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Teen Wolf season 5 episode 1 review: Creatures Of The Night

14 hours ago

Teen Wolf season 5 is in a chaotic hurry to get plenty of things happening at once, which is fine by our reviewer...

This review contains spoilers.

5.1 Creatures Of The Night

The promise was that the awakening of the Nemeton in season three would serve as a beacon to supernatural creatures, with Scott's own reputation as a True Alpha only adding to the appeal of Beacon Hills. We've seen a lot of monsters come out of the woodwork since then, and a lot of new creatures added to the Teen Wolf mythology in the process. It's been an interesting experience, both for Scott and for the viewers at home, because we've been thrown a lot of new creatures in a short time without a ton of introduction.

That trend continues in the fifth season opener. There's plenty of cast turnover behind the scenes; Coach isn't returning for the fifth season, thanks »

- louisamellor

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A Back To The Future remake "can't happen" says Robert Zemeckis

19 hours ago

Fearful of a Back To The Future remake? "That can't happen until Bob and I are dead," says director Robert Zemeckis...

In an industry increasingly searching for low-risk profits, remakes and reboots have become a naggingly constant presence in modern Hollywood.

You only have to glance through our 2013 list of in-development remakes and reboots to see just how prevalent they've become - and these are all aside from the 142 movie sequels that are currently in the works.

So far, the much-loved Back To The Future series has managed to avoid the fate of such films as RoboCop, Total Recall or Big Trouble In Little China, to name but a few remakes that have either been filmed or are currently in the planning stages.

For director Robert Zemeckis, who co-wrote Back To The Future and its sequels with Bob Gale, the series will remain unsullied - at least for as long »

- ryanlambie

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New Scooby-Doo and Looney Toons TV series on the way

22 hours ago

Scooby-Doo and the Looney Toons are making a comeback, with 450 half-hours of new content on the way to Boomerang…

A very welcome news story here – Scooby-Doo and the Looney Toons are both making comebacks, with their new series being made for Boomerang. This will mark the first time that brand new original content has been produced especially for the 15-year-old channel.

Scooby-Doo’s new show will get the trendy title Be Cool Scooby-Doo, while the new Looney Toons show will be called Wabbit – A Looney Toons Production.

This is the first new Scooby-Doo show since Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated ended in 2013. Season 2 of the revived Looney Tunes Show on Cartoon Network ended in 2014, with a third season ruled out recently by its producer Tony Cervone on Twitter.

Bunnicula, all about a vampire rabbit, based on a popular run of children’s books, is also being developed for Boomerang.

The Wall Street »

- rleane

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Terminator TV series still in development

23 hours ago

It looks like an assumed-dead Terminator TV series may have life in it yet - Skydance Productions are 'developing as we speak.'

Just the day after he was commenting on the obstacles in the way of a new Star Trek TV show, Skydance Productions big wig David Ellison has revealed that a mooted Terminator TV show (rumoured since 2013) may still be happening.

“It’s something that we’re developing as we speak,” he told the press recently. “The dream for us would be to be able to obviously make films, television shows, we have a video game with Glu, comic books, and they all should be standalone experiences.”

“If you just watch the movies or if you just watch a television show, it’s a complete experience. But if you are the kind of fans that we are over this material, and you watch all of it collectively, it »

- rleane

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Sandman and Vertigo Comics movies move to New Line

23 hours ago

Warner Bros has its hands full with the DC movie universe - so Sandman, and other Vertigo Comics properties, have been moved to New Line.

Alongside the DC cinematic universe that Warner Bros is putting together, the studio is also working on a bunch of comic book films based around Vertigo properties. Vertigo is an imprint of DC Comics, but it showcases the more adult-centric titles. The one big Vertigo project we know for certain that's in the works is the Sandman movie, that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Neil Gaiman, Jack Thorne and David S Goyer are working on.

Gordon-Levitt's involvement in Sandman was revealed back in 2013, although it's only been confirmed thus far that he's one of the film's producers. He is, however, expected to star in the movie, and may well direct it.

That said, Warner Bros is moving development of Vertigo properties such as Sandman to its New Line Cinema arm. »

- simonbrew

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Justice League Dark loses Guillermo del Toro

23 hours ago

Guillermo del Toro and Justice League Dark appear to have parted company...

Now this is a blow. For a good year or two now, director Guillermo del Toro has been linked with directing Justice League Dark for Warner Bros/DC Comics. He's talked about the project several times in interviews, and whilst del Toro's immediate focus is on releasing Crimson Peak later this year and shooting Pacific Rim 2 in time for summer 2017, Justice League Dark had remained on his docket.

Well, until now.

Set to unite characters such as Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and Constantine under one movie roof, Justice League Dark has now reportedly lost del Toro. The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that he is "no longer attached to the project", although that's neither been confirmed, nor has any reason come to light. Perhaps we won't hear more until an alternate director has been found for the movie. »

- simonbrew

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New Ghostbusters uniforms revealed

23 hours ago

PauL Feig has shared the look of the new Ghostbusters, as production on 2016's new movie continues...

Production continues on the, ahem, unanimously popular new Ghostbusters movie, with director Paul Feig introducing Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Katie McKinnon and Leslie Jones as the new lead quartet. Feig has been shooting the film in and around New York City for the past couple of weeks, where the bulk of the film's production takes place (appropriately enough, for a Ghostbusters movie).

Feig is also the latest in a line of directors who's revealing information about his movie via his Twitter account. This time, he's unveiled the costumes that the new Ghostbusters will be wearing in the movie. Note that they've reverted back to the original Ghostbusters logo on their arm...

#whatyougonnawear pic.twitter.com/o5oyHeIaSx

Paul Feig (@paulfeig) June 29, 2015

The shoot has a while to go yet, and Feig is hardly »

- simonbrew

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Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 title revealed

23 hours ago

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 is now officially Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2....

It seems to be the day for revealing titles to blockbuster movies, what with the confirmation that the new Star Trek movie is indeed called Star Trek Beyond. This time, it's Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 that has a new moniker, and it's been confirmed by writer and director, James Gunn.

Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel Studios, reportedly let slip during the press junket for Ant-Man that the title of the movie was set to be Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. And since then, Gunn has taken to his Twitter account to confirm that's the case.

That's a nice tip of the hat to the Awesome Mix Vol 1 collection of music that Star-Lord himself was playing throughout the first film. Production on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 begins early next year, ahead of the »

- simonbrew

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Star Trek Beyond confirmed as title of new Trek film

23 hours ago

Star Trek 13 is indeed Star Trek Beyond, director Justin Lin has confirmed...

It's official: as had been hinted over the past few months, the new Star Trek film has a title, and it is indeed Star Trek Beyond. As things stand, it's unclear whether said title will have a colon in it - it's the Star Trek Into Darkness debate all over again there - but maybe we'll save that chat for another day.

Director Justin Lin revealed the title on his Twitter account, and he also published the first picture from the set of the now-shooting movie. Not that said picture is actually telling you that much. However, if you like a good close up of a badge on a uniform/bag/something made of cloth, then this is a good day for you...

Let the next Starfleet voyage begin! #StarTrekBeyond #Llap pic.twitter.com/VZh9YvJgqA

Justin Lin »

- simonbrew

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Captain America: Civil War: "a whole new ball game"

23 hours ago

Kevin Feige confirms that Civil War will still be "a Captain America movie", and that it's "very much a sequel to the Winter Soldier"....

The promotional work for the upcoming Ant-Man continues, and Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige has once more been undertaking interviews.

Chatting to the mighty io9 (a terrific site, if you've never had the pleasure), Feige first of all played down the involvement of the Hulk in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, telling the site that he is "not a primary part of Civil War", and in fact that "he may not be a part at all".

He also responded to the suggestion that Captain America 3 has actually turned into more of an Avengers film, as more and more Marvel heroes are added to its ensemble (Black Panther and Tom Holland's Spider-Man will be debuting in the film, for instance).

"Certainly at the end of »

- simonbrew

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Thor: Ragnarok to film in 2016, Kenneth Branagh won't direct

23 hours ago

Thor 3, starring Chris Hemsworth, still doesn't have a director. It won't be Kenneth Branagh for a start...

Of Marvel's films up until the end of 2017, following the announcement that Jon Watts is to helm Spider-Man, the only one without a director on board thus far is Thor: Ragnarok.

The third Thor movie is currently set for release in November 2017 (the date's changed since the publicity logo was issued), and the script was being put together by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost when the project was initially talked about. However, the hunt is on for a new director. Alan Taylor, who helmed Thor: The Dark World, didn't appear to be toeing the Marvel party line too much in the press junket for the movie, and he went on to make Terminator: Genisys. He's not expected back for Thor 3.

There had been talk that Kenneth Branagh, who made the first Thor film, »

- simonbrew

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I Am Chris Farley trailer

23 hours ago

A new documentary is to look back at the life and career of the late Chris Farley. Here's a trailer for it...

The tragic early death of Chris Farley at the age of 33 brought a premature end to a career that was showing so, so much promise. To this day Farley's comedic talents are widely respected, even if, on the big screen at least, he never quite managed to find a movie to fully match them. He died back in 1997, following a drug overdose.

A new documentary film is arriving later this year by the name of I Am Chris Farley, which is set to chart his life. It includes contributions from the likes of Mike Myers, Christina Applegate, his frequent co-star David Spade, his brother Kevin Farley, and Adam Sandler.

I Am Chris Farley is set for release in the Us on July 31st, before heading to DVD and »

- simonbrew

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True Detective season 2 episode 2 review: Night Finds You

29 June 2015 1:38 PM, PDT

The case begins in earnest in True Detective's second season with this week's episode, Night Finds You...

Warning: this review contains spoilers

2.2 Night Finds You

Last week’s opening episode took almost its full running time to get to the discovery of the crime that has prompted this season’s investigation. With the finding of Caspere’s mutilated corpse, the business of crime-solving can begin in earnest and so too can the narrative core of the season. The investigation was central to this second episode and it proved a marked improvement on the first as a result. 

The sense of getting down to business was emphasised by the juxtaposition of the grim autopsy with the politicised discussions over jurisdiction. It’s been a decade since True Detective’s HBO stablemate The Wire soundly debunked the notion of rival investigative agencies competing to pick up crimes (no one wants to risk »

- michaeln

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The Terminator's perfect shot

29 June 2015 7:28 AM, PDT

With Terminator Genisys on the way, Ryan analyses what might just be the most powerful shot in James Cameron's The Terminator...

"...the final battle would not be fought in the future. It would be fought here, in our present. Tonight..."

You can tell a lot about how effective a movie scene is by watching it again with the sound turned off. Stripped of its dialogue, sound effects and music, can the sequence still communicate its message?

James Cameron's The Terminator, blessed though it is with a superb score by Brad Fiedel and numerous quotable lines, could work almost as well as a silent movie. So much of Cameron's feature debut (discounting Piranha II: The Spawning, from which he was fired after just two weeks) is told through body language and skilful shot composition.  

Watch The Terminator's opening again without sound, and you'll see just how effective and lean its visual storytelling is. »

- ryanlambie

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Sherlock Holmes: 10 offbeat takes on the Great Detective

29 June 2015 5:49 AM, PDT

From spoofs to point-and-click adventure games, here are 10 of the most memorable unusual incarnations of Sherlock Holmes...

We don’t know a great deal about the content of the 90-minute Sherlock special set to air later this year, but one thing has emerged from the set photos and tantalising titbits of information we’ve seen so far. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson will be in nineteenth-century garb, pitching them back into the setting of the legendary detective’s original adventures: 1895, to be precise. Why that happens is as yet unclear, but all will be revealed.

For those still craving their Holmes fix in the meantime, the new film Mr. Holmes offers us Ian McKellen’s take on the character, musing upon an old case as he looks back on his long career from the vantage point of retirement. Jonny Lee Miller’s ultra-modern, Us-based Sherlock will be entering his fourth »

- louisamellor

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Falling Skies season 5 episode 1 review: Find Your Warrior

29 June 2015 4:53 AM, PDT

Falling Skies commences its ten-episode final season with an entertaining uptick in violence...

This review contains spoilers.

5.1 Find Your Warrior

In season four of Falling Skies, Battlestar Galactica veteran David Eick took over as showrunner and producer, and the show shifted subtly from a Revolutionary War parallel to a more traditional war story. Now, with the final season locked in for ten episodes, Eick is promsing even more chaos and carnage, transitioning from the Revolution to Vietnam. He's even gone as far as to call the last season of Falling Skies 'Apocalypse Now on crystal meth'. The family drama is getting put by the wayside for some good, old-fashioned alien murder, or so we're promised.

That remains to be seen, but after watching the first episode of the season, I can say that there is a very high body count and for once, Falling Skies doesn't trade bloodshed for speeches—you get both, »

- louisamellor

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Ocarina Of Time hits Wii U eShop on Thursday

29 June 2015 2:46 AM, PDT

Much--loved classic The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is out on Wii U's eShop on Thursday, Nintendo has announced...

If you've any interest in the Zelda series at all, it's almost certain you'll have played Ocarina Of Time. Since its release for the N64 in 1998, it's grown into one of the most adored games in the franchise, and has appeared on just about every Nintendo console since in one form or another - including the suberb 3Ds remaster released in 2011.

Assuming you don't already have Ocarina Of Time in one of its other incarnations - as part of the Wind Waker release on the GameCube, for example - then Nintendo has some good news: it's coming to the Wii U eShop this Thursday. It's priced at £8.99, which might sound a bit steep for an unmodified port of the original, but then again, it's still cheaper than trying to »

- ryanlambie

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Zelda: Tri Force Heroes - 15 minutes of gameplay footage

29 June 2015 1:49 AM, PDT

A new video showing off The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes has emerged in the wake of E3. See it for yourself within...

That Nintendo didn't show off anything from its next major Zelda game at E3 was disappointing to say the least, but we have to say, the 3Ds spin-off Tri Force Heroes looks like a lot of fun.

Taking its cue from the GameCube favourite, Four Swords Adventures, Tri Force Heroes is a three-player action game with an emphasis on dungeon crawling. You can get a better idea of the game's potential in a new gameplay video taken by Polygon, which shows how vital teamwork is to beating Tri Force Heroes' puzzles and bosses. Each area's cleverly designed to give each of the three characters a chance to use their individual weapons, while other moments require all three players to combine their strength to push a »

- ryanlambie

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American Gods: Neil Gaiman confirmed to script episodes

29 June 2015 1:26 AM, PDT

Neil Gaiman will give the American Gods TV show the ultimate blessing, by penning episodes himself, Bryan Fuller has revealed…

A small but exciting update on the American Gods TV show here. The news that the show was definitely happening came earlier this month, and now an interesting nugget of information has come from a Collider interview with showrunner Bryan FullerNeil Gaiman will write some episodes himself. That was always the plan as we understood it, but confirmation is welcome indeed.

It’s unclear how many episodes the author of the novel that inspired the show will scribe, but Fuller confirmed the news while giving a quick update about the show’s progress to Collider…

“We are cranking away. We have the first two scripts written already, and it’s going to be very exciting. It’s wonderful to be working with Neil Gaiman. Neil Gaiman’s going to »

- rleane

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Arkham Knight: PC version "will take some time" to fix

29 June 2015 1:11 AM, PDT

Warner has released the first patch for Batman: Arkham Knight PC, but admits there's "significant" work to do before it's fixed...

Last week, Warner Bros Interactive took the unusually drastic step of pulling the bug-ridden PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight from Steam. Those game-breaking bugs are a major blot on a game otherwise greeted with favourable reviews on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (our own Aaron Birch gave it a deserved five stars).

In fact, a Steam Community update from Warner provides a flavour of just how much work there is to do before the PC version will finally be playable. Among the list of things that Rocksteady and its "team of developers and partners" have to sort out are:

Support for frame rates above 30Fps in the graphics settings menu

Fix for low resolution texture bug

Improve overall performance and framerate hitches

Add more options to the graphics settings »

- ryanlambie

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