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Deadpool Tells Us He Always Wanted To Be A Pro Athlete In New Super Bowl TV Spot

53 minutes ago

Following hot on the heels of their Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl spot, Marvel has now released their promo for Deadpool, which, admittedly, doesn’t exactly need anymore promotion at this point. Don’t get us wrong, we’re certainly looking forward to the film, but the barrage of marketing material that’s been thrown our way over the past few months has nearly reached the point of overkill.

Apparently the studio doesn’t feel that way, though, as they’ve dropped this new promo which is clearly tailored for the big game, as the Merc With a Mouth starts off by making a quip about how he always wanted to be a pro athlete so that he could have children all over the world.

Coupled with some more footage from the film, it makes for a humorous and entertaining look at what just may be 2016’s best comic book movie. »

- Josh Wilding

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Choose A Side With This Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl Spot

1 hour ago

While most of the population is watching the Super Bowl because they actually want to see who emerges victorious, a good portion of those people also tune in for another important reason: to catch all the new TV spots for 2016’s most-anticipated films.

As expected, Marvel has purchased some air time to tease Captain America: Civil War, which is quickly approaching its May 6th release date. Said to be one of the studio’s most ambitious and impressive efforts yet, everyone is eager to see what directors Joe and Anthony Russo have in store for us. And thankfully, this spot teases just that.

Made up of a good chunk of footage we’ve already seen, but also some new glimpses, it places the focus squarely on the titular war, essentially asking us to choose a side in the fight between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. It’s brief, but leaves »

- Mark Cassidy

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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Partners With Turkish Airlines For New Promos

1 hour ago

In a bit of an unexpected move, Warner Bros. has teamed up with Turkish Airlines for some Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice marketing. It’s actually quite clever, too, as they’ve put together two quick promos which you can see below.

They don’t show off much from the film, but rather feature Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), respectively, as they promote both Gotham City and Metropolis. The clips both play as ads for the airline, announcing that they now fly to both cities. Again, there’s not really anything shown from the highly-anticipated flick itself, but fans will surely get a kick out of what’s been assembled here.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25th and stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jesse Eisenberg, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne, among others.


- Josh Wilding

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8 Superhero Origin Stories And Their Real World Implications

2 hours ago

Superhero origin stories are ten-a-penny these days. They’re Hollywood’s bread and butter. And we’re so used to seeing origin stories on-screen now (more than once, in the case of some characters – looking at you, Spider-Man), that it seems we’ve simply come to accept whatever origin myths they’re peddling, no matter how illogical.

Bitten by a spider, become a super-strong part human, part arachnid? Sure, makes perfect sense. Get exposed to high levels of radiation, become a giant green humanoid whenever you’re pissed off? Why not. Lose parents and have phobia of bats, become a virtually invincible crime fighter? Of course.

But what if we were to actually apply logic to some of these origin stories? What if some of these tales, when scrutinized, turned out to be – for lack of a better word – complete bullshit? Here are eight well-known cinematic superhero origin stories, and »

- Brogan Morris

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Contest: Win A Copy Of Far Cry Primal On Xbox One

5 hours ago

Ubisoft is delivering another instalment in their much-loved Far Cry series this month with the highly-anticipated Far Cry Primal. While it isn’t strictly speaking Far Cry 5, the mega-publisher is promising a fully-fledged open world experience with Primal, introducing novel mechanics to the series such as the Beast Master feature, allowing players to recruit the prehistoric animals that roam this most primitive landscape.

To celebrate the game’s upcoming release on February 23rd, we’re going to give away an Xbox One copy to a lucky reader. To enter for a chance to win, simply subscribe to our brand new push notification system here (please note that it is only available in Google Chrome/Firefox and on Desktop/Android devices at the moment).

Doing so will allow you to receive real-time updates on breaking news from We Got This Covered. Additionally, the winner will also be announced via push notification. »

- Matt Joseph

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Contest: Win 2 Tickets To See Gramatik In New York

5 hours ago

In support of his Native Son Remixes Ep, which features Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon, and his soon to be released Epigram Ep, Slovenian producer Gramatik is heading out on tour.

Kicking things off at the PlayStation Theater in NYC, the show will mark the DJ’s first time back in the city since his main stage performance at Electric Zoo and his two sold out performances at the PlayStation Theater last Winter. So, if you couldn’t already tell, it’s definitely going to be a big night.

And, since this is a show that you won’t want to miss, we’ve teamed up with Gramatik to give away two tickets. To be in with a chance to win, simply join our Facebook group. Once you’ve done so, shoot us an email at info@wegotthiscovered.com with the subject line “Gramatik Contest” and include your full name and »

- Matt Joseph

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Deadpool Is The Only Superhero Ryan Reynolds Wants To Play From Now On

6 hours ago

Ryan Reynolds is certainly no stranger to comic book movies. Having previously starred in such films as Blade: Trinity, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Green Lantern, and Ripd, his latest endeavor is that of Deadpool, which is garnering much praise from both fans and critics who have been lucky enough to attend early screenings (read our review here).

When a notable actor stars in one or more comic book movies, an internet brush fire is often lit as fans begin to fancy themselves as casting directors. Although Reynolds will not be reprising his role as Hal Jordan in any future Green Lantern or Justice League movies, speculation still runs rampant as to whether or not any other characters are on his bucket list.

Here’s what he had to say when IGN recently caught up with him:

“I never want to play another comic book character again; Deadpool, I would like to »

- Eric Joseph

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Eric Prydz – Opus Review

6 hours ago

Seldom does chance have it that an electronic music producer is as simultaneously celebrated by both seasoned and novice fans of the genre as Erik Prydz is. The Swedish progressive house icon boasts a nearly two-decade career during which his creative process has evolved into one of the most highly regarded sounds on the market, – and with the release of his long-awaited debut album, Opus, it’s no exaggeration to suggest that this time in music belongs to him.

As if the music itself weren’t layered enough, Prydz chose the most enigmatic way imaginable to build up to the album’s release. Over the course of last year’s festival season, he released three EPs titled Pryda Vol. I, II and III – chronologically ordered collections of his music from the previous ten or so years that up until that point had only been available in his live sets. Opus »

- John Cameron

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Deadpool Review

19 hours ago

Holy F#*King Sh%T You Guys. F#Ck Every Other Superhero Movie. I’m glad I wore my white pants to Deadpool.

Let’s face it. Today’s Marvel-dominated cinematic superheroes are becoming more familiar by the film, as over-loaded origin stories blur together in an orgy of tights, abs, and conflicted emotions. Netflix is raising the stakes between Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but Marvel’s squeaky-clean treatment of figures like Captain America is growing a tad stale. It’s become a constant parade of seeing how many side-characters a director can jam in their third sequel of whatever property is hot right now, as the focus shifts from serving a single story best, to caring how “X” hero can interact twenty films from now.

Thankfully, that’s not Deadpool.

Earth’s least sympathetic “hero” revels in taking a steamy piss on unfortunate shifts in studio norms. He’s foul-mouthed, »

- Matt Donato

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Regression Review

20 hours ago

Consider yourself warned: Regression is not a horror movie. Despite the involvement of writer-director Alejandro Amenábar, best known for ghost story The Others, and a marketing campaign that has focused on the Satanic cults and human sacrifices wrapped up in the film’s messy premise, Regression is actually a finger-patronizing parable about the dangers of hypnosis and hysteria – and a largely intolerable one at that.

It all starts out promisingly enough, with committed Minnesota detective Bruce Kenner (Ethan Hawke) investigating the bizarre case of Angela Gray (Emma Watson), a 17-year-old girl who fled her family for the safety of a nearby church after saying she was ritualistically raped and scarred. It doesn’t take long for her father (David Dencik) to admit to molesting her – not because he remembers doing so, but because he is convinced Angela would never lie.

In an attempt to draw out his repressed memories, Kenner »

- Isaac Feldberg

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The Winners Of The 68th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards

21 hours ago

The 68th annual Directors Guild of America Awards have just concluded with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu winning the guild’s top prize for his brilliant work on The Revenant, officially making him the new frontrunner for the Best Director Oscar (the winner here goes on to win the Oscar about 90% of the time).

This is quite a welcome and monumental event, as it makes Inarritu the first director ever to win the DGA’s Feature Film award twice in a row. However, what’s more pressing is what this means in the context of the awards race. As I noted earlier, in the instances where the PGA, DGA, and SAG have split their top awards, and the DGA winner is popular enough to go on to win the corresponding Oscar, their film has also gone on to win Best Picture. Not only would this make Inarritu the first director to win »

- Jeff Beck

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Hardwell Announces Lineup For Revealed Recordings Party In Miami

6 February 2016 11:38 AM, PST

Miami during the middle of March is something of an Edm paradise. With both Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival taking place at the same time, it’s an overload of music, partying and good times. Among the many highlights every year is Hardwell‘s Revealed Recordings party at Nikki Beach, which is always a fantastic display of some of the label’s brightest talent.

Set to return this year on March 16th, the producer dropped the official lineup this week and as usual, it’s an impressive mix of artists. While many names will look familiar, there are a few new additions here. For the most part, though, the Revealed Recordings party lineup is made up of DJs closely associated with the boss man himself, which is to be expected.

As we said above, it’s certainly a strong roster. Dannic, Julian Jordan, Quintino, Thomas Gold, Lucky Date – the list goes on. »

- Matt Joseph

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Xcom 2 Now Available, Review Inbound

6 February 2016 6:00 AM, PST

Originally scheduled for release in mid-2015, Firaxis and 2K have announced that Xcom 2 is now available worldwide. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed Xcom: Enemy Unknown, Xcom 2 picks up decades in the future, where the aliens have won the war on humanity, defeating the original Xcom team that tried to thwart their invasion. Now a largely forgotten organization, the Xcom team is tasked with regrouping and striking back at the alien force.

“Firaxis is taking the Xcom franchise to a whole new level with Xcom 2’s epic story and replayability factor, making it the most thrilling game in the series,” said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. “Xcom 2 is a worthy successor to the award-winning Xcom: Enemy Unknown, and is already receiving outstanding reviews from critics.”

While there are no current plans to release Xcom 2 on consoles, it is now available globally on PC, Mac, and Linux systems. We’ve sunk »

- Shaan Joshi

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Olivia Munn Unveils A Stunning New Image Of Psylocke From X-Men: Apocalypse

5 February 2016 6:42 PM, PST

Actress Olivia Munn has just finished up chatting with her fans via a Twitter Q and A, and in addition to revealing a few interesting tidbits about her role as Psylocke in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse, she unveiled a brand new image of the fan-favorite mutant warrior in action.

Though her hands aren’t visible, Munn has confirmed that Psylocke will indeed use her Psi Blades (physical manifestations of her psychic powers), and you’ll notice the purple tendrils running along her wrist in the pic.

Fans were very happy with how comic-accurate Psylocke’s costume was, but they may not be quite as pleased to learn that Miss Braddock won’t be speaking with a British accent as she does in the comics. Munn also reveals that she shot a very intense fight sequence (though she won’t go into the specifics of who was involved etc), and »

- Mark Cassidy

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The Choice Review

5 February 2016 3:23 PM, PST

I’ll just get this out of the way now: you’ve already seen The Choice. The genre that is Nicholas Sparks at this point has defined the romantic tragedy movie as much as Marvel has provided the blueprint for the shared universe. The full checklist is here: quaint small town, prickly leads, people unbothered by rainstorms, moonlit rowboats – everything you’d imagine (and if you’re into this sort of thing, want) is in The Choice. It’s an earnestness that makes the movie easily digestible, but also easily forgettable.

As these things usually start, there’s a girl, Gabby (Teresa Palmer), who moves in next door to a guy, Travis (Benjamin Walker), and the two clash right off the bat. Gabby left distractions of the city to live in a small North Carolinian town for peace and quiet while studying to become a doctor; Travis throws somewhat loud get-togethers with a few friends, »

- Mitchel Broussard

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James Franco Will Direct Upcoming Twitter-Inspired Stripper Film Zola Tells All

5 February 2016 3:07 PM, PST

James Franco is set to direct a film based off of the Rolling Stone article “Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind the Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted.” With a script by Andrew Neel and Mike Roberts, the movie is simply titled Zola Tells All and will detail the journey taken by exotic dancer Aziah “Zola” Wells to Florida with her friend Jessica and her boyfriend, as well as Jessica’s violent pimp Z. Kushner.

The Rolling Stone article was itself was inspired by Zola’s Twitter-documented trip to Florida, in which she relayed all of the crazy events the group got into in just under 150 tweets. The internet expectedly became obsessed with the story, and immediately clamored for the possibility of a film adaptation of the events of her journey.

The movie will be produced by Rabbit Bandini Productions, along with producers from Killer Films (Christine Vachon and David »

- Mitchel Broussard

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A MacGyver Movie Is In Development In Addition To The Already-Announced TV Reboot

5 February 2016 2:37 PM, PST

Following last October’s announcement that the classic 1980’s action series MacGyver would be returning to CBS, news out of a Lionsgate analysts meeting this morning has revealed that the company is simultaneously planning a big-budget movie reboot of the show as well.

The movie will reportedly be produced by the show’s creator, Lee David Zlotoff, with Fast and Furious franchise producer Neal Moritz coming in to help as well. Although there was no confirmation of the plot for the film, since both the TV show and movie reboot will be created by Lionsgate, it seems that the studio is attempting to set up a new shared universe for the action-heavy franchise.

Regarding the television version, director James Wan (Furious 7, The Conjuring) has been chosen to direct the pilot of the show, with writer Paul Downs Colaizzo on script duties. Although Wan was previously attached to a MacGyver »

- Mitchel Broussard

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First Look Images From Arrow Season 4, Episode 13 Released

5 February 2016 2:22 PM, PST

See Full Gallery Here

The CW has released the first batch of images from Wednesday’s episode of Arrow, and they feature a meeting between Felicity Smoak and her father, The Calculator (his true name has yet to be revealed). Making his debut in this week’s instalment of the DC Comics adaptation, it was revealed that he had plans to destroy Star City and appears to be just as unaware about Felicity’s secret life as she is about his.

Fans of Arrow have been speculating for a while that he would be revealed as Felicity’s father, so the twist didn’t have a huge impact, but it certainly still opens the door to some new storytelling possibilities.

For more information on what to expect from the episode – titled “Sins of the Father” – here’s the synopsis courtesy of the network:

Oliver (Stephen Amell) receives an offer from »

- Josh Wilding

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Jason Patric Set To Star In The Second Season Of Wayward Pines

5 February 2016 2:14 PM, PST

New casting has been announced for the second year of 2015’s breakout hit Wayward Pines, with reports confirming that Jason Patric will lead the new season of the twisty show. The actor will be playing Dr. Theo Yedlin, “a confident, driven surgeon whose leadership skills will prove invaluable.” Yedlin will find himself awoken in the town of Wayward Pines in the chaos of a rebellion. Other than that, only a vague summer return date was given for season two.

Although not much is known about the mysterious second season of Wayward Pines, since most of the contracts for the first year’s cast have expired due to how long it’s taken to make a new season of the show, it appears that not many of the original surviving characters will make it back for round two.

Debuting last May, Wayward Pines told the story of a weird town in »

- Mitchel Broussard

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The Climb Dev Diary Reveals Crytek’s Inspiration For Extreme Sports Vr Title

5 February 2016 2:02 PM, PST

As one of the more prolific developers in the industry when it comes to VFX wizardry, news that Crytek is developing an extreme sports title for Oculus Rift ought to pique the interest of, well, just about everyone.

Entitled The Climb, the studio’s immersive experience is aiming to “throw players into one of the world’s most dangerous extreme sports. Scale the cliffs of stunning, real-life locations like Vietnam’s Halong Bay, recreated in hyper-realistic detail with breathtaking 3D visuals.”

Currently confirmed for Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift alone, in today’s featurette the studio runs through the creative process involved in rendering photo-realistic interpretations of real-world environments, most notably Vietnam’s picturesque Halong Bay.

No release date nor pricing details have been divulged for The Climb, but Crytek expects it to debut within the launch window of the Oculus Rift. At the moment, the official pre-order page for »

- Michael Briers

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