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Goodfellas actor files $250m lawsuit against The Simpsons for using his likeness

1 hour ago

Frank Sivero, who played mobster Frankie Carbone in Goodfellas, claims that Simpsons writers living next to him in 1989 imitated his character for animated hoodlum Louie

Alongside Bumblebee Man, Doctor Colossus and German exchange student Uter Zorker, Louie is one of the more minor members of The Simpsons universe. He occasionally menaces Springfieldians at the behest of mob boss Fat Tony and he doesnt even get a surname. But minor or not, hes now at the heart of a $250m lawsuit, after Goodfellas actor Frank Sivero has claimed the Simpsons writers stole his likeness for the character.

Sivero played Frankie Carbone in Martin Scorseses 1990 mobster drama, memorably getting upbraided by Robert De Niros James for being too flashy with his money. The suit claims that Sivero was familiar to Simpsons producer James L Brooks, and that he lived next to writers of The Simpsons in 1989 as he was preparing for Goodfellas »

- Ben Beaumont-Thomas

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Has The Apprentice ruined what it means to be an entrepreneur?

2 hours ago

A poll has shown a generally negative impression of the business world, and reality TV could be part of the problem

A new series of The Apprentice launched last week, marking a decade since it first brought the competitive high jinks of the business world to our television screens.

This time, 20 bright young entrepreneurs will spend 12 episodes battling for Lord Sugars investment. There are already criticisms that the show features the same old contestants, all sharp suits and clichéd arrogance, which triggered journalist James Brown to ask: Do they have a clue what an entrepreneur looks like?

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- Frances Dickens

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A Quantum Leap reunion is happening at last on NCIS

2 hours ago

Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell are finally back together. Its just a shame that its on NCIS: New Orleans, a show lacking Quantum Leaps cavalcade of creativity

Jambalaya, jazz and a checklist of vaguely naval-related crime as long as Bourbon Street NCIS: New Orleans might be the second city-specific franchise to launch from the NCIS mothership, but its already off to a flying start. More than 17 million viewers tuned in for the first episode when it premiered in the Us last month, and Channel 5 has predictably snapped up the UK rights. Its the mass-market hit set in the Big Easy that David Simons elliptical, soulful Treme could never be. Somewhere, Bunk from The Wire is playing a sad trombone.

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- Graeme Virtue

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YouTube games channels continue their rise: PewDiePie, Stampy, Ksi and more

3 hours ago

The 100 most popular YouTube gaming channels were watched nearly 4.4bn times in September 2014

YouTube games channels have become one of the most popular categories on Googles online video site, with the 100 biggest notching up nearly 4.4bn video views in September alone.

Thats up from 3.5bn views in May, according to a chart published by industry site Tubefilter based on data from analytics firm OpenSlate.

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- Stuart Dredge

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12 Doctors, 12 stories, 12 jackets a Doctor Who style celebration!

5 hours ago

Authors including Neil Gaiman, Malorie Blackman, Charlie Higson and now Holly Black have written stories to celebrate each Doctor in Doctor Who in 12 Doctors 12 stories which is being published tomorrow. This gallery celebrates the each Doctors actual jacket (and in most cases tie) with this set of iconic book jackets plus quotes from all the authors involved on their Doctor.

You can win a gift version of all the the stories in 12 mini-paper backs plus 12 postcards in a Tardis slipcase by emailing childrens.books@theguardian.com telling us why you should be the one to win it with 12 Doctors as your heading by 29 October 2014

Plus read an interview with Holly Black on writing the 12th Doctor story starring Peter Capaldi

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- Guardian Staff

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TV highlights 22/10/2014

7 hours ago

Champions League Football: Liverpool v Real Madrid | Surprise Surprise | What Do Artists Do All Day? | Gunpowder 5/11: The Greatest Terror Plot | Scott & Bailey | Baggage Battles | Greys Anatomy | Grayson Perry: Who Are You?

Liverpools lame capitulation to Basel last time out has done some serious harm to their prospects of qualifying from Group B. Theyll need a strong result here, though their opponents arent likely to be too obliging. That said, Brendan Rodgerss side can draw some inspiration from the last competitive meeting between the sides in 2009, when they pummelled Real 4-0. Over on Sky Sports 1 and Sky1, theres live coverage of Arsenals trip to Anderlecht. Gwilym Mumford

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- Gwilym Mumford, Bim Adewunmi, Andrew Mueller, Jonathan Wright, Rachel Aroesti, Ali Catterall, Hannah Verdier and Julia Raeside

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BBC Children in Need Sewing Bee; American Horror Story review so-so contest, freaks out to play

7 hours ago

Yes, its for a good cause, and yes, everyone on it is lovely but without any impending disaster, this is a group of people fiddling with needlework

The BBC Children in Need Sewing Bee(BBC2) is for a good cause. Theyve even taken the usual chintzy Great British out of the title to make way for the name of the charity. So if you do/did watch and enjoy it, please buy a Children in Need ironing board cover, donate a fiver or bid on Dave the Hairy Bikers deconstructed haute couture skirt, because then I will feel less uncharitable about thinking that, as TV, it is not nearly as exciting as the Bake Off, celebrity or otherwise.

The problem is that its about sewing, and sewing is not gripping enough to sustain an hour, no matter how perilous the prospect of a wonky stitch may seem. The Bake Off »

- Rebecca Nicholson

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ABC TV's Kitchen Cabinet returns with Silver Bodgie on the menu

9 hours ago

Annabel Crabb and dinner guest Bob Hawke serve up half an hour of bloke jokes and political banter with a side of barramundi

Food goes with everything. Whole evenings are devoted to gastroporn on Sbs and the popularity of cuisine-based reality programs shows little sign of waning.

Re-enter Annabel Crabb with the fourth series of her Kitchen Cabinet.

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- Doug Anderson

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Later...with Jools Holland: U2, Sam Smith, Interpol - liveblog

14 hours ago

Following episode five of this series of Later comes episode six featuring up-and-coming beat combo U2

10.37pm BST

As I said earlier, Bono did seem like someone trying to make a point which I guess is what you should be doing if youre in the self-appointed biggest band in the world.

I think Bono proved a point there. Not that he should have to really... #LaterJools

10.34pm BST

Oh is that it? I was so intent on finding some amusing tweets that I didnt realise it was finished. Well, that was a solid 7/10 wasnt it. U2 were slightly better than expected, Sam Smith was solid, Interpol were a bit dull, Zola Jesus did some dancing, the Alvin brothers gave Jools something to do and Slaves were brilliantly unhinged. Not bad for half an hours worth of your license fee.

10.32pm BST

This wag:

This new U2 stuff sounds good. When's it out? »

- Michael Cragg

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The 'dysfunctional family' is a tired movie trope that's due for retirement

16 hours ago

From The Judge to Men, Women and Children a slew of recent films deal with family dynamics but its TV where theyre explored in depth

The wide release of Men, Women, and Children this weekend proved emphatically that our TV and movie families need to be more than just lazily dysfunctional.

In its defence, Men, Women and Children tried hard to be more nuanced. A movie about the way technology is a factor in the breakdown of families, marriages, self-esteem, and anything else you can take from a scene where Adam Sandlers character seeks out and uses his sons online porn stash (instead of vice versa like the good old days), it blamed familial dysfunction on our preference for online and digital spaces to the real world.

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- Anne T Donahue

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Leslie Jones: brash, outrageous and great for SNL

18 hours ago

For the first time in its 40-year-history, the Saturday Night Live cast includes two black women

Saturday Night Live is starting to look a little bit more like the rest of America, at least in terms of diversity. First the NBC staple installed Michael Che as the first black anchor for its long-running Weekend Update segment, and now Leslie Jones has been promoted from a writer on the show to a featured player. Her first official episode as a cast member will be the 25 October episode featuring Jim Carrey as host. The poor woman always to have her time at SNL linked to Jim Carrey.

This is the first time in its 40-year history that SNL will be the home to two black women, Jones and Sasheer Zamata. Both women found their way to the show when SNL came under fire in 2013 for not having any black women in its »

- Brian Moylan

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Channel 4 develops Peter Kosminsky drama on Islamic State

19 hours ago

Film-maker behind The Government Inspector and the BBCs Wolf Hall in early stages of creating drama likely to air in 2016

Channel 4 is developing a new drama about British Muslims signing up to fight for Islamic State.

The drama is being made by Peter Kosminsky, who is currently directing Wolf Hall, the TV adaptation of Hilary Mantels Booker Prize-winning novel.

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- Press Association

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The day when Orbital split up and we reminisced about Peep Show

20 hours ago

Welcome to Guide Daily liveblogging the heck out of Tuesdays music, film and TV news

Coming up: a new soundtrack for Drive and new uses for Google Glass and Vinnie Jones

Do the right thing: @guideguardian

4.51pm BST

If youre in Manchester, go and see Death From Above 1979 at the Gorilla. I caught them in London last night and they were a whole filthy heap of fun.

3.47pm BST

Todays arty pop videos assessed. First, yet more spooky forest-based goings-on I told you it was a thing! in the new effort from the Phantasy-signed artist known only as U. This Ray Mears character really ought to know better than tearing pages from mysterious old books to stoke his campfire inevitably, he ends up summoning all manner of demons (some of whom arrive in a blue Volvo estate).

2.53pm BST

You may occasionally find yourself wondering what former »

- Sam Richards

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Top Gear number plate row: Argentinian ambassador seeks apology

21 hours ago

Embassy claims Jeremy Clarkson wrongly accused officials, criticising his provocative behaviour and offensive remarks

The Argentinian ambassador to the UK has demanded a public apology from the BBC over Jeremy Clarksons provocative behaviour and offensive remarks after the presenter was forced to abandon the filming of a Top Gear special in the country.

Alicia Castro met with the BBCs director of television Danny Cohen in London on Monday to deliver a formal complaint about Clarkson, who drove around Argentina in a Porsche with the registration number H982 Flk, which some people suggested was a reference to the 1982 Falklands war.

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- John Plunkett

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The future has arrived: the sci-fi inventions that have become reality

21 hours ago

Tractor beams, hoverboards and invisibility cloaks were once just futuristic impossibilities. Not any more

Hey, Marty McFly! Hoverboard available on Kickstarter for $10,000

They are the inventions and happenings that were once only dreamt up in the pages of fantasy novels and the far-flung corners of the imagination.

But, in a week where the first man with a severed spine has walked again and scientists have created their own versions of a tractor beam, it seems that inventions that were once a futuristic impossibility are now moving into the realm of reality. Will this be remembered as the week the future happened?

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- Hannah Ellis-Petersen

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Kate Moss to appear in BBCs David Walliams adaptation

21 October 2014 3:58 AM, PDT

Supermodel to have cameo role as herself in hour-long family drama The Boy in the Dress, which will air at Christmas

Kate Moss is to have a cameo role in BBC1s adaptation of David Walliamss childrens book The Boy in the Dress.

The 40-year-old who last week appeared in a special edition of Channel 4s Gogglebox, alongside Noel Gallagher and Naomi Campbell will appear as herself in the film to be shown at Christmas.

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- Press Association

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Nick Cotton returns to EastEnders: 'He's the Freddy Krueger of soaps'

21 October 2014 3:26 AM, PDT

Snarling, hunched and perpetually wreathed in cigarette smoke, he is the baddest baddie ever to grace Albert Square. And thats why we love him. Welcome back

Nick Cotton and five more soap characters who came back from the dead

Sometimes, when a character returns to EastEnders, their motive for doing so can be a real headscratcher. Take Stacey Slater, for example. The world is full of places where she hasnt murdered anyone, or been implicated in a separate murder, or been raped, or had an affair with her boyfriends dad, or witnessed her boyfriend falling off a building to his death, or watched her own mum stab herself in the stomach. And yet, despite all this, she recently decided to move back to Albert Square. From this, its probably safe to assume that Stacey Slater is an irreparable wazzock.

Meanwhile, Nick Cotton is also about to return to EastEnders, and »

- Stuart Heritage

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Big Dreams, Small Spaces review Monty Don deserves his own theme tune

20 October 2014 11:00 PM, PDT

Ive got to admit, I would be pretty excited if Monty Don came to do up my garden. And indeed, the lucky people hes helping here do seem pretty smitten

This could be the gardening show for me: Big Dreams, Small Spaces (BBC2). Well, Ive got the small space; maybe I can cultivate my big dream with some help from Richard and Helen here in South Yorkshire, plus John and Jan in West Sussex. And Monty Don, who flits between the two projects, providing inspiration and tips, and the odd Latin name. I imagine the phrase horticultural Grand Designs came up at some point when the seed of this show was sown.

Monty Don. What a name! He should be a fine dessert wine. Or a Canadian policeman. Or a Mexican drug baron. Or would that be Don Monty? Whatever, its a name that suggests a certain badassness; he should have a big hat, »

- Sam Wollaston

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TV highlights 21/10/2014

20 October 2014 10:00 PM, PDT

The BBC Children In Need Sewing Bee | You Cant Get The Staff | Britains Worst Crimes: Kidnapped The Stephanie Slater Story | Human Universe | Secrets & Lies | American Horror Story: Freak Show | Bad Education | Baseball: World Series Game 1

Charming and gentle yet fiercely competitive: the Sewing Bee is a perfect tie-in for a Children in Need challenge. Jenny Eclair hosts the first of three special shows in which 12 brave celebrities get their needles out. Up first are Dawn Embarrassing Bodies Harper, DJ Edith Bowman and Corries Wendi Peters. Token comedy bloke is Dave Myers, one half of the Hairy Bikers. But with an A-line skirt to make, its going to be tough. Continues on Thursday and Friday. Hannah Verdier

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- Hannah Verdier, Bim Adewunmi, Ben Arnold, Mark Jones, John Robinson, Hannah J Davies and Andrew Mueller

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Private Violence: up to 75% of abused women who are murdered are killed after they leave their partners

20 October 2014 1:00 PM, PDT

Domestic violence comes on not like a tsunami but as steady waves, says Kit Gruelle, survivor and advocate featured in HBOs new documentary Private Violence

Former Liz Claiborne CEO: domestic violence is a workplace issue

Domestic violence victims speak out: If I worked, he would take my money

There is a toxic question that surrounds abused women: why didnt she just leave him?

The answer, too often, is that many women that do leave get killed.

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- Jana Kasperkevic

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