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One-off Black Mirror Christmas special on its way

1 hour ago

A festive one-off episode of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror is coming to Channel 4 this Christmas...

Excellent news for anyone who prefers a dash of something tart in the cloyingly sweet cocktail of Christmas TV: there's going to be a festive episode of Black Mirror.

As an alternative to soap slaughter and the hairy bikers wrapping baubles in puff pastry, we'll be able to enjoy a one-off Black Mirror special. Entitled Yuletide, the December episode has been described by Channel 4 as "a dystopian future festive tale that intertwines three stories".

Writer Charlie Brooker said of Yuletide, "I always enjoy a good ghost story at Christmas, and I'm a sucker for the Amicus’ compendium horror movies of the 70s. Our aim is to create the Black Mirror equivalent of that."

A full series of three further episodes is rumoured to be the plan for Black Mirror 2015.

Read more about »

- louisamellor

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Bojack Horseman: dark, funny, and worth your time

2 hours ago

Pete checks out Netflix animation Bojack Horseman, and finds a bold, hilariously dark comedy featuring a cast at the top of its game...

Over the last few years, Netflix has steadily gone from being a supplier who helps us binge on our favourite TV shows to a legitimate producer in its own right. Not content with merely reviving one of television’s wittiest sitcoms in the form of Arrested Development, they’ve gone on to create award-winning dramas such as House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black.

Bojack Horseman is Netflix’s first foray into animated comedy, and it follows a delusional faded sitcom star (the titular Horseman, who happens to be an anthropomorphised talking horse for reasons that are, happily, left unexplained) whose only companions are his agent and on-again-off-again girlfriend Princess Carolyn (herself a pink cat), his long-term layabout house guest Todd, his ghost-writer Diane, and Mr Peanutbutter, »

- louisamellor

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Idris Elba, Russell T Davies and Neil Gaiman encourage investment in minority programming

3 hours ago

Idris Elba, Neil Gaiman, Russell T Davies and more are lobbying for change...

Idris Elba, known on the small screen for Luther and The Wire predominantly, has become the face of a campaign reaching out to the televisual powers that be in the UK. They're attempting to encourage more investment in minority programming.

Elba, along with Russell T Davies, Daniel Craig, Emma Thompson, Lenny Henry, Neil Gaiman and more, spoke out by co-signing an open letter to the BBC, ITV and other networks, which was published recently by The Guardian.

"We are dismayed at the poor numbers of black, Asian and minority ethnic people both on our screens and working behind the camera," the letter reads.

"In order to redress this imbalance, we believe that the training, mentoring and development schemes recently announced, although welcome, are not sufficiently radical to effect significant change," continued the letter.

"We propose, therefore, a »

- rleane

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Pierce Brosnan on turning down the chance to play Batman

3 hours ago

Tim Burton and Pierce Brosnan met to discuss the role of Batman - but Brosnan wasn't convinced. Here's why...

Pierce Brosnan has been on the promotional trail for his new film, The November Man, over the past few days. Part and parcel of that has been a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, where a surprising admission came up: that Brosnan was took a meeting with a view to playing Batman.

This was back when Tim Burton was bringing the Caped Crusader to the screen in the late 1980s, and we suspect that Brosnan would have nonetheless been edged out by Burton's preferred choice, Michael Keaton (the pair having just worked on Beetlejuice together). 

Yet it was Brosnan who admitted he wasn't interested in the role. "I went and met with Tim Burton for the role of Batman", he said. "But I just couldn't really take it seriously, any man who »

- simonbrew

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the state of Sandman

3 hours ago

Work continues on bringing Sandman to the big screen, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt has confirmed the script isn't in place yet...

Work continues on the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman into a live action feature film. We know that the people involved thus far are Gaiman himself, writer and producer David S Goyer, writer Jack Thorne and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gordon-Levitt is only currently on board as a producer, but we'd expect him to star in the film at least, and inevitably - off the back of his success with Don Jon - there's talk of him directing the film too.

He's given a quick update on its progress to MovieFone, where he says that "right now we're working on a script. It's me and Goyer and the screenwriter [that'd be Jack Thorne] and Neil Gaiman, as well as the good folks at DC and Warner Bros. It's a really cool team of people".

He »

- simonbrew

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Pierce Brosnan to return in The November Man 2

4 hours ago

The November Man, starring Pierce Brosnan, isn't out yet. But The November Man 2 is already happening...

Well here's some confidence for you. The first film only arrives in Us cinemas at the end of this month, but Relativity has already set the wheels in motion for a follow-up to The November Man. Based on the books by Bill Granger, Brosnan plays an ex-cia agent in an international world of espionage. Stop us if this sounds just a little familiar.

To be fair, Relativity are up front that The November Man mixes in elements of James Bond and Jason Bourne, and the fact that Roger Donaldson is directing (he gave us No Way Out and Thirteen Days in the past) is cause for a lot of optimism.

We seem to be past the mere announcing of a screenplay stage too, as Relativity is "entering pre-production" on The November Man 2 shortly. Here's »

- simonbrew

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Miss Meadows trailer: Katie Holmes, the vigilante

4 hours ago

Katie Holmes is a teacher with a secret in the upcoming Miss Meadows. Here's the trailer...

This looks like it might be fun. Miss Meadows finds Katie Holmes as a pillar of the community-style school teacher, who hides something of a dark secret: she just happens to be a vigilante.

Perhaps with a small dose of Serial Mom to it (although Miss Meadows isn't being played for comedy), the film is directed by Karen Leigh Hopkins, and is scheduled for Us release in November.

The film picked up solid reviews at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier in the year, and we've now got a first trailer for the movie. Take a mooch and see what you reckon....

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Movies Trailer Simon Brew Miss Meadows 21 Aug 2014 - 07:11 Katie HolmesRachel Leigh Hopkins »

- simonbrew

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Robert Rodriguez discusses TV, Latino market, Tarantino

4 hours ago

Sin City director Robert Rodriquez has been discussing his other projects...

With the long-awaited sequel to Sin City about to hit cinemas (our review is here), Robert Rodriguez has been discussing his other projects. Namely, the formation of El Rey (‘the king’ in English) – his eight-month-old television network aimed at Latino males.

When offered the opportunity to start his own network, Rodriguez opted to take matters into his own hands on a regular query he’s been asked throughout his career.

"People have always asked me, ‘How do we get to Latinos' wallets?"” the director lamented. "Well, you've got to get them here (touches his heart). You have to give them characters to fall in love with. It was never just about ‘putting Latinos in more shows.’"

As well as his own series From Dusk Til Dawn (based on his own film), Rodriguez hinted at other possibilities. When asked if »

- rleane

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What Doctor Who series 8 can learn from Earthshock

16 hours ago

On the eve of Doctor Who's new series, Andrew considers what lessons it could learn from classic Fifth Doctor story Earthshock...

1982's Earthshock casts a long shadow over Eighties’ Doctor Who.

After Tom Baker’s tenure – at best delightfully silly and dramatic, at worst glibly removing any hint of drama in a quest for a laugh – the show hadn’t exactly decided on what it was going to be.

Original Eighties’ script editor Christopher H. Bidmead firmly ushered in an attempt at a harder Science Fiction edge – with Tom Baker injecting some comedic moments – but this lasted one series, with Bidmead only returning to write Peter Davison’s first broadcast story after another script fell through.

At the start of the Davison era temporary script editor Anthony Root kept things ticking over with a variety of styles, some reflecting Bidmead’s taste in their commissioning, but the Davison era »

- louisamellor

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Studio Ghibli's The Tale Of Princess Kaguya: English trailer

19 hours ago

The first English trailer for Studio Ghibli's latest feature, The Tale Of Princess Kaguya has arrived. Feast your eyes within...

The future of Japan's premier animation house Studio Ghibli seems to be uncertain of late, at least if recent rumours are anything to go by. But there are still a couple of films for us to look out for in the west: last month saw the Japanese release of When Marnie Was There - Hiromasa Yonebayashi's supernatural drama - a feature which probably won't reach us until next year.

Before that, there's The Tale Of Princess Kaguya. Directed by Isao Takahata (Grave Of The Fireflies, Pom Poko), it's an adaptation of an ancient Japanese folk tale, rendered in a shimmering style akin to a living watercolour. Originally intended to be released as a double-bill with Hayao Miyazaki's swansong, The Wind Rises - just as Grave Of The Fireflies »

- ryanlambie

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The Art Of John Alvin review

20 hours ago

One of the greatest poster illustrators ever gets a volume devoted to his work. Here's Ryan's review of the lavish Art Of John Alvin...

In 2008, John Alvin died at the tragically young age of 59, robbing the world of one of its finest poster designers. Although his signatures were often erased from his artwork, Alvin's individual style rang out from every image he produced: his work for movies such as E.T., Blade Runner, Cocoon and Short Circuit displayed a keen eye for colour, space and proportion.

Although technically gifted, it was Alvin's talent for crystalising a film's subject tone in a single, clear image that really set him apart from other illustrators. His best posters often focused on one or two objects suspended against an expanse of sky or stars, such as the alien and child's fingers touching in his poster for E.T., or the silhouette of a boy in Empire Of The Sun. »

- ryanlambie

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Doctor Who Extra behind-the-scenes show on its way

23 hours ago

A new 10-minute BBC iPlayer and Red Button show will go behind the scenes on each episode of Doctor Who series 8...

Salve to the wound fans suffered when the excellent Doctor Who Confidential was taken off our screens in 2011 is the announcement that a new weekly show promises to go behind the scenes on Doctor Who series eight, following "Peter Capaldi every step of the way throughout the creation of his first season as the Doctor".

Doctor Who Extra will comprise twelve ten-minute episodes, one for each episode of the new series, "getting the inside take on series eight from the people who made it". It will be available to view on BBC iPlayer and via the Red Button after the broadcast of each new adventure.

The official press bumf promises the new show will feature "unparalleled access to stars including Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Samuel Anderson (series regular »

- louisamellor

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Sarah Wayne Callies interview: Into The Storm, The Walking Dead

20 August 2014 2:36 AM, PDT

We talk to Sarah Wayne Callies about dealing with bad weather in the disaster film Into The Storm, and her role in The Walking Dead...

Nb: The following contains a Walking Dead spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen season three yet. It's in the last question.

From time to time interviews can have a touch of serendipity about them and no, I’m not referring to the John Cusack rom-com. Just the other week I’d written a piece defending Sarah Wayne Callies' character from The Walking Dead, Lori Grimes, and no sooner had it been published than the opportunity arose to speak to her about Into The Storm.

Into The Storm is a gloriously fun disaster movie that sees her caught in the middle of some supremely unhappy tornados. Playing the sensible and scientific role that means, of course, that no one listens to her, a decision that »

- ryanlambie

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Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain gets a second season

19 August 2014 11:28 PM, PDT

Second season confirmed for TV vampire novel adaptation The Strain.

Fans of The Strain (which had its pilot directed by Guillermo del Toro), rejoice. The vampire show, currently half way through its first season, has recently had a second run confirmed.

Marking a sizeable success for FX, who pushed out The Strain as their first ever Sunday night original programming, the powers that be have seen enough promise in the ratings numbers to allow the show to develop further.

“We’ve never had any doubts about The Strain,” claimed John Landgraf, FX’s CEO.

An excited del Toro, who also co-wrote The Strain novels with Chuck Hogan, enthused that “I am thrilled! Another season to spread the virus! Working with Carlton, Chuck and FX has been immensely rewarding and we have such sights to unveil in the upcoming episodes — the blood hits the fan on this one, mankind becomes an endangered species. »

- rleane

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 35 minute gameplay trailer

19 August 2014 11:18 PM, PDT

Here's the impressive gameplay footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt shown behind closed doors at this year's Gamescom...

If you're an RPG fan, then odds are you'll be heavily anticipating the arrival of CD Projekt Red's upcoming Witcher 3, and after seeing this 35 minute trailer, you'll probably be even more stoked for the game's release.

In this gameplay walkthrough with developer commentary, we see just how vast and open the world of the game will be, and how finely detailed everything in the adventure is. Not only is the game a visual powerhouse, but the seamless world exploration and lack of invisible walls if a major step forward for the series. Previously, the games were large, but still set in smaller, sectioned-off regions. The Witcher 3, on the other hand, would appear far more like Skyrim in terms of scope and scale, perhaps even larger, we'll have to see.

The Witcher »

- aaronbirch

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Star War Rebels gets a launch date

19 August 2014 11:12 PM, PDT

Hour-long intro Star Wars Rebels: Spark Of Rebellion is coming this autumn.

As Disney’s continuation of the cinematic Star Wars universe continues to develop, and we inch slowly towards Episode VII’s December 2015 release date, we will shortly have a tie-in to watch while we wait.

Star Wars Rebels, the animated televisual tale of the Rebel Alliance’s early days, has now been confirmed to reach screens worldwide on 3 October. If you have access to Watch Disney’s website or app, you can watch the opening episode as early as 29 September.

Launching the series will be Star Wars Rebels: Spark Of Rebellion, an hour-long special which will serve to introduce the characters and themes of the show, which takes place five years before the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Created by The Clone Wars’ Dave Filoni with help from X-Men: Days Of Future Past’s Simon Kinberg, »

- rleane

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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. casts Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse, aka Mockingbird

19 August 2014 10:54 PM, PDT

Friday Night Lights and Legion actress Adrianne Palicki joins Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The cast of Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to grow as the McU-set show moves closer to its second season.

Joining other new additions Kyle MacLachlan, Lucy Lawless, Reed Diamond and Nick Blood, Adrianne Palicki has now been confirmed for the role of Bobbi Morse, otherwise known as Mockingbird.

A familiar name to comic book fans, who had previously been hinted in a video at San Diego Comic-Con, Bobbi Morse is a spy with exceptional fighting skills, who has teamed up with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers many times in comics history. She’s been romantically involved with Hawkeye in print, too.

Adrianne Palicki will make her Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. debut in season two episode five, possibly on the opposing team to Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson (to start with).

You may well »

- rleane

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Johnny Depp lined up for Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers

19 August 2014 10:42 PM, PDT

Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers will star Johnny Depp. And the movie will also feature their daughters.

Kevin Smith's next movie, Tusk, is set to arrive in Us cinemas next month. But he's already deep into his next film project, which goes by the name of Yoga Hosers.

Described as the second film in Smith's True North Trilogy of Canada-set films, Yoga Hosers tells the story of a pair of 15-year old girls who team up with a legendary manhunter, to battle an ancient evil. In Smith's words, "people always ask me 'Are you ever going to make a comic book movie?' This is it - but instead of yet another dude saving the day, our antiheroes are the most feared and formidable creatures man has ever encountered: two 15-year old girls".

Johnny Depp is to take on the role of the aforementioned manhunter. The two 15-year old girls, »

- simonbrew

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Latest Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide to be the last

19 August 2014 10:38 PM, PDT

After over 40 years, Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide is to come to an end...

Most movie enthusiasts have had a good, meaty book of film reviews for Christmas at least once in their lives, and it's a fair bet that many of us have enjoyed a copy of Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide. Since its first publication back in 1969, the guide soon became an annual fixture. But no longer.

It's been confirmed that the 2015 edition of the Leonard Maltin Movie Guide, which is set to be published next month, will be the last. You can probably guess the reason why.

One of the contributors to the book, Joe Leydon, wrote that "with ready access to information on the internet, our readership has diminished at an alarming rate". He went on to add that "when a growing number of people believe that everything should be free, it's impossible to support a »

- simonbrew

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First trailer for Jason Reitman's Men, Women And Children

19 August 2014 10:32 PM, PDT

Adam Sandler goes serious and bearded in Jason Reitman's new film, Men, Women And Children...

Jason Reitman's latest movie, Labor Day, may not have quite hit the mark in the way some of the director's more recent fare has (it did feature some fine pie, though), but his next film perhaps holds more promise. Men, Women And Children is an adaptation of Chad Kultgen's book, and Reitman has assembled quite a cast for his movie take on it.

As such, Ansel Elgort, Jennifer Garner, Judy Greer, Dean Norris, Emma Thompson, Adam Sandler and J K Simmons line up for this one, and we've got both a synopsis and first trailer for the film. So let's do them in order, synopsis first...

Men, Women & Children follows the story of a group of high school teenagers and their parents as they attempt to navigate the many ways the internet has changed their relationships, »

- simonbrew

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