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Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Hanna's Big Move

11 hours ago

Did Hanna go too far?

That was a huge question after Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 9 when Hanna took matters into her own hands to find Uber A. 

TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Rachel Miller, Meaghan Frey and Yana Grebenyuk discuss the Noel reveal, Jaria and the identity of Mary's kid. 

Noel was in the dollhouse. React!

Jay: Was it really necessary? Now there's even more questions about Noel, Charlotte, their relationship, and whether someone else was helping them in the dollhouse, too. Now it makes more sense though that "Charles" was actually Noel because there was no way that masked figure was Charlotte.

Rachel: It kind of makes sense because the “Charles” the girls came in contact with at the dollhouse was taller than them; Charlotte is short. It wasn’t her. This would also explain why Spencer said “Charles” felt familiar to her because it was most likely Noel. »

- Paul Dailly

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Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Victor Innocent?

12 hours ago

Brady had Victor arrested right in Maggie’s hospital room, Philip and Chloe came up with a plan, while Chad had to deal with Ciara’s unrealistic expectations about love on Days of Our Lives

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Vanessa from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate who took Tate, who should have custody of Thomas and other happening from the week in Salem. 

Do you think that Victor is responsible for Tate’s kidnapping?

Vanessa: I don't know I'm getting mixed vibes from it.

Jack: I don't think Victor is responsible. It's just Too obvious and I think it has to be a red herring, plus the drama will be better if it turns out Sonny and Justin weren't blinded by family loyalty after all and Brady was the blinded one. Of course this show isn't exactly known »

- Christine Orlando

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TV Ratings Report: NFL Preseason Performs Well

27 August 2016 11:25 AM, PDT

CBS: NFL Preseason (5.1 million/1.3 rating) had the highest ratings of the night. 

NBC: An encore of America's Got Talent (3.9 million/0.9 rating) and an original Dateline (5 million/1.1 rating) performed well. 

Fox: An encore of Masterchef (2.2 million/0.7 rating) filled the night. 

ABC: What Would You Do? (4.2 million/0.9 rating) & 20/20 (4.9 million/0.9 rating) were originals out of Shark Tank (4.2 million/0.8 rating).

The CW: Master of Illusion (2 million/0.5 rating) and Penn & Teller (2.1 million/0.5 rating) were strong. 

View Slideshow: 13 Morally Bankrupt TV Characters »

- Paul Dailly

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The Young and the Restless Recap: Luca Snaps! Adam Runs!

27 August 2016 7:00 AM, PDT


We're counting down the crazy until The Young and the Restless' 11,000th episode, and nobody is being left behind! 

Not only are we being treated to sweet memories from the cast at the beginning of each episode, but the action is pretty much non-stop. We're getting even more new sets, seeing more familiar faces, and we're being promised more big stories to come. Let's dig in!

Did they break the mold when hiring Justin Hartley to play Adam Newman? I'm starting to wonder. The current Adam storyline has a feel of finality about it. Not as in death, but as in he's going away, and we'll not be seeing him for a while. At least not until Hartley is available again to play him.

I could be wrong, and I hope so, because I've really liked this incarnation of Adam. In the right hands, he can be just »

- Carissa Pavlica

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Killjoys Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Johnny Be Good

27 August 2016 4:29 AM, PDT

Nooooooo! Killjoys did not just kill off our pretty pretty princess. Did it?

Is there a chance (like with Turin), that Pawter survived Delle Seyah's blade? Though Killjoys Season 2 Episode 9 felt like the character's swan song, I'm hoping she will mysteriously resurface in the finale.

I'm in denial, it looks like she's the latest victim of the Johnny Jaqobis curse.

Sadly, I saw Pawter's death coming and even mentioned it several times in my reviews. That said, watching it go down still broke my heart.

Watch Killjoys Season 2 Episode 9 Online

For a fun, light-hearted space romp Killjoys certainly took a turn toward the darker side with this installment. With the true purpose of Jelco's wall revealed and Pawter's tough decision to kill all those Westerlyn's, this wasn't your typical episode.

All the dead bodies in the opening moments threw me for a moment, but you soon realized the writers were playing with time again. »

- Henry A. Otero

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Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Going Out Fighting

27 August 2016 4:28 AM, PDT

It's immensely satisfying as a viewer to watch as the villain's plans go awry for once. After all, we're all so used to seeing the heroes' plans get screwed up.

Happily, Alexander Rook got that treatment on Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 9. Having the nanites 2.0 as the perfect bait and poor Dr. Waver as the perfect patsy, he thought he had everything set just right.

Watch Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 9 Online

However, as Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Elder pointed out, "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy."

I can't tell you how pleased I was when Rook's goo monster infiltration of Three got spotted right away by Six, who noticed Three's out-of-character behavior and said something about it! And then they incapacitated Three and safely locked him up!

I was half-expecting that "Three-is-mind-controlled" thing to drag on another episode or three, but Six was right on the ball. »

- Kathleen Wiedel

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Days of Our Lives Review: Did Victor Kidnap Tate?

26 August 2016 12:58 PM, PDT

The Kiriakis family took sides as Victor was arrested for helping to kidnap little Tate.

A powerful family at war with itself makes for great soap drama, and Days of Our Lives delivered this week. Less exciting was Jennifer's inexplicable relapse and Ciara's attempt to seduce Chad, but at least Ciara got some comeuppance when she walked in on Theo kissing her best friend!

From the beginning, there were signs that Victor was involved in little Tate's disappearance. He had a motive -- the kidnapping conveniently discredited both Summer and Theresa, the two women he wants out of his family for good.

He had a track record of this sort of stunt, having done something similar when Claire was a baby.

And, being Victor Kiriakis, he always has means, even after Deimos supposedly took all of his assets.

There was so much evidence that Victor did it that it made »

- Jack Ori

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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Reels In Captain Nemo!

26 August 2016 12:25 PM, PDT

If you've always wondered what secrets may be lurking in Captain Hook's past, look no further than far, far under the sea.

We might not have imagined a ship's captain entangling with a captain of a submarine, but we may have to rethink that scenario.

Faran Tahir will be coming aboard Once Upon a Time Season 6 as none other than Captain Nemo

According to EW, Tahir will play the "hardened leader of the Nautilus submarine, who’s a zealous believer in a cause that takes him from 20,000 leagues under the sea to the destiny that he won’t let anyone prevent him from achieving."

There really is not story that's off limits to step ashore at Storybrooke. Isn't it wonderful?

This season the entire show is opening up to the Land of Untold Stories, which goes beyond the fairytale characters with which we've become familiar.

It's a fairly unique concept »

- Carissa Pavlica

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Empire Season 3 Promo: Who Dies?

26 August 2016 10:49 AM, PDT

The Lyons are about to go to war and it sure looks like they're in for a tough time of it. 

If the events at the close of Empire Season 2 piqued your interest for the upcoming season, then it looks like there's going to be some pay off for a lot of long standing storylines. 

We got closer than ever to finding out what Lucious was hiding about his past and it appears his brother is about to cause mayhem for him. 

Yes, Shyne is very much out for blood and he's willing to settle for anyone in the Lyon clan.

It sucks to be a Lyon. Right?!

They may be rich, but they just can't seem to keep themselves out of trouble. Lucious' mother will continue to play a key role in the new season. 

Might Shyne take a shine to her? There's no denying Leah wants to get »

- Paul Dailly

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TV Ratings Report: Big Brother Continues to Dominate

26 August 2016 10:30 AM, PDT

Viewers will tune in to Big Brother, even if the season is the worst one yet. 

CBS: Big Brother (6.1 million/1.9 rating) was the only original on the eye network. Encores of The Big Bang Theory (7.5 million/1.4 rating), Life in Pieces (5.6 million/1.2 rating) and Code Black (4.5 million/0.9 rating) filled the rest of the night.

ABC: The only original was Battlebots (3.5 million/0.8 rating), which was followed by encores of The $100,000 Pyramid (3.5 million/0.7 rating) and Match Game (3.3 million/0.8 rating). 

Fox: Encores of Rosewood (2.9 million/0.7 rating) and Bones (3.5 million/0.8 rating) filled the night. 

NBC: NFL Pre-season Football (5.7 million/1.6 rating) filled NBC's night.

The CW: Beauty and the Beast (0.7 million/0.2 rating) continued to limp to the finish line out of an encore of Legends of Tomorrow (0.8 million/0.2 rating). 

View Slideshow: 13 Reasons We Can't Stop Thinking About Veep »

- Paul Dailly

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Watch Braxton Family Values Online: Season 5 Episode 15

26 August 2016 8:11 AM, PDT

Did the Braxtons manage to find some common ground?

That was their plan on Braxton Family Values Season 5 Episode 15 when the sisters had a slumber party.

Watch Braxton Family Values Season 5 Episode 15 Online

We were treated to rare behind the scenes footage, but what was the purpose of it all?

The footage forced the sisters to address some conflicts that happened long ago, but it did it bring them all closer together?

Use the video above to watch Braxton Family Values online to get up to speed with the latest drama for the troubled family.  »

- Paul Dailly

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13 Horrible Characters We Eventually Grew to Love

26 August 2016 6:00 AM, PDT

Sometimes our favorite TV characters are the ones we absolutely hated when we first saw them on our screens. 

Maybe they were incredibly annoying or rude, or maybe they were flat-out evil. But as their shows went on and we got to know them, or when they ended up getting shiny new souls, we found that we couldn't help but love them. 

From vampires to tough bosses, here are 13 horrible characters we eventually grew to love!


1. Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Spike showed up in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 as a pretty nasty villain who was dead set on killing Buffy, but along the way, we saw that even he could show compassion. Plus, he had some amazing one-liners and that killer blonde hair. 2. Alex Karev, Grey's Anatomy Remember when Alex was a total jerk? This guy did not make a good first impression, but we got the chance to watch him grow up, »

- Ashley Bissette Sumerel

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Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Esta 'Cosa' Que Es Nuestra

26 August 2016 2:47 AM, PDT

Nothing worked out quite as planned on Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 10 as both Teresa and Camila went on two very different Mexican adventures. 

Camila actually returned to Mexico when Epifanio swore her life was in danger after her botched hit on Birdman. After insisting she wasn’t coming back, her acquiescence was a bit of a surprise.

Watch Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 10 Online

But not as unexpected as her tabletop romp with her estranged husband; the best part of which was the staff members' reactions in the kitchen below. Does that guy need those earplugs often?

Equally surprising was the post coital conversation between the couple afterwards…

Epifanio: Why is this the only place we are ever totally honest with one another?

Camila: I don’t know. May have something to do with the fact that we're naked.

Permalink: I don’t know. May have »

- Christine Orlando

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Arrow Season 5 Promo: What About Oliver?

25 August 2016 12:54 PM, PDT

Long live the Black Canary. 

That appears to be the motto for Arrow Season 5 and I'm quite on board with that. 

Far too often, TV shows forget their deceased characters quickly, but it's becoming crystal clear that Laurel Lance will never be forgotten. 

It must really suck to be Captain Lance. He lost Sara a few times and now he's lost Laurel. 

We know that Katie Cassidy will be sticking around the DC TV universe, thanks to her multi-show series regular contract. 

There was confirmation that Cassidy would appear on Arrow Season 5 Episode 1 in a flashback, but we didn't quite expect to witness a monument for her. 

Granted, the monument looks horrible. Hopefully the negative feedback to it will push the powers that be to do some better post-production work on it. 

Arrow Season 5 will not be all about Laurel. If the below preview makes anything clear, it's that Oliver can take care of himself. »

- Paul Dailly

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TV Ratings Report: America's Got Talent, Big Brother & Masterchef Rise

25 August 2016 12:34 PM, PDT

Reality TV continues to be the best option in the ratings department this summer. 

NBC: America's Got Talent (10.5 million/2.1 rating) and The Night Shift (5.6 million/1.1 rating) continued to pull in solid ratings. 

CBS: Big Brother (6.4 million/2.0 rating) and American Gothic (2.6 million/0.5 rating) were both up. An encore of Criminal Minds (3.3 million/0.7 rating) was another encore.

Fox: Masterchef (4.1 million/1.3 rating) picked up steam. 

The CW: Penn & Teller: Fool Us (1.5 million/0.4 rating) and Whose Line Is It Anyway? (1.2 million/0.4 rating) were in line with last week's results. 

ABC: The Goldbergs (2.6 million/0.8 rating), Modern Family (2.8 million/0.9 rating) and Black-ish (2.3 million/0.7 rating) were in encores. 

View Slideshow: 13 Reasons We Can't Stop Thinking About Veep »

- Paul Dailly

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Watch Toddlers and Tiaras Online: Season 7 Episode 1

25 August 2016 8:32 AM, PDT

Was Dallas Lovato anything like her sister?

We found out the answer to that on Toddlers and Tiaras Season 7 Episode 1 when Dallas stopped by to help Cambrie Littlefield helped get the toddlers in character. 

Watch Toddlers and Tiaras Season 7 Episode 1 Online

Meanwhile on this reality hit, One of the mothers cried when her daughter got an opportunity that not many of the other toddlers got. 

What was the big opportunity?

Use the video above to watch Toddlers and Tiaras online to get up to speed with the latest events on this addictive TLC reality series.  »

- Paul Dailly

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Fear the Walking Dead Round Table: Can Luciana Be Trusted?

25 August 2016 8:18 AM, PDT

Can Luciana be trusted?

On Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 8, Nick found himself in some frightening predicaments and we are introduced to some new faces along the way.

Below, TV Fanatic panelists Paul Dailly, Jennifer Harold-DeShields and yours truly weigh in on the mid-season premiere.

What did you think of the show's decision to go with a character centric episode for its premiere?

Paul: It was a bit off putting. Ensemble episodes are usually the best way to premiere a new run of episodes. It was almost as if the writers had no idea the season would be broke up.

Jenn: Sometimes I don’t always like character centric episodes but using Nick was a good choice. Nick’s past life with drugs and surviving on the streets makes him perfect for a zombie apocalypse. I think to choose any other character would have been boring, I’m glad »

- Steve Ford

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11 Reasons The Americans Should Win the Emmy for Best Drama

25 August 2016 6:00 AM, PDT

The Primetime Emmy Award will  be televised Sunday, September 18.

There will be something new on the program this year. 

The Academy of Arts and Television Sciences finally nominated The Americans for Outstanding Drama Series, and we're here to share why it should win. 

After scrolling through the list, we know you'll want to watch it from the beginning, which you can do when you sign up for a Free Amazon Prime Trial. Score!

1. First Time Nominee The Americans is four years into its run and is a first time nominee. For long time viewers, it's a long time coming. The Americans has always been worthy. Getting love this late in the game means the dues have been paid. 2. Increasing Quality Not only has The Americans been on the air for four years, it has actually gotten better season by season. That is not a small achievement. The writing has become tighter, »

- Matt Richenthal

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Tyrant Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Ask for the Earth

25 August 2016 2:48 AM, PDT

Unfortunately for the people of Abuddin, it's not always the better angels of a leader's nature that win out. 

Of course, Barry's angels are arguing against some pretty insistent voices on Tyrant Season 3 Episode 8. Molly may look all better to the casual observer, but it's all just a facade.

And it doesn't help that military advisor General Maloof is blood thirsty and power hungry.

Watch Tyrant Season 3 Episode 8 Online

What exactly was the tipping point for the interim president? His tenure started out with so much optimism, basically channeling Mandela. Was Emma's death alone what caused him to change course? 

Molly's reappearance pushed him over the edge and into the abyss. His guilt isn't just over Emma, although that's certainly a huge component. But his guilt over the affair with Daliyah (and likely his abandonment of the family in Tyrant Season 2) had just as big of an impact. Maybe even more. »

- Elizabeth Harlow

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Watch Mr. Robot Online: Season 2 Episode 8

25 August 2016 2:47 AM, PDT

Did Darlene manage to realize she was not the top priority?

On Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 8, Fsociety released a video that put a lot of things in perspective for her, but did she manage to find a way to move on from her recent drama? 

Watch Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 8 Online

Also, Angela was furious when she realized Darlene was hanging around with a mutual enemy, but did it give her the leverage she needed to move on from Fsociety?

Use the video above to watch Mr. Robot online to get up to speed with the latest drama.

Sit back and enjoy! »

- Paul Dailly

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