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Ftw vs. Wtf: The TV Week in Review (August 19)

19 August 2012 10:00 AM, PDT

Another week come and gone, another seven days' worth of television in our review mirrors. Here's what was awesome and not-awesome about it!

Olympian Gabby Douglas as a co-host of America's Got Talent

The gold medal gymnast who gained more attention for her ponytail than her awesome displays of athleticism joined host Nick Cannon on the stage for Wednesday's elimination...  More >> »

- TV.com Staff

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Lost Girl "Fae-nted Love" Review: Amnesia Wedding

18 August 2012 9:50 AM, PDT

Lost Girl S02E18: "Fae-nted Love"

I really hate when I throw a party and everyone comes late. I'm just sitting there, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the party to start. That's what Lost Girl is starting to feel like. The main characters are all ready for the Garuda to show up and start his whole death of the Fae thing. By this time, I think it's safe to say that fool is Late. "Barometz. Trick. Pressure.," the episode where More >> »

- Julia Bergen

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News Briefs: TNT Renews Perception for Season 2

17 August 2012 7:35 PM, PDT

Business Time

... Here's a recipe for TV success: Make a procedural with a lead character who's full of quirks. TNT has renewed Perception for a second season. The series stars Eric McCormack as an FBI contractor who solves crimes while dealing with paranoid schizophrenia and eccentric behavior. The show has been a hit in its first season, with an audience of seven million once DVRs are factored in. Note to self: Get working on that script idea about a narcoleptic ambulance driver. I'll call it Asleep...  More >> »

- Tim Surette

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Burn Notice "Official Business" Review: Model Behavior

17 August 2012 1:20 PM, PDT

Burn Notice S06E9: "Official Business"

This past Thursday, Michael Westen and company decided to take some time off from lying to criminals, shooting things and blowing stuff up in disguise, and instead snagged a cheap hopper flight out to Panama City. Steve Aoki was performing a set and it just so happened that Maddie uncovered tickets to the show purchased by Nate before his untimely passing: The late Westen had intended to treat his older brother, Fiona, and Sam to a fun night out...  More >> »

- Ryan Sandoval

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Watch the New Homeland Trailer Because It's Awesome (Video)

17 August 2012 11:32 AM, PDT

One of the knocks against Showtime's Homeland, the best new show of last year, has been the question of sustainability. The series' premise.a decorated Pow may or may not have been turned into a terrorist against his country.sounds like a fantastic logline for a miniseries, but for multiple seasons? How is that going to work?

Well the trailer below has shut this critic up with a moody minute-and-a-half of snippets from Season 2, all to the sounds of kids chanting The Police's "Every Breath You Take," which has no business working in this context except that it...  More >> »

- Tim Surette

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Celebrity High-Five: Krysten Ritter on Her 5 Favorite TV Shows

17 August 2012 10:45 AM, PDT

Krysten Ritter as Chloe on Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23

These days, when she's not playing mean girl on ABC's Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23, the multi-talented Krysten Ritter can be heard delivering acoustic-folk lullabies for whimsical romantics and the unfavorably doomed. Slightly dark and utterly delicate, your new favorite singer-songwriter has arrived.

Recording under the name ex vivian (yep, in all lower-case), Ritter's new musical project is backed up...  More >> »

- Anngie Dehoyos

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Suits "Asterisk" Review: The (Ongoing) Importance of Being Louis

17 August 2012 9:26 AM, PDT

Suits S02E09: .Asterisk.

Getting Donna back ended up being the easiest of Harvey.s missions in Suits. almost-finale, but it.s a forgivable transgression considering all the turmoil Team Donna has been forced to wallow in over the past few weeks. Donna protested the implication of Louis.s unfortunate line of questioning and claimed that she only loves Harvey as a .brother or cousin.. Harvey handed her a bonus check and let her .fire. the floating temp, Cameron, and his color-coded...  More >> »

- MaryAnn Sleasman

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Open Caption: The Falling Skies Finale

17 August 2012 9:04 AM, PDT

Happy Friday, loyal captioners! And a very non-happy Friday to those of you who aren't loyal. I'm kidding. I think. Anyway, today's winner won by a landslide. Kudos, even though it's, you know, kind of gross. Who's ready for another round!? Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From MicahSmith3:

Wilfred: "Can I have the placenta when you are done?"

More >> »

- C. Killian

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Misfits: Sally and Simon, Sitting in a Tree

17 August 2012 12:45 AM, PDT

Misfits S01E05: .Five.

With confirmation that the superpowered Breakfast Club had something to do with her fiance.s disappearance, probation officer Sally pulled out all the stops on the train to Creepster-ville to get Simon to roll over on the others. It didn.t work out quite as planned, but really, do these sorts of things ever go as planned on Misfits?

She started out well enough; sensing Simon.s social anxieties and insecurities, she offered him the attention and care that he...  More >> »

- MaryAnn Sleasman

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What to Watch This Weekend: Boss's Season 2 Premiere and the Falling Skies and Political Animals Finales

17 August 2012 12:00 AM, PDT

It's the freakin' weekend, baby(ies)! Are you most excited to (a) party, (b) sleep in, (c) spend time outside, or (d) stalk your neighbors.I mean, not stalk your neighbors... ? That got awkward. Let me quickly divert your attention by showing you this weekend's TV lineup!

What to watch on Friday, August 17...

Special, 8pm, ABC

Teachers Rock

Hey, teachers are great....  More >> »

- C. Killian

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Quick Question: What TV Shows Are You Guilty of Hate-watching?

16 August 2012 10:20 AM, PDT

Have you ever followed someone on Twitter or befriended them on Facebook just for the horribly guilty glee of Hating Them With 100 Percent Of Your Soul?! Maybe their politics don't agree with yours, maybe they are just stupid and attention-seeking, maybe it's an ex.yet regardless of the reason, their internet presence is like a car crash you can't look away from.

What? No? Oh, well, I haven't either.

Now, I love and respect TV, and I worship at the altar of the small screen on a nightly basis. But I've recently come to realize that some of the shows I watch, I watch because they make me cringe and shout and roll my eyes. Sometimes, I hate-watch television.

It's a terrible thing to do, because when people...  More >> »

- Emily V. Gordon

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Open Caption: Wilfred's Family Emergency

16 August 2012 8:28 AM, PDT

Sorry for the lapse in Open Caption coverage yesterday, folks! I got held up by a bunch of guys in clown masks at the bank and couldn't make it to my computer on time. That's not actually true, but you'll just have to trust me that if I could have gotten to it, I would have. Here are the winners from Tuesday's contest:

From Ozlex11:

Jane: "The trick is to never blink and the statues won't try to kill you. Some Doctor told me."

More >> »

- C. Killian

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Wonderfalls: And Like That, It's Over

15 August 2012 4:30 PM, PDT

We've been (re-)watching Wonderfalls as part of the TV.com Summer of (Re-)Discovery Club. You'll find links to past installments at the bottom of this story.

Wonderfalls S01E13: "Caged Bird"

As is the case with all shows that have their lives cut prematurely, it's the final episode that often defines its legacy for eternity. And when that time comes the most important thing the audience needs is a proper sense of closure. And I'm not talking the kind of closure...  More >> »

- Tim Surette

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Covert Affairs: Annie Walker's Broken Hearts Club Band

15 August 2012 9:07 AM, PDT

Covert Affairs S03E05: .This Is Not America.

Love is so not in the air at the CIA at the moment. Or Mossad, for that matter. Annie, previously dismissed from her position in Lena Smith.s office for compromising her cover with Simon, was desperate to get back into Lena.s club, but Lena was having none of it. Auggie, fresh out of a night in jail after his break-up-fueled bar fight, was sent to therapy where he half-heartedly flirted with his therapist. Joan and Arthur butted...  More >> »

- MaryAnn Sleasman

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Pretty Little Liars: The Cabin in the Woods

15 August 2012 12:37 AM, PDT

Pretty Little Liars S03E10: "What Lies Beneath"

Is there some sort of rule in the Pretty Little Liars universe that when the mystery heats up the emotional stuff has to be especially dull? Maybe it.s because there was real action and detective work in this episode, but I majorly wanted to fast-forward through everything not involving Noel Kahn.s cabin. Yes, even Ella.s budding relationship with hunky...  More >> »

- Louis Peitzman

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What to Watch Tonight: Royal Pains, Futurama, and Toy Hunter

15 August 2012 12:00 AM, PDT

What to watch on Wednesday, August 15...

Listen close, here's how tonight's gonna go: You're going to sit on your couch, watch your favorite television shows, and you ain't gonna say nothin' to the cops about what I've been up to. Got it? Good. Now that everyone's been adequately threatened, here is your television line-up for the night!

Series Premiere, 8pm, The CW

More >> »

- C. Killian

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News Briefs: A The Walking Dead Movie Could Happen

14 August 2012 8:02 PM, PDT

Business Time

... This is a long, long way away from happening or even being sketched on a cocktail napkin, but it's worth noting. There are rumors that the idea of a The Walking Dead feature film, based on the show and not the comics, is being bandied about by those with the power to make it happen. The idea would be to.maybe.wrap things up for the series in movie theaters once the television run ends. This obviously makes sense for a million reasons (999,999 of them being zombies!), but the show's gotta end first. And the way the series is performing,...  More >> »

- Tim Surette

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Alphas: Pushed to the Edge

14 August 2012 1:35 PM, PDT

Alphas S02E04: "When Push Comes to Shove"

("I've Seen All Good People" by Yes, the episode's last song, in case you need a reading soundtrack.)

I know that in a few of my past Alphas articles I've talked about a model formula for the show, which goes something like this: good Alphas track down a bad Alpha...  More >> »

- Tim Surette

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Ron Palillo, Welcome Back Kotter's Horshack, Dies at 63

14 August 2012 10:45 AM, PDT

Ron Palillo, who played Arnold Horshack on the 1970s sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter, passed away this morning from an apparent heart attack at his home in Palm Beach, Florida. He was 63 years old.

Palillo played goofball Horshack on the ABC series from 1975 to 1979 alongside Gabe Kaplan and a young John Travolta. Horshack's trademark was raising his hand excitedly in class and saying, "Ooh ooh ooooh!" when he thought he knew the answer to one of Mr. Kotter's...  More >> »

- Tim Surette

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Open Caption: Rizzoli & Isles

14 August 2012 9:56 AM, PDT

Somebody hand me a microphone.it's time to ask if you're ready to rumble and it just doesn't carry the same weight without one! You all brought your A-game yesterday so I'm hoping we can keep that dream alive for today's round of submissions. Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From wind_shadow:

"Before his morning coffee and 4-hour make-up routine, Mitt Romney does Not like having his picture taken..."

More >> »

- C. Killian

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