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Sheamus: WWE Superstar Wants To Kick Kanye West In The Face

20 February 2014 12:31 PM, PST

WWE superstar Sheamus is known for his infamous brogue kick, and when we asked him which celeb he would most like to unleash his signature move on, he chose Kanye West! ‘He needs to be taken down a step or two,’ Sheamus tells HollywoodLife.com Exclusively.

“The Great White” Sheamus has defeated some of the roughest and toughest stars in the WWE Universe to become a two-time WWE Champion, the 2010 King of the Ring and the 2012 Royal Rumble winner. But he would love nothing more than to face off against the Louis Vuitton Don himself — Kanye West!

Sheamus & Kanye West Fight — WWE Superstar Wants To Kick Rapper In Face

Apparently Sheamus isn’t a fan of Yeezy! When we asked him which celebrity he would most like to brogue kick, he replied:

Sheamus On WWE Eliminations

Betty White Meets WWE Stars

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“You know, I think it would be Kanye West. »

- tierneyhl

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Lorde Transforms Into A Modern-Day Princess For ‘Vogue’ Shoot

20 February 2014 12:25 PM, PST

The ‘Royals’ teen ditched her edgy style for a pretty, pastel dress and a crown of flowers — and she looks effortlessly gorgeous! Do you love her look?

Lorde,17, traded in her signature attire for a pretty pop of color as she rocks a beautiful pastel dress in Vogue. With her gorgeous black curls in tow, the young starlet looks ready for spring — and truly more ‘Royal’ than we could’ve ever imagined!

Lorde’s ‘Vogue’ Shoot:

At just 17 finding yourself on the top of the charts is an amazing accomplishment — and so is a shoot in the high-fashion magazine! We love how she showed off a whimsical look for the spring feature, donning a floral crown. Inside, the songstress opened up about her sense of style. “The kind of clothes that I’ve found I like to wear over the past year and six month have all been things that »

- HL Intern

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Katy Perry’s Wild Beauty In ‘Dark Horse’ Video — The Exact How To

20 February 2014 11:42 AM, PST

Katy transforms into ‘Katy Patra’ in her Egyptian inspired ‘Dark Horse’ music video, which premiere on Feb. 20. Her makeup is amazing — get the details on the look from her makeup artist right here!

Katy Perry continues to re-invent herself! Celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey created the amazing beauty look for the video. See the exact products used and how he did it below!

Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ Makeup — Cleopatra Inspired

Jake tells HollywoodLife.com about the look:

“The central element to this look is definitely the intricate liner. This eye makeup is based on the “Egyptian Eye” also known as the “Eye of Horus” which is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health.  An appropriate look for Katy’s regal character in this video!

Katy Perry Dark Horse Featuring Juicy J

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To create this look I used Covergirl Bombshell Intensity Liner in »

- Dory Larrabee

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Adelina Sotnikova Wins Gold In Olympic Figure Skating Finals

20 February 2014 11:27 AM, PST

Gracie Gold, Polina Edmunds, and Ashley Wagner skated their hearts out in the women’s free skating final on Feb. 20, but was it enough to earn a spot on the podium?

Gracie Gold, Polina Edmunds, and Ashley Wagner were all in serious medal contention when they entered the free skate Olympic finals on Feb. 20, but their efforts didn’t prove to be enough to beat Russian superstar Adelina Sotnikova. Find out where they placed below!

Adelina Sotnikova Wins Gold In Olympic Figure Skating Finals

Unfortunately for us, all three of our leading ladies fell short of the podium. Gracie came closest at fourth place, but none of their efforts proved to be enough to beat Adelina, South Korea’s silver medalist Yuna Kim, and Italy’s bronze medalist Carolina Kostner.

Hottest Winter Olympians

Shockingly, the ladies’ loss means that the Sochi Olympics are officially the first games to Not feature »

- Shaunna Murphy

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Génesis Carmona: Venezuelan Beauty Queen Shot Dead In Protests

20 February 2014 11:23 AM, PST

So sad! Local beauty queen and college student Génesis Carmona was shot in the head during protests in the Valencia, Venezuela on Feb. 18.

In Venezuela, tensions are higher than ever as the city protests against President Nicolas Madura‘s government. Five have died within the weeks of violence, including 22-year-old Génesis Carmona.

Génesis Carmona Dead In Venezuela

“How long are we going to live like this? How long do we have to tolerate this pressure, with them killing us?” a relative of Génesis plead to Reuters after she passed away. ”She only needed one more semester to graduate.”

Police Enter Venezuela Protests

Génesis was a college student studying tourism and in 2013 was named Venezuela’s Miss Tourism Carabobo. She was reportedly protesting against the government on Feb. 18, when the National Guard began shooting rubber bullets and unknown gunmen began firing rounds into the crowds from motorcycles. She was shot in »

- Emily Longeretta

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Ted Ligety Wins Olympic Gold Medal In Giant Slalom

20 February 2014 11:18 AM, PST

The USA gained another gold medal on Feb. 19, when Ted Ligety, 29, finished in first place in the men’s giant slalom event. Americans celebrated the sweet victory but Ted’s reaction was even sweeter!

It was his second career gold medal in the event, but Ted Ligety wanted this victory more than anything. The skier from Park City, Utah had been waiting for years for this moment, and he finished Wednesday’s giant slalom event in a fittingly dramatic way.

Ted Ligety Wins Gold Medal In Giant Slalom: Athlete Falls To Ground With Emotion

According to ABC, Ted really wanted this gold medal, and after waiting for four years for this opportunity, he just wanted to get it over with — while still coming out on top, of course.

Ted Ligety Wins Gold

Ted Ligety The Greatest?

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“It was a huge relief,” he said as he fell to »

- HL Intern

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Chris Brown Seduces The Ladies In Asher Monroe’s ‘Memory’ Music Video

20 February 2014 11:10 AM, PST

Chris Brown is swagged out alongside friend Asher Monroe in Asher’s new music video for his song ‘Memory.’ The two are seen singing to a sultry video vixen and dancing up a storm in every scene.

Asher Monroe, 25, released a new music video for his track, “Memory” on Feb. 20. Adding a little swag to the video is Asher’s long time friend, Chris Brown.

Asher Monroe & Chris Brown Release ‘Memory’ music video.

Asher and Chris are making the ladies melt in Asher’s new music video for his latest single, “Memory.” Asher’s signature brand of soulful lyrics are blended perfectly with C-Breezy’s “Turn Up The Music” style vocals.

Chris Brown Featured On New Asher Monroe Video Soundcheck: Billboard's Cover Boy Asher Monroe Take Our Poll

There is still no word yet on weather or not Asher will release a new album, but “Memory” is currently available on iTunes. »

- bperkins400

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Olympic Men’s Hockey: USA Vs. Canada — Loser Keeps Justin Bieber?

20 February 2014 11:01 AM, PST

Forget gold medals; the real prize at the 2014 Olympics — or the booby prize, as it turns out — is none other than Justin Bieber!

To the victor go the spoilers, to the loser goes… the Biebs? The Twitterverse is abuzz with talk of deportation after someone suggested that the loser of the Olympic men’s hockey game between the United States and Canada, taking place Feb. 21, should have to keep Justin Bieber forever.

USA Vs. Canada: Loser Gets Justin Bieber

Though it’s unclear where the joke originated, many people have been sharing the notion on Twitter, including Indianapolis radio station 99.5 Wzpl:

Us plays Canada tomorrow in Olympic Hockey. The loser keeps @justinbieber

— wzpl (@wzpl) February 20, 2014

Of course, this isn’t the first time the internet has feverishly discussed the possibility of deporting Justin somewhere. Justin’s known enemy Drake Bell recently tweeted that Justin is “talentless” and should be sent back to Canada for good, »

- Andy Swift

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Julia Lipnitskaia Falls & Loses Medal In Olympic Figure Skating Finals

20 February 2014 10:47 AM, PST

15-year-old Russian superstar Julia Lipnitskaia was heavily favored to win the individual gold in the Sochi games after her fantastic debut in the team skate, but a series of falls in her short and free skating programs led to heartbreak during the Feb. 20 grand finale.

Julia Lipnitskaia is going to have to wait until 2018 if she wants to nab that gold. The Russian teen sensation suffered a devastating fall in her routine of Feb. 20, knocking her out of contention.

Julia Lipnitskaia Falls In Olympic Figure Skating Finals

Poor Julia! Putin’s golden girl was holding back tears after she finished her gorgeous Schindler’s List routine, as two falls clearly ruined her chances of nabbing that gold.

Hottest Winter Olympians

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Julia’s unfortunate fall — which did not take away from her awe-inspiring performance from a viewer’s perspective, by the way — instantly took her out of contention, »

- Shaunna Murphy

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Kids Don’t Belong At Miley Cyrus Concerts — Hannah Montana Is Gone

20 February 2014 10:37 AM, PST

Parents are flooding Miley Cyrus’ management team with requests her tour be cancelled after their children were exposed to her sexy ‘Bangerz’ tour outfits, dance moves, and sexual innuendos. But are Miley and her team really to blame?

Miley Cyrus has not been shy about her risque transformation into adulthood. From going nude in music videos to bumping and grinding with Robin Thicke at the 2013 Video Music Awards, you would have to have been living under a rock not to notice that the goodie two shoes Disney princess Hannah Montana is long gone now. So why are parents still buying tickets for young children to see her in concert — and then complaining about it?

Parents Of Miley Cyrus Fans Should Know Better Miley Cyrus Dating Jared Leto?

Miley, now 21, has shown absolutely no remorse for her crazy behavior, nudity, drug use, and scandalous public performances over the past year. So, »

- Lauren Cox

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Justin Bieber Hooks Up With Jordan Ozuna Again — Report

20 February 2014 10:37 AM, PST

The 22-year-old Vegas Hooters waitress posted a pic of herself reportedly from Justin’s bed. Do you think Justin and Jordan are dating?

Justin Bieber and Jordan Ozuna are reportedly hanging out again. Justin and Jordan were first linked together in June, after being spotted making out together on a skydiving date, and now they’re reportedly back at it. We’re sure his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez won’t be too happy about this, as well as his recent fling, Chantel Jeffries.

Justin Bieber & Jordan Ozuna Dating?

Jordan is reportedly visiting Justin at his new digs in Atlanta, and they’re reportedly spent the past several days together! Jordan posted a pic to Instagram on Feb. 16, from a fluffy bed, and TMZ claims it was taken straight from Justin’s bed!

We think they make a really cute couple, do you?

Justin's New Gf?

Justin Cheats On Selena!

Take Our »

- Chloe Melas

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‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5 Scoop: See Which Suitor Mary Chooses — Pic

20 February 2014 10:21 AM, PST

Anthony Gillingham vs. Charles Blake: Find out which lucky guy will win Mary’s heart in Season 5!

Downton Abbey‘s fourth season hasn’t even finished airing in the U.S., but Season 5 is already being filmed across the pond, and it looks like Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) has finally chosen between her potential suitors! Michelle was recently spotted shooting a kissing scene with a very familiar face, which might surprise some viewers.

Downton Abbey’: Mary Chooses _____ In Season 5

Ready for the big reveal? Drumroll please…

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It’s Anthony “Tony” Gillingham! Yes, Michelle was seen filming alongside Tom Cullen, and things got pretty dramatic. Needless to say, Mabel Lane Fox is not happy about these new shots.

Dressed in an exquisite blue coat, Michelle planted a passionate kiss on Tom, before quickly turning around, seeming upset about something.

Given the up-and-down nature of Mary and Tony’s relationship thus far, »

- Andy Swift

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Selena Gomez’s Sweater: Layer Up With A Long Cardigan For $39

20 February 2014 10:19 AM, PST

The star stuck to her boho chic ways and looked practical and chic as she layered up with a comfy sweater — and it looked so cool! Shop if you want to get her exact look and read on for tips on how you can try the trend.

We saw Selena Gomez, 21, looking totally cool as she made her way through Heathrow, layering up with a long cardigan which she rocked over her flares and crop top. Layering is always the way to go when you’re traveling, and we can’t get enough of how affordable Selena’s look actually is!

Selena Gomez’s Sweater — Get Her London Airport Outfit:

Not only is layering a practical way to stay warm and comfy as we transition from one season to another, but it was also very popular on the runways for both spring and summer — it’s all about mixing and matching textures, »

- HL Intern

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Bikini Battle: Does Kendall, Kylie, Kris Or Kim Have The Best Beach Body?

20 February 2014 9:56 AM, PST

Kylie, the littlest of the Kardashian family is following in her bikini-obsessed family’s footsteps and we love it! We just want to know who you think is most ready to head the beach?

The Kardashians know a thing or two about bikinis and taking the best selfies while in them! We’re loving Kylie Jenner, 16, in her latest Instagram pic, with the caption: “So.. Is it summer ?” But Kylie isn’t the only one slipping into a bikini these days, Kendall Jenner is always posing in itty-bitty bikinis and recently Kim Kardashian showed off her post-baby body in a white bikini!

Kardashian Bikini Battle — Which Sister Has The Best Body?

We’re loving Kylie’s bikini body but Kim looks great for just having given birth to North West, just seven months ago. Even their mom Kris Jenner loves showing off her body in swimsuit. These girls have amazing »

- Chloe Melas

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Rihanna’s Birthday Nails — Pink For Her Birthday Party

20 February 2014 9:34 AM, PST

Rihanna had ‘cabin fever’ as she rang in her 26th birthday with friends in Aspen. As expected, she kept her fans updated on Instagram with plenty of photos. Thanks Ri! The star showed off her awesome birthday cabin, her sexy celebration outfits and, you guessed it, her fabulous birthday nails!

Rihanna, 26, celebrated her birthday on Feb. 20 and she did so wearing perfect, flirty nails for the occasion! Read more to get her look for yourself!

Rihanna’s Nails For her Birthday — Sports Pink Polish For The Big 26

When it comes to Rihanna’s look, we never know what she’s going to show us next. The popstar often goes for edgy, “wow” styles, but this go-around, she kept it soft and feminine with pretty, bubble gum pink nails. It looks like she was feeling girly this birthday!

Take a second look — where are her once ever present claws?! Rihanna opted »

- HL Intern

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Jennifer Lopez’s ‘American Idol’ Outfit: Wows In Wide-Leg Trousers

20 February 2014 9:31 AM, PST

J.Lo is back in the spotlight and looking amazing! We couldn’t be happier to see the very fashionable judge take her place on the stage, but how did you feel about her latest look? Vote.

Jennifer Lopez, 44, has been in and out of the fashion spotlight — and now she’s back in action as judge for Season 13 of American Idol. She stepped onto the stage for the Feb. 19 episode rocking a major trend for the upcoming season — wide-leg trousers. Although it’s a difficult look for some to pull off, this multi-tasking mom was just glowing as she exhibited the right way to rock the style. We are applauding you J.Lo!

Jennifer Lopez’s ‘American Idol’ Outfit For Rush Week:

Jennifer strutted across the stage wowing the audience in a glamorous get-up. She wore a Rami Al Ali Spring 2013 couture sparkling, long-sleeved top with a sheer »

- HL Intern

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Lupita Nyong’o: 2 Beauty Looks In 1 Day — Vote On Your Fave

20 February 2014 9:20 AM, PST

Lupita continued her reign as one of the most beautiful stars in the world as she did press for her movie ’12 Years A Slave’ in New York City on Feb. 19. Get her beauty details straight from her glam squad below!

Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson created two unique hair looks for Lupita Nyong’o as she attended the DuJour magazine winter luncheon and filmed an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman. Get her hot hair look and exact nail polish shade right here!

Lupita Nyong’o At ‘DuJour’ Lunch — Stunning Hair Look

Ted described the look for the DuJour magazine winter luncheon:

“I started off getting her ready for her luncheon for DuJour magazine. I love creating different looks for her.

Lupita Nyongo On Her Role In '12 Years A Slave'

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Today was about simple elegance. I used two different kinds of wax to add shine and control. »

- Dory Larrabee

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Britney Spears Lip Syncing: She’s A Great Performer, So Leave Her Alone

20 February 2014 9:15 AM, PST

I’m totally pulling a ‘Leave Britney Alone’ move here, and saying — to all the haters out there who are criticizing her for lip syncing, it’s time to move on.

During a performance of “Alien” on Feb. 18, Britney Spears fans saw first hand that she wasn’t singing when the track played and the mic wasn’t even up to her mouth. However, who cares? You’re paying to see her entertain, and that. she. does. Let’s be honest, you weren’t paying to see her sing a ballad live.

Britney Spears Lip Syncing? So What!

Brit performs for about an hour and a half — not the longest show, but definitely not a short one, either. Should she be singing on stage? Maybe. But does she? No, never. I can say first hand I’ve gone to multiple Britney shows knowing that I was there to see her put on a show, »

- Emily Longeretta

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Joe Simpson Deflects Gay Rumors After Being Seen With Male Model

20 February 2014 8:55 AM, PST

Accompanied by 21-year-old Jonathan Keith, Joe arrived in Los Angeles on Feb. 18 and addressed allegations that he and Jonathan are dating.

Joe Simpson, 56, landed at Los Angeles International Airport (Lax) to a flurry of photographers who were all trying to snap a picture of him and his 21-year-old “client,” Jonathan Keith. Why all the commotion? Most of the fuss has to do with the recent photos of Joe taking pictures of a Speedo-clad Jonathan in Miami.

Joe Simpson Lands With Client Jonathan Keith

Joe divorced his wife Tina Simpson in April 2013 after 35 years of marriage, amidst rumors of him being gay. He has been fighting those rumors ever since, but on Feb. 18, when he landed at Lax with Jonathan by his side, the rumor mill started churning once again.

Joe took to Twitter the day he landed, denouncing the rumors and maintaining that his relationship with Jonathan is strictly professional:

More mis-information in the news. »

- bperkins400

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Sarah Hyland Assaulted Outside Of ‘Modern Family’ After-Party

20 February 2014 8:49 AM, PST

A deranged man forcefully grabbed Sarah Hyland’s breast during a photo opp, sending her running in tears for an exit from a ‘Modern Family’ after-party in Sydney, Australia.

Poor Sarah Hyland, 23, left a Modern Family after-party in tears Feb. 18 after her breast was grabbed by a fan who took advantage of a photo opp with Sarah outside the star-studded event in Sydney, Australia, reports Mail Online.

Sarah Hyland Sexually Assaulted Outside After-Party

Sarah fled a Moden Family after-party — face covered with her own tears — on the night of Feb. 18 after her breast was grabbed by a fan.

Sarah had been posing with her fans outside the show’s after-party, hosted by Qantas at The Sebel Pier One, in Sydney, Australia, when the incident occurred.

According to reports, Sarah was witnessed pushing the man away, and screamed, “Don’t touch me there!” Her security immediately stepped in to question the fan, »

- bperkins400

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