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Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor in Paradise' episode 5

6 hours ago

Monday night we left you hanging as AshLee picked up the rose ready to offer it to Graham who then dashed away. We opened Tuesday night showing Graham in the throes of a full-blown anxiety attack; probably not the best physical reaction to have when embarking on a new relationship. I think one of the most telling things about this scene was who jumped to Graham’s side to take care of him in the midst of panic. Michelle Money didn’t have to go over to check on him, she just did it. She was deeply concerned about someone she cared for, »

- Dalene Rovenstine

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Billy Eichner talks the making of his Emmys segment

11 hours ago

One of the standout moments from this year’s Emmys was undeniably the taped segment in which comedian Billy Eichner and host Seth Meyers ran around the streets of New York quizzing (or simply yelling at) people about the awards. And it wouldn’t have happened if Eichner had not decided to send a “ballsy” (his word) email to Meyers’ producer, Mike Shoemaker.

But thanks to Eichner’s initiative, the evening had a refreshing dose of absurdity. In the segment, which mimicked the structure of the recurring games on Eichner’s Billy on the Street, Eichner called out the Academy’s snubbing of Tatiana Maslany, »

- Esther Zuckerman

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'Mad Men' star Vincent Kartheiser to play Billy Wilder on stage

13 hours ago

Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser is joining Larry Pine on stage in Mike Bencivenga’s new play, Billy & Ray.

In Billy & Ray—which will get its New York premiere this fall at the Vineyard Theatre—Kartheiser will play Billy Wilder alongside Pine’s Raymond Chandler, as Wilder and Chandler work together to adapt the novel Double Indemnity for the big screen.

The Off-Broadway comedy, directed by Garry Marshall, is set in 1940s Hollywood and tells the story of the birth of the film noir genre. Rounding out the cast is Sophie von Haselberg, who will play Wilder’s secretary, and »

- Samantha Highfill

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Jackie Earle Haley, Jennifer Carpenter join 'Evil Within' voice cast

17 hours ago

Resident Evil’s creator, Shinji Mikami, is looking to strike fear into the hearts of players everywhere once again with his new game, The Evil Within. The title’s publisher, Bethesda Softworks, confirmed today that Mikami will have help from a voice cast full of actors who are no strangers to the genre.

Bethesda revealed that Watchmen and Freddy Krueger himself Jackie Earle Haley, as well as Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter, will voice some of the game’s main roles.

The Evil Within follows Detective Sebastian Castellanos, who Bethesda announced will be voiced by Hell on WheelsAnson Mount. Castellanos »

- Jonathon Dornbush

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Emmys poll: Who should host in 2015?

17 hours ago

Hosting a major awards show is a thankless task. Just ask David Letterman and Seth MacFarlane. (Don’t even bother asking James Franco.) Seth Meyers, who won almost unanimous praise for hosting the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in 2011, received mixed reviews in his first stint as Emmy host Monday night, with his hometown tabloid detractors pointing to a perception of passiveness that yielded the stage to other, more dynamic performers. But perhaps he should be commended for sharing the spotlight so generously, letting others shine, and keeping the three-hour show moving. Nothing wrong with getting by with a little help from one’s friends, »

- Jeff Labrecque

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Donald Glover to finally play Spider-Man -- in a cartoon

18 hours ago

Remember way back in 2010, when Donald Glover campaigned to land an audition for the lead role in Marc Webb’s 2012 Spider-Man reboot? Turns out Glover will finally get a chance to be behind the webs, albeit in a slightly different way than imagined back then.

USA Today reports that the actor and rapper will be voicing the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man in this season of Disney Xd’s animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, subtitled Web Warriors. For the uninitiated, Morales, a half-black, half-Latino teenager, has been the Spider-Man of the Ultimate universe for three years now—since the ‘Ultimate’ version »

- Joshua Rivera

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Will Cary Joji Fukunaga's man braids spawn copy cats?

18 hours ago

Since Jared Leto didn’t walk the red carpet at Monday’s Emmys, another man’s locks had to be an object of obsession. Thank goodness True Detective director Cary Joji Fukunaga was on hand—and donning some excellent braids. Fukunaga won an award last night for directing the episode “Who Goes There,” but his hair emerged as the most talked about element of his appearance on the broadcast. Has the man bun given way to man braids?

The former has been around for longer than you think—The New York Times had a man bun trend piece back in »

- Esther Zuckerman

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A brief history of Lead Actress in a Comedy Emmy shenanigans

23 hours ago

At the Emmys, lead actresses officially have the most fun. This year’s make out session between Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston is just the latest stunt pulled by the funny ladies nominated in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series category. Louis-Drefyus has been the main perpetrator of the category’s goofiness in recent years—but the legacy of shenanigans precedes her now three-year winning streak.  Let’s look back at the greatest hits.

Sarah Silverman’s Mustache, 2009

When the camera cut to Sarah Silverman as Justin Timberlake announced the nominees, she reacted stoically…but was wearing a mustache. »

- Esther Zuckerman

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Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor in Paradise' episode 4

25 August 2014 10:01 PM, PDT

Another week in Paradise, another week of enjoying the beautiful beaches, the perfect weather, the great activities that the Yucatan peninsula has to offer, and of course, the ups and downs of love and relationships. We begin this week seeing one of my favorite couples in Bachelor history—Graham and Michelle Money. These two serve as a crisp taco shell to wrap this episode, but we will get to that later. I know that Graham and Michelle may not count as a “couple” since they are not romantically involved (anymore), but they are such great friends that it’s fun »

- Chris Harrison

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Ranking the Emmy acceptance speeches

25 August 2014 9:35 PM, PDT

The Emmys honor the best performances on television, but the telecast is all about celebrating the best speeches. Here’s how we called it:

1. Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, Lead Actor in a Drama Series: It was Cranston’s night. He had the perfect amount of humility (“Even I thought about voting for Matthew”), humor (“I love you, especially those scenes in bed,” he told Anna Gunn) and inspiration (find your passion, Sneaky Petes). 

2. Veep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lead Actress in a Comedy: Leave it to Louis-Dreyfus, who took home her third consecutive Emmy for Veep, to keep things fresh. »

- Mandi Bierly

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Billy Crystal remembers Robin Williams during Emmys

25 August 2014 7:49 PM, PDT

Billy Crystal remembered Robin Williams, who died Aug. 11 at 63, during the Emmys memorial segment Monday evening.

Before Crystal’s tribute, the Emmys also remembered other stars who died this year, including Paul Walker, James Avery, Ann B. Davis, Shirley Temple, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Lauren Bacall, and Sid Caesar, in a video segment that played as Sara Bareilles sang Nat King Cole’s “Smile” live.

The video segment ended on a photo of Robin Williams as Billy Crystal began his tribute onstage. “He made us laugh. Hard,” Crystal started. “Every time you saw him.” Crystal and Williams starred in 1997 comedy Fathers »

- Ariana Bacle

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Billy Eichner and Seth Meyers quiz New Yorkers about the Emmys

25 August 2014 7:01 PM, PDT

Billy Eichner took his screaming act to the big time during an Emmys segment with host Seth Meyers, running around the streets of New York to test strangers about their awards show knowledge. Strangely, not that many people care about Tatiana Malsany’s snub.

They got someone to actually donate money to the cast The Big Bang Theory, Billy really wanted to talk about Judging Amy, and someone thought Seth Meyers was actually Seth MacFarlane. Billy asked one woman: “You’re a lesbian, do you watch Orange Is the New Black?” She responded in deadpan fashion: “I do, but I’m not a lesbian. »

- Esther Zuckerman

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus celebrates Emmy win by making out with Bryan Cranston

25 August 2014 6:26 PM, PDT

When Julia Louis-Dreyfus won an Emmy for her role in Veep for the third time, she didn’t head straight for the stage: Instead, she made a pit stop to furiously make out with Bryan Cranston.

Cranston once played a dentist (and Elaine’s love interest) on Seinfeld, something he and Louis-Dreyfus mentioned when they presented an award together earlier Monday evening, so it only made sense for the two to reunite. After a few seconds of aggressive kissing, Jimmy Fallon broke up the session and Louis-Dreyfus quickly headed to the stage to accept her award. That wasn’t the »

- Ariana Bacle

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Sarah Silverman shows off her pot stash on the Emmys red carpet

25 August 2014 4:46 PM, PDT

Sarah Silverman wasn’t shy about the contents of her purse on Emmys night—she proudly showed off her pot on the red carpet. When E!’s Giuliana Rancic was going through Silverman’s clutch—the network debuted a “clutch cam” this year—she came across Silverman’s vaporizer pen. Rancic raised her eyebrows as Silverman declared, “This is my pot.”

Even on NBC, the comedian didn’t hesitate to announce what sort of goods she was carrying. When asked what was in her purse, she bluntly listed off “phone and pot and gum,” and then elaborated on her plans »

- Esther Zuckerman

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'The Oregonian' found out more about Miley Cyrus' VMAs date

25 August 2014 3:18 PM, PDT

Miley Cyrus brought Jesse to Sunday night’s Video Music Awards as her date. No one knew anything about Jesse, except that he was a homeless man, something viewers found out when he accepted the award for Video of the Year on Cyrus’ behalf. But thanks to The Oregonian, Jesse now has a full name: Jesse Helt.

In his speech, Jesse encouraged viewers to head to Cyrus’ Facebook page to donate to My Friend’s Place, a Hollywood center devoted to helping homeless youth get on their feet. “My name is Jesse, and I’m accepting this award on behalf »

- Ariana Bacle

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Amazon to buy Twitch for nearly $1 billion

25 August 2014 1:59 PM, PDT

What’s Twitch? It’s basically the online version of your friend inviting you over to her house and letting you watch her play videogames, except over the internet—and on Monday, Amazon announced on Monday that it will buy Twitch. According to The Information, Amazon will pay $970 million; the news comes months after Google was set to buy the company for over $1 billion but, according to The Wall Street Journal, talks cooled, and Yahoo! entered the bidding process at some point as well.

The platform also allows for interactive gaming on a mass scale. Subscribers can broadcast the games they play on the website, »

- Jacob Shamsian

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Broadway box office: Andrew Rannells still packs them in for 'Hedwig'

25 August 2014 1:30 PM, PDT

Neil Patrick Harris may have hung up his five-inch pumps, but audiences are still lining up for Hedwig and the Angry Inch. According to figures from the Broadway League, the Tony-winning musical revival took in $648,738 for the week ending Aug. 24—the first with Book of Mormon alum Andrew Rannells in the cross-dressing title role. While that’s a steep drop from Nph’s final week, when the show grossed a whopping $1.14 million, it still represents an enviable 82 percent of the potential earnings for the 1,007-seat Belasco Theatre. (Harris’ star power enabled producers to sell many more “premium” tickets for well above the average price. »

- Thom Geier

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What's with those 'Unpaid Tobacco Spokesperson' ads during the VMAs?

25 August 2014 1:29 PM, PDT

Orlando Bloom, Kristen Stewart, and Rihanna all appeared together during the VMAs last night—but not onstage.

The three stars, along with many others including Lady Gaga and Kristen Dunst, were featured in an anti-smoking commercial that aired during the awards show. The commercial, made by the Truth campaign, calls out stars for smoking cigarettes by showing candid, mostly unflattering photos of the offending celebrities holding cigarettes in their mouths or hands. Text reading “Unpaid Tobacco Spokesperson” flashes over each photo.

Robin Koval, the CEO of the company that funds the Truth campaign, American Legacy Foundation, says she just wants them to be responsible. »

- Ariana Bacle

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'Game of Thrones' director wants to make a 'Black Widow' movie

25 August 2014 1:08 PM, PDT

Scarlett Johansson’s having a minor McConaissance just now. Lucy earned over $200 million worldwide, the highest-grossing action blockbuster not based on a comic book or a Hunger Games ripoff or an action figure–which is a roundabout way of saying that it probably earned that money because people wanted to see Scarlett Johansson. Lucy comes on the heels of major roles in acclaimed low-budgeters Her and Under the Skin, plus a co-lead role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Cap 2 marked her third go-round as Black Widow, a character who would seem ready-made for her own spinoff even if she »

- Darren Franich

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Look what classic Nintendo character might be in the new 'Smash Brothers'

25 August 2014 12:13 PM, PDT

Soon, brothers and sisters—soon, Smash Brothers will return. The latest edition of Nintendo’s button-mashing mascot-crushing fun fest arrives on the 3Ds and the Wii U later this year. For years, the rumor mill has been churning with possible new additions to the lineup. We already know that Mega Man and Pac-Man are joining the Smash crew. But how deep would Nintendo dig into their back catalogue? Could Birdo finally be a playable character? Would Bubbles the Bubble Fish finally get her chance at a comeback? Whither the Tatangas of yesteryear?

Now, a possible leak appears to reveal at »

- Darren Franich

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