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Another Mercurys curveball, Jim Carrey saving lives and more Hunger Games hype it's today's pop culture Live

56 minutes ago

Plus: a quest to find the best Young, more tunes than you can shake a pack on Tunes at, some handy Halloween prep, and general interweb tomfooleryGet in touch @guideguardian, we do get awful lonelyWere slopping up pop culture goodness throughout Friday Eve so dontcha go anywhere now

2.11pm GMT

You should definitely take a couple of minutes to have a butchers at the new trailer for the Spongebob movie, in which our gaggle of subaquatics leave behind the two-dimensional realm cartoonery to swell into the Z-axised, Irl rotundity of 3D. It looks pretty damn funny too.

1.31pm GMT

Anyone of a certain vintage remembers Goosebumps books, and the king of them, Rl Stine, is ringing in Halloween with a new tale, delivered in Twitter chunks. See what you think.

I am going to try to write a story live on Twitter now. The story is called "What's In My Sandwich? »

- Luke Holland

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Rt: Russia Today's six most memorable moments

1 hour ago

As a UK version of the Kremlin-backed news channel launches, we look at its top clips, including Steven Seagal and Vladimir Putin

Russias state funded news channel Rt, formerly Russia Today, launches its dedicated UK news channel on Thursday, which aims to dissect the implications of major international developments for UK audiences. To mark its arrival, we look at back at some of its most memorable moments.

In August 2013 journalist and foreign correspondent James Kirchick was invited on to Rt to discuss Chelsea Mannings sentencing. He decided instead to use the opportunity to attack Russias anti-gay laws: Being here on a Kremlin-funded propaganda network, Im gonna wear my gay pride suspenders, and Im gonna speak out against the horrific anti-gay legislation that Vladimir Putin has signed into law, that was passed by the Russian Duma, that criminalises homosexual propaganda [and] that effectively makes it illegal to talk about homosexuality in public. »

- Frances Perraudin

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Is it thank you and goodnight for Good Morning Britain?

2 hours ago

The show ITV devised to replace Daybreak and compete with the BBCs Breakfast has lapsed into an uneasy mix of YouTube clips, soft news and comedy bits. It may not last the winter

Six months after it launched, ITVs Good Morning Britain has reached its first winter, although you wouldnt know it from the scenes in the big window behind the presenters in the studio. As the shows 134th edition began this morning at 6am, the real city of London was dark and chilly, but the hosts were sitting in front of pictures in which the sun bounced off the Thames and the cars stalled beside the river.

It would be interesting to know what the great fathers of broadcast news Lord Reith, Ed Murrow would have made of a show that begins by visually lying about the weather and the time of day, but the trick with the window, »

- Mark Lawson

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Storage Hunters makes UK bid with Sean Kelly remix | Media Monkey

4 hours ago

Comedy channel Dave releases mash-up of the auctioneer from hit American show, which has just launched a British edition

Alex Ross, the music producer responsible for remixing Nick Cleggs tuition fees apology has turned his attention to matters of even more important national interest Dave TV series Storage Hunters UK. The show, a homegrown version of the Us format, was an instant hit with 1.1 million viewers on Tuesday, the channels biggest ratings since Red Dwarf nearly two years ago. For the uninitiated, it features presenter Sean Kelly auctioning off the random contents of abandoned storage units, leading to all sorts of comedy squabbles among the bargain hunters. Not so much Cash in the Attic as Stuff in the Skip. Word has it Ross watched more than 27 hours of three series of the Us show before coming up with this lovingly crafted remix, which is available to buy on iTunes. Watch »

- Monkey

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American Gigolo: gear up for the TV remake | Media Monkey

5 hours ago

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Parmamount TV developing series based on 1980s classic that starred Richard Gere

Weve seen 1980s TV shows such as The Equalizer recycled as movies, but prepare for a flood of Us classic movies making their way onto the small screen. Mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Paramount TV are developing a TV show based on Richard Gere classic American Gigolo, reports Hollywood trade paper Variety. Bruckheimer, who a producer on the 1980 movie, will executive produce the series, while director and writer Paul Schrader will be a consultant. Bruckheimer said: With its signature noir aesthetic, American Gigolo has remained a deeply entertaining, psychological thriller and Im thrilled to partner with [Paramounts] Brad [Grey] and Amy [Powell] on remaking it into a television series. Variety reports that Paramount TV has also announced plans for a TV adaptation of Ghost. Will Ghostbusters or Gremlins be next? Monkey is already getting out the shoulder pads. »

- Monkey

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The Great British TV Sell-Off: What do foreign companies own?

7 hours ago

From The Only Way is Essex to Midsomer Murders, Us giants have snapped up UK producers see who has bought what

A busy year of deal making has left Channel 5 and large swathes of the UK TV production sector in Us hands.

After taking a look at how foreign ownership of UK producers and shows has grown over the past decade and how this affects the evening schedules of the five main terrestrial networks on a typical weekday, here is a more in-depth look at which foreign company owns what.

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- Jason Deans

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Mira Sorvino: Im not sure Id take the Mighty Aphrodite role now

8 hours ago

Shes won an Oscar, made a cult comedy, had four kids and become a Un ambassador. Now Mira Sorvino is ready to ride the new wave of TV drama

Im lying on the floor, crying in a pool of blood. Finally, I just said, Please, let this be the last take, I cant do this any longer. Afterwards, I just rocked on the floor for five minutes, I was so upset by it.

Mira Sorvino is recalling shooting Intruders, the supremely creepy new Us thriller from the BBC about a secret society who gain immortality by taking over the bodies of others. Its been one of the greatest acting challenges of my life, she says of her role as Amy, a lawyer and wife of a retired police officer who goes missing after being possessed.

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- Emine Saner

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Nigel Farage to take power in Ukip documentary spoof

15 hours ago

Channel 4 to use actors alongside real-life footage for a film imagining the partys first 100 days in Downing Street

Channel 4 will imagine a country run by Nigel Farage in a spoof documentary which will air in the runup to next years general election.

The broadcaster, which has previously used the mockumentary genre to put Tony Blair on trial and execute Gary Glitter, will use actors alongside real-life footage for its fictional portrayal of the Ukip leader in Downing Street.

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- John Plunkett

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Ant and Dec to host the Brit awards

15 hours ago

Britains Got Talent and Saturday Night Takeaway presenters to succeed James Corden, 14 years after they last fronted show

Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly are to host the Brit awards 14 years after they last fronted the music event for ITV.

The Britains Got Talent and Saturday Night Takeaway presenters succeed James Corden, who stepped down after hosting the event for four years running, including the infamous moment in 2012 when he interrupted Adele during her winners speech.

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- Chris Johnston and agencies

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Reality television to dominate Australian screens in 2015

16 hours ago

Expect more cooking and renovation shows. Amanda Meade reports on what well be watching like it or not

Reality TV is far from dead. In 2015 it will multiply across commercial TV screens in an orgy of building, cooking and of course singing.

In one new hybrid show on Channel Seven the dual genres of food and renovation will collide in Kitchen Revolution: a reality format which will screen every week night until the restaurants built by the contestants are ready for the viewers to visit and eat the cooked by the reality stars. True interactivity.

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- Amanda Meade

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The Apprentice 2014: episode four as it happened

16 hours ago

With Nurun booted off in perfume week, the 16 remaining candidates devised their own YouTube channels. What could possibly go wrong? Julia Raeside browsed the results

10.23pm GMT

And for your entertainment - Rip Fat Daddy. See you next week.

10.04pm GMT

Right, Im diving south towards the comments. Hang around for a chat.

Did all of that just really happen? Has anyone found the youtube links yet? If youre suffering trauma as a result of this liveblog Im Twittering at @jnraeside otherwise, Ill see you here next week!

10.01pm GMT

I am in shock. I will now ceremonially put Fired stickers on the faces of those who didnt make it on my chart. I really do have a chart you know.

What do you think? Good that he swept all three away in a mass cull? Or a terrible stunt?

9.59pm GMT

Next week, were back here same time although »

- Julia Raeside

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Dressing The Walking Dead: 'We are expecting people to believe in zombies'

17 hours ago

Costume designer Eulyn Womble on how her poor upbringing in Cape Town inspired the zombies outfits and why period drama bores her

Heres the thing about life during a zombie apocalypse. No matter how much society deteriorates, you still have to pay attention to what you wear. Boots may be made for walking, but they also have to protect your ankles from bites from the voracious undead.

The Walking Dead costume designer Eulyn Womble carefully dresses a show best known for exposed guts and gore.

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- Interview by Rachel Weingarten

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Amy Poehler's Reddit Ama: life advice, pickup lines and 10 things we learned

18 hours ago

The star of Parks and Recreation shot the breeze about rapping, pickup lines and why she should play Penelope Cruz for the rest of her life

Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler on Wednesday hopped on Reddit while eating chips and salsa to answer questions in its Ask Me Anything (Ama) section. She was on the site to promote her new memoir Yes Please, which was released on Tuesday. Her message to those on the internet whose questions she couldnt answer: Live long and prosper. Battlestations at the ready. Dont believe the hype. And surfboard. The full transcript is here.

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- Amanda Holpuch

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Home Sweet Bus review: heard the one about 13 evangelical Christians in a campervan?

19 hours ago

Days after cancelling Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, TLC debuted a seemingly far more wholesome family, spreading the Gospel in cramped conditions

On Tuesday night, TLC premiered a one-hour special about the Allen Family Ministries, Home Sweet Bus. But with 19 Kids and Counting aired beforehand, the shows angle isnt that this is a devoutly Christian family with a sizeable family. Though the Allens have eight children of their own, the novelty of the program which could well turn into a full series if viewer response is sufficiently favourable is that the family of 13 (parents Todd and Michelle, their eight children, daughter-in-law, and twin one-year-old grandsons) live out of their Rv, traveling the country (and Canada!) spreading the Gospel.

Father Todd is a former pastor who says he had a calling from God to leave the pulpit and instead spread Christianity on the road through music. When the Allens started their traveling show, »

- Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy

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The 10 most terrifying clowns

21 hours ago

As Halloween approaches and with scary clowns in the news, we select the most fearsome examples of red-nosed entertainers gone very bad indeed

Theres a resurgent theme in scary film and television: the scary clown. The oft-portrayed sinister jokester appears to have bubbled to the surface in the days before Halloween, even appearing in the news.

Cable television reinvigorated the creepy character in the latest series of American Horror Story, called Freak Show, but its far from the only iteration. Movies have used the motif for years, some to legendary effect (think It), and new films continue trying to out-scare the competition (watch the Clown trailer below).

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- Jessica Glenza

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After Manhattan Love Story, which other fall shows will be axed?

23 hours ago

The Flash is going gangbusters, Bad Judge is clinging on and it looks like curtains for Selfie. We assess the winners and losers of the fall TV season

You might not have noticed it, but this weekend ABC was the first network to cancel one of its new fall shows. The axe came down on Manhattan Love Story, an awful sitcom in which we heard what a man and a woman were thinking. Of course, there are more cancellations to come.

Usually, the first cancellations come at the beginning of October, but there was a delay this year. That doesnt mean every new show is a Friends-sized hit, just that this is something of an odd season.

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- Brian Moylan

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BBC3 TV closure completely wrong, says June Sarpong

23 hours ago

Former T4 presenter, recently hired by BBC2s Newsnight, says making channel online-only is a lost opportunity for new talent

Former T4 presenter June Sarpong has said the BBCs decision to close the BBC3 TV channel is completely wrong and played into the hands of the corporations critics.

Sarpong, recently hired by BBC2s Newsnight as a contributor, said the decision to slash the channels budget and make it online-only was a lost opportunity for new and emerging talent.

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- John Plunkett

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How I survived being tied to a stranger in the wilderness* for 10 days**

29 October 2014 5:38 AM, PDT

New survival show Tethered shackles two strangers together then drops them in the middle of a middle of nowhere. Nick Redneck Rockstar Rhoades showed Stuart Heritage the ropes

*Some woods in Surrey **An afternoon

If my entire life could be summed up in one crushingly literal tableau, its this one. Im sitting in the middle of a forest. Im cold, Im damp and Im out of my depth. Attached to me is a bright red cable that may as well be an umbilical cord. Attached to that is the most aggressive alpha male Ive ever met. Somehow, hes convinced me to cook his lunch for him. It consists of a tiny, pink, shrivelled, burst chipolata, drooping uselessly on a stick. None of this is lost on me.

His name is Nick Redneck Rockstar Rhoades. Hes a professional hunter from Tennessee and a contestant on the new Discovery Channel survival show »

- Stuart Heritage

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Star Wars Rebels owes as much to Joss Whedon as it does to George Lucas

29 October 2014 4:20 AM, PDT

Disneys animated Star Wars spin-off, set in the period between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, has a lot in common with Whedons space western Firefly

George Lucas sold his billion-dollar baby to Disney exactly two years ago and it feels like theres been a Star Wars-related announcement almost every week since. From Jj Abrams reuniting the original cast and taking the helm of Episode VII, to cult directors Gareth Edwards and Rian Johnson signing up to expand the franchise in unexpected directions, Disney has been laying track for new projects at lightspeed, convinced that what the universe has been crying out for is more Star Wars, and lots of it.

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- Graeme Virtue

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Rapper Pitbull developing reality TV series with Michelle Obama and Paul McCartney

29 October 2014 3:14 AM, PDT

The pop star will team with the Weinstein Company on two new shows a behind-the-scenes documentary and a look at the mentors who have guided big names in sport, music and politics

The rapper Pitbull, known for his shiny suits, reflective sunglasses and lecherous pop, is branching out into TV with two new reality series in development, in collaboration with the Weinstein Company.

The first, Pitbull: The Lyfe, looks set to be a standard pop reality show: a fly-on-the- wall look at Pitbulls lifestyle, following him on tour and in the studio. The second, however, is more ambitious. The Real Change Project will pair him with key people in sport, music and politics as they discuss the mentors that have aided them in their success. Names attached to the project so far include Paul McCartney, Kobe Bryant, Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama.

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- Ben Beaumont-Thomas

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