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Once Upon a Time Casts Electrifying Sibling

18 November 2012 2:50 PM, PST

Once Upon a Time Spoiler Alert: Dr. Whale isn’t an only child.

Okay, so Dr. Whale in Storybooke is actually Dr. Victor Frankenstein in…well, what do you call a strange black-and-white world, that is not the fairy tale world we’re accustomed to visiting? That’s where Dr. Frankenstein hails from. He’s played by Alias and Heroes alum, David Anders.

But TV Line has scooped the story that the not so good doctor’s brother has just been cast. I’m not sure that’s much of a spoiler, considering, in his back story, we learned he tried to bring his dead brother back to life.

So, if you connect the dots, actor Chad Michael Collins is probably about to bring Frankenstein’s monster to the small screen.

The handsome actor was last seen on ABC’s Last Resort, as show I’ve been really digging, as Redman, »

- Sasha Nova

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Hawaii Five-0: Rumer Willis’ Heart To Be Stolen by Masi Oka

18 November 2012 2:10 PM, PST

Whether or not you’re familiar with Hawaii Five-0 – or even Masi Oka by himself – you have to admit Dr. Max Bergman is an adorable character. He is this way because of Oka’s simply astounding likability, something he carries with him in every role he takes on. Heroes fans can attest to this phenomenon. And along with his lovable personality, we’re usually introduced to some equally disarming love interest for Oka to swoon over. Hawaii Five-0 will be no different, but this won’t be the kind of love that blossoms under the best of circumstances. But at least they’ll have something to talk about on their first date.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Rumer Willis – that’s the daughter of Bruce Willis, so watch where you put your hands if you want to keep them, Oka – was given the job of playing Sabrina, the cute young »

- Brody Gibson

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Revenge: Conrad Finds Himself a Rival in Unforgettable’s Dylan Walsh

18 November 2012 6:30 AM, PST

Conrad Grayson is about to meet his maker on ABC’s Revenge. Details are scarce, but we know he’s getting himself a rival, which I just absolutely love. The thing that’s great about shows like Revenge is the constant piling up of crap that happens to all the characters. Just when you think things couldn’t become any more complicated or difficult, the writers think up a couple more wrenches to toss into the machine to really mess everything up. After being wrongfully arrested at his second wedding to Victoria and getting released on bail, Conrad must have been due a new problem to deal with, so Dylan Walsh was brought in.

Walsh’s most recent credits include CBS’ Unforgettable, but he’s best known for his time on Nip/Tuck. His casting in Revenge will put him in the role of Jason Prosser, according to Entertainment Weekly. »

- Brody Gibson

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Lando Calrissian Actor to Play Himself on Modern Family

18 November 2012 5:57 AM, PST

Actor Billy Dee Williams is Lando Calrissian in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. But how is the former Star Wars star in a game of poker? We will find out in an upcoming episode of Modern Family when Williams stops by for a cool cameo.

I don’t know. Billy Dee looks like he may be packing quite the poker face. Ed O’Neill’s Jay had better know when to hold ‘em. EW reports that the two gents will meet in a holiday themed episode of the ABC comedy when the family visits Palm Springs and Jay and Williams end up sitting down together to play a game of cards. The episode is titled “New Year’s Eve”.

When stars aren’t playing themselves, they get to act in cool cameos as well. Nathan Lane is returning to the set, for example, to reprise his role as Pepper, »

- Sasha Nova

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American Horror Story Scares Will Continue for Season 3

18 November 2012 4:48 AM, PST

Ryan Murphy isn’t finished frightening us. His spooky hit drama American Horror Story was just renewed for a third spine-tingling season.

What new horrors await us this time? TV Line broke the news that the show’s star, Ms. Jessica Lange would return for the third incarnation of the series. I think that’s very cool. She played Southerner, Constance, for Season 1 and has been the Asylum‘s Sister Jude this season. The role of Constance won Lange both the Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy.

American Horror Story: Asylum ends on Jan. 23 and the new 13-episode third season begins production this summer. You can enjoy what’s left of this season on the FX network on Wednesday nights.

When I say the series is popular, I really mean it. Asylum averages over 5 million viewers.

If you’re confused about the different seasons not being related, don’t be. »

- Sasha Nova

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Starz Casts Black Sails Pirates

16 November 2012 2:23 PM, PST

Who doesn’t like a good pirate adventure? Starz is a fan. The network has ordered episodes of Black Sails, to be delivered by Jon Steinberg and Michael Bay. Today we learned two new actors have been cast. They are Zach McGowan and Luke Arnold.

Black Sails bypassed those uncertain waters where a series is just a pilot and no one knows if it will be picked up or not. Starz immediately asked for eight episodes.

The show is set 20 years before the events depicted in Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel, Treasure Island, explained Deadline. The show’s lead character is Flint, a savvy pirate. He and his new shipmate John Silver are trying to survive adventures on New Providence Island. And here’s fair warning. It may look like a paradise, but the isle hides other pirates, whores, thieves and more.

British actor Toby Stephens is Captain Flint. »

- Sasha Nova

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The Newsroom Hires Patton Oswalt and Rosemarie DeWitt After Being Sued

16 November 2012 8:08 AM, PST

Everybody’s favorite HBO drama taking a harsh look at how news should be presented to viewers – okay, so it’s the only drama that does this – will be coming back next summer and it’s time we heard who will be joining The Newsroom for the first time. You’ll be happy to hear Rosemarie DeWitt and funnyman Patton Oswalt will join the drama in roles that, quite frankly, I’m a little disappointed in. I’ll get to why in just a little bit, but before then we’ll take a look at whom they’ll be playing and how they might affect the direction the second season of The Newsroom is headed.

According to Deadline, both DeWitt and Oswalt’s characters will be wrapped up in a wrongful-termination lawsuit against Atlantis Cable News. DeWitt will portray Rebecca Halliday, the litigator hired to defend Atlantis against the charges »

- Brody Gibson

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New Game of Thrones Season 3 Poster As Unforgiving As Stone

16 November 2012 5:26 AM, PST

Boom! March 2013 is a little over four months away, but you don’t have to wait for today’s teaser poster reveal for the next addictive season of Game of Thrones on HBO. You can see it now. The art work is cold, dark and made of stone, but it gets its point across. Dragons, kings and wildlings return on 03.31.13. The repetition of the number three is also very fitting. It is, after all, season three that we’re waiting on pins and needles for. I like the swords worked into the image. If it revealed more than just a release date, the image wouldn’t look bad on a Game of Thrones sweatshirt.

The new season promises to delve into the same goings on from the first half of the novel, “A Storm of Swords”. That was the third book in George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. »

- Sasha Nova

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Marvel! Two New Agents Join TV’s S.H.I.E.L.D.

15 November 2012 3:42 PM, PST

We’re getting a clearer picture of what TV’s S.H.I.E.L.D. is shaping up to be. That picture now includes actors Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker and their young, fresh faces. The prospect of a Marvel flavored TV adaptation is still intensely exciting to me. With a name like Joss Whedon behind the series, I’d say there’s a good chance it won’t get flubbed up, either.


So, the ABC Studios project will revolve around the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistic Directorate, or S.H.I.E.L.D., which is the military law-enforcement agency expected to police super heroes.

Actress Elizabeth Henstridge will play a science genius by the name of Agent Gemma Simmons, THR revealed. She’s joined by Iain De Caestecker, who is all geared up to portray Agent Leo Fitz. Fitz is your techie type,probably not unlike Q from the James Bond series.

Apparently the two, which »

- Sasha Nova

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The Father of All iCarly Episodes Is Also The Finale

15 November 2012 2:27 PM, PST


How do you mark the end of an era? For iCarly, the series plans to say good-bye while finally saying hello to a certain someone’s father.

Fans of the Nickelodeon show have never met Carly’s dad, Colonel Shay. For five seasons, he has been stationed overseas. In fact, when First Lady, Michelle Obama made her unforgettable guest appearance on the show, the topic at hand was military families and their sacrifices.

While it may be sad to say good-bye to the series, the season finale will also mark Colonel Shay’s first appearance, and that’s going to make Carly one very happy camper.

The finale will be an hour-long special. I’ve got spoilers! The heart of the episode revolves around an Air Force father-daughter dance. Since Colonel Shay obviously can’t escort Carly to the dance, Spencer will insist on being her date. That plan falls through also, »

- Sasha Nova

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True Blood Introduces Rob Kazinsky as New Faerie Regular for Season 6

15 November 2012 5:45 AM, PST

As is traditional with every new season of True Blood, there will be a slew of new and formally recurring characters given the status of series regulars. In the case of this news post, we’re going to be looking at a new cast member joining the True Blood world that will be a main character. The new addition is British actor Rob Kazinsky, and yes, he is attractive. Did you really think they would hire someone anything less than ravishing to be on True Blood? Nope, it’s a rule. I just hope they let him keep his natural accent. I think we would all appreciate that a lot more than the usual southern drawl of the other characters.

Season 6 will see Kazinsky playing Ben, a highly charismatic faerie. Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of the faerie stuff  but perhaps this will bring some much-needed fun to the creatures. »

- Brody Gibson

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Fringe Star Seth Gabel To Become Arrow’s Big Bad Vertigo

15 November 2012 4:58 AM, PST

If you love Fringe and you love Arrow, you will really love the latest casting news for the super heroic freshman CW series. You heard it right here that Arrow is plotting to unleash a super villain on Starling City. He’ll be a heck of a lot like Vertigo from DC Comics. Today we learned who would act the scary new TV bad guy.

Actor Seth Gabel plays Lincoln Lee on the Fox network paranormal series, Fringe. Now the actor will suit up to scare the pants off of all of us.

TV Line reported that Gabel is being called upon to bring to life the “scary and nightmarish” foe for Oliver Queen. Though his big bad role is based on Vertigo from the comics, his name will change. I guess Vertigo isn’t a moniker realistic nor gritty enough for the great atmosphere Arrow has been creating. What Will be called Vertigo, »

- Sasha Nova

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Beverly Hills Cop: The Foley Torch Passes to Brandon T. Jackson

14 November 2012 3:49 PM, PST

The television pilot for the sort-of sequel to the Beverly Hills Cop film franchise has at last found a leading man to be overshadowed by Eddie Murphy’s legacy. Now, that might sound a little pessimistic in terms of my expectations of how well the potential series will perform, but it’s actually just part of the pilots pitch. The new Beverly Hills Cop features Axel Foley’s son doing the best he can to escape the enormous shadow cast by his police chief father. It’s a fitting premise for the kind of show this could be, so a fitting actor was required. And just who rose to the challenge of reinvigorating this long dead franchise? Brandon T. Jackson.

As reported by TVLine, Jackson – known for such films as Tropic Thunder and Percy Jackson & the Olympians – was cast in the role of Aaron Foley, a Detroit police officer who »

- Brody Gibson

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Body of Proof Puts Lorraine Toussaint Up Against Dana Delany and Mark Valley

14 November 2012 11:51 AM, PST

Things are about to get a tad tougher for Megan (Dana Delany) on Body of Proof when it returns for its third season next year, as if things weren’t already as difficult as they could possibly get. She’s a television character in a drama. By the very definition, her life needs to be dramatic. If obstacle after obstacle isn’t thrown in her way then there really isn’t any point in us sitting on the couch – or reclining chair if that’s your preference – and watching her life. The latest obstacle for Megan comes in the form of a very familiar Saving Grace actress: Lorraine Toussaint.

We can expect Toussaint to be hanging around for at least a couple of episodes according to the Hollywood Reporter. Her multi-episode role will put her in the shoes of Angela Martin, the police chief who will go up against Megan »

- Brody Gibson

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Syfy’s Continuum Launches In January

14 November 2012 11:22 AM, PST

What is a little bit Terminator and a little bit Looper? The answer is Continuum, the Canadian science fiction series exploring time travel with a feisty female lead. If those descriptors sound like a safe bet for a hit to you, then you know what the execs over at the Syfy network are thinking. We want it!

Continuum is executive produced by Simon Barry (The Art of War), Jeff King (White Collar, The Black Donnellys), Tom Rowe, Pat Williams and Reunion Pictures. Barry is pulling triple duty. He’s series creator and writer also.

Syfy has picked up the hour-long, action, Time Cop reminiscent drama and THR reports, has selected a release date. We will get to sample the science fiction goodness on Monday, January 14th at 8 p.m. in the U.S.

Monday’s line up on the network is looking tasty. Being Human follows at 9 with Lost Girl »

- Sasha Nova

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The Disney Channel Opens Unleashes New Holiday Specials for Phineas and Ferb and Others

14 November 2012 9:49 AM, PST

Whether you want them to or not – and believe me, I have some friends who are very seriously opposed to them for scary, specific reasons – the holidays are fast approaching, and that means we need to prepare ourselves for the yearly tidal wave of holiday specials from almost every network. The Disney Channel will never be an exception to this law of television entertainment thanks to a large chunk of its audience being children – the remaining viewers being adults who use their children as excuses to feel like a kid again. December will see many of the Disney Channel’s series airing their holiday specials, including the always delightful Phineas and Ferb.

Premiering its fourth season on Dec. 7,  Phineas and Ferb will guest star NHL star Luc Robataille as he offers to help out in an ice hockey game that takes things to the extreme. After the game, the brothers »

- Brody Gibson

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Pretty Little Liar Says Aloha to Hawaii Five-0

14 November 2012 8:20 AM, PST

Actress Janel Parrish is trading in her wicked ways for a ticket to paradise. She’s exchanging her villainous role on the set of Pretty Little Liars for a three-episode stint on the CBS series, Hawaii Five-0.

Fans know Parrish as Mona Vanderwall on the ABC Family teen drama. Mona is a shoplifter and sometime mental patient. What a great specimen for any social circle, am I right? She will now play a Type-a chemistry student who may also be a bit of a sociopath on the cop series. Let’s just say she doesn’t handle it very well when others muck up her plans. I suspect her already, but did she do it and who might she be suspected of murdering? We’ll have to wait and see.

According to THR the first of her Hawaii Five-0 episodes will air next year.

You may have guessed it, but »

- Sasha Nova

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How I Met Your Mother: It Turns Out Nick Was Funny After All

14 November 2012 7:32 AM, PST

When I first saw the promos for “Splitsville” and learned we would be having our third break up episode of the season – and second in a row – I was initially wary of what to expect. Last week’s disappointing end to Ted and Victoria’s relationship didn’t bode well for Robin and Nick. In fact, I would say the odds were even more against this couple. We’ve barely seen them together and we know next to nothing about Nick. Last week was our first real glimpse at this rather dumb, yet endearing character. But his screen time was still pretty minimal, which worked for the kinds of jokes he was used for. Could he handle being on screen for a longer period of time?

The answer is a big yes. In fact, the whole episode is a huge win for How I Met Your Mother. Everything worked; the story flowed, »

- Brody Gibson

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90210 Scoops Up To and New Kid on the Block

13 November 2012 9:11 AM, PST

Casting is in full swing for 90210 season five, which began in October. The reboot series has scooped up several celebs for upcoming episodes. These guest stars include NFL star Terrell Owens and former New Kid on the Block band member Joey McIntyre.

TV loves Owens. He has taken a ride on the reality television wagon and now he’s all set to deliver a cameo on 90210 in February. The TVLine exclusive revealed his episode will include a huge charity event where celebrities, including Owens, will be in attendance.

Also headed to Beverly Hills is crooner Joey McIntyre. TV Line explained that McIntyre would also appear in a February episode. He’s playing a music manager on the rise toward fame who will have some business dealings with Dixon, portrayed by Tristan Wilds. The part shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for the singer.

Owens played himself in the football film, »

- Sasha Nova

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The Mentalist Sends Mary Lynn Rajskub to Rehab

12 November 2012 3:53 PM, PST

I have a bit of a logical issue with the following news story; not the news itself, but the logic behind the plot The Mentalist will be involved in and the character Mary Lynn Rajskub will be playing. I can’t decide if what I’m feeling is justified or if I’m just being picky. When it comes to entertainment, there’s a certain suspension of disbelief that is required to properly enjoy certain aspects of the medium. But there is a line that can be crossed where suddenly what is being presented to us on screen is so unbelievable that the entirety of the plot can collapse. I believe Rajskub’s character is part of one such line crossing.

According to TVLine, Rajskub is guest starring as a rehab patient whose roommate is murdered. Now, I have no problem with this as is. Let whoever is murdered be murdered. »

- Brody Gibson

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