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Ian McShane: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

1 hour ago

Paramount Pictures

This weekend sees the release of Hercules, the latest Hollywood attempt to cash in on the popularity of the Greek Myths in the absence of another Percy Jackson film. Picking up after his legendary twelve labours have been completed, the film sees Hercules (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) as a sword-for-hire to the King of Thrace (John Hurt). Directed by Brett Ratner of X-Men 3 notoriety, Hollywood executives will be hoping it fares a lot better (commercially at least) than The Legend of Hercules, which bombed back in January.

While other writers on WhatCulture! have already written the film off, there is one grain of hope for film fans: a supporting performance by the eminently watchable Ian McShane. The graduate of British TV may not have reached the stratospheric heights of Hollywood in the way that his early career may have suggested, but even in his seventies he is still capable of turning in eye-catching, »

- Daniel Mumby

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10 Movie Villain ‘Twists’ We Saw Coming A Mile Off

4 hours ago

Warner Bros.

When a villain walks on screen it’s pretty obvious. More often than not they’ll be decked in all black, possibly with a cape, sporting a long and thin moustache and speaking in a perfectly annunciated British accent.

Ok, things aren’t that un-nuanced (although the accent trope is still around), but generally a villain is a pretty obvious character. At least most of the time anyway, though a film may try and hide who its true villain is for a big, third-act reveal; maybe the bad guy is actually a close friend or mentor of the hero, or a background character whose secretly been behind whatever scheme’s afoot the whole time. And when it’s done correctly, it really works; shocking you into paying full attention as the climax looms into view

That of course is assuming that the twist wasn’t actually painfully obvious. »

- Alex Leadbeater

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Chelsea’s 10 Most Hated Players

6 hours ago

Pa/Pa Archive/Press Association Images

In June last year, Chelsea were voted Britain’s most hated club after finishing bottom in a survey of most-loved football teams carried out by the Mirror. The Blues were more hated than even Manchester United, and considering the players the club have had in their ranks over the last few years, it perhaps isn’t much of a surprise that they’re so reviled.

Chelsea have been represented by some truly dubious characters in the past, and have often been on the back pages of newspapers and tabloids for all the wrong reasons. Down the years, they’ve had three players who have been at the centre of a police investigation for assault and one who was even sent to prison for it.

There have been less serious crimes, like cheating, diving and being embroiled in a sex-tape scandal, but whatever the case, »

- Joseph Dempsey

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10 Greatest Promo Guys Of The Ruthless Aggression Era

6 hours ago


Picture the scene: it’s just after Wrestlemania Xvii and we’ve witnessed the infamous Austin heel turn, a moment signalling the end of the Attitude Era and the beginning of an era Vince himself would go on to dub the Ruthless Aggression Era, a shift that saw the rises of stars like John Cena and Batista and a change in focus that concentrated much more on the in-ring action.

This didn’t mean promo and character work was simply left by the wayside however: this oft overlooked period of time saw the surge in popularity of some of the best talkers and character workers of all time, and it’s no coincidence that the one thing you’ll see in common with the majority of this list is that they were also the top workers of the time.

In a stretch of time where everyone had a high degree of in-ring skill, »

- Mark Bradley

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10 Most Disturbing Tongue Scenes In Movies

7 hours ago

New Line Cinema

Capable of breaking down solid matter for ingestion and digestion, enabling speech, and generally being extremely resilient when harm is inflicted upon it, the tongue is one of – if not the - strongest muscles in the body. It’s pretty important to say the least. And not only is it one of the strongest parts of the body, it also has the power to tantalise.

When it comes to the world of cinema, this is particularly true, with many films showcasing the erotic power of the tongue. Who can forget the steamy girl-on-girl kiss between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions? How about when Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman launched millions of teenage boys into puberty when she licked the lips of Michael Keaton in Batman Returns? Even horrible films have benefitted from some well-timed tongue action – a point proven when Nomi Malone licked a »

- Tommy Bobby Watanabe

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Review

7 hours ago

Marvel Studios

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Uncross your fingers, stop rubbing that lucky rabbit’s foot, cease your prayers to the Dread One Dormammu: Marvel have knocked it out of the park again.

Possibly their most daring gamble so far has totally paid off in the form of Guardians Of The Galaxy, a gloriously ramshackle-yet-tightly structured space faring adventure that just so happens to star a talking raccoon, a big tree, and Andy Dwyer from Parks And Recreation as a believable action hero. The way things are paying off for the studio, you’d think they had the whole thing rigged.

They must be gaming the system a little bit, at least. This is a big summer blockbuster where half the cast are CGI aliens, the other half are slathered in multi-coloured makeup, the “heroes” are a band of outlaws who just broke out of prison, and the director is »

- Tom Baker

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10 Key Players To Watch In The Premier League This Season

8 hours ago

Claude Paris/AP/Press Association Images

Before the curtain raises on each Premier League season, football supporters – from religious season ticket holders to casual armchair fans – will anxiously scramble to predict who is going to be the next rip-roaring success to illuminate the most marketable league on the planet. Eager to prove themselves as knowledgeable amongst their peers, they attempt to pinpoint the best players of the newly-promoted sides as ones who will break into the England side in a year’s time, and new transfers that will soon be commanding huge sums of money.

In the heat of the race to seem knowledgable, suddenly you’re blindly swearing that that player who appeared for 10 minutes in the final game of the season for that top four side has the world at his feet and will be the Premier League’s top scorer by March. Last August, for instance, you »

- Michael Ramsay

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FIFA 15: 7 Potentially Over-Powered Youngsters

9 hours ago

Stephen Pond/Empics Sport

In any game players will find an easy route to success, be it an unholy downpour of death from a chopper gunner in Modern Warfare 2 or spamming the unavoidable head kick of Jon Jones, and FIFA is no exception to the exploitation of cheap and aggravating tactics on occasion.

In FIFA 13, the inevitable curling wonder strike from the edge of the box became something of a formality – the sort of goal that should’ve earned bragging rights amongst your friends, but instead invited endless ridicule for choosing an easy cop out option guaranteed success.

To their credit, EA eradicated this monumental annoyance in FIFA 14, but that only forced players down another path, the path of the ‘sweaty’ goal. It has long been a tirelessly repeated plan for easy scoring opportunities throughout the FIFA franchise, but the 2014 edition enhanced the problem to a whole new level, and »

- Connor Hutton

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10 Reasons To Believe Cm Punk Will Never Return To WWE

10 hours ago


When a man named Phillip Brooks walked out of the job that he hated back in January, it caused a storm throughout the whole community, both online and in person. Because Phillip Brooks is no ordinary man, and his job happened to not be an ordinary field of profession either. For the man who also went by the name Cm Punk, the day he walked out of the WWE (and therefore the wrestling business altogether) was the day that internet got one more thing to talk about, and boy has it done that in spades.

Speculation has run rife for half of 2014 over Punk’s future, and what drove him to quit the company that made him a superstar. Pay, creative direction, injuries, coworkers, and so much more have all been tossed around by dirtsheets and those ‘in the know’. Truthfully, the only people that really know are »

- Mark Riley

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10 WWE Heel Turns That Ultimately Failed

10 hours ago


One of the more interesting developments to come out of last Monday’s Raw was the formation of a new midcard heel stable led by Xavier Woods and featuring Big E and Kofi Kingston. Possible racial undertones aside, the intriguing part of this stable is the fact that Kofi Kingston has turned heel for the first time in his nearly 8-year career in WWE.

Due to his personality and high-flying style, it seemed that Kofi would always work babyface in the WWE, a-la Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat in the 80s and 90s. Kingston has always come off as the ultimate good guy, so it remains to be seen whether or not this heel turn will work.

Heel turns are usually successful, partly because heels have more range and are generally “cooler” than babyfaces. It takes a lot to make a crowd like you, but it seems to be easier to be hated. »

- Seagull

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10 Bad-Ass Ecw Gimmicks Wasted On Terrible Wrestlers

11 hours ago



The mere mention of it brings out strong memories and emotions in all wrestling fans. Some of them are positive, while others aren’t exactly all that great. The original company has been out of business for a little over 13 years now, but fans and haters alike remain as intense as ever with their feelings towards what Paul Heyman and Tod Gordon presented to the wrestling world.

In another edition of a continuing series, this article will take a look back at the original Ecw and discuss ten of the better gimmicks that the company featured, but as always, there is a catch to these proceedings. These ten gimmicks may have been something special, but they were given to people who simply weren’t all that good in the ring. Maybe they made it work, anyway, and maybe they didn’t, but the fact of the matter »

- Aaron Hyden

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Nick Diaz Signs New Ufc Contract

11 hours ago

Isaac Brekken/AP/Press Association Images

After over a year out of the cage and a highly publicized quarrel with the Ufc, Nick Diaz has signed a new three-fight extension with the Ufc, and plans on returning in 2015.

Diaz had been previously inconsistent as it pertained to his fighting future, saying that he’d only return for a title shot, or for a much larger contract. Earlier this year Diaz was seen taunting eventual Ufc welterweight champion Johny Hendricks as he attempted to make weight.

“I’ve been doing a whole lot of not getting punched around-type stuff,” Diaz told Ufc.com Thursday. “I’ve been staying in shape pretty good, doing a lot of running. It’s been a good experience having this much time off.”

Diaz says he plans on returning to the cage in 2015, and wants a fight that will get him into title contention. Former Middleweight »

- Sean Ross Sapp

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10 Most Exciting Films Premiering At Toronto Film Festival 2014

11 hours ago

Universal Pictures International

The Toronto International Film Festival just released their lineup for this year, and it looks like there are going to be a lot of really interesting entries. Long a prestigious launching pad for independent films that would go on to earn serious critical acclaim and/or Oscar buzz, having your film premiere at Toronto is always a pretty big deal. Major distribution deals are born there, which allows particularly good films to be shown in theaters around the world, getting access to a wider audience.

Over the past few years, other film festivals have begun to premiere films a bit earlier, when they would normally make their debut at Toronto — many of the screenings this year actually debuted at Cannes or a handful of other elite film festivals. But Toronto reserves the spotlight for the films being screened for the very first time at their event, and »

- Audrey Fox

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10 Movies With Creepy On-Set Stories

21 hours ago

Making a creepy movie is one thing, but what about when there’s a more sinister explanation for why a movie scares us to our wits’ end so successfully? Perhaps there’s something taking place on-set that helps convey the actors’ genuine terror, or as some love to suggest, perhaps it’s possible for a movie production to be “cursed”.

Whatever you believe, we’ve got genuine accounts of some of the more…unconventional…tactics employed by directors to make their movie as authentically scary as possible, along with peculiar “coincidences” that have caused fans to believe in curses and doomed movies.

Indeed, all but one of these examples come from bonafide horror flicks, but even the exception has one thing in common with the rest: each creepy, disturbing on-set story helped build up the legacy of the movie and cement it in the minds of viewers the world over. »

- Jack Pooley

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10 Players You Probably Didn’t Know Man City Almost Signed

21 hours ago

Martin Rickett/Pa Archive/Press Association Images

When the mysterious tycoons of Abu Dhabi shared their gargantuan wealth with the relative minnows of Manchester in August 2008, a metaphorical grenade was cast into the top-tier mix of the Premier League. With the club forever living in their cross-city rivals’ shadow, Sheikh Mansour’s injection of funds suddenly opened the door to a plethora of opportunities.

No longer was the club discussing moves to extend the contracts of Darius Vassell and Nedum Onuoha. No longer were the blue half of Manchester bracing themselves for another summer of chief executive Garry Cook desperately trying to coax famous, washed up faces to the club in a bid to mask the lunacy of the Thaksin Shinawatra regime. Suddenly, the ilk of David Villa and Franck Ribery were being linked with Eastlands, a new lease of life having been breathed into the ‘noisy neighbours’.

Predictably, City »

- Michael Ramsay

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7 Godfathers Of Hardcore Wrestling

21 hours ago


The word “Hardcore” brings many images, matches, and memories to mind for wrestling fans. Arguably, hardcore wrestling was the catalyst for the wrestling boom of the late 90s, but the evolution of the style goes back decades and this article will rank the true pioneers of the blue print of hardcore. From the world’s most famous bingo hall, the Ecw arena in Philadelphia to the legendary Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, the hardcore style thrilled (and terrified) fans for decades.

While the industry as a whole evolved and the hardcore trend ran it’s course during much of the 90s, the impact of the style changed the wrestling business, even to this day. More specifically, there was much more to the revolutionary style than blood, barbed wire, and fire. The pacing of both the matches and storylines were drastically changed after the more extreme style became apart of main stream wrestling TV. »

- Jim Lamotta

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10 Reasons Real Madrid Are The Best Side In Europe

22 hours ago

Andres Kudacki/AP/Press Association Images

There are many boxes that need to be ticked in order for any side to be ranked as the best team in Europe, and not all of them relate to events on the pitch.

For years Real Madrid have been considered one of many greats. Teams such as Manchester United have eclipsed the European landscape with their enormous fanbase, world renowned manager, and their domination of the English Premier League making them a threat in Europe year on year. Similarly, AC Milan, Barcelona and Bayern Munich have been regarded as the greatest team in the world at various stages, while new money sides like Psg, Man City and Chelsea are knocking on the door of the giants increasingly.

But right now, Europe belongs to Real Madrid. They might not have won their league, and the Champions League victory might well have come with great difficulty, »

- Tom Skinner

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5 Reasons To Watch Bellator 122

22 hours ago

Lost in the all the excitement over last week’s Ufc Fight Night: McGregor vs. Brandao and this coming Saturday’s Ufc on Fox 12: Lawler vs. Brown is the fact that Bellator returns to the air for their only live event until September. Airing as always on Spike TV in North America, Bellator 122 looks like an underwhelming card on paper, lacking a single title fight, and with tournament finals of questionable value now that Bellator appears to be moving away from its tournament system.

However, there are still reasons to tune in to the event, especially if you’re a hardcore Mma fan. Bellator Mma, if nothing else, is known for having at least one or two fights per show where guys will do the old “stand and bang” routine, and generally speaking their finish rate is pretty high. There’s a reason they’re the number two Mma promotion around, »

- Jay Anderson

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Sting Makes First Live WWE Apperance At San Diego Comic Con

22 hours ago


There was a big WWE event at the San Diego Comic Con on Thursday. It’s one of the biggest Comic Con events in the world and WWE is always strongly represented. They were there to reveal their new Mattel action figures. At a lot of these Comic Cons there are also panels featuring WWE stars answering questions from fans in attendance. The advertised panel was made up of injured former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, Paul Heyman and WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan. Michael Cole was there too. There was a surprise, though. In what would count as his first live WWE event appearance, the legendary Sting was there as well in his ring gear.

Sting wasn’t advertised for the event. It was a surprise for the fans in San Diego. Credit WWE for keeping it under wraps because there was no indication that he would be there. »

- John Canton

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Newcastle Transfers: Have Magpies Really Bid £7m For Clement Grenier?

22 hours ago

Laurent Cipriani/AP/Press Association Images

Silly season used to be classified by football agents and journalists picking rumours out of the hat either to drive attention up in a particular player – to get themselves a bit of easy money – or just to fill the gaps between Jim White screaming and pretending to be on his phone while live on air, but now thanks to Twitter a new breed has emerged to make silly season even more silly, and even more spurious.

With Newcastle’s interest in Clement Grenier well reported, and the added kicker that not only is the player available but Arsenal – led by French fancier Arsene Wenger – aren’t interested in signing a “new” “rumour” has appeared on the social network site that suggests Alan Pardew’s side have made a bid of £7m to bring the attacking midfielder to St. James’ Park.

So far, so typical: »

- Simon Gallagher

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