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15 Worst Premier League Signings Of The 2014/15 Season

47 minutes ago

David Davies/Pa Archive

Alexis Sanchez, Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas, Ander Herrera, Fraser Forster, Esteban Cambiasso; from top to (almost) bottom, the 2014/15 has been packed full of explosively effective signings, men who have made an immediately positive impact upon the clubs who took a chance on them.

But every silver lining has a cloud, and this year’s campaign has been no exception. Of all the seasons in recent memory, this year’s has perhaps the most notorious in terms of highly-rated flops. In both the summer and January transfer windows, clubs exchanged various sums of money for players who simply haven’t lived up to expectations upon arriving at their new grounds. Some lasted only a few games, while others put their fans through a prolonged campaign of torture from the moment they set foot on the field.

It remains to be seen whether some of the following players »

- Jack G King

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Win WWE WrestleMania 31 On DVD!

52 minutes ago


To celebrate the release of WrestleMania 31 on Blu-ray™ and DVD, we’re giving 5 lucky WhatCulture.com readers the chance to get their hands on DVD of this historic event!

The latest edition of the WWE’s spectacular flagship event, WrestleMania 31 more than lives up to its billing as the ‘showcase of the immortals’ with a classic collection of enthralling matches and unforgettable moments.

See Roman Reigns and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar square off in one of the most shocking main events in WrestleMania history, as well as the long-awaited debut of ‘The Vigilante’ Sting – an appearance 14 years in the making – as he faces the ever-ruthless Triple H.

Other stellar bouts include The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt, John Cena vs Rusev and a thrilling seven-man ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship, alongside groundbreaking appearances by The Rock and the most dangerous woman in the world – Mma sensation Ronda Rousey. »

- Jack G King

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10 Best WWE Elimination Chamber Moments Ever

56 minutes ago


The Elimination Chamber is not your average structure. In fact, at almost five metres high and 11 metres across, comprised of more than three kilometres of chain and weighing over 9,000 kilograms, this is arguably the most unique creation in all of pro wrestling history.

But those oft-touted figures are more than just a handy marketing tool.

Those dimensions combine to create an environment that is highly conducive to the unorthodox. As such, we’ve seen the match produce some incredible high-flying spots over the years, as well as some downright dangerous ones.

Of course, it’s not only death-defying stunts that the Elimination Chamber has become famed for. Its affiliations with the main event scene, not to mention its former position as the pre-cursor to WrestleMania, have helped establish it as one of the most significant match-types that the WWE possesses in its arsenal.

It all makes for a particularly exciting occasion, »

- Elliott Binks

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sophie Turner

59 minutes ago


Sophie Turner is growing into Game of Thrones, with Sansa Stark playing a major role in Season 5 as the show continues to entertain, shock, and disturb millions of fans around the globe.

The 19-year-old and her character had taken some criticism during the first few seasons, but Turner is developing into a major player in HBO’s hit fantasy series, with Sansa finally starting to play the game in a bid to continually survive horrendous ordeals with two of the most evil men in the Seven Kingdoms.

Everything was going swimmingly for young Sansa as she was betrothed to the dashing king-to-be Joffrey… Until he commanded Ilyn Payne to remove her father’s head rather than show a glimmer of mercy. Since then, Sansa’s life has been one misery after another, being shown horrific sights, witnessing traumatic events, and also suffering some harrowing ordeals herself.

Turner is certainly »

- Michael Potts

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10 Reasons You’re Getting Sick Of Facebook

1 hour ago


Since Facebook’s conception in 2004, it has grown from what was little more than a dating site to the biggest and social networking hubs in the world.

It has 963 million active users who visit the site daily, and people on average spend 20 minutes per day on it. Inevitably though, with all these people, there’s more than enough of them to take a good thing like this and ruin it. 

Let’s be clear – not everyone is out there trying to spoil your fun, but for some it just comes naturally. All their good intentions, their happy-go-lucky attitudes, and their general personalities just annoy you, and you wonder why you’re friends with these people at all.

Then you remember it’s because Facebook is a monster. It’s a big part of the Internet now, and as we know, the Internet completely changes people’s personalities. It wouldn »

- Angus Saul

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Roy Keane ‘Approached’ For Newcastle Head Coach’s Job

1 hour ago

Jon Super/AP

Roy Keane has reportedly been offered the Newcastle United Head Coach’s job according to a source in Wales.

Not only that, Keane is said to be “hugely” interested in the role.

What on earth is going on?

Tim Pearson, a journalist from Wales, broke the news which as of yet has failed to have any more sources class it as credible. We don’t know who Tim writes for or how he obtained this information, so the chances are this is nothing more than a silly season rumour and a complete waste of your time.

Newcastle United are interested in speaking to Roy Keane regarding their managerial position. More to follow. #Nufc

Tim Pearson (@TimPearsonMedia) May 27, 2015

Pearson would later go on to tweet: “The word is that the opportunity would ‘hugely interest’ Roy. Very interesting developments. #Nufc”

The former Sunderland manager hasn’t a full time »

- Ross Tweddell

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Arrow: 9 Mistakes It Must Avoid In Season 4

1 hour ago

The CW

Arrow helped set the modern precedent for superhero shows on TV, establishing DC in that medium in a way they are still desperately trying to manage on the big screen.

The CW network, better known for its soap operas, seemed a strange choice for the show back in 2012, but it has proved to be a huge part of its success – blending those slightly more soap opera moments with the comic-book dynamic has managed to work.

If the first season was solid, the second took the show to new heights, with the addition of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke as the major villain, and the rounding out of Team Arrow. The stakes were raised, and the show raised its level to match them, all while on a relatively small (for a superhero show) budget.

Season 3, then, was supposed to see the show kick-on again, but instead it ended up stalling, if not going backwards. »

- James Hunt

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10 Relegated Players Newcastle Must Consider Signing

1 hour ago

John Walton/Empics Sport

Newcastle need to strengthen this summer. There’s absolutely no denying it.

An already threadbare squad was cut down to the absolute bare minimum during last season and the respective departures of both Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and Davide Santon contributed to the team’s close call with Premier League relegation.

Newcastle simply didn’t have the options. They were forced to plug round holes with square pegs as players were continuously played out of position. Although, Ryan Taylor’s continued preference in central midfield can only be put down to come sort of sick fetish John Carver had for his ‘set piece specialist’.

One problem that Newcastle will have this summer is attracting players of a suitable quality to improve their team. (Although, the way they played for most of the 2014/15 season you would be forgiven for thinking they couldn’t buy Anyone to hamper the side’s quality. »

- Ross Tweddell

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7 Wildly Different Iterations Of The Punisher

1 hour ago

Marvel Comics

The state a hero leaves the villain in speaks volumes for their character. Spider-Man will generally tie up the bad guys in a mass of pubescent symbolism and a post-it note. Aquaman leaves them without their dignity. The Punisher, though? The Punisher has them Eskimo kiss an Uzi and puts so many holes in their faces they end up looking like Seal just got attacked by a pack of seals.

His name isn’t ‘Non-threatening Foot Massage Man’. It’s the Punisher. Frank Castle is a force of nature and if he sets his sights on you then you are not long for this world. Reflective of his black and white vision of morality, Castle isn’t a complex man. He’s a product of and an answer to crime. The bogeyman for boogeymen.

Beginning as a foil for Spider-Man and slowly developing into the merciless vigilante that we all know and love, »

- Vince Cicchino

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10 Cheapest Plot Twists In Gaming History

1 hour ago


Video game narratives have gotten increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Back then, no one cared if they were playing the Citizen Kane of interactive media, it was all simple and easy; find the McGuffin, save the Princess, jump across the gaps, kill a few baddies in the process – all in a day’s work. Nowadays story, character motivation, and genuine reasons to believe in your actions are becoming paramount.

Each video game character now has some sort of tragic backstory we must all know about, we’re reminded that for every moment you don’t save Princess McGuffin (who happens to be your disguised badass sidekick with a haunted past this whole time) the world will end, and we’re subtly lectured about deeper themes like morality and why killing is wrong. All whilst mowing down demons with a double-barrelled shotgun.

Not that this is a bad thing.

Truth be told, »

- Alexander Pan

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Hulk Hogan Confirms He’ll Play “Most Evil Man In The World” In Expendables 4

2 hours ago


On the tail of rumours that Hulk Hogan was set to be added to the ever growing cast of the Expendables franchise, the man himself has admitted he’s been talking to Sylvester Stallone about possibly appearing as a villain in the fourth movie.

Hogan spoke at Body Pro Expo in Birmingham earlier this month bout reuniting with his Rocky III co-star who wanted to transform him “into the most evil man in the world” for the next chapter in the Old Man Army series. Presumably, he’d have to go a long way to beat off the ghost of Thunderlips:

“I was talking on the phone with Sly last night about doing The Expendables 4. We’re trying to figure out a way to maybe turn me into the most evil man in the world.

“Y’know, Stallone gave me my first break and he’s been a »

- Simon Gallagher

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15 Naughty Things That You See Happen Every Day

2 hours ago


When you were a child, you would lie about things that you’ve did because you never wanted your parents to find out and spend the rest of your childhood years banished to the naughty step. However, things don’t really change when you grow up. You do things that you know you shouldn’t regardless of whether it’s going to hurt someone else or make you a criminal like Jean Valjean.

You’ll deliberately ignore someone’s text and then fake apologise for having “only just got this now” or you’ll pretend that you already have plans because you don’t want to tell them to their face about how much you really don’t want to spend any time with them. The world would be a much simpler place if everyone was honest with one another, but would we feel better for it? At least »

- Sara Weir

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11 Questions All Fans Of Bates Motel Are Asking

2 hours ago


Bates Motel: because Hitchcock’s adaptation wasn’t enough and you needed more psychotic, serial killing, taxidermy madness in your life. It sort of makes you feel whole again as a person, and you get that special tingle deep inside you when you tune in for every episode to satisfy your fix. However, nothing could prepare you for the weirdness that is Norma and Norman’s relationship.

It is incestuous? Is it spiritual? Is it emotional? Is she just keeping him close because she knows that he’s a complete and utter danger to society? Probably. Regardless of what you think is going on, you’re just glad that your family doesn’t have as much emotional and psychological baggage as the Bates. You’re trying your hardest to practise the mind manipulation that they have on one another just so that you’ll never have to cook for your partner again. »

- Sara Weir

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13 Scottish Phrases And What They Mean

2 hours ago


Scotland may be a small country but it’s a proud one nonetheless, and being able to understand Scots can be like learning a foreign language (sometimes). If Trainspotting has taught us anything (apart from how dangerous an addiction to drugs can be), it’s that the Scots language can be difficult to understand but when you do, you’ll feel like a part of something great.

With every region or area, there are different sayings, slang and accents that you need to come to terms with and if you’re not Scottish, then it can be difficult to follow a conversation. You’ll also be considered an outsider and if you’re English, then be prepared for some friendly banter about how Scotland is the best country in the world because after all, without Scotland, the world wouldn’t have Harry Potter or Irn Bru, and that’s a very dark thought indeed. »

- Sara Weir

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Rusev Suffers Injury At WWE Smackdown Taping

2 hours ago

twitter / wwe.com

A photo is circulating on Twitter of Rusev in a wheelchair. His leg is bound up in a cast and it appears as if he is needing to be wheeled through the airport.

This follows reports last night that the Bulgarian Brute had injured his leg. Details are limited right now, but obviously it doesn’t look good.

Reports from Smackdown stated that Rusev was selling a leg injury and was helped to the back by trainers. It could be that he is just continuing selling the injury, but it is more likely that something really was up.

Obviously this is terrible timing. He has only just split from Lana and was expected to be involved in a major angle and feud around that. He’s now potentially away from television for months on end while she’s just moving on.

It has been a fairly dismal year. »

- Grahame Herbert

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Emily VanCamp

2 hours ago


They say there are no second acts in American lives, but what did F Scott Fitzgerald know? He was dead by 44 and had crap hair. There’s overwhelming evidence to the contrary to be found, especially when you look to Hollywood – Revenge star Emily VanCamp, for instance, is very much in the thick of the big second act of her acting career.

Whilst her ABC drama series has been a huge hit, the network has cancelled it, effective with the end of its fourth season. Not that it’s getting VanCamp down, with the news barely managing to brush past her swiftly rising star. She’s already got a couple more movies wrapped, and is currently filming the third Captain America film.

She may have a bigger role in the next Marvel sequel, but even if she doesn’t VanCamp still has legions of fans leftover from Revenge (and »

- Tom Baker

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15 Unsexiest Things About Sexy Time

2 hours ago


You might think that having sex is the sexiest thing ever. But it’s not. Ok, so it makes you feel good, it’s a great bonding experience, and having an orgasm or two is both satisfying and good for you. But the realities and logistics of a guy inserting a bit of his body inside a woman are not as simple as it is when written down on paper.

Films are also deceiving: how many times did you watch a sex scene and think to yourself “Wow, that look so wonderful! I bet my sex life is just like that!” Well, you’re lying to yourself. No one’s sex life is anything like what Hollywood portrays it to be like. That sex scene in Atonement in the library? The actual chances of you experiencing such a magical intense picture-perfect bang are nothing like that. You wouldn’t »

- Rachel Bailey

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10 Hollywood Stars You Didn’t Know Began Their Career In Soap Operas

2 hours ago


Every actor has their own path to take before – if they’re talented and lucky enough – they hit the big time. Many of the older guard of the profession, for example, started their acting careers after attending drama school by appearing in theatrical presentations, before moving into television and later film.

A long stint working in television isn’t unusual for most actors who end up on the big screen, but by the time they reach the position when their faces are emblazoned on huge billboards it’s easy to forget that they started out from considerably more humble beginnings.

Few acting roles can be considered more far removed from huge Hollywood blockbusters than the television soap opera – and yet more than a few famous stars first came to wider attention after appearing in a soap on a regular basis. From the American hit show Dallas through to Australian »

- Andrew Dilks

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10 Wrestlers WWE Should Sign When Tna Folds

2 hours ago


Reports are currently flying around over the future of Tna, specifically the possibility that Impact Wrestling may be dropped from Destination America come September. Relationships between the promotion and network have reportedly become strained, and although Tna were quick to deny that such reports came from them, nobody seems to have outright denied the fact that a cancellation could occur.

Such an incident would rock the company, potentially even leading to its closure, a fate which seems more than a little unfair given Tna’s improvement over the last year or so. It managed to drag itself from the brink of closure and streamline its roster into a talented, committed collective, albeit at the cost of regular Pay Per Views.

If such reports turn out to be true, and Tna is suddenly left stranded without a television contract, it’s very likely that the promotion would finally die »

- Jack G King

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10 Reasons You’ll Never Be As Awesome As The Rock

2 hours ago


Despite finding success as a college football player for the University of Miami, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took up the family business when he joined the then WWF as Rocky Maivia. Initially despised by fans (“Die Rocky, Die!” chants weren’t uncommon), it took no time at all for The Rock to become one of the most beloved and iconic wrestlers in history.

Having won over the fans, it became clear as time passed that The Rock was something special, and the charismatic performer soon found himself thrust into the public spotlight on a worldwide scale. Did he outgrow the WWE? Not necessarily, but it was pretty obvious that he could find success elsewhere, so Johnson took the plunge and went to Hollywood.

it was a risky move, but one which paid off in a major way. Just like he’d managed to win over fickle wrestling fans, The »

- Josh Wilding

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