the miracle work Sir Bobby Robson did at Newcastle United.

He took over a team that was in disarray and turned them into world beaters. Ruud Gullit had taken a side that had previously beaten Barcelona in the Champions League under Kenny Dalglish and left it bottom of the Premier League.

Numerous high profile players had been neglected and left bewildered while a number of his signings simply weren’t up to standard.

All that, plus the fact he left captain Alan Shearer, who he didn’t get along with, on the bench for a miserable 1-2 reverse at home to Sunderland means it couldn’t have been any worse when Newcastle’s knight in shining armour came through the door.

Sir Bob took his time but his third season in charge saw United finish »

- Ross Tweddell

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Dana White Says Ufc Fighter Cm Punk “Looks Phenomenal”

2 July 2015 10:12 AM, PDT


According to Ufc President Dana White, the promotion could not be happier with their investment in Phil “Cm Punk” Brooks, the former WWE champion currently working to make the switch to mixed martial artist.

Punk, who was signed by the Ufc in December, has been training under the highly respected Duke Rufous at Rufousport in Milwaukee, and recently moved to the city full time to be closer to his training camp.

Speaking to TMZ, White had a lot of say on the subject of Punk (or is it Brooks? Thanks to Reebok, that’s a bit unclear at the moment).

First of all, let me start by saying this: the respect that this guy has earned from his team, his coaches…he’s a dog, man. He actually just moved to Milwaukee so he can be closer to training. He’s committed to this thing, the guy’s »

- Jay Anderson

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4 Ups And 3 Downs From Last Night’s WWE Nxt (July 1)

2 July 2015 10:09 AM, PDT


It is mere days before Finn Balor and Kevin Owens lock up in Tokyo with the Nxt Championship on the line. Balor will be looking to avenge his previous loss at the hands of Owens back in February and the champ will be looking to gain a measure of vengeance over his loss last night.

The heat is palpable between the two men, encouraged in no small part by a series of stellar Balor-centric docu-shorts, the last of which aired during last night’s episode. With the go-home Nxt in the bag, it’s safe to say that the feud hasn’t quite reached the heights of Owens/Zayn, but it was never really given that opportunity. Owens is way too hot a commodity for the company right now, and they’re pulling him in a dozen different directions.

It was something of a lopsided show. The blockbuster »

- Adam Blampied

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10 Awesome Old-School Video Games That Deserve HD Remakes

2 July 2015 9:11 AM, PDT


Recently, video games are slowly going the way of Hollywood movies in terms of getting bigger, darker, and more expensive. Probably the most glaring comparison between Hollywood movies and video games is how both are more and more willing to partake in remakes of classic, older IP. Whilst the movies haven’t quite cracked the code of making consistent high quality remakes, video games are doing much better in that regard.

Recent remakes and remasters of classic games, such as Final Fantasy X, Ocarina of Time, and Mortal Kombat, have gone over well with fans and developers. And with good reason. Sometimes older games may be difficult to find or near impossible to run in their original states. The repackaging and remastering of an old video game classic will not only serve to satisfy older, existing fans of the game, but it will also bring in a new and younger legion of followers. »

- Alexander Pan

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19 Most Iconic Lines From Lord Of The Rings Movies

2 July 2015 8:53 AM, PDT

New Line Cinema

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is probably the best book to film adaptations that you ever seen, on top of being one of the best trilogies ever made. With New Zealand being on everyone’s bucket list so that they can visit Hobbiton and do ‘hobbity’ things, the series really have earned a spot in everyone’s hearts.

You can see the love and passion that went into every movie, with the outstanding script and character development, as well as all of the intricate details in the costumes and locations. And it’s not just the fans that think so. The trilogy has been recognised for its cinematic achievements by winning numerous awards ranging from Best Director to Sound Editing; the Return of the King won all 11 of the Oscars it was nominated for. 

J.R.R Tolkien has provided us with this whole other world »

- Sara Weir

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20 Greatest TV Villains Ever

2 July 2015 8:49 AM, PDT


Without villains, the medium of television would be comprised of nothing more than a bunch of nice people sitting around playing Monopoly. Even if you hate the bad guys, you can’t deny that their existence is completely necessary to create engaging story lines that continually challenge not only the characters, but the viewers themselves.

That said, writing a good villain is easier said than done. That’s why there are so many power-hungry cardboard Snidely Whiplashes running around out there. Harder still is the task of finding an actor who can bring a truly evil character to life while resisting the urge to chew on all the scenery they can find.

It’s a difficult equation to get right, because it depends on the mood of the piece. Sometimes less is more, sometimes more is more. But in the end, you just know it when you see it. »

- Audrey Fox

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Game Of Thrones: 10 Actors With Off-Screen Music Careers

2 July 2015 8:46 AM, PDT


Like all classic dramas, Game of Thrones comes with a booming soundtrack fit for a king. The opening sequence is as epic as the events which take place after it, and it’s mostly down to the rousing strings and hammering drums bellowing from behind the graphics.

Music is a big part of the Seven Kingdoms, with much of the world’s history remembered through song, with ominous snippets of The Rains Of Castamere being forever remembered for building up to the mega Red Wedding. Since then, that song has foreshadowed many deaths, violent encounters, and all-out slaughters.

One of the musicians during that infamous scene was Coldplay drummer Will Champion, and another famous cameo was Sigur Ros playing at Joffrey’s wedding, much to the dismay of the vicious young king, but the writers don’t even need to draft in musical talent, because they already have it within their ranks. »

- Michael Potts

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10 Comic Stories You Should Read Before Phase 3 Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

2 July 2015 8:26 AM, PDT

Marvel Comics

As Marvel continue to release more and more films within their cinematic universe, it’s easy to get lost in the continuity. Frankly, unless you start from square one (i.e. the first Iron Man film) and watch every film Marvel Studios has released since then, most of the second phase of the McU will fly right over your head faster than Thor chasing a Frost Giant.

With regards to Phase 3 of the McU, it seems that Marvel Studios has a taken the weightiness of their continuity into account and decided on a two fold approach to which films they will be releasing. Some of these films will be new franchises that will most likely be friendly for newcomers. Nevertheless, this third phase will also contain multiple sequels, including two more Avengers films that will undoubtedly incorporate various plot points dating back to phase one of the McU. »

- Bryant Lucas

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Steve McClaren “Relieved” To Start Newcastle Training – But He’s Looking Forward To Monday More

2 July 2015 8:17 AM, PDT

Scott Heavey/Pa Wire

Newcastle United head coach Steve McClaren has admitted he was “relieved” to finally get his squad together for pre-season training – although he is more excited for when he can see the Magpies’ internationals at close hand on Monday.

The Magpies squad met up for their first pre-season training session on Wednesday and McClaren revealed he was glad to get the hard work started ahead of their opening friendly with Gateshead at the International Stadium a week on Friday.

Following the Heed match-up, Newcastle then fly out to the USA for a three-match tour, before away trips to Sheffield United and York City, and then a final pre-season game with Borussia Monchengladbach at St James’ Park.

Owen Humphreys/Pa Wire

Yet, despite the majority of the squad having returned to their Benton training base, Moussa Sissoko and Tim Krul will not be present at pre-season training until »

- Chris Waugh

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20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About The Terminator Franchise

2 July 2015 8:00 AM, PDT

TriStar Pictures

From 1984’s sci-fi classic The Terminator, through seminal 1991 action movie Terminator 2 and the disappointing T3, all the way up to the middling Terminator Salvation and Genisys, the Terminator franchise has had its share of ups and downs. It’s gone from James Cameron, to Jonathan Mostow and – oh god – McG, from Schwarzenegger in his prime to Schwarzenegger in old age, and from science fiction to action movie to war movie and back again.

As a result of the changing nature of the films, not to mention the various clashing egos that have come to work on them, the Terminator franchise is a saga that’s accumulated one of the most fascinating behind-the-scenes stories. With the series having run for 31 years, that story’s also one of Hollywood’s farthest-reaching franchise tales.

And it all grew out of an idea of James Cameron’s that was originally rejected, by »

- Brogan Morris

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Agents Of Shield: 10 Questions For Season 3

2 July 2015 7:41 AM, PDT


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D enjoyed a much more successful time of things in its second run compared to its first. Or at least what people think of as the first, as the two halves of season 1 were very distinct in terms of quality (basically, first was bad, second good).

With it now established as its own show and with more confidence to do its own thing, it was able to move forward and explore more of the McU and become the series everyone hoped it would be.

There were a lot of awesome moments in season 2, and a lot of excellent work done in laying groundwork for the future of the show. The mystery of Skye’s parents was revealed, and it didn’t disappoint as it turned out she was an Inhuman with a crazed father and a sociopathic mother.

FitzSimmons became Fitz and Simmons, »

- James Hunt

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Newcastle Fans Reveal Which Striker They Want To Sign If Charlie Austin Rejects Magpies

2 July 2015 7:22 AM, PDT

Frank Augstein/AP

Newcastle United supporters have revealed which striker they would most like to sign if the club fail to recruit Charlie Austin from Queens Park Rangers – with Wolfsburg’s Bas Dost the Toon faithful’s clear preference.

In a whatculture.com/nufc poll, Newcastle fans were asked to select from six strikers – plus “other” if they preferred an alternative name – as to who they would most like to see arrive at St James’ Park should the Magpies fail to recruit Austin.

And it was Dutch hitman Bas Dost who ran away with it – as 43% (637 votes) of the 1,486 Newcastle fans opted for the 26-year-old, who netted 20 goals in 36 Wolfsburg appearances last season.


Dost could move to Tyneside in a £9 million deal this summer, although Borussia Dortmund are also interested in the two-cap Holland striker.

Meanwhile, West Bromwich Albion forward Saido Berahino – who would cost at least £20 million – came »

- Chris Waugh

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Aston Villa Transfer News: Villa Close to Signing Senegalese International

2 July 2015 7:17 AM, PDT

Michel Spingler/AP

Aston Villa are close to signing Lille midfielder Idrissa Gueye, according to Espn.

It is believed the midfielder flew into England today for talks regarding a potential move after a fee of £9 million was agreed.

Tom Cleverley’s decision to move to Everton has left Sherwood seeking some reinforcements in midfield and Senegal international Gueye could fill that role.

With some uncertainty surrounding the future of reported Manchester City target Fabian Delph, Gueye could be an important addition to Sherwood’s squad ahead of the upcoming campaign.

If the move does go ahead, the player would cost more than Villa paid for Christian Benteke and would represent a change of policy in Villa’s transfer dealings.

Recent signings by the Midlands club have been inexpensive by Premier League standards and a £9 million deal for Gueye would see the biggest fee spent since the transfer of Darren Bent. »

- Lewis Rymond

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10 Most Paused Moments In Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

2 July 2015 7:10 AM, PDT


If there’s one thing that this particular generation of movie-goers have found themselves to be fond of, it’s pausing movies. Pausing movies was never something that was supposed to happen, of course – it’s a bi-product of the digital age; something that filmmakers now have to consider whenever they produce a teaser, trailer or fully-fledged motion picture: “What will happen if somebody pauses this? Is it ruined? Does it reveal a little too much?”

As a result, it has become far harder to conceal aspects such as special effects work and stunt performers – pausing a VHS was never enough to break the illusion of cinema due to the quality, but a Blu-ray – with its crystal clear HD picture – picks up everything.

But pausing a film isn’t just about trying to catch the filmmakers out; nowadays, it’s all about finding the hidden messages and mysterious implements »

- Sam Hill

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10 Perfect Movies For The Summer

2 July 2015 7:07 AM, PDT

Universal Pictures

When you think of summer movies, big budget blockbusters are perhaps the first that spring to mind. It’s the season of year when Hollywood studios roll out their huge tentpole features in an effort to clean up at the box office. But the season itself can provide a great backdrop for a film, capturing the essence of the time of year when the days are at their longest.

There have been plenty of great movies which have used the sweltering days of summer as the backdrop upon which their characters play out their existence. Summer evokes holidays and road trips; lazy days by the beach or impromptu outings into the wilderness, and some wonderful films capture the moods these experiences evoke perfectly.

While there’s a lot to be said for seizing the moment and venturing out into the world and making the most of the weather while the sun is shining, »

- Andrew Dilks

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