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Script News: Amelia, Pixar, Priority, Eyes

1 December 2012 10:37 AM, PST

Amelia Rules

Vivek Tiwary is set to produce film and TV adaptations of Jimmy Gownley’s graphic novel series "Amelia Rules!." The books follow a young girl as she navigates through a new town, a new school and the everyday trials of adolescence.

Tiwary plans to secure the involvement of musicians in acting roles as well as musical composition and will begin shopping the project to studios and networks in the coming months. [Source: Deadline]

Untitled Pixar Project

'Safety Not Guaranteed' scribe Derek Connolly is reportedly set to pen a new feature for Pixar and 'Day and Night' director Teddy Newton. [Source: Variety]

Priority Run

Arclight Film has picked up Terrance Mulloy's action spec "Priority Run" which Claudio Faeh is attached to direct. Fredrik Malmberg and Gary Hamilton will produce.

The story centers on a small group of correctional officers and inmates who must band together to fend off a »

- Garth Franklin

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"End of Watch" Re-Released, IFC Sets Dates

1 December 2012 10:31 AM, PST

Surprising many with both very strong reviews and solid box-office, David Ayer's R-rated cop drama "End of Watch" is headed back to the big screen on December 7th.

Open Road Films is planning to take advantage of the fairly dead post-Thanksgiving time to give its Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña-led film another shot at awards consideration. On its original release earlier this Fall, the $7 million-budget film took in $40 million at the box-office.

It's a smart move, the only film opening wide next week is the Gerard Butler soccer comedy "Playing For Keeps" which is generating no real interest.

Meanwhile, IFC is locking down its early 2013 release schedule and has slotted in three movies. Abbas Kiarostami's "Like Someone In Love", which deals with the romance between a professor and an escort, is targeting a February 15th release.

A month later comes Adam Leon's grafitti artist drama and »

- Garth Franklin

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BBC1 Plans "Jonathan Strange" TV Series

1 December 2012 10:11 AM, PST

BBC One has commissioned three new series for 2013, one of which is an ambitious six-part series based on Susanna Clarke acclaimed best-selling 2004 period fantasy drama "Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrell".

Set in an alternate England during the Napoleonic Wars, the story follows a magician and his apprentice who use their powers to help the government but who are ultimately pitted against one another.

Peter Harness ("Wallander") is adapting the script which Cuba Pictures, Feel Film and Farmoor will produce. Toby Haynes ("Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall") will direct.

New Line previously attempted to develop the property as a movie back in 2005. BBC1 has also commissioned David Nicholls' commuters romance drama "7.39," and Toby Whithouse's 1970s Cold War spy thriller "The Game".

Source: Deadline »

- Garth Franklin

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Casting: Ronan, Riggs, Montgomery, Hamm

1 December 2012 10:09 AM, PST


Saoirse Ronan ("Atonement"), Alicia Vikander ("Anna Karenina") and Gabriella Wilde ("The Three Musketeers") are all set to test for the title role in Mark Romanek's live-action take on "Cinderella" at Disney.

Cate Blanchett is already in negotiations to play the evil stepmother. Chris Weitz penned the script. [Source: Variety]


Chandler Riggs ("The Walking Dead") and Joel Courtney ("Super 8") are set to join Peter Cornwell's horror thriller "Mercy" at Blumhouse, Wonderland Sound and Vision, and Universal Pictures. The story is an adaptation of Stephen King's 1984 short story "Gramma."

The young actors will play brothers who go with their mother (Frances O’Connor) to take care of their grandma. Unbeknownst to them, the grandmother is a witch, who made an evil deal using black magic years earlier. [Source: Heat Vision]

10 Things I Hate About Life

Janet Montgomery ("Jersey Girl," "Spies of Warsaw") has signed on to star opposite Evan Rachel Wood »

- Garth Franklin

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Mythology Grabs "Nazi And The Psychiatrist"

30 November 2012 9:27 PM, PST

Mythology Entertainment have scored the film rights to Jack El-Hai's non-fiction book "The Nazi And The Psychiatrist" with plans to turn it into a feature.

The story explores the complex and close relationship between American psychiatrist Dr. Douglas M. Kelley and Nazi war criminal and Hitler’s right-hand man Hermann Goering.

The book was the first to get access to Kelley’s personal and professional papers from the Nuremberg Trial years. James Vanderbilt and Laeta Kalogridis will produce.

Source: Deadline »

- Garth Franklin

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MacFarlane Discusses "Family Guy" Film

30 November 2012 9:17 PM, PST

Speaking at UCLA this week, "Family Guy" creator and future Oscar host Seth MacFarlane says he's got a storyline in mind for an eventual "Family Guy" movie.

In fact it's only a question of 'when' it would seem, and the goal is to give us something we simply can't get from the small screen version:

"It's hard to do that while you have the series going on at the same time. I think that's why it took The Simpsons 20 seasons to figure out how to do it. We do know what the Family Guy movie will be.

The Simpsons Movie, I thought, was hilarious, but the one criticism I would have is that it's a story they probably could've done on TV. There could've been an episode that had that plot line.

That's the challenge with animation. You pretty much can do any story you want, so what is the reason for the movie? »

- Garth Franklin

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Julius Onah To Seek The "God Particle"

30 November 2012 9:09 PM, PST

Short film director Julius Onah ("Big Man," "Little Girl Blue") has been set to direct the low-budget sci-fi thriller "God Particle" at Paramount InSurge and Bad Robot.

The story follows an American space station crew left abandoned after a problem with a Hadron accelerator causes Earth to vanish entirely.

Oren Uziel penned the script and J.J. Abrams will produce the project which will be budgeted at a tight $5-10 million.

Source: Variety »

- Garth Franklin

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Fresnadillo Leaves "Highlander" Remake

30 November 2012 9:05 PM, PST

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo ("28 Weeks Later") has dropped out of directing the reboot of the "Highlander" franchise at Summit Entertainment.

The exit is reportedly amicable and over creative differences after Fresnadillo helped develop the project with Summit for over a year. Art Marcum and Matt Holloway penned the script, with the latest draft by Noah Oppenheim.

Ryan Reynolds remains attached to play the title character in the film, though it seems unlikely they'll stick with the original film's ancient Scottish setting.

Neal H. Mortiz, Peter Davis, Enrique López Lavigne and Belen Atienza will produce.

Source: Deadline »

- Garth Franklin

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Russo Brothers Discover A "Life Briefly"

30 November 2012 9:02 PM, PST

Even though "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is due to begin production early next year, the film's helmers Joe and Anthony Russo are concurrently developing another, very different project.

"Life Briefly" is described as an inspirational, true-life drama about Brian Knapp, a young Iowan boy who proved to be a musical genius despite being blind.

Knapp wrote several original songs and played alongside country legends such as Jonny Cash at the age of nine before he unexpectedly succumbed to illness in 1987.

Brandon Willer will pen the script which will center on Knapp’s relationship with his father. Charlize Theron is already attached to star.

Source: Variety »

- Garth Franklin

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TV News: Harm, Paper, Bates, Killing, Girls

30 November 2012 9:00 PM, PST

Do No Harm

NBC has set its midseason medical thriller drama "Do No Harm" to premiere on January 31st at 10pm. It will commence immediately after the hourlong series for "30 Rock". [Source: The Live Feed]


HBO is developing the hourlong drama "Paper" which Brad Pitt will executive produce. Wells Tower will pen the project based on an essay in the New Yorker by Jake Halpern.

The story centers on a notorious ex-gangster and single father in Buffalo, New York who is trying to reform himself by also serving as a professional debt collector.

He finds, however, that life in the debt collection business can be just as lethal as the biz he's struggling to leave behind. [Source: full details]

Bates Motel

A&E have unleashed two teaser trailers for their much anticipated "Bates Motel", acontemporary-set, "Psycho" prequel series which premieres in the Spring.

The Killing

As revealed three weeks ago, Fox TV Studios was trying to »

- Garth Franklin

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Details Emerge On CW's "Amazon" Series

30 November 2012 6:11 AM, PST

As previously reported, Warner Brothers TV is developing a series adaptation of DC's Wonder Woman character entitled "Amazon" at The CW.

Now, a casting director has been set and a wide ranging search has begun to find a young woman who fits the mould of the title character. In this "Smallville"-esque incarnation, we'll see how she became the super powered female warrior we know her to be.

To help with the search, a character breakdown has appeared online and reveals not just character elements (including a name change), but some big plot points as well. Take a look below:

She comes from a remote, secluded country and until now has spent most of her life as a soldier and a leader on the battlefield. Because of relentless brutality of her life at home, Iris looks at our world with absolute awe and astonishment. She’s delighted and just as »

- Garth Franklin

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McKellen Talks Returning To "X-Men"

30 November 2012 6:09 AM, PST

As we already know, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will return as Magneto and Professor X in the upcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Now, out doing press for "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," McKellen talked about reprising the role:

"What a gas! I mean, Patrick Stewart and I have just been playing "Waiting for Godot" throughout England and in the West End of London. So, we've stayed in touch. We can't believe it [laughs]. I thought these were Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy's parts, but -- no, no -- we're back. We'll give them a run for their money."

He adds that he hasn't read the script and doesn't know yet how much he has to do in this outing. However, "to be back in that world, and for Bryan Singer to be doing it -- with all the success he's had in the meantime -- it's wonderful. Wonderful. »

- Garth Franklin

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Casting: Forlani, Mirchoff, Brandt, Dickey

30 November 2012 5:13 AM, PST

Panda Eyes

Claire Forlani has joined the cast of Isabel Coixet’s paranormal thriller "Panda Eyes" which is currently shooting in Wales for Fox International Film.

Sophie Turner ("Game of Thrones") plays a young girl haunted by her past. Forlani will play her mother. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Rhys Ifans and Gregg Sulkin also star. [Source: Deadline]

Poker Night

Beau Mirchoff ("Desperate Housewives," "Heartland") will join the indie thriller "Poker Night" at Wingman Productions. Ron Perlman, Delroy Lindo and Ron Eldard also star and shooting is currently underway in British Columbia.

Mirchoff plays a newly-promoted detective who learns from a Greek chorus of wiser, older detectives gathered for their ritual night of poker when a killer pulls the young cop and his mentors into a web of mutual deceit. [Source: Variety]

Winston Jones

Lesley-Ann Brandt ("Spartacus") will play the daughter of Danny Glover's character in the Joel David Moore-directed dark indie comedy "Killing Winston Jones" at RadioactiveGiant. »

- Garth Franklin

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Feuerstein Goes "Gaye" For Steward Comedy

30 November 2012 4:50 AM, PST

Mark Feuerstein, Stanley Tucci, Marcia Gay Harden, Molly Shannon, Taye Diggs and Henry Winkler are all set to star in the low-budget comedy "Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant" at Night & Day Pictures and Kish Productions.

The story follows Larry, a womanizing, self-anointed 'renegade' male flight attendant who must save the day when the airline he works for tries to eliminate flight attendants as a cost-cutting measure.

Sam Friedlander ("Royal Pains") is directing from a script by Mike Sikowitz ("Friends"). Michael Roiff and Ted Kroeber are producing. Feuerstein himself spearheaded the project through development.

Source: Variety »

- Garth Franklin

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Hornby, Witherspoon To Go "Wild"

30 November 2012 4:42 AM, PST

Author Nick Hornby has signed on to pen the script adaptation of Cheryl Strayed's inspiring memoir "Wild" at Pacific Standard and River Road Entertainment.

The story follows a woman who tries to rebuild her shattered life by taking on an 1100-mile solo hike along the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert through California and Oregon to Washington State.

Despite no experience in long-distance hiking, she succeeded and in the process pulled herself back together. Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea will produce, and Witherspoon is expected to star.

Source: Deadline »

- Garth Franklin

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King's "Under The Dome" Enshrouds CBS

30 November 2012 4:35 AM, PST

CBS has ordered a straight-to-series adaptation of Stephen King's 2009 best-seller "Under the Dome" which will premiere Summer 2013.

The story revolves around the drama that unfolds after an invisible force field suddenly descends on a small vacation town in Maine. As the locals fight for their survival, the town descends into warring factions led by enigmatic characters.

CBS Television Studios and Amblin Television are developing the TV adaptation which King, Neal Baer, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Stacey Snider and Brian K. Vaughan will executive produce. Swedish "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" helmer Niels Arden Oplev will direct the first episode.

Dreamworks originally optioned to develop the property as a cable series back in 2009 with CBS' corporate sibling Showtime looking at the property last year.

The network will also launch the series with a multiplatform window, with each installment available shortly after its original broadcast.

Source: The Live Feed »

- Garth Franklin

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Steinfeld Joins Costner In McG Thriller

29 November 2012 10:59 AM, PST

Hailee Steinfeld ("True Grit") has landed the lead role opposite Kevin Costner in a McG-directed untitled action feature setup at EuropaCorp and Relativity Media.

Previously titled "Three Days To Kill", Luc Besson and Adi Hasak penned the script in which Costner stars as a Service agent who discovers he’s dying. Before he goes, he attempts to complete a final mission, and reconnect with his estranged daughter.

He’s also taking an experimental drug that could prolong his life, but causes hallucinatory side effects. Besson, Hasak, Ryan Kavanaugh and Virginie Besson-Silla are producing.

Source: Deadline »

- Garth Franklin

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"Bent Road," "Jeremiah Harm" Get Scribes

29 November 2012 10:55 AM, PST

Cross Creek Pictures has optioned the film rights to Lori Roy's novel "Bent Road" and has set Mark Mallouk to adapt the script. The tone is said to be akin to "A History of Violence", and Benderspink is producing.

The story follows a man who left home in Kansas as a youth after the mysterious death of one his older sisters, then returns with his family twenty years later when another little girl goes missing.

Meanwhile, Dalan Musson has been tapped to pen the Timo Vuorensola-directed film adaptation of the sci-fi/action comic "Jeremiah Harm" at Cheyenne Enterprises.

The story follows its title character as he travels across space, tracking three intergalactic alien criminals to Earth. The criminals land in New York City searching for a what may be the most deadly weapon in the cosmos.

Source: Variety »

- Garth Franklin

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Jennifer Lee To Co-Direct Disney's "Frozen"

29 November 2012 10:51 AM, PST

"Wreck-It Ralph" co-scribe Jennifer Lee is set to join "Tarzan" and "Surf's Up" helmer Chris Buck as co-director on Disney Animation's 3D CG animated feature "Frozen."

An adaptation of the classic fairy tale "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen, the story follows Anna (Kristen Bell) who is cursed by her estranged sister, the cold-hearted Snow Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel), Anna’s only hope of reversing the curse is to survive a perilous but thrilling journey across an icy and unforgiving landscape.

Joined by a rugged, thrill-seeking outdoorsman Kristoff, his one-antlered reindeer and a hapless snowman, Anna must race against time, conquer the elements and battle an army of frozen sinister warriors if she ever hopes to melt her frozen heart.

Peter Del Vecho is producing and Broadway's Robert Lopez ("The Book of Mormon," "Avenue Q") and Kristen Anderson-Lopez ("In Transit") are creating original songs for the project.

Source: THR »

- Garth Franklin

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Clooney, Greengrass, "Argo" Scribe Plot Heist

29 November 2012 10:42 AM, PST

"Argo" scribe Chris Terrio and producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov are set to re-team for an untitled crime movie at Sony Pictures.

Terrio's script is described as an original story set in the world of New York criminal syndicates. Further details are being kept top secret.

"The Bourne Ultimatum" helmer Paul Greengrass is attached to direct and produce and Clooney is attached to star. Terrio recently finished the first draft of a New York-set remake of French thriller "Tell No One" at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Source: Variety »

- Garth Franklin

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