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10 Mega-Successful Blockbusters Everyone Expected To Fail

40 minutes ago

Warner Bros.

There is an unfathomable amount of money resting on movies. Studios throw money at films like currency is going out of fashion and hope what their assembled crew produces will be enticing enough for us to help them make the money back. And wouldn’t you know it, sometimes they end up losing out.

Sometimes they can sink so much into a film that the only possible outcome is that it will, well, sink. Kevin Costner vehicle Waterworld is the epitome of this over spending. Its $264 million box office may have covered the then-outrageous $172 million budget, but barely scratched the surface of the film’s marketing, which included everything from the usual posters and trailers to three theme park rides. The film actually isn’t terrible, but on that budget it would have had to have beaten the biggest film of the year (Die Hard: With A Vengeance, »

- Alex Leadbeater

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20 Most Iconic WWE Entrance Themes

1 hour ago


The glass shatters, the bell tolls, or a familiar riff hits– everyone in the arena knows who is about to grace their presence. Entrance music is crucial to every wrestling superstar’s career, many more than others.

Since theme music was popularized in the 1980′s, many careers were accelerated by something as simple as the music played when they walk down the aisle. Producers such as Jimmy Hart and Jim Johnston have made a career off of creating tunes for superstars, with Johnston even receiving his own DVD, “Signature Sounds” earlier this year.

Does a great theme song make a great superstar, or vice versa? Is the wrestler responsible for popularizing the theme, or is the producer the brains behind the brawn? Either way, one of the most important aspects to a character is their signature theme music, which can make or break careers in some respects.

An »

- Sean Ross Sapp

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10 Explanations For WWE’s Marginalisation Of Randy Savage

1 hour ago


We, as wrestling fans, have a lot of different opinions on things. We argue and bicker about who is good, who isn’t good, who deserves to be pushed more, who should be signed where, and everything else under the sun. It’s what we do, and it has been since the Internet Wrestling Community was born.

However, one thing that just about everyone can agree on is that “Macho ManRandy Savage is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all-time, and is absolutely, positively deserving of a spot in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Of course, Savage isn’t in the WWE Hall Of Fame, and nobody is sure if he’ll ever be there. Why? Why wouldn’t one of the all-time greats be inducted, when people who have achieved far less than he ever did get inducted every year? We’ve seen plenty of rumors, »

- Aaron Hyden

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FIFA 15: 10 Players Who Need Upgrading After World Cup

2 hours ago

Natacha Pisarenko/AP/Press Association Images

The biggest stage in football – the FIFA World Cup – is a platform which has allowed the very best players on the planet to come to foreign lands and make or break their careers. Every four years the eye of the footballing world (and a horde of band-wagon jumpers who suddenly love soccer) is focused on the host nation and players are given the chance to dazzle an inordinately large worldwide audience with their skill, determination and passion.

Players such as Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Diego Maradona and Pelé all took their careers to all new heights thanks to several legendary World Cup performances. Competing for the biggest prize in football allows players to either transition from promising prospect to established talent or to reinforce their status as one of the world’s most skilled players.

With the release of the next instalment in the FIFA franchise rapidly approaching, »

- Sam Heard

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20 Misconceptions You Have About Britain

2 hours ago

Tim Ireland/Pa Archive/Press Association Images

In the last half decade or so, there seems to have been a growth in the number of anglophiles worldwide. Thanks to shows such as Doctor Who and Sherlock, as well as the recent success of the London Olympics, Britain has had an unusually large spotlight on it for such a small country.

Britain’s influence can also still be felt around the world, in the wake of the old British Empire. Because of this, many countries still feel an affinity (or resentment) towards our small island that once held so much power internationally.

Despite the popularity of all things British, there are still a number of misconceptions that many seem to widely believe about us. From outdated stereotypes to unfounded myths, here’s 20 misconceptions that you probably have about Britain.


20. We Enjoy Your Imitations Of Our Accents


As consistently hilarious »

- Tom Butler

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4 Positives And 4 Negatives From WWE Battleground

3 hours ago


Battleground will go down as one of the more underwhelming PPVs in recent memory. It really seems to serve solely as a placeholder event, with very little resolved. The immediate reaction has been generally negative, and with good reason. Like a car stuck in the mud, WWE’s tires were spinning Sunday night, but the vehicle didn’t really go anywhere.

However, there are a couple glimmers of hope buried within this subpar special event, a few things that hopefully provide something to build upon. But let’s not try to polish this one up too much: even some of the positive developments from Sunday night are tempered by some drawbacks.

So as WWE begins its careening course toward SummerSlam, what actually emerged from Battleground? And how do these developments fit the narrative going forward?


4 Positives…


4. Aj And Paige Finally Have A Real Title Match


If »

- Scott Carlson

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10 Weirdly Hot Cartoon Characters You Secretly Had A Crush On

4 hours ago

Buena Vista Pictures

Polite society has all sorts of rules, and one of them is that if you have a thing for cartoon characters, you’re some kind of weirdo all of a sudden. After all, they’re not real people, a lot of them are made for children, and it just makes you feel like a creep. But why should it? They’re designed by talented animators to be appealing to the eye, and in a way it would kind of be an insult to all the hard work they put in if you didn’t have a crush on their characters.

Plus, a lot of these films and TV shows came out when we were kids, just starting to get icky feelings about the opposite or same sex. And if most of our media diet comprised of Disney movies and Saturday morning cartoons, where else were we supposed to develop our first crushes? »

- Audrey Fox

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Man Utd Transfer News: Red Devils Closing In On £16 Million Mats Hummels

4 hours ago

Efrem Lukatsky/AP/Press Association Images

Manchester United are closing in on a £16 million deal for Mats Hummels and could announce the centre-back as their third summer signing later this week after reportedly agreeing a fee with his club Borussia Dortmund, according to the Daily Mail.

United are in desperate need of a new central defender following the departures of Rio Ferdinand and club captain Nemanja Vidic and have been locked in talks with Dortmund over Hummels, who has just won the World Cup with his native Germany. A fee has been agreed between the two sides, and Old Trafford officials are confident a deal can be agreed.

There have been rumblings earlier this week that the Red Devils are about to make another move in the transfer window – having already signed Luke Shaw and Ander herrera – with chief executive Ed Woodward leaving the club’s tour of the United »

- Joseph Dempsey

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5 Joss Whedon Films That Never Got Made

4 hours ago

Matt Sayles/AP/Press Association Images

With exclusive images having been unveiled by Entertainment Weekly recently, and surely plenty of news to come from this years San Diego Comic-Con, fans are understandably getting excited about The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Joss Whedon’s sequel to his own 2012 comic book blockbuster, it is the latest film to come from one of cinema’s most diverse talents.

Throughout the last decade alone he has brought a whole variety of fictional worlds to the screen; from sci-fi western Serenity, to Shakespeare adaptation Much Ado About Nothing, and game changing horror The Cabin In The Woods, he has also realised these visions as a writer, director, producer, and even composer. This is to say nothing of those which he worked on beforehand, such as Toy Story and Alien Resurrection, and the low budget indie In Your Eyes, which was made available to rent online earlier this year. »

- Ian Coomber

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10 Most Emotional Ufc Moments

5 hours ago


When one thinks of the Ufc they think of two guys (or girls) in the Octagon constantly beating on each other until the bell rings, one gets knocked out, or one locks in a submission on the other. However, there are times when the air clears and the dust settles that emotions comes out in the fans or in the fighters themselves. Maybe is was a momentous point in their career or maybe they had something happen in their personal life, but people can be moved to tears and express their emotions in a way that does not come off as typical machismo. They come far and wide but they certainly vary and they’re genuine. Regardless for whatever reason they move people, whether themselves or others, probably for the better.

To come up with such a list may seem almost impossible considering the multitude of these types of moments in the Ufc overall. »

- Matthew Salzer

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WWE Bound Kevin Steen Bids Farewell To Ring Of Honor

5 hours ago

For quite some time now, there have been rumors abound that once Kevin Steen wrapped up his run with Ring of Honor, he would be heading to WWE. Well, on Saturday, July 19th, that chapter of Steen’s career came to a close, as he competed in his final Roh contest.

In Dearborn, Mi, Ring of Honor’s Summer Heat Tour reached its conclusion with an event that featured Roh’s signature hard-hitting contests. However, it was the main event that most fans came to see, as Kevin Steen battled his longtime friend — and sometimes rival — Steve Corino.

Before the match began, fans showered Steen with streamers — a Ring of Honor tradition adopted from Japanese audiences. Then, as ring announcer Bobby Cruise began the introductions, he was suddenly stopped by Corino. “The King of Old School” handed Cruise a sheet of paper which the announcer then read. In a throwback »

- Douglas Scarpa

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SummerSlam: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar For The WWE Title Is Official

5 hours ago


The main event of WWE SummerSlam is now official: John Cena will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lensar at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on August 17th.

It’s a match that has been rumored for months now, but wasn’t discussed by WWE in public because they wanted to keep Lesnar’s return a surprise. In Raw’s opening segment on Monday, Triple H said that he guaran-damn-teed a new WWE Champion at SummerSlam. We didn’t know who the challenger would be, but we found out in the main event. It appeared as if Hunter’s first choice was Randy Orton. However, Roman Reigns attacked him and they brawled to the backstage area likely to set up a SummerSlam match between these two. That’s when Paul Heyman showed up to tell Triple H that Plan A (Randy Orton) wasn’t working »

- John Canton

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Cm Punk Says He Will “Never, Ever” Wrestle Again

6 hours ago


Cm Punk has denied that he will ever wrestle again.

Speaking to CBS Cleveland’s Chris Van Vilet at the AP Music Awards red carpet at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame event which Cm Punk co-hosted, the former WWE Champion and free agent was asked if fans would ever see him back wrestling in a squared circle. His response was calm and assured (before turning a little comical, but his initial response seemed genuine);

No, no. No. Never, ever. Never, ever, ever. They’re going to go crazy on Twitter, they’re going to hold me to it and yea whatever.”

When asked if he was a current WWE Superstar or a former WWE Superstar, Punk simply replied with;

“Neither. I’m Cm Punk.”

This confirmation that Punk’s mindset is that he is retired from wrestling for good is pretty much the only time the controversial star »

- Matt Holmes

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15 Greatest TV Villains Of 2014 So Far

14 hours ago


In the last twenty years, television has clawed its way out from beneath the detritus of hokey soap operas, and become a worthy opponent to its evil twin – film. There was a time when the term ‘box set’ was bandied around at Christmas as a cheap alternative to real presents. Not an image that immediately conjured to mind sweat pants, a take away and a few sickies. It stands to reason that with such a glut of supreme television offerings, after all the medium has given us The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game Of Thrones, that another export from the big screen has made the transition as well.

While great villains used to be a bastion of movie land, where Darth Vader swung his lightsaber and Hannibal Lecter formerly sucked his teeth, the transition to higher quality productions and greater, more expensive writing has seen the rise of great TV villains, »

- Gem Seddon

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Sting vs The Undertaker: 10 Angles WWE Must Play Out

16 hours ago


It’s one of the few dream matches that seems to actually be attainable in professional wrestling. Shawn Michaels is retired, so he can never face off against The Rock or Daniel Bryan, and the same goes for Stone Cold Steve Austin, whose dream bouts with the likes of Cm Punk or Goldberg are just a fantasy nowadays. But with The Undertaker still employed by WWE and Sting rapidly edging closer to a in-ring debut for Vince McMahon’s company, it’s with much excitement that many fans are predicting a bout between the two in the not-too-distant future.

The two men may differ in terms of their wrestling style, and their careers have never crossed paths due to opposing wrestling promotions, but a Sting vs Undertaker match has all the intrigue, psychology, and potential an out and out classic. Sure, their combined age of 104 means that a »

- Mark Riley

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10 Things WWE Did Right At Battleground

16 hours ago


This past Sunday’s WWE Battleground event will not go down as the best PPV of the year. That’s WrestleMania 30. It also wasn’t the worst, which would probably go to the Royal Rumble. It was disappointing in the sense that it was just an average show and there was nothing that happened that really got people talking in a positive way.

It seems like the biggest talking point during Battleground was Lana’s promo before the Rusev/Swagger match, which really wasn’t that offensive. While she did mention current events in the world, at no point did she mention anything specific to the missile attacks against the Air Malaysia flight that killed 298 people.

On Monday afternoon, WWE released the following statement: “Last night’s segment during WWE’s Battleground event was in no way referring to the Malaysia Airlines tragedy. The storyline with characters Rusev »

- John Canton

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20 Craziest Stunts In Movie History

16 hours ago


Stunt performers – the men and women who put their lives on the line to bring some of the most exciting action sequences we’ve ever seen to the big screen. They’re the unsung heroes of cinema; performers whose bravery causes us to gasp in amazement as they fall through the air, leap across vast chasms and generally risk life and limb all for the sake our entertainment.

Many of us don’t even know their names, and while – as we’ll see – there are a handful of famous actors more than prepared to step into their shoes and do their own stunts, for the most part the stunt performer is something of a mystery. Little wonder that Jason Statham – an actor who insists on performing his own stunts – has campaigned to give them their own fully deserved Oscar category.

The following list covers 20 of the craziest stunts ever »

- Andrew Dilks

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England’s Paul Daley Returns To Bellator Mma!

16 hours ago

A bit of breaking news late this afternoon in the Mma world: England’s Paul Daley is returning to Bellator!

As announced during an appearance on the Mma Hours with Ariel Helwani, English fighter and former Ufc combatant Paul Daley is returning to a major North American promotion – only it’s not the Ufc. Instead, “Semtex” has re-signed with Bellator, the number two Mma promotion in the USA. This comes hot on the heels of an (apparently failed) campaign to return to the Ufc after his prior release for sucker-punching Josh Koscheck after the end of their three round bout at Ufc 113.

This also follows Daley’s release from his previous Bellator run, which had come due to ongoing legal troubles with the fighter involving charges stemming from a bar fight.

It seems that those charges have been cleared up, and all is forgiven. Daley acknowledged the issues in the interview, »

- Jay Anderson

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WWE Issues Statement On Lana Promo Controversy Denying MH17 Link

16 hours ago


After receiving huge criticism from the media, particularly here in the UK, WWE have responded with a statement regarding Lana’s controversial promo at last night’s WWE Battleground PPV.

Issued on WWE.com, the statement reads;

“Last night’s segment during WWE’s Battleground event was in no way referring to the Malaysia Airlines tragedy. The storyline with characters Rusev and Lana has been a part of WWE programming for more than 3 months. WWE apologizes to anyone who misunderstood last night’s segment and was offended.”

Whether the media has blown the whole saga out of proportions is up for debate, but regardless, it is probably fair to say that it was at least insensitive of the company to have Lana cut a promo before Rusev’s match against Jack Swagger last night. Given the recent tragedy of the Malaysian Airlines plane that was shot down last week, »

- Matt Holmes

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Idris Elba Will Train Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur

17 hours ago

Thor and Luther actor Idris Elba will mentor King Arthur in Guy Ritchie’s new fantasy movie about the Arthurian legend at Warner Bros.

According to Variety, Elba will play a “Merlin-like figure” who trains Arthur and mentors the future king of Camelot. Whether this means the iconic wizard will actually appear in the movie itself is unknown, as is the plot which is also shrouded in mystery… although we do know that a huge Six film franchise was blueprinted at one point.

Already scheduled for release exactly two years tomorrow on July 22nd, 2016 – King Arthur is currently casting and will begin shooting later in the year. No one is yet set to play the title character (tests for the role are reportedly to begin in August with invites to Ritchie’s interested candidates going out in days), nor the members of his roundtable, which will presumably include famous characters such as Guinevere and Lancelot. »

- Matt Holmes

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