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From Valiant to Defiant Comics | The Lost History of David Lapham’s Mongrel

20 hours ago

So as you can tell I’m pretty excited about what Lemire and Kindt are doing in recent happenings in Valiant comics, but before the current Valiant universe one of, if not the the major player in the original universe from the ’90s, one Jim Shooter, was ousted and went on to create Defiant comics. Among those that went with him was David Lapham, an artist/writer who would go on to win Eisners for his independent work.  Lapham would be the artist on the debut comic from Defiant, but before he did that, before anyone did anything we could put in our hands, we got Mongrel. We never saw him again.

It’s no secret that the medium of comic books, at least in the United States, is mostly dominated by characters that have been around for decades and come with not only a personal history, but in many cases multiple histories. »

- Jay Tomio

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Macross Cynicism Pause | Sony Pushes for Robotech Movie

26 March 2015 2:05 PM, PDT

I’m half Japanese. I’m an american. I’ve lived in Japan for a lot of my earlier childhood and 1/4 of my life. I have land there. I knew ramen was  life since the ’80s, and not cheap college student menu before U.S. hipsters of the past several years did. I even rocked a bento strong in elementary school, some of which were Macross branded. I was introduced to Macross through Robotech though, as I suspect most people in the U.S. were, but in my years in Japan, I’ve never come across anyone (the count is officially zero) who seem to care more about how Robotech came into being  as I have in english speaking messaegeboards in the 21st century. They have theirs, we have ours. As a child of both worlds it was never really a conflict, so it’s always puzzled me why it »

- Jay Tomio

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Is Breaking Benjamin Better with the New Line Up?

26 March 2015 9:17 AM, PDT

Fans of alternative rock were hit with bad news when Scranton based band Breaking Benjamin broke up in 2011. The lead singer Ben Burnley faced legal issues with former band members who went behind his back releasing a greatest hits. It was rumored for years that they had internal issues before it became open to the public with the release of Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin. Well, those years are behind them as Ben brought back the band with a new line up. This has caused much distress among original (and mostly local) fans who supported the band when Aaron Fink, Mark Klepaski and Chad Szeliga remained members. It died down after a while as Ben took time away from the industry. Now it appears that with the new single “Failure”, a battle between the old and newer fans has become reheated. Let’s take a closer look at »

- Sarah Peel

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The Valiant Ends and why Valiant is Comic Book Life – Now

25 March 2015 7:30 PM, PDT

The Valiant #4 came out this week from Valiant comics and it’s about beginning and endings, life and death, mortality and eternity. Not of the miniseries, nor a story arc, but for the Valiant universe. Even more, it felt like a message written to me, a long time fan, within this completely mainstreet hyper-dramatic action horror thriller. It was a countdown to a valiant zero hour. For the line and me.

The Eternal Warrior has been kind of a mess. Beyond a pretty cool Eternal Emperor promo and a hit the pavement frenetic intro by Van Lente and Emanuela Lupacchino in the pages of Archer & Armstrong not much going on with Gilad had moved beyond this cycle of monotony of duty he was experiencing, which the reader had not trouble understanding because we were tired of it after a year ourselves, nevermind the centuries Gilad had lived it. Kindt and »

- Jay Tomio

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The Wake: Part 1 by Neil Gaiman | Sandman Meditations

25 March 2015 8:21 AM, PDT

Sometimes, the English language plays along. A god-like king of dreams has died, and so there is a wake. Dreams, in the literal sense at least, die upon the dreamer’s waking, and so, too, in The Sandman when Morpheus is no more: the dreamers wake.

There is a sense of quiet throughout this chapter, a quietude. And more so: gravity. Not for lack of words; there are plenty of words throughout these pages. Instead, the quiet, grave, pensive sorrow filling each panel seeps from the pencil lines and muted hues, the scored shadows along most of the edges, and all the downcast eyes. Though the chapter is not rich with plot, it gives an inescapable sense of motion, an undercurrent — the characters are all drawn toward the last page, the last panel. It’s the greatest, grandest view of the Endless we’ve yet seen, but also in many ways the coldest, »

- Matthew Cheney

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Monica Potter’s NBC Series Shelved

24 March 2015 9:49 PM, PDT

Bad news for Parenthood‘s Monica Potter and Ellen DeGeneres. The duo’s untitled comedy is cancelled or delayed for now. The network has made the big decision to not proceed with the show despite the fact they already announced some stars. The show was supposed to follow Bridget (Potter’s character) who deals with a crazy life that includes 3 ex-husbands. NBC and Warner Bros made a joint choice to hold off on further development until next year-which may or may not happen.

We’re sad by this news as fans of Monica. However, we are not shocked by NBC’s choice. The network has attache itself to many possible series and a few would need to be delayed or canned. However, it is a shame that they chose to do this to a show that was already going along as nicely as this one was. Plus that means a »

- Sarah Peel

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Chloe Sevigny Joins American Horror Story Hotel

24 March 2015 7:05 PM, PDT

More fresh-ish faces are jumping onboard with Chloe Sevigny for American Horror Story: Hotel. She is the latest star to become attache after the big shake up with casting was announced a week or so ago. Chloe who is known as the bad wife on Big Love did play a nymphomaniac on their American Horror Story: Asylum season. Like most of her co-stars, not much has been addressed about how or where they will fit in on the show yet. We expect we will find out more in the late summer of this year.

I am glad that Chloe is returning back to TV. It will be different seeing her in this role as I am used to her Big Love style character. However, it is good to see her expand her wings and remind the world that she can play someone other than that trademark character. After all, we »

- Sarah Peel

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The X-Files Coming Back to Fox for Limited Series

24 March 2015 9:30 AM, PDT

Good news for paranormal fans! The X-Files has officially been picked up again for a limited 6 episode run. Yes, that means 6 all new episodes with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Fans can expect the show to return next season as production starts this summer. Chris Carter opened up about the news that he and Gillian both have expressed major interest in.

I think of it as a 13-year commercial break, The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories.

This part isn’t big news, but the fact that David has joined is! The former star and stud spoke out a couple of weeks ago on how he has no interest in it. This shocked his fans as many of them actually liked Mulder best, due to his smarts and looks. Sadly though, »

- Sarah Peel

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Star Wars To Go Live Action?

24 March 2015 7:57 AM, PDT

Disney is dead serious about milking the Star Wars fandom, hence why two animated series are in the works and books. Now we hear that they may take the story to a live action TV series next. Since Disney bought up the franchise, rumors are rambled about if they will bring it to TV. However, as expected not everyone at Disney is supporting the idea causing them to hold back for now. Currently they have their hands filled with 2 animated shows, new books and a new movie all in the works at once.

We are shocked it has yet to become a reality. It could work out well since they see that Star Wars fans have shown so much support. Sure, it is a risk that could harm them if done incorrectly. However, we are pretty sure Disney could pull enough strings to make it something the fans would enjoy. »

- Sarah Peel

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Emily Deschanel Talks Bones Pregnancy and Future

23 March 2015 7:34 PM, PDT

Emily Deschanel is lucky to have a show that is supportive to write in two pregnancies in for her. Now that the show has been on the air for so long and troubles are rumbling in paradise, she is opening up about what fans can expect for the remaining episodes for the 10th season. She admits that a lot is up in the air, but she does firmly believe we will see some things before the June 4th season finale. Here are a few highlights of what she had to say to TVLine about Bones.

That’s not really addressed, but they’re happy about it. They don’t talk about it beforehand like they’re trying to get pregnant and then it happens. I feel like it’s maybe half-and-half. They kind of talked about it, but they weren’t planning planning…….(on job switch)You don’t see »

- Sarah Peel

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HBO’s Game of Thrones Will Spoil the Novels

23 March 2015 3:19 PM, PDT

Ever since HBO has shared their desires for 10 seasons of Game of Thrones, fans were wondering what that means. Now we know that they will be working with George R.R. Martin to follow his plans. He is famous for taking his time releasing the novels-which has been a sore spot for the series. Now executive producer David Benioff is admitting that they will be beating George with their show, but it will still tell the story that he is writing. Here is what he dropped regarding their plans.

Luckily, we’ve been talking about this with George [R.R. Martin] for a long time… and we know where things are heading. So, we’ll eventually meet up at pretty much the same place where George is going. There might be a few deviations along the route, but we’re heading towards the same destination.

This is interesting news. Earlier HBO hinted that they »

- Sarah Peel

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A New Urban Fantasy

23 March 2015 2:25 PM, PDT

If you’ve been at all concerned with the state of fantasy in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed a drastic shift in genres.  The market has split wildly into many segments, including that bastion of pseudo-gothica and girls with tight pants, urban fantasy.

Personally, I’m not the most intense fan of urban fantasy, having once experienced a turbulent relationship with a young lady who tried to stake me in the throes of passion (pro tip: it’s not as hot as it sounds).  That experience has, however, rendered me as much an expert in that genre as I am in others, such as grizzly bear fiction and the erotic biography.

It has long been my opinion (and thus, fact) that urban fantasy follows a set pattern: a supernatural creature is generally the topic of most books for a year or so before becoming too popular, at »

- Sam Sykes

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Sleep of the Just | Sandman Meditations

23 March 2015 1:49 PM, PDT

Prolegomenon – You should not expect expertise. There are other sources of that, encyclopedias and annotations, websites and Wikipedia entries, oracles and seers. I’m here for an experiment: to see what happens when someone who has only basic experience with comics and graphic novels encounters one of the classics of the field.

Wake up, Sir. We’re here.

The first words. Encased in a bubble, they emanate from a mansion in a panel labeled, “June 6th, 1916, Wych Cross, England.” The foreground of the panel shows gargoyles on stone pillars between the sharp tops of iron fence posts. The mansion is the middle ground of the image, full of blues and browns; the background gives us silhouettes of barren trees and flying birds.

Those first words gain significance throughout “Sleep of the Just”, the first of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman stories. (There were other Sandmans — E.T.A. Hoffman’s, the Mr. Sandman »

- Matthew Cheney

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Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen | Epic (final) Fantasy Mic Drop

23 March 2015 12:46 PM, PDT

I remember reading a book, the first book I’d ever review online, called Meditations on Middle on Earth, which was collection of essays from the who’s who cast of  fantasy authors reflecting on The Lord of the Rings. When they read it, where they were, how it influenced them. Among them was Robin Hobb, who’d I also later interview, and she posed a question in her essay that was something to the effect of the thought of why even try (to write) something that has already been done at that level? I find myself, from the fan’s perspective, in a similar place. As a life long fan of epic fantasy, this guy, one Steven Erikson… he’s done it.

When I finished reading Steven Erikson’s The Crippled God I was hit with asoiafitis, that truly magical yearning of just having to go talk about what you just experienced. »

- Jay Tomio

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Nashville Heads on Spring Tour

23 March 2015 12:02 PM, PDT

Fans of country music based drama Nashville better mark their calendars! The series will have their cast and talent do a short 8 city with Charles Esten, Clare Bowen, Chris Carmack, Aubrey Peeples and Lennon & Maisy. The tour is a popular marketing move to support it as well as to give their talent a chance to shine. Yes, fans of Hayden Panettiere, but they will have plenty of other talent to watch. Here are the dates that you can buy tickets for this Friday.

Wednesday, April 29: New York (Beacon Theater)

Saturday, May 2: Boston (Wang Theater)

Sunday, May 3: Washington, D.C. (Dar Constitution Hall)

Tuesday, May 5: Chicago (Rosemont Auditorium)

Wednesday, May 6: Minneapolis (Northrup Auditorium, tickets via Northrop.umn.edu/events/music)

Friday, May 8: San Francisco (Warfield Theater, tickets via Axs.com)

Saturday, May 9: Los Angeles (Nokia Theater L.A. Live, tickets via Axs.com)

Sunday, »

- Sarah Peel

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The Legends of Zelda TV Show Dreams Crushed

23 March 2015 7:52 AM, PDT

Well, it appears that the The Legends of Zelda TV show is a no go. Unlike previous reports, it was never actually legit in terms of plans. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata opened up with Time magazine and shared that the recent reports of it coming to TV was pure rumor. This makes sense as the Nintendo never announced it and they typically make big deals out of future plans. Here is Satoru did have to say about the rumor of The Legends of Zelda and the future of Nintendo based TV shows.

As of now, I have nothing new to share with you in regard to the use of our IPs for any TV shows or films, but I can at least confirm that the article in question is not based on correct information.

We are sad, but not shocked. The rumor was far more of a surprise than this news. »

- Sarah Peel

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