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PS4 5.0 Update Detailed

13 hours ago

The upcoming PS4 5.0 update adds a few new features for easy browsing, and better streaming.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the upcoming update will hit beta soon with all users to follow shortly after. Beta users have been selected and contacted already.

The more boring side of the update includes an update to family controls, allow parent accounts to upgrade other accounts to full accounts, removing the restrictions. So kids no longer need to make a whole new account when they are of age. The new features also enable additional filters.

Friends list is getting an update to allow you to make different groups of friends. You can make a list for one game, or however you see fit, and easily join that group of friends in games or parties.

Communities will now be tied to broadcasts, allowing streaming fans to quickly see and join your community.

Ps Vr »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Dustin Spino)

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Looks Like Obi-Wan Kenobi Standalone is Happening; In Early Talks With Director

17 hours ago

Obi-Wan Kenobi is finally getting his own solo film, at least, it's closer now than it has been according to a new report claiming a director is currently in talks to helm it. Will Ewan McGregor reprise his role?  Who will direct it?  Come inside for more information!

If you're an avid reader of Cinelinx.com (who isn't?) you might have read the headline and thought yourself, "Duh, that's old news.".  That's because for years we've been hot on the trail of the Obi-Wan Kenobi movies for years.  In fact, back in 2014 we reported that the ideas for the spin-off were being developed.  Three years later and it appears Lucasfilm is finally ready to begin working on making this into a reality.

An exclusive from THR, has confirmed our suspicions that an Obi-Wan movie is in the works, but hasn't quite named an actor for the titular role.  The reason »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Matt Malliaros)

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Lucasfilm Greenlights Obi-Wan Kenobi Film; In Early Talks With Director

17 hours ago

It's official.  Obi-Wan Kenobi is finally getting his own solo film!  Will Ewan McGregor reprise his role?  Who will direct it?  Come inside for more information!

If you're an avid reader of Cinelinx.com (who isn't?) you might have read the headline and thought yourself, "Duh, that's old news.".  That's because for years we've been hot on the trail of the Obi-Wan Kenobi movies for years.  In fact, back in 2014 we reported that the ideas for the spin-off were being developed.  Three years later and it appears Lucasfilm is finally ready to begin working on making this into a reality.

An exclusive from THR, has confirmed our suspicions that an Obi-Wan movie is in the works, but hasn't quite named an actor for the titular role.  The reason for that is due to the fact that this film is in early stages of pre-production.  There is no script, there are no actors, »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Matt Malliaros)

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Star Wars, Marvel, and More Tables for Pinball FX3 Confirmed

17 hours ago

As Zen Studios prepares to launch Pinball FX3, they've provided a list of previously released tables (from Pinball FX2) that will import over entirely free for gamers who already purchased them.  This includes Star Wars, Bethesda's tables, all the Marvel packs, and many more.  Come inside to check out the full list!  

If you're looking forward to some virtual pinball action with the new Pinball FX3, you'll have plenty of tables to choose from when it launches (on top of the new Universal Studios pack).  As previously announced, certain pinball tables that players have purchased from the previous game will be able to import over to the new hotness for free.  Today, they've told us exactly which ones will be compatible at launch, which will also give them a graphical boost and new modes of play:

Zen Studios continues to crank away on Pinball FX3, the biggest and most community-driven pinball game ever created. »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Jordan Maison)

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New Characters Join the Fight Against Ultron Sigma in New Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Trailer

21 hours ago

Some of the greats from Marvel and Capcom have been added to the loaded roster for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.  You can see them in action with brand new story trailer!

The battle for the universe is about a month away and we just learned that 4 new combatants from Marvel and Capcom have arrived to take a side in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite!  From Marvel, Dormammu and Ghost Rider.  From Capcom, Jedah and Firebrand.  These 4 create a character roster of 30 characters that will each have a hand in the war to come.  A war you can check out in the latest story trailer!

In addition to regular vs play and story mode, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will have a bevy of modes ranging from offline to online to allow gamers to continuously enjoy the experience.

Offline Modes and Features:

Story – puts players at the center of a fierce battle as »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Matt Malliaros)

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New Planet of the Apes Video Game Will Tell the Story Between the Movies

22 hours ago

Wondering what happened in the time between Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes?  This Fall you'll be able to Play those events in a brand new Planet of the Apes game, Last Frontier.  Today brings our first trailer and details for the game.  Come inside to check it out!  

Despite movie tie-in games having a fairly bad track record (though there are plenty of great ones), I can't help but be excited for the Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier announcement.  Not only because I'm a Huge Apes fan and eager to see some story content between the last two films, but also because Imaginarium Studios (Andy Serkis' motion capture studio that helps make the movies so amazing) is helping develop the title.  Based off this announcement trailer, at the very least it will be a very pretty game to play. »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Jordan Maison)

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Crackdown 3 hit with more delays

17 August 2017 7:03 AM, PDT

Microsoft confirmed today that Crackdown 3 has been hit with the delay stick and won't be releasing until sometime next spring. Jump in after the cut to learn more! 

We've been waiting (not so) patiently for Crackdown 3 since it's debut at E3 in 2014 and it seems we'll have to keep the mayhem on pause for a few more months. 

Crackdown 3:campaign, coop, & Wrecking Zone is moving to spring 18 so we can make sure we deliver all the awesome that Crackdown fans want. https://t.co/dwWPJ25NXq

Shannon Loftis (@shannonloftis) August 16, 2017

The company is delaying the Xbox One and Windows PC game to give development teams Reagent Games, Sumo Digital and Cloudgine extra time to ensure a quality experience said Shannon Loftis, Microsoft Studios Publishing general manager in statement with Polygon. 

In an email interview Loftis explains the decision: 

“We’re very excited about Crackdown 3, and so are many fans, and »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Katykakes)

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It Is What It Is with The Jackass, Episode 101: Summer's Top 5

16 August 2017 11:29 PM, PDT

It's a brand new episode of BC's podcast, It Is What It Is with The Jackass! This week get a small preview of whats to come on the new episode of Scns Live!

This week on It Is What It Is with The Jackass, BC is breaking down his top 5 films of the summer of 2017! What made the list? What didn’t? come find out! Plus he talks about his experiences as a the newest full-fledged member of the Etcw roster! What does the Jackass have instore for the fans in Wills Point Texas? Once again Coach Matt joins BC to break down the newest episode of Game Of Thrones, Eastwatch. All this, the box office predictions, and more on episode 101 of IiWiIJA

Do you shop on Amazon? Then click here and bookmark it to help support the Jackass Nation Podcast channel. You won’t be donating, or paying anything more then you normally would, »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (B.C.)

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Thq Nordic announces a new project: Black Mirror set to release this November!

16 August 2017 4:35 PM, PDT

Love horror games and want something spine-chilling to play this autumn? Look no farther than Black Mirror, a gothic horror adventure. We have the haunting announcement trailer here for your viewing pleasure, and information on Black Mirror's upcoming release. So come on in, if you're not too afraid, that is.

Thq Nordic and King Art Games are thrilled to announce their upcoming game, Black Mirror, a gothic horror adventure set to release on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One that promises psychological horror and distress. And if the trailer is anything to go by, it seems like it just might deliver.  

About Black Mirror

Like in the original graphic adventure trilogy, the Gothic Horror genre and its unique atmosphere of madness and psychological distress remains at the heart of Black Mirror.

The point-and-click gameplay of the original trilogy served as the basis for the re-imagined gameplay, which focuses on close-up »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Amber Hall)

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Hands-On With The Dreamcade Replay

16 August 2017 2:42 PM, PDT

The advent of mini-consoles has seen a huge resurgence in the retro gaming market as fans of all levels seek ways to play the beloved games of yore. Dreamcade Replay is here to to try and fill the needs of All gamers with their new console.  After some hands-on time with it, I’m sold on the possibilities.  

Frankly speaking, I wanted to deliver you guys a fully fleshed out review of this console.  With daughters who needed surgery for their ears, a bevy of sick kids in the house, all while trying to move, I was lucky I was able to get the play time in with the Replay machine that I did.  As such, I don’t feel comfortable giving a “full” review as I don’t feel I’ve been able to use it enough to try everything out.  

It’s a great little gaming machine, though, »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Jordan Maison)

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Experience the Fear of the Terror Tribe in the Latest Middle-earth: Shadow of War Trailer

16 August 2017 11:59 AM, PDT

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment dropped the latest trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War today that showcases the Terror Tribe. Jump in after the cut to learn more about who's spreading fear throughout Mordor.

The trailer that dropped today has showcased some of the nifty new features afforded to us with the expanded Nemesis Forge.

Orcs now belong to tribes which extend their influence stemming from the Overlords ruling the mighty fortresses throughout the open world, providing a rich ecosystem of missions, exploration, and a dynamic Orc society rich with diverse cultures. 

The trailer showcased the Terror tribe, a faction who specializes in spreading fear throughout Mordor. As master tormentors, the Terror tribe relies on their infamous reputations to inspire fear into their enemies. 

"Set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an open world action RPG that continues the original »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Katykakes)

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Top Ten Movie Franchises Based on Books

16 August 2017 9:00 AM, PDT

For as long as there have been movies, there have been movies based on books. This is a look at the best movie franchises that are either based on a book or several books.

It’s one thing to have a movie that is based on a book. It happens all the time. It’s more rare to have an entire franchise of films based on a book or set of books. Over the last two decades, it seems like we have been seeing more and more franchises emerge that are based on books. This seems to be happening for a few reasons. First, Hollywood is more than ever looking for established properties on which to base films. Book, have been and always will be one of the best established properties for a movie to be based upon. Second, if the books have a big following, chances are that the »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (G.S. Perno)

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Total War: Warhammer II reveals the final playable race

16 August 2017 8:22 AM, PDT

For a few months now I’ve put up posts on Creative Assembly’s upcoming game Total War: Warhammer II. Where four races are locked in deadly battle to determine a survivor. Such races as the noble High Elves, the deadly Dark elves, the Savage Lizard men and the … Hmm. All this time and we still don’t know who the fourth race is supposed to be. Well today it’s been announced that the fourth and final playable race will be …. The Skaven.

The Skaven (aka Ratmen, or Ratkin) are an evil race of humanoid rat-creatures who inhabit a massive inter-continental underground lair known in their tongue simply as the Under-Empire. Lets check out the cinematic trailer below:

Led by Queek Headtaker and Lord Skrolk, the Skaven can be seen in the new cinematic leading a host of monsters and madcap machinery against the Dark Elves and Lizardmen. Their motives obscured, »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Rob Bayne)

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SteelSeries Lights Up the Gaming World With New Keyboard

15 August 2017 11:01 PM, PDT

SteelSeries has come out with a new customizable keyboard that is sure to have every member of the PC Master Race looking down at their current keyboard in disgust.  Check out all the features of the Apex M750 below!

Two weeks ago, SteelSeries delivered on two new Esports mice that had the capability of taking your game to the next level.  Today, the tech innovators have released a new keyboard to partner with your new Rival 310 or Sensei 310.  Before you brush off the idea of a technologically advanced keyboard, here us out.  It's fully customizable and includes Discord updates!

If you're unfamiliar with Discord, you're either not a PC gamer or you just really love using Skype.  Nevertheless, Discord is a fully free chat service for Gamers that allows them to connect from anywhere, even by phone.  The Apex M750 makes it even more convenient to communicate with your team »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Matt Malliaros)

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Daniel Craig Confirms He Will Play James Bond in the Next Film

15 August 2017 10:36 PM, PDT

We have a date and now we have our James Bond!  Daniel Craig has announced he will return, as one of the best Bonds of all time, for the next film.

After it was announced that the next James Bond movie would, in fact, release in November 2019, the obvious question was, "Who will be James Bond?".  Conventional wisdom would've been Daniel Craig, one of the best Bonds of our generation.  However, it appeared he was dead-set on putting his Bond to rest when he said that he'd, “rather break this glass and slash my wrists”  than return as James Bond.

It appears that was all hyperbole as Daniel Craig visited Stephen Colbert to clear the air.  Saying that he had said that in an interview just two days removed from shooting Spectre, and he was exhausted.

With that out of the way, is Daniel Craig actually returning?  That's a question »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Matt Malliaros)

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Adam West Returns as Batman in Batman vs. Two-Face

15 August 2017 10:38 AM, PDT

DC and Warner Bros. are set to give us an all-new 1966 Batman animated movie starring Adma West and William Shatner.

Let’s just get his out of the way now. We miss him he was a part of our childhood and to think that there’s one more time he was able to don the cowl and entertain us makes me a little sad and happy at the same time. Joining the caped crusaders Adam West and Burt Ward as they reprise their roles of Batman and Robin, William Shatner will be taking up the role of that dual personality psycho Two-Face. The first Batman and Robin: Return of the Caped Crusaders was very well received by fans and I’m glad to see DC going back to the well with a little Elseworld action. On top of that Julie Newmar will aalso be returning to the role of Selina Kyle/ Catwoman. »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Jason The X)

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Channel Control14 – How I met your Munster Dad on a Hill

15 August 2017 8:53 AM, PDT

BC shows up this week after his awesome birthday weekend in Vegas he’s broke and he’s ready to talk TV. This week we’ve got a Munsters remake, How I met your Dad is back on track again. David Letterman heads to Netflix for his all new talk show. Also, King of the Hill may be making a comeback and BC is just so happy.

Channel surfing with us as we’ve been watching such shows as Daredevil season 2, Luke Cage season 1, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and Rob loved the Dragon in Game of Thrones! Cancellations, renewals DVD’s and Blurays we got it all check us out and subscribe!

Daredevil 12” figure giveaway still going on need more subs before we pick a winner. Subscribe, share our videos, comment for a chance to win!

The Munstersdavid LETTERMANNetflixHIMYD »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Rob Bayne)

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Transformers: The Last Knight Home Release Dates and Cover Art

15 August 2017 6:24 AM, PDT

The Cybertronians come home with releases for 4k Ultra HD, Blu Ray, and DVD. Check out the details.

Transformers: The Last Knight was a welcome entry in a series that needed a boost. I did enjoy the movie and was pleased overall with it. Well the Autobots and Decepticons are coming home September 12th on Digital HD and September 26th with DVD, Blu-Ray, and 4k. Also if you wanted to own all five movies in the franchise that will also be available September 26th. The Blu-Ray combo pack will include 3 disks with.

Blu-ray Disc 1

·       Feature film in high definition

Blu-ray Disc 2

·  Special Features:

o    Merging Mythologies – Explore the secret Transformers history

o    Climbing the Ranks - Military training

o    The Royal Treatment: Transformers in the UK

o    Motors and Magic

o    Alien Landscape: Cybertron

o    One More Giant Effin’ Movie


·  Feature film in standard definition

Rated PG-13 Transformers: The Last Knight »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Jason The X)

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Be Part of the Call of Duty WWII Closed Beta This Month

14 August 2017 7:10 PM, PDT

Get a head start on your friends by being part of the Call of Duty WWII Closed Beta Multiplayer, later this month!  More details below!

This past weekend saw Optic Gaming take their place as the best Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare players by winning the 2017 Call of Duty World League Championship.  Over 200,000 people, from around the world, watched them win and I guarantee nearly all of the people watching from home quietly aspired to follow in their footsteps, one day.  How do you do it?  Well, getting your hands on the next CoD couldn't hurt.  Thankfully, Activision is offering a way to play the multiplayer a lot earlier.

All it takes to be part of the Private Beta, or Closed Beta, is to pre-order Call of Duty WWII before August 25.  It's just that simple.  For Playstation 4 gamers, it gets even better.  PS4 users will get to play in the »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Matt Malliaros)

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Cinelinx Presents Mario Kart Madness This Friday

14 August 2017 4:39 PM, PDT

You witnessed the rise of BC's dominance as Injustice 2 Champion.  You watched as Zack shocked the world in the Arms Tournament.  This Friday, see them clash in the main event of the next installment of Cinelinx's monthly tournaments, Mario Kart Madness.

Over the last few months, you may have remembered us putting on gaming tournaments, like Injustice 2 and Arms, on our nerd talk show Scns.  Well, that was actually part of a test to see how audiences would respond to a show like that, it turns out you guys loved it.  With that in mind, we went on to greenlight the series and even partner with an amazing local nerd bar and restaurant, Nerdvana Food & Spirits, to host future tournaments, like this upcoming one.

Friday, August 18, Live from Nerdvana in Frisco, Cinelinx Presents Mario Kart Madness.  8 gamers from around Dfw will flock to Frisco for a chance to dominate the »

- feeds@cinelinx.com (Matt Malliaros)

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