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10 90s Movie Girlfriends Who Were Way Better Than Yours

24 November 2013 12:50 PM, PST

A while back, I wrote an article about the 10 80s Movie Girlfriends Who Were Way Better Than Yours. It seemed obvious…after all, there are tons of 80s romantic comedies, so there was a veritable army of awesome girlfriends to pick from. But I wondered what would happen if I tried to find great movie girlfriends from the 90s. Would it be as easy, in a decade more known for its irony and cynicism than anything else?

Coming off of a decade jam packed with classic romantic comedies, the 90s took a step away from teenage fare for the most part. Film executives were trying to target the teenagers that watched The Breakfast Club and Pretty and Pink now that they were a little older, so it makes sense that you would start to see a lot of films marketed for the jaded 20-somethings of the 90s. Don’t get me wrong, »

- Audrey Fox

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Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor’s 10 Biggest Questions Answered

24 November 2013 12:38 PM, PST

In true Steven Moffat style, ‘The Day of the Doctor’ was spectacular, timey-wimey and just a little bit confusing. Whilst a large majority of the fandom rejoiced at the episode, a fair few wound back our Sky boxes to rewatch certain bits again. What exactly was going on?

It was quite simple. Well, there are simple explanations for certain bits. And there were some nice resolutions here and there: Ten and Eleven are so childish because it’s how they deal with doing such an adult thing. Ten married Elizabeth I and ran off, and that’s why she hates him in the ‘The Shakespeare Code’.

But here are ten answers to puzzles that we didn’t get. What did you think of the episode? Comment below as always!


10. Why Was Peter Capaldi The Only Future Incarnation That Appeared?

Because he’s the only one announced so far!

If that »

- Mark White

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10 Excruciating Films That Ruined Your Image Of Batman Actors

24 November 2013 9:08 AM, PST

When you think about it, the furore that surrounded Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman not so long ago can probably be pinned down to the fact that some of his earlier film work didn’t match up to the catastrophically lofty expectations that fans of Batman movies will inevitably place on the star of their favourite property.

He might be on a high now, but Bat-fans will never forget his the bad moments – the Giglis and the Paychecks – that gave him an unwanted, and often unwarranted bad name. For Affleck, occasionally, he will only be as good as his worst films, and Batman needs to be a paragon of virtue, and an island of cool. Gigli does not fit that image.

But this won’t be the first time that Batman actors have been associated with awfully bad movies that should have been beneath someone of the calibre needed to play the Dark Knight. »

- Simon Gallagher

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WWE: 10 Wrestlers With Egos Bigger Than Their Muscles

24 November 2013 8:38 AM, PST

Pro Wrestling has always required a large amount of confidence and self belief – after all, it must be slightly intimidating to go out in front of a 20,000 people crowd in just shorts and baby oil. The same feeling of insecurity is arguably even bigger backstage, with peers looking to stab you in the back and your jacked up body-building billionaire boss looming over you. To survive, you have to believe in yourself and show a face of complete conviction in your ability.

In the WWE this necessity has often ended up developing some of the biggest egotistical monsters ever seen in entertainment, and there are many wrestlers in WWE who display an ego bigger than their muscles.

As well as developing these huge levels of self confidence, there are other unusual traits that develop among WWE talent. For example, the wrestlers start to consider it vitally important to be a »

- Grahame Herbert

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Man City 6-0 Spurs: Player Ratings

24 November 2013 8:06 AM, PST

Media Image Ltd

Manchester City took Tottenham Hotspur apart at the Etihad, hitting them for six and climbing five places in the Premier League table to fourth.

Jesus Navas opened the scoring inside 15 seconds, profiting for early Spurs errors that rather set the tone for this match. Sandro diverted Alvaro Negredo’s shot into his own net and Sergio Aguero netted either side of half time to seal victory.

Negredo added his name to the scoresheet and Navas netted another in stoppage time to cap another strong home win for City. Manuel Pellegrini got the response he wanted from the players after losing to basement club Sunderland before the international break.

Opposite number Andre Villas-Boas meanwhile should definitely be disappointed with the reaction of his Spurs side that lost at home to Newcastle United last time out. Their display was every inch of the word dismal – and we have pulled »

- Jamie Clark

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WWE: 10 Best Eddie Guerrero Matches On 8th Year Anniversary Of His Death

24 November 2013 7:59 AM, PST

Hard to believe it’s been close to a decade since the wrestling world lost Eddie Guerrero. Aged 38 – for most real sports he’d be well past his prime. For wrestling, he was just peaking in WWE’s main event scene.

He’s one of the best wrestlers of all time, no doubt. Clearly, he didn’t have the drawing power of Hogan, Rock or Austin – but for a true fan of wrestling he was an absolute delight to watch on almost every front. A fantastic performer and master of the theatricality of wrestling accompanied with actual athletic ability that was on par with any wrestler ever to flog a tacky looking t-shirt.

It was hard to narrow down Guerrero’s best matches to just ten. But eight years on, these are the ones that stick out the most.


10. Bullrope Match Vs. Jbl – WWE Great American Bash ’04

We loved the »

- David Dudhnath

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9 Reasons Bill Murray Will Always Be Better Than You

24 November 2013 7:45 AM, PST

Nowadays it’s extremely easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have it all. The years of studying and training have paid off. You’ve got a partner who isn’t completely repulsed by everything you say and do, the house/car/kids thing is ticking along as you thought it would and you’ve a family/group of mates you wouldn’t change for the world. Meals out, holidays and half-day flexi-time Fridays are all within your means. If you’re extremely fortunate, come the end of the month you may be able to chuck a few quid in a pension pot. You’ve made it. And well done, give yourself a pat on the back. The boy/girl done good. Just like they said you would.

However, for all your veritable triumphs there’s one particular that you oughtn’t permit yourself to forget. You may »

- Stephen Roberts

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5 Films Where Audrey Tautou Plays A Total Nut-Case

24 November 2013 7:11 AM, PST

Audrey Tautou has made herself pretty well-known in English-speaking territories over the years. Although she hasn’t yet fully cracked into Hollywood like her fellow Frenchwoman Marion Cotillard, she’s still managed to get a couple of her home-made titles some good receptions in the UK; Coco Before Chanel (2009), for example, did well both in Britain and worldwide – not bad in a movie world populated by transforming robots and teenage vampires.

Perhaps the thing holding her back in Hollywood is the language barrier, something plagued Penelope Cruz after her initial stardom, before going back to her own country and excelling. The story is much the same for Tatou but in her portrayal of fashion titan Coco Chanel, we saw that she had some real acting clout, and with her role as the girl whose lover goes missing in World War One in the film A Very Long Engagement, the story was much the same. »

- Henri Pearson

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Win: Football Manager 2014 For PC

24 November 2013 4:42 AM, PST

This year Sports Interactive and Sega Europe Ltd unveiled the most feature-packed and technically advanced release in the series’ history. Benefitting from more than 1,000 improvements and enhancements over its most recent predecessor, FM 2014 is the most realistic simulation of football management ever released.

In addition to enhanced gameplay, FM 2014 also delivers a range of technical innovations, with the game available on Linux for the first time and the introduction of ‘cloud save’ technology, which means that managers can now pursue a single career from any computer, anywhere in the world.

The FM experience is also more customisable than ever before, as the integration of Steam Workshop tools make it easy for managers to create and share customised FM content and experiences such as photo/logo packs, new and custom competitions and even tailor-made in-game challenges using the new Challenge Editor, which has been incorporated into the free-to-download Pre-game Editor.”

To »

- Simon Gallagher

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Win: Complete Cheers, Dexter & Indiana Jones DVD Boxsets

24 November 2013 4:32 AM, PST

In the words of arguably the most famous Christmas advert in the history of television, Holidays Are Coming. Specifically, Christmas.

And to celebrate the unveiling of our annual WhatCulture.com Christmas Gift Guide, we are giving one lucky reader the opportunity to win a bundle of big-name boxsets. We have the Complete Cheers boxset, containing every episode of the classic comedy show, as well as the eye-catching new Dexter boxset, compiling all episodes of the serial killer modern classic, and the complete set of Indiana Jones movies on DVD.

To enter the competition, first like us on Facebook... Already a fan? You can skip this part.

And then send us your details by completing the form below...

NameFirstLastEmail*Location*EnglandNorthern IrelandScotlandWalesOtherAnswer (If Applicable)Captcha


Cheers Complete Series Collection

Allow fathers country wide to lose themselves in Cheers: The Complete Series Collection with all the fellas. The perfect gift for Dads, »

- Simon Gallagher

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Doctor Who At 50: A Definitive Year By Year Guide

24 November 2013 4:20 AM, PST

It’s not an exaggeration to describe Doctor Who as a British Institution.

For the past 50 years it has been thrilling audiences with adventures in time and space, and continuously reinventing itself; the show viewers enjoy today is rather different from when it started. What has remained constant however is that it follows the curious Doctor, who with the help of his trusty blue Tardis, Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space to give it its full title, has saved the universe from monsters, aliens, and picked up a few companions along the way.

Not a lot was known about the Doctor back in the beginning, and names such as “Time Lord” and “Galiffrey” were slowly introduced to the audience’s vocabulary as the show progressed. Over 150 serial stories were produced and broadcast during its initial 26 year run, each generally comprising between three and six 25 minute episodes. After cancellation there »

- Ian Coomber

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Doctor Who – An Adventure In Space And TimeDoes William Hartnell Need Protecting?

24 November 2013 2:22 AM, PST

When watching An Adventure In Space And Time, I noticed one feeling dominated all others. It wasn’t excitement at seeing early Doctor Who recreated in high definition colour. It wasn’t admiration in the playing of the lead actors (all wonderful), nor even some fannish desire for accuracy (I let several anachronisms of speech and behaviour slip by, suspending my disbelief in the spirit of the piece).

The overwhelming feeling I had was one of protectiveness. I felt protective towards Verity Lambert, Waris Hussein, even Sydney Newman, the old so-and-so. But I felt especially protective towards William Hartnell. As an actor his reputation is pretty much intact, despite a few swipes at his memory from those too ignorant to know better. But as a man I felt that he had been much maligned, and An Adventure In Space And Time could either support the myths, or  set the record straight. »

- David Martin Farmbrough

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50 Memorable Moments That Defined The Last Gaming Generation

24 November 2013 2:11 AM, PST

It’s finally here. What was once talked about in hushed tones as next-next-gen all those years ago is officially unleashed upon the public, with Sony’s Playstation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One and – yes I’m including it – Nintendo’s Wii U all now out the wilds for purchase (unless you’re in the European market and have to wait till November the 29th to get your hands on a PS4).

Which system is the best is a debate for another time and will be waged pointlessly for years to come, but it’s important to remember the past as we move forward into an exciting new era for gaming. This generation has, after all, been the longest in living memory. We’ve lived and bonded with our consoles of choice over the years, laughing, crying, shouting and embracing the massive innovations that have been thrown at us and dismissing others as corporate nonsense. »

- Dan Curtis

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5 Reasons Dirty Harry 6 Is Still A Good Idea

24 November 2013 1:59 AM, PST

There aren’t many film characters as iconic as Dirty Harry. Many could in fact argue that he is the most iconic character to come from 70s cinema. People know his lines, his power went far beyond entertaining on the big screen, he was the ultimate idea of machismo for a long time and people still want to see him.

Though Clint Eastwood is 83 years old, he still gets asked about the possibility of picking up the famous .44 Magnum again. To which his usual response is a resounding no.

That doesn’t stop fans from wondering what the authority hating crime fighter would be up to today. Though Eastwood may have little interest, Dirty Harry 6 is still a good idea for a variety of reasons. The man still works like he’s half his age and could pull it off and lord knows Warner Bros. would jump at the chance »

- Zachary Leeman

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10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Rush To Next Gen Gaming

24 November 2013 1:49 AM, PST

Few things in life are better than a new video game console. Aside from that amazing, one-of-a-kind smell that comes from unboxing those magical plastic boxes of infinite joy, new consoles also means a better world for gamers. Developers can finally unleash the potential of their ideas without the limitations of antiquated hardware, which in turn brings us amazing new experiences we never would have thought possible before.

It is a grand moment not only for the gaming world, but for the world of technology as a whole. Video games have shaped the way people across the planet interact with technology on an everyday basis, and console generations can be seen as mile markers on the road of consumer tech evolution for decades now. It is an exciting time, and this particular console launch looks to change the face of the industry perhaps more so than any other previous generation. »

- Salvador Polanco

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6 Pornstars Trying Hard To Be Real Actresses

24 November 2013 1:31 AM, PST

Porn: it’s just like the movies, right? Well, sometimes it is, like in the case of Lars Von Trier’s latest, Nymphomaniac. But, what happens when porn stars try to become legitimate actors?

What’s interesting to note is that some of the most notable actors in the business started in soft core porn: Kevin Costner and Sylvester Stallone both began their careers in the same shady way, but they’re men, so what about the actresses?

Considering porn’s main focus on selling to males (actresses are invariable the real stars), it can be tough for the ladies of porn to jump ship and try “real” acting successfully. Many have tried, some have failed, but some have actually found small levels of success.

The real point is that it’s tough for these women to really ever be taken seriously at anything else, especially acting in mainstream fare, »

- Zachary Leeman

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Man City vs Spurs – Team News, Match Preview & Likely Line-Ups

24 November 2013 1:21 AM, PST

Date: Sunday, 24th November Venue: Eithad Stadium Kick-Off: 13:30

Which under pressure manager will come out on top at the Eithad?

Team News Costel Pantilimon again looks set to start ahead to No. 1 Joe Hart. Manchester City have no new fresh injury concerns – although captain Vincent Kompany and attackers David Silva plus Stevan Jovetic remain sidelined. Christian Eriksen picked up a sprained ankle in the international meet-up between Demark and Norway and will be out for 3-4 weeks. Vlad Chiriches is a doubt after breaking his nose in the fixture against Newcastle a fortnight ago. Danny Rose meanwhile is a confirmed absentee with a toe problem. Togolese Emmanuel Adebayor could be handed a shock start as Andre Villas-Boas attempts to solves Tottenham’s goal-scoring crisis. Key Facts


The last meeting between the teams was at White Hart Lane, where Gareth Bale inspired a Spurs comeback for a 3-1 victory. »

- Michael Newell

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10 New Artists That Prove Music Today Is Awesome

24 November 2013 1:16 AM, PST

We live in a world now where music plays a bigger part than ever in our everyday lives. In this digital age of music, it’s nigh on impossible to escape the latest music crazes, adverts for Spotify and “ones to watch” lists that tell us all what we should be listening to. But that’s sort of how we like it. It’s easier now than ever to access, listen to, buy or download music at the touch of a button and consequently, it’s a lot easier for artists to get their names out their and make something of themselves.

Across the decades, we’ve seen some truly wonderful musicians come and go. While there will always be those who yearn desperately for yesteryear and complain non-stop about the inherently manufactured nature of popular music these days and how artists had a lot more integrity “back in my »

- Steven Ingle

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Star Trek Enterprise: What Would Have Happened In Season 5

24 November 2013 1:08 AM, PST

Recently I wrote an article about episodes of Star Trek that never made it to the screen. Two major sources of potential plots and episodes are for the two cancelled series – The Original Series and Enterprise. You see, both of them were already in the stages of planning for the following seasons and so we know some of what was intended. The Original Series was a little more random as Gene Roddenberry was no longer involved and they had a tendency not to follow up on earlier episodes.

However, with Enterprise, Manny Coto had taken over at the start of season four and had big plans in the pipeline for season five. These were already on the drawing board, as the series didn’t get cancelled until fairly near the end of season three. It was only while the cast and crew were filming the second half of In a Mirror, »

- Brian Chapman

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10 Things We’re All Waiting To See Happen In The Walking Dead

24 November 2013 1:00 AM, PST

The fourth season of The Walking Dead is well underway, but many questions have been left unanswered. That’s not to say there’s been nothing to keep the viewers satisfied. A season filled with nail biting action has left some viewers looking like they’ve encountered a dainty walker. There’s been murder, exile, slaughters, and martyrs, but these have only been fleshy tasters on the way to the body of the season. In between these fleshed out moments has been the bones of the season – the unanswered questions are building the structure of the season as a whole.

While the merit of an episode can be diagnosed by how it handles major moments, a healthy season thrives on the intricate events and questions that unify its various character and story arcs. These tiny moments leave the audience with certain expectations, teasing them with implications that develop certain arcs throughout the season. »

- Eric Morlang

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